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Subject: Straight Jock Boy Chronicles 4 Thank you all for the amazing feedback on this series so far! Always looking for ideas, fantasies, etc., to incorporate into this series! Love to hear what you all have to think, as usual! xoxo – jasper proseinourdreams@ proseinourdreams.wordpress “Oh! Good… good mornin’, Pastor Robert!” Ryan Ford blurted out, face red. He forced an innocent grin that made the 19-year-old blond jock look like an adorable, happy nine-year-old boy. “Morning, son,” Pastor Robert smiled back. Handsome, dark-haired and green-eyed, late-30s, Pastor Robert, or just Pastor Rob or P-Rob as some called him, was a popular fixture in town amongst the old ladies and housewives, many of whom attended Sunday service secretly just to undress the 6’4, beefy pastor with their eyes. He entered the locker room in his usual tailored, short-sleeved black shirt (with white collar) and slim-fit dress pants with black suede loafers with no socks, showing off his bare ankles. “Haven’t seen you in church for a long while – should’ve figured you’re spending all your free time here at the gym.” “Um… yes, yes sir…” Sweat was forming on Ryan forehead, slowly trickling down his boyish face and dampening his blond hair. He leaned forward on the row of waist-high lockers in front of him. A small gasp escaped his red lips. His long, bare toes curled tightly like an eagle’s talons, grabbing desperately onto the suface beneath him, leaving traces of steamy and sweaty foot and toe prints on the cold concrete floor. “You okay? I thought I was the first one here – manager had to unlock the door for me…” Pastor Rob noted Ryan’s awkward and uncomfortable body language. The blond jock was shirtless and perspiring profusely, leaning forward on the last row of low lockers in the secluded end of the L-shaped locker room, a corner that people seldom use. The jock boy’s smooth torso – which is all Pastor Rob could see – glistened in the dimly-lit room, revealing a heaving chest and defined abs. Pastor Rob could see Ryan’s quarter-sized nipples from across the room – red, swollen, and erect – horny exclamation points on the young jock’s perfectly beautiful full pecs. “I… I’m good… (((ughn!))) I… I snuck in earlier…” More sweat formed as a gasp escaped involuntarily from Ryan’s pouty, parted red lips. Ryan leaned forward even more on the lockers. “Are you sure you’re okay, son?” Pastor Rob started moving towards Ryan, curious, concerned – interest piqued. “((ughn!)) I’m fine… I’m fine… really…” Ryan panted as he unconsciously rose on his toes. The panicking jock gripped the edge of the lockers, white knuckling it as his body trembled and shook. “Please… ((ughn…)) please… don’t come any closer…” “What is wrong, Ryan?” Pastor Rob dropped his gym bag and began crossing the long locker room. Ryan could hear the pastor’s soft, suede footsteps approaching. “Are you sure you are feeling okay?” “Really! (ughn!) I’m… okay! Please… just… (ughn!!) I’m… begging you… ugh! Could you just… ughnn… (Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!)… just… let me alone for a bit? Please!” Ryan’s voice cracked and quavered as he watched Pastor Rob approaching. His breathing intense like he’d just run a marathon. Sweat poured down his blond, bare torso, forming wet paths via every nuanced nook and cranny of the jock’s lithe and defined body, muscled like a Greek statue. “You can talk to me, Ryan,” Pastor Rob finally stood face to face with the trembling jock with the row of lockers in between them. Pastor Rob noted on Ryan every bead of sweat, every quivering muscle, every dampened strand of blond hair, every inhale, every exhale. He placed his large hands over Ryan’s hands, which were clenching on to the lockers for dear life, feeling Ryan’s hot skin and strong hands, as he spoke, sweat beginning to form under his clothes and suddenly his white collar felt suffocating. His large, size-15 feet – sock-less and moist from sweat – suffocated in his suede loafers. Pastor Rob could hear it. Undeniable. Obvious. Evident. He felt it instinctively that Ryan was on the verge, the edge, about to lose it. He leaned over the lockers… “UGHN! OH! OH! OH!! GOD! FUCK!! UGHNN! UGHN! UGHNN!!!” Ryan suddenly buckled, and screamed, his captivatingly young boyish face flushing red and contorting with pain, or pleasure? His blond, naked body shook violently as streams of cum sprayed out of his red hard cock onto the row of lockers. More sweat poured down his toned, muscular back, down to his glorious ass crack. “OH GOD PASTOR ROB… I’M… PLEASE! JUST… UGHNN! OH GOD!! UGHNNN!!!!!!” Ryan cried as he fell forward onto Pastor Rob, his sweaty head on the pastor’s shoulder bursa