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Squeaky Outdoors

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This took place a couple of months after the beginning of “Squeaky’s Midnight Rendezvous.” See the “Squeaky” series for the prequels.


My mother’s younger brother, Ray, his wife and their three kids, girls thirteen and nine, a boy eleven, visited us for a weeks vacation as they usually do each year. They are very nice people and everyone has always had a good time.

Squeaky and I hated it this year. It stopped our Midnight Rendezvous’ as the two nieces slept with Squeaky while the nephew bunked with me. We had not missed over two days/nights in a row since we started my midnight visits. We had probably averaged five nights per week.

We were sitting in the backyard watching the youngsters play when I told Squeaky I was horny and wanted to crawl her bones. I was just about ready to do it right then and there.

Squeaky laughed at me. “You ever do it outside?”

“You know I haven’t”

“Ever done it in public”

“No, and you know that too.”

“Want to?”

“What? Outside or public?”

“Why not both!’

I had to grin as I shifted in my chair to hide the erection that had jumped up. “What sort of scheme is in that evil little brain of yours?”

She repeated, “Want to?”

“Hell, yes!” After a pause, “Want to what?”

“They’re all leaving tomorrow. Let’s tell Mom we’re going to double date and go to a party. We’ll go the Park at the Lake and go skinny dipping. We can swim out to the raft and make love in the moonlight! Won’t that be romantic?”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “A double date? Who with? AND, what are they going to do while we go swimming?”

“I’ll have a date with a boy. You! You’ll have a date with a girl. Me! Isn’t that a double date?”

I was still laughing. “You win. I have a DATE! I just hope Mom doesn’t ask too many questions.”

As I pulled out of the driveway the next evening on our ‘double date’, Squeaky was leaning against the passenger door while facing me, sitting like a normal sister would. Except, a normal sister would not have her skirt pulled up around her waist. A normal sister would have panties on. A normal sister would not be flashing her blonde haired pussy to her brother. God, I’m glad she’s not normal.

As soon as I turned the corner she was against my side, undoing my belt, unsnapping my Levi’s, and downing the zipper. She fished my dick out and started a rhythmic squeezing in time with the music on the radio. Not jacking me off, she was just squeezing my erection.

My hand just naturally dropped down to her pussy. I lightly scratched the twin soft little mounds a few times, they were already swollen, as she spread her legs wider. I can play with that pussy for hours.

As if drawn by a magnet a finger slipped into her. She sighed and I felt her tighten on my finger. I pulled it out, brought it up to my nose and sniffed. “Stinky finger,” I said to a giggle and sucked it into my mouth. “Umm. Tastes good.”

She crammed two fingers in her pussy getting them good and wet. “Wanta eat some more?” Without waiting for a reply she rubbed the fingers under my nose, on my mouth and chin, then slipped them between my lips. She continued to wet and feed me her fingers while squeezing my dick with her other hand as I drove.

It was just getting good dark as we arrived at the Park. Looking around, I did not see any other vehicles. That would change later as this was a popular Lover’s Lane, but for now, Squeaky and I had it to ourselves. “Go over there.,” Squeaky pointed at a picnic area with a table at one edge of the Park. It was one of the more private spots as no one could go past us and the closest table was several yards away.

Stopping the car next to the table I reached for Squeaky. As I pulled güvenilir bahis her to me and kissed her, it was as if she was melting into me. When we finally broke the kiss we were both breathing hard. Squeaky started licking the juices remaining around my mouth. She giggled. “You sure are a messy eater!”

I growled, “I’ll show you how messy I can get!” As I tried to cup her pussy she slid across the seat and jumped out of the car.

She pulled her blouse and bra off, dropped her skirt, and hopped up on the picnic table. Giggling, “Momma says your supposed to eat at the table.” I proceeded to do just that. As she lay back, I started biting her pussy lips, rolling my face around her pubes and smearing her juices all over my face. I licked. I sucked. I nibbled. I tongue fucked.

She started talking, almost babbling, encouraging me, how good this feels, do that some more, faster, slower, harder, things she had never said while we were in her bed at home. I had gauged what and how to do things by watching her and feeling her bodily reactions. I enjoyed her talking.

