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Soup Bowl

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I’ve been fond of Vietnamese Pho restaurants for some time now, ever since some friend introduced me. We would go as a group quite regularly but for the last few years there hasn’t been much opportunity. That changed recently – there’s a very nice family run place just a block or so away. I’ve become quite a regular there, often going twice a week for lunch – most often just by myself. It’s nice to have a lunch spot where you’re recognized and they don’t bother giving you a menu anymore, just ask whether I want number 5 or number 27 today – soup or vermicelli noodles?

But I admit there’s one other reason I go there so frequently. One of the owners is really quite cute, and has become quite friendly to me. Not outright flirting – she’s married and I doubt she’d dare in front of family – but always eager to come out from her usual station behind the counter to server me when I come in, always making sure she says hello to me. And occasionally noticeably awkward around me – once when serving my bowl of vermicelli noodles she missed the table when she tried to put the tray down. She caught the noodles, but the tray clattered to the floor – she turned very red and I suspect was teased by the other staff. But still I can always count on a warm smile and that’s always a nice way to brighten my day.

Last week when I was in one of the younger servers brought me my tea as I was sitting down, but it slipped as she placed it on the table and the entire pot spilled across the table, straight towards me. I was complimented afterwards by a fellow at the next table on my quick reaction time – I managed to get to my feet and step back before the hot tea ran all over my front. No big deal – I sat down at the next table, there were profuse apologies and the tea was mopped up. But it started my mind thinking on a different series of events.

Walking in one day I’m greeted warmly by my favourite – no I don’t even know her name – but before I even sit down my order is taken and the hot tea delivered. Just a few minutes later I notice her hurry to the kitchen to pick up my order before any of the wait staff have a chance to. I’m not surprised – she’s done it a number of times before – it just makes me smile inside when she does. It’s then that disaster strikes. In putting down the bowl of hot soup one hand slips and the other doesn’t have a firm enough grip to hold on. I don’t see exactly how it happens – I was looking up to catch her lovely smile. Instead I see her look of horror as the soup spills across the table. I’m not so lucky this time – pendik escort I don’t jump up until I feel the searing heat soaking through my shirt and pants. I manage not to yell out in pain, instead I hold my clothes away from my skin to try to prevent burns. My friend is frozen in shock, asking if I’m hurt but otherwise unable to move. One of the waitresses arrives with towels to mop up the spilled soup and there’s a flurry of activity cleaning up, though I’m not quite sure what to do myself. The activity brings my friend back to her senses and she turns to me, puts her hand on my shoulder and says, “Don’t worry – I’ll take care of you – they can clean up here. Wait here just a moment.”

In that moment the table and floor are all cleared up, and a few clean towels applied to my clothes to sop up a little from me. She returns wearing her coat and motions me to follow her, outside to her car. I’m a little hesitant about climbing into the leather seats of the big SUV while still covered in soup but she’s thought that out – she slips another clean towel down on the seat before inviting me to climb in. It isn’t far at all to her house, we park in the garage and she quickly whisks me inside.

“I’m so sorry about that, come inside and I’ll wash up your clothes while you have a shower. There’s a guest bedroom right here with a washroom inside.”

I follow her, take the clean towel she offers and close the door to strip down and climb into the shower. I hear the door just after I climb into the shower and feel slightly awkward – the shower door is rather transparent. But then she’s also very cute and has never failed in offering me a warm smile. As I wash myself clean I look more closely to see if the soup did burn at all. There is a small red spot where it spilled first onto my shirt, but other than that I survived unscathed.

As I step out of the shower I find my clothes gone and replaced by a brightly flowered light silk robe. I laugh a little, then struggle to put it on after drying myself off. It’s on the short side, and I can only just get my shoulders into it, but it manages to do the job of covering me up. Just then there’s a polite knock at the door before she walks straight in.

She blushes at the sight of me, “I’m so sorry – that was all that I could find just now. But the flowers do look good on you.” The initial shock has warn off and she’s much more relaxed.

“You’re sure you’re not hurt at all by the soup? I was terribly worried I might have burned you.”

“No, I’m all right, thanks. Just a small maltepe escort tender spot on my belly, that’s all.”

