Mar 26

Sorority Girl in Fishnets Such a Good F–K

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Sorority Girl in Fishnets Such a Good F–KAs I approached sorority girl I could hear her telling a female co-worker that she likes to wear nude stocking under her fishnets because doesn’t like to feel the fishnet in between her toes. I walked past just as she pulled her foot out of her shoe and noticed a beautiful foot with beneath the nylon and fishnet. I am a socking dude so I instantly became hard as I locked in this beautiful site and headed for the staff restroom for relief. On the way my eyes moved up from her toes to her face we caught eye contact but no words were spoken. Given he fact that all grade level teachers have the same lunch time our parking lot is kind of hectic. Sorority girl saw me first and ask where I was headed I responded Wendy`s she said good and proceeded to follow me to my van. Before I could türbanlı maraş escort get out of the parking lot she began o slide her shoes off saying they were sore and that she had a long day ahead of her. As she rubbed them I could barely pay attention to he road. I ordered my food and look over to ask what she wanted the prettiest p_____yI had ever seen through nylon and fishnet. I looked up and our eyes met again this time she sarcastically asked if she could help me with something. After getting our food I pulled into he back of the school parking lot and tuned on the television inside my van. I moved to the back seat and sorority girl followed commenting on the coziness of my vehicle. I was then that responded to her question. I told her I wanted to rub her feet türbanlı maraş escort bayan and she immediately slid both shoes off and put both feet in my lap. I started on the bottom of the right foot first her heel then the instep onto those sexy toes. As I raised the foot to my mouth she looked up and slid her dress up to reveal that beautiful site I first witnessed in the drive thru and said this is what you are looking for isn’t it? My reply was to immediately dive mouth first. I nibbled through the fishnet and nylon and she tasted like strawberries. As she held the back of my head with both hands I slid my pants down and prepared for battle. I slid up her body and locked eyes with her as I wiped her juices off my face. I put both feet on my chest then up to türbanlı escort maraş my face and kissed\sucked her feet and toes as slid monster in to the bottom with about 4 inches to get in. Her eyes opened wider as I slid monster in further she began saying it couldn’t fit I slowly slid out the back in again to the bottom and continued to feast on her beautiful feet. Her body tightened and toes curled in my mouth as climaxed on my monster. It was then that I hit her with my 200 count special. 200 back to back pumps each increasing in deepness and speed. I as started she was just recovering from her orgasm and realized that I was now building towards mine. With each foot on each side of my face I continued my masterful love making on this beautiful creature with these sexy stocking on. Around 150 she was coming again saying how she could not believe I was able to monster all the way in like that and how it such a good f__k. Those words drove me over the edge I increased my pace as I spread her legs as wide as I could and released my loved deep into my sorority girl going well over 200 as she locked her legs around my back and began milking me with her inner muscles.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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