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Starting Early My Story

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Starting Early My StoryStarting EarlySex is suppose to be a part of our everyday normal life but some people love to try and tell you how to run your own life and then look down on you when you don’t live up to those standards they set for you. My mother has never been a follower instead she taught her k**s that you control your own life and any decisions we make impact your life forever and do what ever makes you happy and to hell with the world thinks .This is my story My mother Crystal plays the organ for our local church St Patrick’s she has two girls me (Nancy) and my older sister Vicky . My first exposure to sex came when I got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom , when I noticed my parents bedroom light was on and I could hear voices at first I thought it was just my parents talking but then I heard a third voice that sounded a lot like my sister Vicky . I moved closer to their door and listened to the muffled sounds . Vicky the reason we asked you here was to tell you that Father Joseph has asked us if we thought that you might be ready to be given to God . We told him that we would ask you if you were ready to accept the blessing . Father Joseph has asked or a private session at the church on Friday morning . Vicky asked what does this mean mom ? Mom said most all young girls in the Catholic church go through this on the way to becoming a woman this will bring you closer to god . OK I guess but do I have to suck his thing like you did ? Honey we discussed this as I have told you before I have been sucking Father Joseph’s cock for about twenty five years since I was a little girl he asks only a few girls ever year to get closer to god and this is the approved way . I was shocked to hear that my sister would have to suck Father Joseph’s cock on Friday . He is a good looking man ,but I thought that priest’s were not allowed to marry. Mom said that he would also likely take your virginity too that is the ultimate gift a girl can give to god it’s been this way for many hundreds of years and that’s the way my mother ,her mother and many other women before her . That’s just the way it is done in order to be a good Catholic you must submit your will to god . OK mom Vicky said but I’m a little scared though , everything will be alright mom said just ask Father Joseph for a glass of wine to help you relax . It will be easier that way. I will have a nice hot bath ready for you when you get back home. So go back to bed and rest up , you will be on your way to womanhood soon , but mom I had my first period yet ! I know baby be sure to tell Father Joseph that very fact he will be thrilled . I was scared for my sister but I didn’t say anything I güvenilir bahis was afraid that I would be in trouble for eavesdropping . Friday morning arrived and my mom drove Vicky to the church at nine she walked Vicky into Father Joseph’s private chamber and he told my mom that she could return around four to pick her up . I worried all the time that she was gone when mom went to get her they came home and everything seemed normal I mean Vicky was smiling mom was laughing just like nothing happened at all . Mom had drawn Vicky a warm bath with some really nice smelling bath salts Vicky stayed in there for about two hours before she emerged a little wrinkled but otherwise she looked normal in every way . I went into her room and asked her what happened and she said that Father Joseph took her picture without her clothes on and more pictures of her sucking his cock and even as he fucked her in every hole she had . I asked her didn’t it hurt she said a little at first but the glass of wine sure helped a lot . Once her virginity was gone and her anal cherry taken she really enjoyed it . Vicky said that sucking his cock was fun I can already take about three quarters of Joseph’s eight inch cock down my throat . He was very happy with my efforts and said that I was a natural and would make a fantastic Catholic mother to her c***dren some day . He said I pray that you will have a couple of daughters and raise them Catholic . He also said that he looks forward to seeing you next year .I left her so she could get some sleep ,I went to my room and played with my little pussy for about an hour until it was dinner time. My mom and dad had a big smile on their faces and said how proud they were of her giving herself to god that way. I asked them when could I give myself to god like Vicky did and mom said when I turn ten too . Later that night after I went to bed I started to image what it might feel like to have a cock shoved up my little pussy or in my ass . So I worked three fingers into my cunt and brought myself to a heart pounding orgasm then I managed to get two fingers in my ass up to the second knuckle it felt a little strange but very good when I came again. I slept real good that night and the next morning I asked my mom if I could go over to Amy’s house and swim in their pool since she has asked me many times before she said sure have fun be home before dinner OK. Thanks mom , I called Amy and told her that my mom said that I could come over and swim in her pool . I got to Amy’s house about ten swim suit in my backpack and a towel to dry off with. Amy met me at the door and said let’s go up to my room and change. We ran up the stairs into her room which türkçe bahis was across the hall to her twin brothers room . I just had