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Stairwell to Heaven

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It was the last place Beth wanted to be on a Saturday morning. All week she endured the posturing and whining of her 7th graders, the stupid demands of her principal and leers of at least three older male and possibly one female faculty member at her school. She had enough of this place for the week and to top it off, the guy she met at Bar None last night ended her hopes of a hot evening by phoning his wife right in front of her. Jeesh, what nerve!

So instead of sleeping in, having a leisurely cup of coffee and planning a day of “retail therapy” and maybe playing with the new toy sitting on her night table, Beth was standing around a folding table in the lobby of that very same middle school surrounded by about two dozen of her colleagues affixing sticky back nametags to their shirts and blouses.

A whole Saturday shot to hell, she thought. Just like the administration to make us come to this workshop on our day off.

The ELA workshop was listed in the weekly bulletin as “voluntary” but no sooner did Beth read the notice than she bumped into Dr. Layton, her principal.

“Beth,” her boss said. “I see you got the memo. It’s going to be a great workshop; I know you will get some wonderful ideas for your class. We can even follow up on what was presented at the next staff meeting. You will be perfect to take the lead in the power point presentation.”

“Ahhhhh, yes, sure Abigail. I will be there with bells on.”

Ooh, did I really say that, she thought? She was trapped. Now she had to attend.

She looked around at the group. Most of the teachers, she knew. There was Murray, he taught the 6th grade group in the classroom next to hers. He was also number one on the “leer” chart. Balding and with chronic bad breath, even in her horniest state, Beth shuddered at the thought of a night with Murray.

She waved at Marge and Ada. She was pretty sure that those two, fresh out of college, were doing each other. They had both come out of the same sorority, one that at Beth’s alma mater had a reputation for some Sapphic fun.

Hmmm, it could be fun to play with them. Maybe I should spend a little more time with them in the lounge and feel them out. The wicked thought brought a smirk to her lips and a hint of dampness to her panties. Oh, I don’t think I can deal with this all day!

Just then, she came eye to eye with an unfamiliar face, a very friendly, very male unfamiliar face. He was about 5’8″ with a reddish beard that was flecked with grey. His hair was brown also beginning to show some age but in a very sexy way. Most of all he had the most gorgeous hazel eyes Beth had ever seen. His smile was just as nice and she was suddenly happy to return it.

“Good morning. I’m Jay. Jay Grant” As he said this, he pointed to his nametag and gave her a sheepish look.

“Beth, she said. “And you sounded like a James Bond movie just then”

I’m sorry. “He laughed and extended his hand looking her straight in the eyes. “Nice to meet you.”

Some more liquid dampened her panties.

His eyes are gorgeous.

“Are you from Farley,” she asked, naming the neighboring middle school.

“No, I am the one who is going to torture you all for the next three hours.”

Did I hear that right?

‘It’s my presentation that you will have to sit through. I really hope it is helpful. I know that coming here on a Saturday is an inconvenience for you all.”

“Oh, I see. Well, I’ll be honest with you. I wish I was somewhere else right now, preferably in bed.”

Oops, I didn’t mean to say that.

“I can imagine and once again I am sorry.”

Hmm, what does he mean by that?

“Maybe I can make it up to you afterward and take you to dinner. I have to stay overnight in order to save money on airfare,” he continued. I sure would rather your company than TV at the Quality Inn.”

Beth blushed and she felt her panties get even wetter. She allowed the flirt in her, to edge out.

“Well,” she teased. “Let’s see just how torturous this lecture is going to be. I’ll talk to you after you’re done.”

His smile was dazzling. “Great, after the lecture,” he turned and headed for the front of the room.

In truth, Jay had done a good job. The presentation was solid and Beth got some ideas for her follow up report. Even so, she found it difficult to pay attention. For the entire three hours she was anticipating what kind of evening this could end up being. She sure would like to make up for the stress of the whole week and last night’s disaster at the bar. Beth was all for getting laid tonight and her panties never lied. This guy turned her on.