escort as he instinctively clasped onto Pastor Rob’s muscular arms for support. On the floor behind the lockers, between Ryan’s widely spread legs and bare ass cheeks, Pastor Rob finally saw what was bothering Ryan: a fully clothed man on his knees, his face buried deep in Ryan’s plump jock ass. The undeniable sounds of deep rimming and fingers entering and exiting a wet hole were evident the moment Pastor Rob set foot into the locker room. Now, the smell of fresh boy cum hit Pastor Rob squarely in the nostrils soon after the unmistakable sounds of thick cum splattering against metal locker doors, supplemented with the sweaty, smelly scent of a quivering and moaning blond jock boy holding on to him. “UGHN!! UGHNN!! I’m… I’m… uggggnnn… so sorry, Pastor Rob… ughnn…!” Ryan shook and trembled and cried as every last drop of cum was milked out of his sore and aching cock – horrified and turning white as a ghost, tears filling his big blue eyes – as he uncontrollably held on to Pastor Rob, head buried inside the pastor’s arms and chest, feeling the pastor’s rough hands on his sweaty, bare shoulders. “Well, well… Sam!” Pastor Rob finally recognized the muscle jock between the two mounds of beefy jock ass. “Pastor Rob!” Sam licked his lips as he emerged from between Ryan’s sweaty ass cheeks, face covered in god knows what. “Your turn?” … [30 minutes ago…] Ryan must have passed out. When he came too, he was alone on the dirty cement floor next to the bench. It was nearly morning – the gym would be filled with guys with morning workouts soon. He saw a stack of cash on the bench and slowly got up on his knees, feeling dried cum covering his thick thighs and ass. Ryan reached back and felt his hole, tender, aching and loose. He couldn’t help himself and inserted a finger, feeling all the hot cum inside himself gush out, dripping hot against the skin on the back of his legs and feet. His finger trembled, coated in cum; Ryan couldn’t resist. He licked his cum and ass-juice covered finger clean, went back inside himself for more, with more fingers, savoring the pungent taste and sucking each finger clean. The man’s cum tasted sweet and salty, like his own ass. Ryan felt blood rushing into his cock all over again. The greedy jock boy arched his back, spread his beefy ass and went back for more cum. And more. And more, until he saw a red light peeking through the opened doors… FUCK! Ryan’s heart dropped to the bottom of his stomach as he froze there in that most compromising, the sluttiest of all positions. He recognized the face. He couldn’t move… petrified… naked… exposed… and kneeling like a cum bucket, a pig bottom, a loose cum hole… Ryan’s voice trembled and broke slightly… his eyes at once excited and terrified… “Did you like the show, Sam?” … “Does this one kiss?” Pastor Rob asked, matter-of-factly, as he slowly felt up Ryan’s naked, defined torso, licking his greedy lips, his fingertips grazing the heated, wet and smooth skin of the jock boy, tracing the grooves between every heaving ab and pec, taught and lean. “Pastor Rob…!” Ryan muttered, anxious apprehensive, and surprised. “What… what.. are you doing?!” “This one will do whatever the fuck you want him to do,” Sam deadpanned as he sat back against the wall on the floor, ignoring Ryan. “Go ahead. Use him.” “Sam… don’t…” Ryan pleaded. His big, blue eyes filled with tears and dread, feeling the emptiness of his hole and aching cock, drained of so much fresh jock boy cum. “Pastor Rob… I… I… let me explain…” “Nothing to explain, son… you’ve been a bad little boy,” Pastor Rob reluctantly withdrew his hands from Ryan’s steaming body as he circled around the waist-high row of lockers between him and Ryan, finally seeing in full view the straight jock boy trembling before him in his naked glory – next to him a wad of cash and a pool of fresh cum dripping from the locker doors. Ryan, horrified and nearing hysterical, buried his beautifully innocent face in his beefy blond arms atop the lockers and began to sob. “Oh shut the fuck up, son. On your knees. You piggy whore.” “But… but…” Ryan, blubbering like a little bitch, unveiled his watery eyes as he obediently lowered onto his knees, already so sore and undoubtedly covered in bruises, terrified and panick-stricken. Sam watched with no emotion or reaction. “Please… there will be others here soon…” “Better obey like a good little slut then. Lick,” Pastor Rob’s warm eyes suddenly ice-cold as he stepped his right foot out of his suede shoe and pressed his long toes against Ryan’s meaty, sweaty left thigh. Ryan bursa escort bayan could immediately smell the scent of a man, the intoxicating odor of masculine foot stink as soon as the shoe came off of Pastor Rob. “Lick it like a good