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ST: Broken Condom (Part 2)

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ST: Broken Condom (Part 2)Broken Condom 2By Tom Stone ~ stone90045@yahoo.comAnd, it is great to hear I have helped you masturbate! But nothing isbetter than getting out and being with another human being… so go dothat, living in front of your computer perving and whacking to stories,just ain’t a real life! Go out and fuck and get fucked (safely) and loveand be loved!<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>This is only a story. I encourage you to ALWAYS engage in safer sex; wear acondom; wrap your willy, put on your raincoat… etc”Choosing safer sex for you and your partner greatly reduces the risk ofcontracting STDs including HIV — you can get answers to your safer sexquestions – courtesy of staff members at the SF city clinic”Do not read this if you are u******e or it is i*****l to do so in the areain which you live.<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>~<>Alright, so we have already established that I am a selfish Fuckerright? Do I need to go over this every time? Yeah, I probably do. I reallylove to fuck. And I love to fuck bareback. And it don’t really ever crossmy mind what the ass I am fucking thinks about any of that. Afterall… it’s MY fuck, not his! But, I also like the game, the pursuit, the”no-no” that turns into “more please”.And then again, I sometimes just like to take advantage of a situation.I met this punk in a bar… yeah kind of a seedy hook-up bar, there’slots of them here in LA. He told me his name – but who the fuck cares. Heis just how I like them, acting more badass than he is, hot body, hotlooks, thin – almost skinny, a little rough on the edges, but within aminute you see that that is all just affectation. The boy is really not thestreet-wise thug he wants to seem.We chat. He is visiting from (again… who the fuck cares?),somewhere. He wants to be in the movies. I do the standard song and dance,and he seems to be warming up…I have an intensity to me that guys read, and I move fast. Within a digitalbahis yeni giriş fewminutes, I have him talked into giving me a blowjob in the alley – he hasalready said he won’t let me fuck him in the alley, he would want to “gosomewhere” for that. “ok”, I agree, just to get it started.We are out in the alley he, is groping my cock. He says he likes howbig it is… “I get that a lot”, I tell him cockily. He is tries to kiss, Ipush him to his knees, he fumbles with my belt, zipper and cock, soon he iseye to eye with my meat.We are a few feet from a dumpster, and while it isn’t reeking ofdecaying garbage it don’t smell like roses either, the wall is brick, andthe few old graffiti tags and posters from bygone days are dully lit by theone sodium lamp at the end of the alley, some 100 feet away.I am a selfish fucker, but I know I still want to fuck him… here inthe alley, the probability that someone, a bar patron, a passerby will seeus makes this all the hotter – so I have to play it slow, play it right toget my way.He licks and nibbles (why the fuck guys lick cock when it was meant tobe swallowed I don’t fucking understand…) I tell him how good he is. Heis getting into it, and I start to take control more. My hands are guidinghis head and throat deeper and deeper. He really can’t take it all the way,and I let out a few frustrated moans and sighs. He redoubles his efforts,yet he still can not take it.I push him back, frustratedly I insist he isn’t “really” trying, heinsists he is. It is obvious he can’t take my whole cock, and I tell himso, he looks hurt, I tell him to give me his ass, as he tries to say “letsgo someplace” I interrupt, firmly… “HERE”.”You are going to have to not scream when I fuck you, you don’t want toattract too much attention” I smirk at him – he thinks I am k**ding.He looks up and down the darkened alley, “um ok – you got a jimmyright?” – stupid fucking word. “yeah, I’m covered”.As he stands I spin digitalbahis giriş him around harshly, and yank his pants down to hisknees, one forceful move.I rest my hard cock in his ass trough, rubbing, teasing… there isplenty of sweat there to act as lube… I think if I add just a little spitwe will have smooth sailing.He pulls away, “we got to be safe, put it on” he says trying to soundfirm. Ok, ok, I says, here you put it on for me… I reach in my pocket andtoss the condom at him, it sails by him, hits the wall, he turns and bendsover to pick it up… the thought of soap in a prison shower comes tomind…And there it is. Shiny, young, tight asshole ripe, spread open andready for plucking! I push him bent over against the wall, pinned, bent, hecannot move. Spit already applied to my cock, my cock already pushing athis back door. And as I slowly sink my uncovered, raw cock into him, hewails quietly… “Noooooo!”Soon, I am completely buried in him. Balls deep. He struggles to standup. I keep him doubled over wedged to the wall.I see that he has recovered the condom, and is clenching it in his handall the while he is still trying to stand, this makes me chuckle in a low,cruel way. His struggle just adds excitement to the dance, his insistenceto stop, his fighting me, and the way his asshole tightens and throbs withhis strain feels utterly magical. Soon I am hammering him, eventually I lethim stand and support himself against the wall.He is moaning and whimpering and very much enjoying the fuck I amthrowing him. I ask him if he wants me to cum in him. “NO!” he insists, Ichuckle again, and wonder how long before I have him begging me to cum inhim.”You ever had a man cum in you before”, I ask. He says no, and I keepdrilling him, harder now. “You want me to stop fucking you then?” herepeats no, this time more breathy, more distant.I make him beg for me to keep fucking him. And I fuck him harderstill. I shift my hips so I am digitalbahis güvenilirmi hitting him higher in his colon, rubbing itaround on all the spot I know he wants to be hit… the stimulating placesup in a man that a good fucker knows… and I am using ALL my tools andwiles to get what I want.We have been fucking now for ten minutes, in an alley, and I don’t careto let it last much longer, its time to seed and breed this ass deep.”Tell me you want me to be the first man to plant his seed inyou… Tell me how much you want to have me shoot my sperm up in yourslutty hole”, I pause. “beg-me-for-it” I accentuate my words with an extrahard and deep fuck for each word.And then, he does. I have won again.I lean down and grip his throat and neck with my meaty hand and forcehis body… his tight young ass back on to my deep spewing cock, and I knowhe feels me release in him and I feel like the conqueror, triumphant andvictorious. A man impregnating a bitch. I continue to spew in him, douchinghis ass with my hot white semen. I mentioned before that I cum more thanmost guys I have ever seen – and this is no different, he will be enjoyingmy cum leaking out of him for the rest of the day and into tomorrow, I haveno doubt.When I am finally spent. I let him stand my cock still in him. “well,”I say, “now you know what it feels like to have a man cum in you now.”… I explain that he should let any other man ever do this to him, it isvery dangerous.And as I pull him back into me tightly, my cock soft enough now topiss, so I do. “I am marking you. Like a****ls do. You carry my cum and mypiss now.” I don’t get a lot in him, but enough for him to definitely feelit… he freaks out and finally is able to pull away from me as I continueto piss on the brick wall. Laughing… “Sorry, was that too much for you?”,I continue, “Keep it in you for as long as you can, because next week youwill be trying to find me to do it again to you.”I walk away laughing to myself… Christ, I am SUCH a selfish fucker!I’ve seen the guy a few more times and each time he begs for a repeatperformance, and he swears I am the only one he lets fuck him bare… but,you know with faggots you can never be sure, so, unless I am desperate -which don’t happen often, I don’t really go back…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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