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Starting a New Family

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I’m Brent and I’m 18. One month ago I was an only child to with a beautiful mother and a great dad. My mom, Eve, is only 38, blond, blue eyed beauty that is built like a model although she is only 5′ 2″. My dad was 40 and didn’t look after himself very well. He worked too much, ate too much and drank too much but he was good to mom and me. Like I said, a month ago I was an only child. Ten months ago mom came home from a checkup and announced she was pregnant. Three months later I guess the stress of another child that was too much for dad and he died of a heart attack. The doctor said it was from too much work and drinking but mom and I knew it was from the added burden another child at this point in his life.

Mom took it as well as she could. Dad left us well off financially so we didn’t want for anything but Mom missed him especially at night. Ever since I was 12 I have watched mom and dad having sex. I think mom knew but I’m sure dad never did. She would always smile at me the next morning and wink or make comments like “Did you have a good time last night?’ without referring to why I would be having a good time. Mom started wanting me to spend more and more time with her. I guess that was only natural thought being pregnant, having a child and losing your husband all within a year.

One Saturday night the weather was bad and I had made plans to go out with some friends but mom ask me to stay in saying she was afraid of me getting caught in the storm. I got the feeling there was more to it than she was saying but by now my little sister was 3 months old and mom was so tired she wasn’t getting around very well. So I relented and call off my plans. I ask mom what she wanted to do after dinner and she said she wanted just to watch some TV, maybe a movie, and relax. So I told her that if she would pick out a movie I would do the dishes and be right in. 20 minutes later I joined mom in the den on the couch. She had a movie in and ready to go. She told me to grab a bottle of wine before I sat down.

“Mom is you sure?”

“Yes, I’ve already checked with the doctor and she said I could have a glass or two if I wanted. After all your sister isn’t taking to breast feeding so I’ve started her on formula.”

So I got the wine and settled in with mom. Mom started the movie and in 10 seconds my eyes opened wide. Mom had started a porn movie and I don’t mean one of the R-rated hotel types, we were watching hardcore porn. Big dicks, big tits, fucking all over the place porn. I looked at mom and my mouth fell open.

“Why do you look so surprised? You’ve been watching your dad and I having sex for years so I know you know what is going on.”

“But mom, sitting here watching this with you….I…I….”

“Don’t worry, I won’t attack you. That is unless you want me too.”

I turned back to the movie and started to watch. A few bahis firmaları minutes later mom leaned her head over on my shoulder and wrapped her arms around mine. We watched the movie and I could feel mom’s big tits nestled against my arm. I was getting hotter and hotter as mom was holding me tight against her. My cock had already started to get hard and was pushing against my jeans.

“Brent, are you uncomfortable?”

“It’s just a little warm.”

“Well why don’t you get out of some of those cloths. As a matter of fact it’s warm in here to me too. I think I’ll get out of some of my cloths too.”

With that mom got up and slipped off her slacks and opened up the front of her blouse. Her huge tits were bulging out of her bra as she sat back down.

“Brent go ahead and get comfortable.”

I slowly stood and took off my shirt and started sit back down when mom told me to get out of my jeans.

“You have underwear on don’t you?”

“Of course I do but…”

“No buts, it’s not going to bother me.”

So I stood up and slipped my jeans off. I was standing in front of my mother in just my jockeys and a huge hard on. Mom took one look and licked her lips.

“Sit down sweetheart. Lets watch the movie.”

I sat back down and mom again grabbed my arm. We continued to watch the movie and sip the wine. A little while later mom started to shift in her seat and tugging at her bra.

“Brent would you mind if I took my bra off. It’s cutting into me and my tits need some relief.”

“I guess that would be OK.”

Mom let go of me and unsnapped her bra. She then slipped the straps off her arms letting her huge tits swing free. This is the first time I had seen them in months and never this close.

“That’s better. I hope my disgustingly big breast doesn’t disgust you.”

“No…..No….I think they are beautiful.”

“Why thanks honey. I didn’t know if you would want to run away or you would like them.”

Mom took hold of my arm again and snuggled close. We started watching the movie again with me in my jockeys and mom in just her panties. The movie was getting hotter and so was I. Mom then took my left arm and slid my hand over to her right thigh.

“That feels good. I’ve always like it when you rub my legs.”

I began rubbing her thigh as mom continued to hold onto my arm. Slowly mom inched my hand higher and higher up her leg until the back of my hand was resting against her pussy. Mom shifter and opened her legs and slowly started humping her pussy up and down against my hand. Her breathing started getting deeper. The next thing I knew mom was resting her right hand on my thigh and was rubbing the back of her hand against my swollen prick. I was almost ready to come out of seat. I turned toward mom which had the effect of pushing my left hand harder against her pussy. I looked kaçak iddaa directly into mom’s eyes.

“Brent, you can have me if you want.”