I slipped my arms under her legs, lifting until they were on my shoulders and I could reach her breasts to rub and massage them. Her hands were on the back of mine, urging them on. She was panting, begging me to squeeze and pinch her boobies. I slipped one hand down to her pussy and inserted a finger, then two. “Yes! Yes! Do it!” she said loudly. Fucking her with my fingers, jamming them in and out, I started rubbing her clit with my flattened tongue. She screamed, bucked and her legs clamped tight on my head.

I maintained a gentle rhythmic squeezing of a breast, her nipple pinched between my fingers, and a light steady pressure on her clit as she came down from her high. After her breathing had slowed and she relaxed, she whispered, “God, Bro, you can make a mess like that anytime you want to.”

She sat up, kissed me hungrily, then pushed me back. She threw her head up and yelled at the top of her lungs, “My brother just ate my cunny! I love it!” She kissed me again. “I hate it when I have to be so quiet at home. I want to scream and shout, so everyone will know how good you make me feel!”

Laughing, “I think you just told half of the city!”

“My turn.” She started stripping my clothes off. Putting all of the discarded clothes in the car, she pointed to the table. I jumped on it and she inhaled me. Pulling up and sucking only the head, running her tongue around and around it, she paused, “I want you to last a long, long time on the raft.”

“Keep that up,” I told her, “and I won’t last long here.”

“Good.” She went back to her sucking while jacking with her hand and tonguing and sucking the head until I started shooting into her mouth. She continued until she could coax no more from me. Licking her lips, smiling, she softly said, “You like?” At my nod and kiss, she continued, “We’re not supposed to swim on a full stomach, but let’s do it anyway.”

Hand in hand we walked into the water and began swimming to the raft. Stopping twice to kiss and sinking under the water, we finally made it. As Squeaky reclined on the raft the pale moonlight caressed her body, turning it into a silver statue except for the rise and fall of her breasts. Seeing the moonbeams highlighting and shadowing her curves created an aching desire in my soul.

I started licking around the bottom of her breast, going in circles, wetting it with my saliva as I breathed through my mouth, letting the passing air cool the dampened area. I circled but did not touch the areola or nipple. “Don’t tease me. Lick it! Suck it!” she pleaded. I gave the other breast the same treatment.

Squeaky’s fingers were in my hair, scratching, massaging my scalp. My head was bobbing türkçe bahis up and down, following her breast as her breathing became more rapid. I raised slightly and let a dollop of spit drop on the nipple. I blew on it and watched goosebumps form on the flesh. She warned me, “I’ll get you, you tease.”

I sucked as much of her breast into my mouth as I could get. Sucking hard and tonguing her nipple, I slowly raised my head, pulling, stretching her with suction as I rose. I bite the nipple gently with my teeth, maintained suction, and continued pulling up, stretching the breast until it finally popped from my mouth.

As it popped out, Squeaky screamed, “My brother is sucking my booby! It feels so good!” I moved to the other one, doing the same thing, as she screamed again, “He’s sucking the other one! It feels great. I love it!”

I was laughing hard as I told her. “Keep that up, and I won’t be able to get it up.”

She kissed me. A tender, sweet, loving kiss, but with undertones of the deep passion we both felt. Quietly, “Make love to me, now, slow, gentle, long lasting love.” As I rolled over on her my dick popped into her. No fumbling, no hunting for the entrance, it was just in.

I rocked back and forth a few times, going a little deeper each time, getting more lube from her juices with each thrust, until I was finally completely buried. I stopped then, to enjoy the touch of our bodies, to bask in the wonderful sensations bathing my dick.

Holding me tightly, Squeaky whispered in my ear, “I love how you always stop now. Letting me get used to you. Letting me savor the moment. Letting me feel your love. I love how you fill me up. You feel so good in me.”

I whispered back, “Ditto, Squeaky, ditto.” Ditto, our secret word. It means ‘I love you’. We can say it at almost any time and no one else knows what we mean. I was not about to tell her I stopped for my own pleasure, so I could relish my own feelings, of being in her, her body against mine, her breasts pressed against me. No, but I get pleasure from giving her pleasure, from sharing her pleasure, as she does mine.

We started moving together, back and forth, in and out, enjoying the friction of our movements. I was pulling out until the head of my dick was barely confined, then back into her depths, feeling her cling to me with her grip as I slipped out, feeling her stretching and squeezing me as I slid back into her.

Her thighs were rubbing mine as her legs raised and lowered in cadence, while her heels were pulling against the back of my thighs, forcing me tighter, deeper into her. If these feelings could be put in containers, other than our minds and memories, we could get rich from selling them.