boy.” Ryan was involuntarily, painfully hard again, blushing crimson and shamed, fighting desperately his inexplicable craving to run his tongue all over Pastor Rob’s smelly foot, to taste him, to please him. Ryan reached down and tentatively held the pastor’s foot and in both hands; leaning in, the naked jock boy inhaled the dirty, smelly aroma, his breathing quickened and shallow, body shivering and bursting with unruly excitement. “Lick.” Ryan closed his eyes and breathed in as much of the pastor’s scent as he could, feeling the moist, meaty foot between his trembling fingers, denying himself for as long as he could resist. The jock boy’s shut eyes rolled to the back of his head – drunk from Pastor Rob’s smell – and finally stuck his tongue out and slowly licked the bottom of Pastor Rob’s sole. A jolt of electricity shot through Ryan’s teenage jock body as he shoved his tongue between every toe, savoring the manly, pungent stink like a sloppy, horny puppy, Ryan thought he’d for sure lost his mind, burying his face into the pastor’s large foot, slobbering desperately, hungry to please, to relish in the salty tang of a real man’s essence. “Fuck…” Sam muttered, observing Ryan’s uncontainable wildness and eagerness to serve the pastor, who withdrew his right foot much to the frustration of the naked, hungry jock, who was left panting and out of breath for more, his eyes wet with confused desire. Stepping out of his other suede shoe but before offering his left foot to the eager jock boy, Pastor Rob rubbed his long toes and large sole against the locker doors, onto which Ryan had blown a massive, creamy jock load just seconds ago, stepping in deep the puddle of fresh jock cum. Sam and the pastor heard Ryan’s jaw drop as he gasped audibly, his breaths quivering with frantic hunger, as he watched the pastor coating every toe and crevice of his foot in fresh boy cum – the teenage jock’s body buckling, knees shaking with uncontrollable excitement, heart racing, breathing near hyperventilation with anticipation. The pastor shoved his cum-covered left foot onto Ryan’s spit covered face. Ryan tasted himself, slobbered all over the pastor’s dirty, cum-covered toes and sole, grunting and devouring like an untamed, blond beast. Both men watched Ryan’s throbbing eight-inch cock, swollen and turgid to the point of absurdity, drip a fresh stream of clear jock precum as he sucked all the sweat and cum off the man’s large, stinky foot, whimpering like a bitch in heat with long toes in his mouth, gasping for air as he lapped up every inch of the pastor’s foot, his lithe, muscled body lewdly gyrating and thrusting, grinding his meaty ass into his own bare heels. “Up.” Pastor Rob watched Ryan’s boyish face as he withdrew his foot – the jock boy, breathless and gulping hard, flashed disappointment as he sat back in a heap of teenage blond muscle, covered in a fresh coat of sweat, chest heaving, cock red and engorged. “Up.” “Pastor… I…” Ryan whispered as he caught his breath and slowly got up on his feet, his teary eyes now filled with lust and craving, licking his lips to savor the last traces of his own salty-sweet jock cum and the pastor’s foot stink. “Shut up,” Pastor Rob grabbed the back of Ryan’s sweaty, blond head as he shoved his tongue into Ryan, tasting traces of fresh jock cum on Ryan’s lips and tongue, inhaling Ryan’s smell, like a dirty boy who just ran 20 laps, like a dirty teenage boy who hasn’t showered in days, like a dirty jock boy whore who just spent all night getting his ass plowed deep and hard for cash. Ryan purred, his naked body melting into the pastor’s muscular, clothed frame, feeling the pastor’s large, strong hands running against his sweaty back, finding their ways to the two mounds of ass muscle, massaging them hard, roughly spreading them apart. Ryan was on his toes as he gave over his body once again, whimpering as the pastor bit his lips, grunting as the pastor smacked his ass, and moaning with muffled, slobbering shrillness as he felt the pastor insert a long finger inside his begging, quivering wet hole. “UGHN! UGHN!! OH GOD!! OH FUCKING JESUS!” Ryan cried out, his hole so sensitive, abused and aching. Yet, he felt his own body push back into the pastor’s finger, his hole swallowing the finger deeper and deeper. “What a slut!” Pastor Rob suddenly withdrew his tongue from the jock boy’s gasping mouth and finger from the jock’s ass hole. The pastor forcibly spit on the begging escort bursa teenager’s face and slapped him across his cheek, shoving the naked jock against the back wall of the locker room, pinning the frightened jock face first into the cold wall, spitting on his back, slapping him across the ass. “What a fucking little whore you turned