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sound sleeper

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sound sleeperKevin honestly hadn’t planned for it to happen. Itjust had. And all because his sister fell asleep infront of the TV with no panties on.He had just gotten home from seeing a late movie withsome of his high-school buddies. It was around one,and as he walked through the living room he noticedhis younger sister Katie sitting zonked out in theirfather’s recliner. It looked like she had fallen asleepwhile watching some old movie.She was wearing an oversized T-shirt that she liked tolounge around in, and as Kevin went to turn off thetelevision, he noticed to his surprise that she didn’t]appear to be wearing anything else. Her shirt had risenup and her legs were slightly apart, and he could see amysterious patch of darkness where he had expected tosee the white flash of her cotton panties.He became curious, and after turning off the TV, hedecided to get a better look. Katie was a notoriouslydeep sleeper, and only the loudest of noises or thestrongest of shakes could wake her up. So, Kevin hadlittle fear of her awakening as he knelt down at herfeet and brought his face to within inches of hissister’s crotch. It was still too dark for him to seemuch of anything, so he reached out and carefullylifted the hem of her T-shirt, slowly exposing herneat little bush to his wide excited eyes.He had never seen a girl’s pussy up close before, he’ddreamed about it plenty, and fantasized a lot, but thiswas just too much! He lowered his gaze to her cuntlips, thoroughly entranced by the view.He felt guilty that he was getting so turned-on bylooking at his own sister’s twat, but the sight ofKatie’s delicate little pussy in front of him wasirresistible. Kevin suddenly had the urge to like herbetween the legs, he’d read about such things and shelooked so inviting down there.His head began to swim as he inched slowly forwarduntil his lips brushed her tender slit. He froze as hefelt Katie suddenly shift in her chair. She tried tomove her legs closer together but his head was in theway, and her soft thighs squeezed it for a momentbefore she gave up and continued to sleep soundly.Kevin waited for a few moments before he extended histongue and ran it up the length of her moist pussylips, gently unfolding 1xbet yeni giriş and opening them with histongue. Katie didn’t move, so he began licking her withmore boldness, slurping at his sister’s tight slit withgrowing excitement.He knew that he shouldn’t be doing it, but it felt sonatural that he couldn’t have stopped even if he’dtried. He noticed that cock was throbbing and strainingat the front of his jeans, and he felt slippery pre-cumooze out, messing in his shorts.Katie’s body was beginning to respond to his eagerlicking and sucking. He felt her pussy-lips swellingand growing hotter as her twat became more and moreinflamed, her juices starting to flow onto his probingtongue. He had no idea what he would say if shesuddenly woke up, but he was getting too excited tocare. She looked so sexy laying there with his headbetween her firm tanned legs.He spread her legs open a bit further, giving himbetter access to her juicy box. He pushed his tonguedeep inside her, his hands holding her hips steady incase she moved again.Kevin’s nose brushed something hard, and he exploredupward with his open mouth, discovering his sister’sexposed clit. He gently flicked it with his tongue,causing Katie to moan softly and thrash around in herslumber. After a few more licks, he sucked it into hismouth like it was a little cock, and she suddenlyarched her back and groaned urgently, her body shud-dering as her pussy quivered against his mouth. He felta flood of hot wetness on his chin, and realized thathis sister had just climaxed, her tight little holeactually squirting some female come onto his lips.Turned on beyond belief, he gave his jerking cock a fewtugs through the material of his pants, greedily lap-ping up Katie’s sweet cum as he blew his wad into hisjeans. He continued sucking her until her slender bodyfinally stopped trembling, then he shakily got up andpulled her shirt back down over her lap. Katie slept on, a peaceful and contented look on herface. Kevin went up to bed, his head still swimmingand his cock still stiff as an iron rod. He ended uphaving to jerk off again before he could go to sleep.As he drifted off, he hoped that his sister would bestaying up late again 1xbet giriş soon.