I reached over and started to rub her huge tits. Mom moaned and turned more towards me. She reached up with her left hand and put it behind my head and pulled my face to her left breast. As my tongue touched her nipple mom started moaning and moving harder against my hand. I started to lightly suck on her breast and was surprised by the sweet flow of milk. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised but I guess I just hadn’t been expecting it. The taste was wonderful and I started sucking harder and harder. Mom kept holding my head against her tit as I kept milking her. Just then I felt mom’s hand start rubbing my prick with her right hand. I almost came in my shorts. As hard as my cock was I swear it grew another 2 inches. It had gotten so hard that the head was peaking out the top of my shorts. After a couple of minutes of my sucking mom told me to get my shorts off. I rose up just enough to remove them freeing my 9-inch cock from the confines of the material. Mom’s eyes widened as she looked at my cock.

“Brent I had no idea. I’ve got to have some of that!!”

With that mom slipped her panties off and moved over the top of me taking hold of my cock. She started sliding the head of my prick up and down her pussy lips and I could feel her pussy juice running over the head of my cock. Mom lowered her pussy over my cock pushing the head into her dripping cunt.

“Suck my tits Brent. Suck the milk out of your mama’s tits.”

Mom, with just the head of my cock buried in her pussy, lifted her right breast and fed it to me. I started to suck on her nipple as a new rush of baby’s milk started flooding my mouth. Just as I did mom started to lower her cunt onto my prick burying more and more of my cock in her pussy.

“Oh fuck…..oh fuck Brent your cock is so good. I’ve never had something this size in me. This is fucking incredible. Oh fuck your cock feels soooooo good in mama’s cunt.”

Mom had taken about half of my cock in her cunt when she raised up leaving only the head buried before she started to lower herself down taking more and more of me deep inside her. After several attempts she finally took all 9 inches in her pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhh…..That feels soooo good. Your cock feels so good fucking me. Fuck your mama. Fuck your mama with your big fucking prick. Your mama needs to be fucked good!!!!”

Mom started raising and lowering her cunt on my cock faster and faster. I could feel her cum juice running down my dick and balls. I kept sucking the milk out of my mom’s tits moving from one to the other. Milk was running down my chin and was dripping on my chest. I was bucking my hips trying get more and more of my cock into mom’s tight cunt.

“Ohhhhh fuck Brent!!! Fuck your mama. kaçak bahis Fuck me….I’m cumming. Your making your mama cummmmm!!”

With that I could feel my mom’s cunt start to spasm as she buried all of my 9 inches as deep as she could.

“Cum with me…..fuck me….fuck me…..Oh fuck I’m cumming again!!”

Mom started orgasming for the second time and this time I couldn’t hold back. I unleashed a torrent of cum deep inside mom’s cunt flooding her pussy with what felt like gallons of cum juice. I was in heaven as my cock was flooding mom’s cunt with juice while my mouth was filled with mom’s huge tit and being filled with baby’s milk.

“Fuck me…..keep fucking me…..give me that big fucking cock…..don’t stop…Oh fuck your big prick is gooooood!!!!”

Mom collapsed against me as her orgasm and mine subsided. Out of breath and exhausted mom wrapped her arms around my neck holding my head between her heaving breasts. My cock was still buried in her throbbing cunt as mom sat up and looked at me.

“That was wonderful. I have never felt so satisfied. I’ve never felt a cock that big or cum that hard in all my life.”

“Thanks mom. Anytime you want more just let me know.”

“Thanks, I will. Just one thing.”


“Now that you’ve fuck your mother how do you feel about anal sex?

I looked at mom and with her big tits still hanging in my face I could feel my cock starting to rise. Mom smiled and said “You don’t have to answer that. I think I already know.”

With that mom and I got up and bent over the end of the couch.

“I’m ready when you are honey. Just take it easy. Your old mom hasn’t been ass fucked in a long time but I just know it’s going to be good!!!”

With that I got up behind mom as she reached around and grabbed my already hard cock. She pointed it at her already wet asshole and without hesitation she pushed back on my cock slipping over half of it in.

“Oh fuck baby that’s good!! Easy now, let me get use to that monster!”

Slowly she started fucking me. I didn’t even have to move. She was doing all the work moving back and forth on my cock. Damn this was good! She kept moving until all of my cock was buried in her tight ass.

“OK baby, you can start fucking me now. You don’t have to be easy anymore. I like it rough in my butt hole.”

I grabbed my mom’s hips and started pounding her ass with my cock. I knew almost immediately that I wasn’t going to last long but it seemed that she started cumming immediately.

“Oh fuck yea…..fuck me. Pound that motherfucking big cock in my ass baby! Fuck your mother… yea….fuck me hard….harder you big fucker! Fuck meeeeeee!!!!”

She started cumming just before I let loose a quart of cum into her tight asshole. I never thought I would stop cumming and even after I did mom just kept on trying to fuck my softening cock.

“Oh baby….that was so fucking good!!! I’ve never had such a big cock up my ass before but you can have it again anytime you want!”

And man did I ever want it again!

The end…..

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