Our activities on the table had taken the edge off our burning need. We were still wanting, still desirous, but the urgency was not as great as it had been. We continued our slow rocking.

I pushed up, extending my arms, separating our bodies so we could look down at our joining, watching the slow appearance and disappearance of my dick as it slowly slid out, then back into her. We were wrapped in a fog of sensations; time was suspended.

As I felt my release approaching I drove hard into her and stopped stroking. Her breasts jiggled delightfully on my hard stroke. I ground into her mound, mashing against her clit to set off a small orgasm.

After she came down, I resumed my slow stroking in and out. Three more times I repeated this, wondering how I was able to hold out.

My balls were aching with the need to explode. Quietly, Squeaky had began chanting in my ear as she rode her almost continuous orgasm, “Oh, God, Bro! Oh, God, Bro!” Suddenly I erupted. Jamming hard into her, I jerked and jerked, twisting my hips and grinding güvenilir bahis siteleri against her, as shot after shot raced into her. She convulsed, screaming, a long wail, no words, just venting her release.

I collapsed on her. Weak. Our sweat mingled and pooled as we strove to catch our breath and the night air cooled us. Tremors were washing through her body, which caused them in mine, which caused them in hers. It went on and on, until finally, we just lay there, slowly coming down, slowly losing our orgasmic glow.

We didn’t speak. No words were necessary. My weight was lying on her, but I knew she was not uncomfortable. It was as if we were two halves of a whole, fitted together. I finally stirred and kissed her lightly. “That was just truly awesome,” I whispered.

“Yes.” Squeaky whispered back, like me not wanting to break the spell. “I’m almost glad it’s not always so intense. I don’t think I could stand it,” she giggled, “but I’m not going to turn it down.”

I suddenly realized I had seen several sets of headlights appear, then go out. We were no longer alone in the Park. Although the moonlight was faint we could still see fairly well, but did not see anyone. Most must have remained inside their cars. We could only see one car and it was at the far end of the Park. “Think we should leave? Go back to the car?” I asked.

“No,” was the reply. “If anyone comes out here, they will be here for the same reason. Then we’ll leave to give them some privacy. I want to lay here and enjoy this some more.” I had softened while we lay there relaxing. I started hardening again. With a giggle, “Doesn’t that thing ever get enough?”

“Not of you,” I replied. “But I’ll take it out so it won’t bother you.”

“Don’t you dare!” Squeaky exclaimed. She started hunching up on it as I lay there. “Are you going to make me do all the work?” she asked.

“Why not? You seem to enjoy it.”

“Then let me on top.” She started grinding herself on me. I grabbed a breast in one hand, rubbing the nipple with my thumb and put my other thumb on her clit, rubbing it. It was only moments when she shuddered with a climax and fell on me. I kissed her forehead and held her. I was basking in her glow. “One on the table. Five under you. Another now. How many are you going to give me?”

“‘Til I wear that pussy out!”

“Bet’cha cain’t,” came a giggle. She sat up, saying “Let’s see.” and started again. After two more I blew my nuts. My heaving and jerking caused another in her. I was finished, at least for quite a while. We lay there as we had before, quiet, feeling our togetherness, except this time Squeaky was laying on me.

“Reckon we ought to head home?” I finally asked.

“I don’t want to, but I’m about to go to sleep. I just wish I could keep you in me.” She raised up and we shared a tender loving kiss. “We must definitely do this again.,” she said as she stood.

Pulling me up, “Look at me!” She was smeared, shiny, covered with cum and juices, as I was. “You’re as messy a fucker as you are an eater!” I watched a big glob ooze out of her and drop to the raft.

“I wonder if anyone will smell that tomorrow?” I mused.

“I hope so!” Then Squeaky threw her head up and screamed, “My brother is the best fucker ever!” and jumped into the water giggling. She looked back up at me still standing on the raft. Looking down at her, I bellowed, “My sister has the sweetest pussy ever,” and jumped in beside her.

We swam toward the shore until we could stand. We rubbed each other clean of the stickiness, playing with one another mostly. Then, as we had entered the water, walked hand in hand to the car and dressed. I made a slow and leisurely drive home, cuddling Squeaky against me all the way.

We slipped into the house and shared one last kiss. My last thought as I dropped off to sleep, what will that vixen come up with next?


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