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Stormy Sex in a Rainy Night Pt. 02

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It had been a while since that fateful rainy night. And I had left very unceremoniously without a trace of gratitude towards her. But what else could I have said to my colleague? The events of that night were unnatural and unexpected for me and I was ill-equipped to handle this situation.

While I left, I did glance at her lying naked on the floor just covered in a bed sheet, hair dishevelled, and watching me sneak out like a thief. My colleague looked drop dead gorgeous and I was finding it impossible to leave her like that. It seemed she yearned for me but I took a conscious call and left without glancing back once hoping she will forgive me for this. But I had it all wrong.

I waited for a few days before texting her to salvage the situation but she never reverted. Hours passed, days passed, weeks passed but my hi’s and hellos went unanswered. I tried to catch her in the office but I failed to do that miserably. I did not want to land both of us in trouble so I gave up that pursuit as well.

I internalized that it is a lost cause and started focusing on my family and my work but every now and then, my mind would wander off to that fateful night.

I couldn’t stop myself but reliving the night wherein I could see my colleague move against my body, her boobs bouncing, her moans, the way our shadows rocked in that dimly lit room and invariably, I would start stroking yearning for her touch. Maybe this was my punishment for treating her like dirt.

A couple of months later, I chanced upon her in the office elevator and was simply glad to see her. I smiled at her and was pleasantly surprised when she returned the courtesy. I got off at my floor and texted a ‘hello’ to her.

After a few hours, I got a text from her. Realizing that the ice between us has broken, I cancelled all my meetings for the day in elation and started texting her.

We chatted a lot for the rest of the day in which I profusely apologized for my immaturity and she willingly accepted it. My spirits knew no bounds that evening as I went home. I probably had the craziest session with my wife that night imagining my hot colleague Neha in her place.

Soon our conversations escort ataşehir resumed to the previous cadence and we never missed an opportunity to appreciate each other either on call or in person. Basically, we had started a mutual admiration society.

One night when I was slogging in office, I got a text from her which read:

My place – 10 pm.

I called my family and told them that I have a tremendous amount of work and would be in the office until very late.

At around 09:30 pm, I left the and went to her place. I managed to reach right on time and rang her doorbell.

When my colleague opened her door, I was astounded to see her. There she was, my goddess, standing in a knee-length black coloured satiny nighty with noodle strap. She had let her curly hair down, her lips adorned with dark red lipstick and her mangalsutra adorned her neck.

The only source of light in the room was from the myriad scented candles Neha had lit in the room. I walked in mesmerized. I dropped my bag and shut the door in a jiffy and walked towards her hurriedly.

I tried to embrace her but she made me stop and gave me a tight slap across my cheek. I was taken aback by this and glared at her confused. But then she held my head and whispered in my ear, “this was for ‘that’ night. Now we are even!”

Then she leaned in and planted her lips on mine. I could feel the softness of her heavenly lips while I sucked and chewed them. We actually lost track of time while we smooched each other till our heats content. My colleague’s lips were as succulent as I last remembered. There was occasional biting of the lips while we explored each other’s mouth.

We settled in a comfortable position wherein I sat down on the sofa and she sat on top of me facing me and smooching me. I could feel her back, ass and boobs over her sexy nighty. The paying and kissing continued for a while and the sexual heat in the room was being evident. Both our breaths were quickening with the excitement.

Neha undid my shirt buttons while we smooched and was in a commanding position. My colleague basically controlled each and every move of mine. (Not that I am complaining).

A kadıköy escort bayan little by little, all my clothes from the upper body were off. Then Neha started kissing my neck, my chest, inching south. She bit my nipples and rolled her tongue all over it. I yelped in pleasure.

Slowly and steadily, my sexy colleague slid down from my lap and onto the floor between my legs. She seductively looked in my eyes, rolled her tongue over her lips and bit her lower lip. To top it all, the dim light on her dusky body was making her looking heavenly.

While my eyes were locked in hers, Neha undid my trousers and lowered my boxers. My cock sprang out like a caged bird ready for an assault. But the goddess was in complete control. She grabbed hold of it, squeezed the base until it pained (which was evident on my face) and stroked the length of it.

As she reached the tip of it, she pulled the foreskin back with her fingers and stroked back to the base. All this while, she was looking straight in my eyes. She did that for a couple of minutes until it became rock hard and was oozing precum along its length and her palm.

Without a warning, my colleague engulfed the length of the cock in her mouth and started stroking it with her lips and licking it with her tongue. I winced in pleasure. It was what I needed after a hard day’s work.

My colleague continued blowing me for a couple of minutes while I held her hair to watch her oil my shaft. I knew if she continued this for a couple of minutes more, I would cum. Hence, I urged her to get up and I myself got up.

I got out of my remaining clothes and pulled Neha close. I lowered her noodle strap and rolled her nighty down until it was bunched up on the floor.

She was now in a lacy pantie only. I admiringly looked at Neha which made her blush a bit. I teasingly rolled my fingers over the naked body – the neck, the boobs, the stomach and then towards her pussy. My colleague seemed to be all wet down there which was evident.

I bent down and started sucking Neha’s boobs one at a time. She let out a soft moan. I continued sucking her tits alternating between them.

I escort bostancı slowly lowered myself on my knees and started kissing her flat tummy. Eventually, I started rolling my tongue in her navel. She let out a loud moan, held my hair and pulled me towards her. I kept rolling my tongue in and around her bellybutton and she kept moaning, calling out my name.

I slid my fingers in my colleague’s lacy panties and slid them down on the floor. I lowered my mouth towards Neha’s wet lower lips and she spread her legs apart to give me access.

I slowly started lapping up all the juices her cunt was emanating and then started exploring the folds of her pussy with my tongue.

I explored it for a few moments before I found the clit and then I started flicking it with the tip of my tongue. Neha gave a loud gasp and pushed my face in. I licked her pussy until she came hard on my face with a moan loud which enough to shatter glass or awaken a hibernating bear. Meanwhile, I lapped up all that was served.

Once Neha’s orgasm subsided and her breathing normalized, I pulled her in my lap while I sat on the sofa with her legs on either side of my waist. Her loud panting and moaning had awakened my placid cock. I picked with my colleague’s ass cheeks and slowly placed her pussy near the tip of my cock and steadily lowered her on the length of it.

Neha hugged me tightly and scratching my back with her long nails as I entered her. Her eyes were squeezed shut and her mouth wide open, emanating a guttural moan. Again, I picked her up till my dick was almost out and then lowered her on it.

Slowly, we picked up the pace and set a rhythm in that to-out motion. My colleague was bouncing up and down on my erect dick moaning in pleasure with her hair and tits bouncing. She would often arch her back throwing back her head while we fucked. Suddenly, she would lean in and smooch my lips.

The sight of her rocking back and forth and up and down was too much for me to handle. I grabbed her hair, pulled her head back and bit on her exposed neck. She responded by biting my lip till it bled a bit. I know I wouldn’t last long. I grabbed her hips and pulled her hard on my dick and pumped my cum in her pussy with a loud moan.

Neha too squeezed her thighs to squeeze the last drops from my retreating dick. We were slick with sweat and out of breath. We just crumpled on each other relishing the hangover of our sex.

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