I don’t even care ataşehir escort if we have dinner. I would like to play with him right now. In fact…

Beth smiled. The next thought that jumped into her head was too wicked.

After shaking loose from the administration and other teachers, Jay approached Beth with a bright smile.

“Was that so terrible,” he asked.

A teasing tone entered her voice. “Well, I survived, but just barely. However, Mr. Grant. I think you underestimate the quality of the teachers down here. I could show you some essays and test scores from my students that would astound you.”

“I would love to see them. Could you bring them along this evening? We, uh, are still having dinner aren’t we? The thought of it was all that kept me going during the presentation.”

“I’m flattered but you don’t have to wait ’til then. We can go up to my classroom and I’ll show you the kind of work we do around here.” Her panties were just about soaked through the crotch by now.

“Let’s go,” he said.

Just about everyone had left the music room where the projector had been set up. The weekend custodian was already emptying the trash pails. Beth had scoped out the administrators leaving together, probably to lunch at the fancy Village Inn downtown. She knew that her second floor classroom would be empty.

“This way,” she said with a smile.

She made a point of walking a bit faster than Jay. She wanted to be out in front of him so that he could check her out. Now she was happy that she chose a skirt this morning instead of her usual jeans and tee shirt weekend uniform. She was sure Jay had a nice view of how her ass moved beneath the skirt. Furthermore, as she knew that Abigail was going to be there, she went the full course and wore pantyhose. It was a pain in the ass but she figured she better look professional. Besides, with her panties near sopping she was glad to have the extra nylon to keep her juices from running down here legs.

As she climbed the steps she made sure there was a bit extra movement to her ass. They turned at the first landing and started up the second flight. Three steps from the top of the landing Beth launched her plan. Using her high heels as an excuse, she pretended to turn and ankle.

“Ow!” she gasped and she turned rapidly and sat on the landing grabbing her left foot.

“Are you okay,” Jay asked.

“Mmm, I think so,” She said. Now her skirt rode up her thigh and by crossing her legs she could also smell the aroma of her aroused pussy juices in her crotch. Jay had to smell them too.

“Here, let me see,” he said. Jay took hold of her leg and started to stroke her ankle gently.

“No puffiness or swelling. You probably just twisted it.” He let his hand stroke higher up the nylon encased leg. Beth smiled.

“My hero,” she mocked.

“How cliché of you Madame,” he replied giggling. His hand went an inch or two higher.

“You shall be rewarded, fair knight,” Beth said between her own muffled laughs and she took his hand and guided it up the full length of her leg while at the same time inching close to him and literally attacking his mouth with a furious kiss.

Their tongues met through open mouths and swirled around each other lavisiciously. Beth parted her legs and Jay’s hand easily traversed the final distance to her crotch. The dampness had now seeped through to her pantyhose. The whole area was about fifteen degrees warmer than the air in the stairwell.

“Ohhhhhh,” Beth mewled as she took a breath and mashed her mouth to his for another hot kiss. This time she went searching for his crotch. She felt his hardness running down the leg of his pants. Breaking the kiss, she looked into his sexy green eyes and said, “He can’t be very comfortable bent like that. I think we need to let him out to breath,” at which point she sat up and started to work his belt buckle and zipper. She was rewarded with the sight of a beautiful pink, round and supremely hard circumcised cock of better than average proportion. Not one for super long cocks, Beth could appreciate this example for its obvious girth.

“I want to play with him,” she said. She slowly, took the member in her hand as if measuring it. First she placed her thumb and index finger around the head.

“I think he will fill me up nicely. I can’t wait.”

At those words the dick seemed to jump of its accord and a drop of precum oozed from the tip.

“He likes that idea, oh goody,” she said. Now her entire hand was around the shaft. It was warm and very hard. Harder than any cock she had ever experienced. She squeezed firmly. She was kadıköy escort rewarded with a reaction from her victim.

