Mar 14

Spied upon

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Self Shot

Spied uponSpied on by the Girls Pt 2 I lay on the bed one evening after a long day up in the city flicking through the channels and not finding anything worth watching. Suddenly my phone rang and kicked off another night out. Hi said a very quiet voice on the other end, it’s Karen, Julies house mate. “Oh yes” I said remembering and a little excited as I recalled her parting words. “what’s your pleasure” which was a silly thing to say as she immediately said “you”. “Can we meet pretty please” she almost whimpered down the phone. “I’ll come over” I said, “no, I am not there. I am at my mother’s” tell you later. It was only a short drive to her mothers, who had gone away for a couple of days leaving daughter Karen alone. Karen was a little younger than Julie, very slim and petite unlike Julie, she had lovely dark shoulder length hair tied back in a ponytail. She wore a short red dress that showed her figure of which to the rained eye told me all she wore under that was a pair of pants and probably a tight little bra. As soon as I entered, she stood up on tiptoe and gave me a very welcoming kiss. “Thanks for coming”, “not yet” I quickly replied. “Pardon” she said, I just smiled. “Drinks”? she said trailing off. what’s up I said to her as I detected a note of apprehension in her voice. Oh and turned to face the window and went quiet. I walked over to her and put my arms around her from behind and whispered “want to talk” “No” want to fuck” she said sharply turning back to me. Then went slack on me and started to cry a little. Sitting her down I asked what was troubling her, she looked up at me and said “promise you won’t hate me”! “I shan’t” I said looking and holding her hands gently on my knees. “Penny and I are a bit of an item” she said, “since we watched you and Julie that night, we both want to try a man. I said I wanted to try you Penny became huffy and we split. I pinched your number from Julies work phone” Karen said. bitlis rus escort “Well, glad you did I replied” but why a man if your two ladies together I enquired” sounding a little awkward looking back I suppose. We, I want to experience how it feels she replied awkwardly The thought of being her first man to enter her soon had the desired effect. I sat back and almost sank into the sofa, Karen swung her slim legs up onto the sofa and lay across me like a baby. I stroked her hair and looked down at her, “you’re not annoyed are you!” she asked hesitantly. “no; quite the opposite; I am flattered you want to experience it with me” I quietly said with a smile that gets all the women into a tizzy. We sat this for a little while just talking and touching each other quite aimlessly. Karen was feeling less tense now and I guessed ready for anything. I looked up and around the room then back down at her. “What would you like to do”. Fortunately, she guessed quickly what I was asking, “can we go to my room please” she said nervously and got up and lead me up the stairs and into her room. I gave a little titter as we went through the door. “what” she said with a grin! “no lock” I replied and she laughed too at the thought. This was a lot larger than Julies room and the bed was a wonderful wrought iron head and foot board. Karen also had good taste in décor and soft lighting. I moved her over to the side of the bed where she turned around and looked up at me, “you will not hurt me will you”! she asked as if she had to find something to say. “No I promise” I replied you will be fine I smiled back to reassure her. “that good” she said smiling cheekily, I’m all yours. With that she leant up and gave me a longing moist kiss, opening and pulling at my shirt she followed down my body and started to nibble my man tits which was having the desired effect of waking up my sleepy cock for action. I held bitlis rus escort bayan her tight as she did so. Pushing my awakening manhood between her legs. Karen obliged and opened them slightly to let me get closer. I slid a hand down to the hem of her dress while holding her with the other. She slumped back slightly and looked up at me as I slid my hand under her dress and caressed her mound, rubbing her wet panties and drawing an outline around her pussy and following the crease between her wet lips. Karen was starting to moan loudly and thrash her head back and forward. “Thank goodness its empty” I thought. Putting a foot up on the bed, I lent her against it and pulled her dress up around her waist. She wore a pair of white lacy pants. She opened her legs expectantly as I pulled them to one side and reveal a shaved pussy untouched by man. I looked down at her and she put her arms around me and buried her face into my side while I first eased one finger, followed by another inside her and placed me thumb on the top of her pussy and started to massage the soft flesh of her clit pressing a little harder as she stated to sob with sheer delight. Karen was panting and digging in her fingers into my hips and clearly very aroused. Without letting go I slide her down onto the bed and continued for a while longer. As each wave hit her she would close her legs tight around my hand which was soaking wet now and creamy from her cum. When she relaxed a little I rolled her over and pulled the zip of her dress all the way dawn, opening it I bent down and started to kiss and caress her shoulder and middle back, then slipped it over her shoulders and rolled her back into the middle of the bed. Karen was wound up now. And as I started to take off her pants, her hand shot into my trousers and she pulled out my hard engorged cock, Carful hun I told her, don’t want it firing off yet. I pulled rus escort bitlis of the remains of my own clothes. And lay down to take her wet hole into my mouth, folding my lips around her hard little clit, then pushing my tong into her hole and closed my moth over her completely Karen had taken my hard cock into her mouth and started to wank it with her teeth and wet lips, but as she did I could hear her moaning and a muffled scream but she could not let go as she had a mouthful… Again she shuddered and filled my moth with her cum and tightened her legs around my head, letting go of my cock much to my relief she grabbed my head and pushed it further into her cum filled wet pussy. When she finally let go, I quickly turned around. She looked exhausted, not yet lady I thought and she must have read my mind, she slowly opened her eyes and looked up at me, then down at my hard waiting cock and dropped her hands down to her swollen red pussy, opening her lips showing a very pink fuck box. “Come here” she whispered “take me now”. I moved in closer between her legs pulling them up over my thighs. I took her hole with one hand and held my swollen cock with the other. Leaning over slightly I rubbed her hole and clit a few times till she gasped and almost screamed at me to enter and fuck her hard. With that she pulled her knees up to her chest almost and I slipped inside her, slowly at first then as she started to come again it set me off and I fucked her hard and together we filled each other with cream. I lay on top of her for a while till we got our breath back and she started to breath steady again. As we became aware of our surrounding again I eased off her and dropped to one side holding her protectively. We started to kiss and snuggle each other when Karen said “again”! I just rolled onto my back as she took my manhood into her hands and started to make it hard again. Just then another voice said quietly “not like that darling, let me show you” we both looked up and my heart missed several beats. There was mum in the open doorway. Slowly she walked over taking her clothes off with each step, my she said taking in a breath of air, this room smells of sex. She knelt down on the bed. Like this darling as she wrapped her hands around my hardening cock

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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