She insists on seeing where, loosening the belt on my robe and pulling it open just enough to see the small red patch. “I’m so sorry, I hope that doesn’t hurt too much. Wait here, I’ll go fetch some ointment for that.” Off she runs, leaving me standing in the guest room wearing just the light robe, barely covering me at all.

When she returns she takes a small amount of ointment and gently rubs on the spot where I was burned. “Well, I’m very happy that’s the only place you were burned. And from what I can tell, you’re happy about that too.” She smiles up at me mischievously as she adds the second part, leaning her hips just a little bit forward, just touching my quickly growing erection. I only then notice that she’s changed from her t-shirt to a tighter, lower cut top and the bra has disappeared. Her hair is also down from the rather severe bun she normally wears it in, spread out over her shoulders. She’s still wearing the same very tight jeans I admire so often. I make no pretence at hiding my arousal and my hard cock quickly pushes open the front of the robe.

“I really think I should take a closer look to make sure you weren’t hurt anywhere else,” she whispers before slipping down to her knees and opening my robe wider. She looks closely at me for a moment, as if carefully pondering her next move. Then purses her lips and blows ever so lightly across my tender skin, leaving me shivering with delight. She licks her lips and opens them, closing her eyes as she slides them over me. It’s when her tongue touches me, so soft and full of heat that I moan out loud, prompting her to look up at me over the top of her glasses. As she slides me out from between her lips she asks, “Now, that feels better, doesn’t it?” I can only murmur in agreement.

I pull her up to her feet and we’re quickly lost in passionate kisses. “I thought you were rather cute from the first time you walked in the door,” she tells me as I kiss up and down her neck.

As she returns the favour I add, “It took my longer to notice you, but once I did notice I was smitten.”

She opens my robe fully and slips it off my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor as she kisses my chest, teasing my nipples with her tongue and teeth while my hands start wandering down the front of her top. I reach down to her waist and pull it up over her head, taking a brief look at her naked breasts before hugging her tight against me, feeling kartal escort the delicious warmth of her skin pressed against mine. My hands then grab her behind, squeezing it through her jeans.

“I’ve always been particularly distracted by your jeans,” I tell her as I lift her up onto the bed. Then unzipping her jeans I pull them from the ankles, working hard to free them. She laughs out loud, then reaches up to hold the other side of the mattress, allowing me more success when I pull a second time. Only her tiny thong remains, and I bring her closer to the edge of the bed, lift her legs until I can grab hold of her behind and bury my nose between her thighs, feeling her wet lust seeping through.

Just then a buzzer sounds and she jumps up from the bed and races out of the room. Thoughts of panic race through my head until she comes back just a moment later. “Wash is done – just throwing your clothes in the dryer,” she explains, quickly pulling off her thong before hopping up onto the bed again. She extends a hand and when I take it she pulls me down onto the bed beside her.

I’m immediately caught up completely by her incredible excitement and energy. Our renewed kisses are quickly transformed into a sixty-nine position on the bed, both of us eagerly tasting each others’ pleasures. But then she rolls me over onto my back and climbs on top, slipping me deep inside her and bouncing on me wildly. I cup her breasts in my hands as she bounces, squeezing them and playing with her nipples, watching her smile turn to a look overwhelmed by pleasure as she screams out, her hair flying wildly as her whole body shakes.

I take control and flip her onto her back, then pull her to the edge of the bed, first holding her legs and fucking her from a standing position next to the bed, then turning her over and standing her next to the bed as well, taking her from behind while she bends over the bed.

“I love holding your ass while I fuck you like this,” I tell her. “You have such a gorgeous little behind.” Soon after she starts pounding the bed with her fists, screaming into the pillows as she comes again, urging me between breaths to keep fucking her until she stops.

Then back up onto the bed – I want to be on top, want to squeeze her breasts while we fuck. Bend down to take her nipple in my mouth while I grind my hips slowly against hers. Then faster and faster as I start to get close, putting her legs up over my shoulders until I scream out, grab her hips and push the last of my pleasure deep inside her before I collapse.

Neither of us moves when we hear the second bell, signalling that my clothes are now dry, ready to wear back to work. Instead we lie on the bed tangled together. Perhaps another shower first, before we leave delightful world of fantasies fulfilled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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