—The next morning Kevin was awakened by a painfullyraging hard-on. The memory of sucking off his sisterwas still fresh in his mind. He knew it was a sin,but he wasn’t sorry he had done it, and he would gladlydo it again if he could. He and Katie had always beenclose, and though he had occasionally had a few dirtythoughts about her, it seemed that now he couldn’t gether body out of his mind.He slid out of bed and pulled on a pair of runningshorts, then headed quietly toward his sister’s room,wondering if she was awake yet. It was a Saturdaymorning, and everyone usually slept in late. Her doorwas slightly ajar, and he could see part of her bedthrough the crack. Katie was sleeping peacefully onher back with her knees drawn up, still wearing herT-shirt. He couldn’t tell if she was still nakedunderneath, as the bed faced away from him.Unable to resist the urge, he quietly tiptoed into herroom, closing the door behind him. Kevin slowly crept around the bed until he could seehis sister’s naked butt. YES! She hadn’t put anypanties on, and he drooled at the sight of her bare,delectable snatch, and the round, firm cheeks of hersexy fifteen-year-old ass.Almost instinctively he crawled onto her bed andplanted his face right in her crotch, lifting herslender legs up and dr****g them over his shoulders.He rubbed his nose through the sweet-smelling patchof short blonde hair on her mound, and then begankissing her smooth slit lovingly as he ran his handsover her curvy hips and flat stomach. He slurped eagerly at her swollen labia for a minuteor two, then placed his index finger at her openingand pushed gently, her slick hole almost sucking itinside. Her pussy felt very tight, but it was alsounbelievably hot and slick. Kevin ached to find outwhat it would feel like around his throbbing cock. Hedecided that he just had to find out. He wasn’tthinking about the consequences, or about what Katiewould think if she woke up. The only thing Kevin wasthinking about was fucking his sister, the feeling ofhis dick buried deeply in her hot moist twat.He knelt back, Katie’s legs falling off his shouldersand onto the bed 1xbet güvenilirmi as he squirmed out of his shorts,leaving him completely naked. His dick wasn’t huge,but it was a respectable size for a teenager, and itwas jerking excitedly at the prospect of being buriedin his sister.Kevin moved forward and spread her legs further apart.He touched the head of his dripping cock to her pussy,gasping as it slid deliciously over her smooth cuntlips. He barely had to push and the head disappeared,lodging neatly in her hot slippery tunnel.Katie moaned underneath him, and he pushed again,feeling more and more of his dick being swallowed byher wet pulsating inner flesh. Finally, with a gruntof pure ecstasy, his balls came to rest snugly againstthe soft cheeks of her ass.He held himself there for a moment, savoring theincredible sensation of her tight pussy totally en-gulfing his cock. He looked down at his sister’sinnocent sleeping face and slowly began to move hiships, pulling the full length of his cock in and outof her. After only a few strokes, he heard her cryout, and for an instant Kevin froze, fearing that hehad hurt her somehow. Then her vagina convulsedaround his cock, and he realized that she was cumming!Kevin kept his prick balls-deep inside her as her pussysqueezed and milked him. He felt his nuts begin totighten, and though he desperately wanted to comeinside of her, his better judgment prevailed and hequickly pulled out. A split-second later, his cock jerkedand squirted a huge wad of cum which landed on thefront of his sister’s shirt. It jerked again, and fireda second, even bigger gob when landed square on Katie’smouth. His prick continued to twitch and spurt untilhis balls were drained, the final spurts landing on herblonde bush and dribbling over her swollen cunt lips.He swayed over her for a moment, recovering from hisorgasm. There was something incredibly sexy about theway his pearly-white goo looked on his sister’s chinand lips. He moved up and smeared it around a littleon her face with his finger as she continued to sleep,apparently oblivious to what had just happened.Finally gaining his reason, Kevin quickly ran to thebathroom to get a towel, and cleaned her up thoroughly,even licking the last traces of both of their cum offof her pussy.Before he left, he kissed her tenderly on the mouth,her soft lips still sticky from his sperm. Then hewent back to his room and dozed off — a contentedsmile on his face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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