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Stranger Danger

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Big Tits

Stranger DangerThis is a story for women who have a **** fantasy. Just so you know, I like to act these out. Safely and anonymously.You spent a lot of time walking around alone, dressed like a slut, waiting for this to happen. I can tell that you want it by the way you walk. Your fake air of indifference. I know you sense someone following you. Your ass swinging back and forth under a thin skirt. And the closer I get to you the more it builds inside me. A wave of raw, primal lust and adrenaline that swells until it is almost unbearable. The only place for it to go is inside you.Suddenly my hand is over your mouth and you are pulled backwards. My other arm curls around your shoulders and I pull you close to me, lifting you almost off the ground. My energy and strength lets you know immediately that you mariobet güvenilirmi are helpless but you struggle anyway. “Behave yourself, bitch. ” you feel my hot breath against your ear. “Now listen up,” and my hand clamps down on your neck as I say this, “You tell me right now- are you going to behave yourself or do you need to get hurt?” I loosen my grip and let you gasp for air. “Choose wisely, slut.””Yes! I’ll behave…” You tell yourself that you’re just playing along until you can escape. “Repeat yourself. And call me Master,” I tell you.Say, “Yes Master.”You do.”Get down on your knees bitch” I command you, and grab you by the hair as you comply. I’m already pulling my cock out as you hit the ground. Standing right in front of you now. I want to catch the look on your face mariobet yeni giriş when you see it. When you realize that you are not only about to be ****d, but the cock is huge, blunt and brutally thick.”Open your slut mouth now!”I shove the head in. You gag. You can barely hold it. But I make you, pulling you in by a handful of hair. You have no choice but to try and move your tongue out of the way and gulp it down. It feels so fucking good on my iron-hard dick. “Suck it baby,” I reassure you, “Suck your Daddy’s cock.” Your little cries of resistance start to become lower in pitch. Your arousal is becoming too powerful to disguise. You always know you would love it when the time came, or maybe every time it happens. Either way I am about to claim ownership of you with my Cock. mariobet giriş “Hands and knees bitch. Hurry up and kneel, you fucking slut!” As I get ready to mount you everything becomes a blur. I’m tearing away clothing, fingering your pussy and tasting you from behind. Making sure you are wet enough for me to slide in. I pull you back again by the hair. This time you slide back up onto my meat, and I guide it right in. You gasp, then as I shove it in again, scream, and I am pounding you faster and deeper, stretching you out in every direction. Your back instinctively arches, pushing your ass up to meet me as I gain momentum. I lean in, feeling the cum tingle in my balls, “I’m going to squirt inside you, baby, yeah give it to me,” My grip tightens on your hips allowing me to bounce you on my cock as fast as I want. I’m using you like a life-size fucktoy. You exist to take my punishment and I give it all to you, and explode inside you with a guttural moan.And with that I’m done with you. You return to your normal life feeling more relaxed and complete than you ever did before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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