“Ahhhhh! Ohhhhhh, that feels good. Oh, yes, play with him all you want.” Jay was on fire. He kissed her again and his free hand pushed her skirt up revealing her tan pantyhose with a small dark, wet spot just visible in the reinforced crotch area. Shaded beneath the hose was a pair of black satin panties. They appeared to be full back and there was yellow embroidery or lace visible mashed against the front panal of her nylons. The aroma was intoxicating. Jay was in heaven now.

Meanwhile, Beth had managed to collect enough precum from his cock to make her manual ministrations slick. They could now here the squish, squish liquid sounds as her hand moved up and down over his cock.

Jay then tugged at the blue satin blouse where it tucked into her skirt. Reluctant to stop fondling her pussy area, he fumbled about until the blouse was free. He wanted to rip it open but knew better so he stopped fingering Beth and used two hands to unbutton her blouse. What he saw staggered him.

Encased in a black bra, etched with red lace highlights and mesh upper cups was a pair of milky white globes of perfect tit flesh. No, blemishes could be seen on the upper surface and a hint of extraordinary dark areola was beneath the mesh. They were round beyond belief and must be nearly a triple D cup size. He wanted to both uncover them and not uncover them, so sexy were they in the satin confection. He had always loved bras and the instruments of pleasure they covered.

“Glorious,” he exclaimed.

“And natural,” Beth answered. “Play with them all you like. They’re fond of nibbling and sucking.”

At that moment however, Beth had decided that she needed to taste his dick and so she broke away from his grasp, positioned herself on the steps below him and took his member deep in her throat with a fluid and confident air. This surprising move was followed by feverish, licking and sucking and slurping.

Oh yes! Oh my! Yes, my darling that sooooo nice. Yesssssss, suck it. Mmmmmm. You are driving me crazy. It feels wonderful, don’t stop. No, don’t! Oh, oh, oh my God!

The more the utterances flowed out of Jay, the better Beth sucked. She enjoyed giving head and right now she was in her glory.

In mid-slurp, she lifted her head and said, “Cum for teacher. Teacher wants you to have a passing grade. Cum all over teacher’s face and tits.

It was more than Jay could stand. His cock seemed to have a mind of it’s own as it burst in gobs of white hot cum. The first spurt shot a good 7 or 8 inches in the air and Beth grabbed for it with one of her hands. Then she placed her face right in the path of the next two eruptions. The first caught her right on the nose and immediately dripped down onto her bra. The third was shorter and splattered right on her chest and oozed down between her tits.

“Ahhhhhhhhh,” Jay cried as his body shook with each blast. Now Beth’s hand was coated with his cum and she pumped faster over the slick shaft. Jay nearly howled in surprise. Only awareness of their semi-public status kept him from shouting at the top of his lungs as the aftershocks wreaked through him. No one ever had given him a blow job with such abandon as this wanton on her knees before him. Almost reluctantly he took her hand and removed it from his dick.

“Such a naughty girl you are. Such behavior deserves special attention.” Jay smiled as he returned his hand to the juncture between her legs.

Beth smiled and said, “Most definitely, but not here. This was only the first act. Act two takes place in my classroom just through those fire doors. Do you wish to continue with the drama Mr. Grant?” With that Beth stood up and without adjusting her clothing, walked up the remaining steps obviously in no pain from her “accident” and went through the fire doors into the corridor beyond. His cock still dripping, Jay hitched up his trousers and followed. He could hardly wait.


On the other side of the doors Jay found a dark corridor that looked like every other middle school corridor he had ever walked. Rows of lockers lined the walls, interrupted by classroom doors with windows in the upper half of the door allowing the only light to filter into the empty hallway. Just off to the left in front of him however, one of the classroom doors was ajar. He knew what lay beyond.

Jay moved to the door and pushed it open. Beth sat on the teacher’s desk at the front of the room. Her skirt was hiked to her waist and her blouse still unbuttoned. Jay could see the cum stains beginning bostancı escort bayan to dry on the black satin cups. There was a grin on Beth’s face that could only be described as wicked.

