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Sperm eaterI am a 47 year old male and am married to a 39 year old conservative girl for the past twenty years. In my wildest dreams I could not have dreamt what she was like. Our sex live is pretty good but in the last couple of years I have neglected her a bit, because it became actually boring to screw her.Because of her conservative upbringing she did not want to give me blow jobs or any other kinky stuff. We are not actually party a****ls and does not drink often. But one night, about two years ago we got drunk together for the first time and man, was that an eye opener. My wife behaved like a slut and I just loved it. I did everything that I have wanted to do since we have met 25 years ago. She even let me photograph her in the nude. Those pics are my prized possessions now. But the next time it was back to normal.So I had to get her drunk to have a really good time, hence the neglecting part. We do not drink that often. A Month ago when she got back from work she said to me that she was dripping like a peculator. I asked her why and she told me that there is a guy working with her that can not keep his hands of her tits, and that she love it when he touches her. Natural we had sex that day and it was wild, without alcohol involved. I was amazed that it also made me horny when she told me that another man was touching her adiosbet yeni giriş and as we were lying on the bed in each others arms she asked me if I would be mad if she ever fucked this guy. I thought about it for a moment and to be honest, I was fucking horny. I could not believe it. I actually wanted my wife to fuck this arsehole. So in a very calm voice I told her that I love her and that I can not tell her what to do, but what ever she decides, it would be fine by me. My wife knows me to well and she sat upright and said. “You horny fucking turd…you are exited about this” Hell…and I thought that I was cool, calm and collective. So I spilled the beans and told her that I immediately got a hardon when she told me that this guy was touching her, and that I was so exited that I wanted to fuck her to death. She looked at me in a very strange way and said. “Does this really gets you exited” And I replied “yes” It was very award for both of us as this was a brand new terrain for us. I asked her if she ever cheated on me. She looked at me in silence for about 20 seconds and asked me if she must answer correct or political correct.Now that was a sledgehammer between the eyes for me. I looked at her in amazement, I could not believe that this women (who I would die for)had cheated on me. But at the same time I adiosbet giriş was so fucking horny that I started to wank myself and told her to give me the details of her sexual encounters. She spilled the beans and told me of every single time that she fucked around since we met 25 years ago. She did it 3 times while we were going out the 5 years before our marriage and after we got married she fucked a policeman in 96, in 97 another policeman finger fucked her at work, in 2001 her best friends husband finger fucked her in our house and in 2002 she fucked him at their house, in 2010 her uncle (who is 5 years older than her and married with 3 c***dren) fucked her 5 times in 2 months and she told me that she would fuck him again. I could not believe this, and while I was still processing this she took my cock in her mouth and sucked me off. I actually blew my load in her mouth and she swallowed it. She got up from my dick and lied down with her legs spread wide open and she started to finger fuck herself and told me that it was my turn to tell the truth.I told her about the only time that I have cheated on her with an old school girlfriend in 93 and about the time that I kissed her sister in 2009. I then got between her legs and ate that pussy of hers like there was no tomorrow. While I was busy eating her out she adiosbet güvenilirmi asked me if I would eat her out if another mans sperm was inside her. The idea of me eating another mans come out of her pussy made me wild and I got on top of her and fucked her good and hard. After that she took her cell phone and started to text this guy from work, arranging a date with him to fuck her. The date was set for the next night at 11 o’clock. Before she went on the date I kissed her and told her to enjoy it and I watched my wife driving off to go and fuck another man with my permission. I settled in front of the TV and waited for her return.About an hour later her car pulled up in the driveway. I sat on my chair waiting patiently for her to come in. When she came into the living room she looked at me and said. “I have a pussy full of come for you…do you want it right here or in the bedroom.” We went to the bedroom and she kissed me first and took of her clothes and lied down on the bed with her legs spread wide open. I stuck my head between her legs and smelled her pussy first. It smelled of sex and I could see the white of the guy’s cum and then my mouth was all over her pussy. I ate her completely clean and then I fucked her as well. I came into my wife 3 times that night and each time I cleaned her out. Since then I am on a sexual high the whole time.We did set some ground rules to follow in future and we even bought a surveillance system which I have installed in the bedroom so that I could see how she gets fucked by other men. I can not wait until next week because her uncle is coming up for a visit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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