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Story of many firsts

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Story of many firstsI get a phone call at about 11:45 pm from my wife, saying that she wants me to stay on the line.  I agree and turn off the microphone on my phone and listen.  I’m not sure what to expect, as my wife went out with her friend to a bar.  Her friend was visiting us from France, she is a blond fit woman that befriended my wife while in college.  She had recently gone through a breakup, and my wife invited her to stay with us to cheer her up.  The plan was for my wife to go out with her, while I stay at home with the k**s, partially because my wife is jealous of her friend and me.  I would never do anything like cheat on my wife, and her friend has even stated any lack of interest on her side.  Over the phone I hear some light conversation and some talking, I recognize my wife’s friend and my wife’s voice talking to some guys.  I get interested because I think that my wife might actually fuck someone else.  We have talked about it and done some crazy things in the past, but not like this.  This was unplanned, and I wasn’t there.  My wife had mentioned many times, that she does not want to fuck other people, but she does like to tease, especially because of what it does to me.  I immediately get hard.  It sounds like they are walking down a hallway.  My wife says she wants to take some pictures, and then the phone hangs up.  After a few minutes, my phone is greeted with some pictures of my wife, her friend and a group of guys.  There are two tall black guys and one white guy, and my wife and her friend both in their sexy black dresses.  The hallway they are in is a Hotel, and I’m in shock, starting to stroke my hard dick.  Then I get a phone call again, and my wife says that she got super drunk and these guys had a room in the hotel attached to the bar where they were at, and she was talking all the guys into fucking her friend.  She then asks me if I want her to fuck to, not knowing what to say, I tell her that it’s up to her, and I don’t want to force her into anything, just to be safe.  She says, that she’s not sure, but one of the black guys was really into her.  She then says, that I can stay on the phone, and she will plug in the phone to the wall and leave the phone güvenilir bahis in her purse so that they don’t freak out.  I then hear her start talking with a guy saying that she is married, and she is just checking in on me and the k**s.  The guy seems a little dissuaded, but continues to talk with her, while the other guys are talking with my wife’s friend.  I hear my wife, tell the guy to help take off her friends shoes, as it sounds like they are undressing.  My wife’s friend makes a comment about the light, and the guys say that it stays on.  I then start to hear some kissing and my wife’s friend moaning.  My wife, presumably still with the guy trying to make conversation comments about how hot her friend is.  He says that she is sexy, but that my latina wife is sexier.  I get frustrated when my Wife then proceeds to say that she is only trying to hook up her friend, and that she is happily married and loves her husband.  He asks where I am, and she says at home, and that I know where she is.  He then says that if she was his wife, he wouldn’t let me out looking the way she did.  She says that I trust her, and mentions that we have been married for 10 years.  Conversation dies down a bit, while I start to hear my wife’s friend start to moan, and say oh yes in her cute french accent.  I start to wonder, if my wife only really wanted to tease me by hearing her friend get fucked.  I then start to hear my wife say that she can’t and says she has to go to the bathroom, then some shuffling and the door closes behind her.  Now, I can only vaguely hear fucking in the background and my wife peeing in the toilet.   After the toilet flushes, I hear the sink, and while the sink is still running, I hear the door open and close.  I hear my wife start saying again that she can’t, and start to get worried that she is in over her head and then I hear kissing noises.  My heart drops, when I hear my wife say “oh, yeah… eat my pussy…”, my hard-on instantly renewed.  I start to wonder, how far will she go?  Especially since she knows she has full permission.  I then hear my wife cum, and she came hard from him eating her out.  She said, “oh my god, I have never cum like that without getting fucked… güvenilir bahis siteleri “, and he said “Ok, lets see if that’s true”. (Note: I will fill in parts of the story going forward with what my wife told me, that I couldn’t know from just listening on the phone)My wife was feeling his hard dick in his pants, and told him to show it to her.  He closed the toilet lid, and sat there with his big dick sticking up, and told my wife to sit on him.  I heard a rustling in the purse, as she reached for the condoms that she brought and handed him one.    She took off her panties while he put the condom on, and turned away from him, and slowly sat on his waiting dick, as it invaded her wetness.  She told him how big he was as she sank completely on his dick, and he commented on how wet and tight she was.  She started to moan loudly as she bounced on his dick, still wearing her dress, while he got her tits out and was grabbing them from the back.  I guess the party outside the bathroom heard the commotion… KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK…The other guy was knocking on the bathroom door, asking for his turn.  I hear the door knob fumble, and then the door opens, “Damn dude, bring her out so we can all get some!”  He grabs her by the hand and lifts her off of his friend into the main area.  There are two full beds in the room, with her friend getting fucked on the other bed, she is led to the empty one.  Both guys help her out of her dress, and start to feel her up.  The other guy, knocking outside was a lot bigger in size than the one fucking my wife in the bathroom, and his dick was already out.  He had already sampled my wife’s friend and was ready for some latina pussy!  Totally nude now, my wife kneels on the bed and exclaims, probably for me to hear, that she has a big black dick in each hand, and then her voice is muffled, as she starts to take turns sucking each dick, while they feel up her tits and finger her pussy.  The bigger guy lays her on her back, by the edge of the bed, and starts to insert his huge dick (no exaggeration, she said 11 inches) into her pussy.  I hear him saying how fucking tight she is.  The other guy comes around the other side of the bed and sticks his iddaa siteleri dick in her mouth.  He then continues to fuck her, as she yells that she is cumming on his big dick, the guys trade, and then the third guy comes over and sticks his dick in her mouth, as the big guy fucks my wife’s friend in doggy.  I hear on the phone these two women moaning in orgasmic bliss, over and over again.  The white guy pulls his dick out of my wife, and turns to her friend and cums all over her tits.  The other guys tell the two sexy vixens to start kissing each other.  They tell one to bend over to get fucked from behind, while she eats the pussy of the other, while she sucks the dick of the guy.  My wife, and her friend are not bi, or gay, but I guess the hormonal, horniness of the situation took over, and my wife was eaten out by her friend while she was sucking a dick, and her friend was getting fucked from behind.  After a while, they declared time to switch, and my wife was now tasting pussy for the first time!  They continued all the possible combinations, until my wife was worn out.  They urged her to stay the night, but she said she had to get home.  At roughly 4 in the morning, I get a phone call as she is quickly walking to the car, trying to get away from her friend for a quick word with me.  She said that she did that for me, and asked what I thought.  I said it was fucking hot, and that I couldn’t wait until she got home.  She then said that she will talk more when she comes home.  I hear her friend get in the car, and the call ends.  20 minutes later, the car pulls up to the driveway, I hear the girls laughing as they come in.  Her friend goes off to the guest room, and my wife comes upstairs to my room.  She comes in, and I immediately grab her and tell her how sexy that was.  We did a quicky, I couldn’t last that long, and she turns to go do bed after the first night of being a hotwife (reclaimed).  She tells me that she wasn’t that into licking her friend, but that her friend had propositioned that they have a one on one.  To my disappointment, she said that she wasn’t interested and this was a one time deal.  Her friend was afraid what I would do if I found out, and my wife said that I already know what happened, and that I allowed her.   I could barely sleep after this information overload… my body exhausted, my brain wouldn’t settle.  Before she went to sleep, she said how she got one of the guys phone numbers… 

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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