out to be!” “Ughn! OH! FUCK! UGHNN!” Ryan grunted, his wrists crossed and harshly pinned against the wall above his head by the pastor’s strong hands, feeling the pastor grind a long, fat, leaking cock against his lower back, feeling the pastor’s teeth on the back of his neck, feeling his own cock ready to erupt again as it rubbed up and down against the rough wall surface. “UGHN!” “You want cock, boy? You cock hungry?! Did you turn into a cum dump since leaving home? HUH BOY!? Selling your ass to anyone?” “UGHN! OH GOD! FUCK! UGHN! YES! YES! YES! PLEASE! UGHNNN! OH GOD! OH GOD! SHIT! FUCK!!!! UGHNN!!! UGHNNN!!!!” Ryan screamed as the pastor shoved his 10-inch cock brutally, without warning, inside his worn-out hole, mercilessly invading the shorter jock boy, driving Ryan up on the tips of his toes. Ryan screamed as the pastor’s fat mushroom head popped inside. Ryan screamed as the pastor withdrew his fat cock before slamming it back deep inside, mercilessly. Ryan screamed more as the pastor slapped his ass rough and hard, over and over, before feeling the pastor’s hands gripping tightly around his trim waist and began jack-hammering into his jock boy pussy. Ryan lost it, screaming and sobbing, spreading his legs as wide as he could, feeling all the pain and pleasure building relentlessly up inside him. “UGHN!! UGHNN! UGHNN! OH FUCK! OH SHIT!! OHH! UGHNN! GUHHHN! GAH! OH!” “YOU WANT IT?! MORE?! YOU FUCKING LITTLE CUNT BOY!” Pastor Rob was relentless, pounding Ryan’s eager jock hole, the sounds of skin slapping against a fat, plump ass filled the room in addition to Ryan’s pathetic whimpers and begging. “YES! YES! YES! UGHNN! YES! GGUHNNN! OH GOD FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!!!!” Ryan lost any remaining hint of reservation, guilt, and shame, shoving his ass back against the pastor’s monster cock as hard as he could, pushing back against the wall with all his might, feeling the fat cock hitting that deepest part of him, making his knees wobble and cock leak. He felt the pastor wrap his arms around him, gripping his hard cock with both hands and starting to pump roughly. Ryan, arching his back like a good little jock bottom, threw his head back, a dry cry barely escaping his throat as he erupted instantly into the pastor’s pumping hands, feeling the pastor fuck yet another creamy load out of his teenage cock and balls and milking out every little last bit of boy cum. “OH GOD! YES FUCK! FUCK ME! UGHNN! UGHNN!!! PLEASE DON’T STOP PLEASE DON’T STOP PLEASE! YES! YES! YES! UGHNN! YES! GGUHNNN! OH GOD FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!!!! HARDER! HARDER! KEEP GOIN’!” “YOU LIKE GETTING FUCKED LIKE A LITTLE BITCH, HUH?!! YOU FUCKING LITTLE WHORE! YAH! SCREAM LIKE A LITTLE GIRL! BEG FOR IT YOU FUCKIN’ LITTLE PIECE OF SHIT! Pastor Rob smeared Ryan’s own cum all over the jock boy’s face as he rammed and slammed his entire body into the jock bottom, each heavy, forceful thrust met with Ryan’s fat ass cheeks as cushion, accompanied by the jock’s desperate howling and wailing, high-pitched and wild, desperate and pleading for more, more and more cock, muffled by the pastor’s cum-covered hands. Struggling to breathe, gasping for air but only getting globs of his own cum from between the pastor’s thick fingers, Ryan felt teeth sink into the back of his neck as a guttural grunt escaped the pastor. Instantly, the whimpering jock boy felt his insides overflowing with heat, his knees shaking inconsolably as the unending sounds of a monster cock entering a hole became wetter and wetter, sloppier and sloppier. … “Threw in a few more $$$,” Pastor Rob intoned to Sam as he slipped his feet back into those suede loafers, picking up his gym bag and adjusting his white collar while Sam counted the bills. Ryan, gasping, had collapsed on his knees, forehead pressing against the wall and fingers gripping and clasping uselessly yet desperately onto the bare, steamy wall, ass red and arched in the air, his tender, broken hole fucked wide open and filled with the pastor’s cum, his blond, meaty legs still spread so wide apart. Trying to catch his breath, unable to turn around to look at the pastor or Sam, seething and shaking with rage, shame… and desire for more, Ryan’s body jerked violently as he felt the pastor whisper into his ear, “I expect to see you after church this Sunday. Whore.” … Thank you all for the amazing feedback to my previous stories! Always looking for ideas, fantasies, etc., to incorporate into this series! Love to hear what you all have to think, as usual. And, if you love , please consider giving to fty/donate.html xoxo – ail

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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