to tell my best friend what I was feeling about what had happen to Vicky and that would have to wait until I was ten before I would have my first cock to fuck me or to suck on . The thought of fucking and older man really got my juices flowing . Girlfriend you came to the right place because I have been sucking my fathers as well as my brothers cocks for about six months now and have also eaten my mothers pussy many times too . Amy’s brothers were thirteen but they acted older than thirteen . Amy and I are about the same age almost nine , Amy started to remove her clothes right away without closing the door to her room she had her shirt and shorts off before you could say Boo. When one of the twins Dan I think looked into her room gave a long whistle and said Amy I can’t wait until you grow some tits to go with that sweet little cunt of yours . Dan was grabbing his junk as he was talking to Amy , she in turn ran a couple of fingers through her little slit and said I know but you and Don love this anyway . Dam right we do , does your friend want to join us in the pool too? Amy looked at me I nodded and said sure give us a minute to change . Why we don’t wear swim suits around here do we Amy?Up until now I always thought Amy shy and conservative but this was a side of Amy I have never seen . Amy looked at me and said get out of those clothes and lets go for a swim you won’t need a suit OK. I thought about it for a few seconds remembering what Vicky had said to me about how much fun she had sucking Father Joseph’s and him taking her virginity and anal cherry . I smiled at her and started removing my clothes as fast as I could . I mean I love being naked anyway so this seemed like the perfect opportunity for everyone to get naked too. We headed down stairs and out the back door . I stopped short when I saw Mr. Miller (Jim) sitting in a chair stroking his cock while watching his son Don sitting between his mothers legs licking her pussy like a man eating his favorite meal . Amy’s mom(Ann) had her head thrown back moaning and telling Don what a wonderful son he was and what a great job he was doing . Amy looked at me and said that it looks like dad is having a good time watching Don eating moms pussy again . Let’s help my dad I just love sucking his cock and swallowing his cum you wanna try. I looked at the size of his cock and thought there was no way I could ever get that thing in my pussy let alone in my mouth . Amy said let me show you how I do it . She walked over and got down on her knees and started to cover the head with güvenilir bahis siteleri her mouth she made it look so easy . Amy waved me closer to the action she raised her head and said to me wanna lick. Never able to back away from a challenge I moved to the other side of her dad got on my knees took the meat stick in my hot little hand and started to lick all the head of Mr Millers cock , I opened my mouth and took the head in to the back of my throat and to my surprise I did not gag at all it went straight down my throat with just a little effort from Mr Miller’s hand on the back of my head . He was controlling the depth of his cock going down my throat thinking that he might hurt me if it went to deep I encouraged him to pump my face faster if he wanted to and sure enough within a few seconds he told me he was cumming and to get ready to swallow his stuff. I doubled my efforts and was more than ready when he shot his load in my mouth , I loved the taste and the texture and swallowed it all .Amy her mother and her two brothers stared , Ann was the first to say that was the most incredible thing I have ever seen how long have you been doing this ? I looked at her and said that this was my first time . No way Mr Miller I’ve had a lot of women that proclaimed to be a excellent cock sucker but you are the best next to Ann that has ever sucked my cock . Boys you should try this she is amazing . So all of us girls got on our knees and proceeded to give head as Mr Miller called it . Amy opted to have her father fuck her tiny ass , I guess he has done this a few times before while I sucked Dan’s smaller version of Mr. Millers cock mean while Ann took all of Don’s cock straight down her throat with ease . Later Mr. Miller ate my cunny and I came all over his face Amy asked me if I would eat her pussy as she has always wanted to eat mine .I spent the rest of the day sucking cock and eating pussy and I got fucked by both of Amy’s brothers at the same time when they were finished Ann licked my hairless pussy clean . Ann said now that you are an honorary member of our family you are welcome here any time I smiled and said do you think I could call my mom and ask her if I could stay the night . There is still one more cock that I’d like to have in me yet tonight. Mr. Miller smiled and said to me please call me Jim and I would love to slide my cock deep in your sweet little cunt anytime you want it. Looks like I will be here a lot more then cause my pussy is really hungry for a whole bunch of cock . Maybe I could bring my sister with me next time she got her first cock today and from what she told me she is going to want a lot more soon. If fact Both my parents love lots of sex I’m sure that we could all get along . That is as long as you wouldn’t mine a couple more ladies and another big cock to join us . Ann said I think that’s a great idea the more cocks the merrier and more pussy Jim added.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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