“So what does Daddy have for Mommy,” she said in a sing song little voice that under any other circumstance would be silly but right now was as seductive as a siren’s song. Jay’s spent cock started to spring to life again.

“Ooh, Daddy seems happy to seem Mommy spread out like this. Come and show Mommy how happy Daddy is.” The baby talk had an amazing effect on Jay. His cock nearly flew into another erection and so soon after cumming. He was amazed at the seductiveness of this woman. He wanted her more than ever.

Beth opened her legs wider and Jay could see that the wet spot had grown. He could smell the sex oozing from her cunt from the doorway. He approached with determination.

“Daddy has something special for Mommy. Let me show you,” and with that he took a pair of scissors he spied in a canister near her hip and methodically cut around the gusset area of her pantyhose. The aroma of sex grew stronger and his breathing deepened.

“Thank you Daddy. Mommy’s little pussy need some air. Mommy’s pussy has been locked up all day and now it wants to have some fun.” It was as if they had entered another world. All that existed right now was the two of them and the game they were playing.

Jay looked Beth in the eyes. She shivered and he saw the arousal in her. He laid the scissors down and without taking his eyes off hers he grabbed the crotch opening with both hands and slowly pulled the fabric apart. The dull ripping sound of the nylon sounded as loud as machine gun blasts in their ears. Beth sucked in air as if she had been punched in her stomach. More pussy juice flowed from her and oozed into her already soaked panties. Jay smiled because he knew she was flowing uncontrollably now and he was ready to taste her.

He bent down and inhaled deeply. The hot smell of cunt juice hardened his cock even more but he was not concerned with that part of his anatomy right now. He inched closer to Beth’s vagina and kissed the insides of her thighs, first right, then left, right, left, leaving a trail of licks and kisses right to panty covered cunt.

He then licked long and hard through the wet nylon. The taste was tangy and slightly sour and wonderful.

He licked again.

And again.



More forcefully.

Then he heard it. The sound he wanted to hear.

Beth moaned.

It started soft, almost a whimper. He felt her inhale deeply and then the rumble began in her abdomen and rolled slowly up between her clenched lips until she could stand it no longer.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, damn! Yes, darling, yesssssssssssssssssss,” and tears started to flow down her cheeks.

“Lick me. Please, please lick me. Do me with your tongue. Come on now Daddy, do me good.” She spoke with such urgency that she seemed not to inhale.

Jay pushed the crotch band of the panties aside with his tongue and begin is oral ministration in earnest. He drove his tongue deep into her cunt and slathered as much juice as he could into his mouth. He let the tip of his tongue wander the inner walls on either side of her gash. Up and down, up and down.

He fluttered back and forth over the area between her asshole and pussy, even exploring the entrance to her rear. That for later, he thought, and then he moved up to her clit and placed his lips around the nub and began to suck. As he did his tongue danced on the sensitive bud in rapid fire motions that started Beth squirming uncontrollably.

She was near to screaming, only in a stage whisper intensity that was as sexy as if she bellowed at the top of her lungs.

OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH DADDEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Lick your mommy gooooooooooooood. I’m cummmmmmmmmmmmm, uhhhhhmmmm,ummmmmmmming!!!!!!!!!!

And with that nearly unintelligible phrase, she locked her legs around his shoulders, grabbed his head and pushed him into her cunt as hard as she could. Her body shook and quivered. Her breaths got shorter and faster and for a second she thought she would pass out. This was an orgasm beyond experience. Everything that had been building in her all week found an exit in this one, earth shattering, and forbidden, illicit and very unprofessional tryst in her own classroom. She could never feel the same about teaching in this space again and she relished the thought.

When, the aftershocks eased and her breathing started to normalize, she uncoiled her legs and looked down at the two hazel eyes that started this all. Jay lifted his head up and smiled at her. She smiled back. Jay spoke:

“Well, now that we both have eaten, what else can you do in this town?”

“I am sure we can come up with an idea or two,” she replied. “After all we are both ‘educated’ people are we not?

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