Nis 17

Stranger in the Shadows

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You pause momentarily outside the hotel room door, knowing that once you enter, there is no turning back. The door is slightly open as you have been told, and when you enter the dimly lit room you notice that the drapes are shut, and only the bed is highlighted by a single lamp mounted on the wall above it. This makes the bed well lit, while the corners of the room remain shrouded in shadows. The cover is pulled off the bed, leaving the bright white bed sheets almost glimmering in the light. You cast one quick, furtive look towards the far right corner of the room, where you can barely make out the silhouette of tonight’s audience. You drop your bag and coat on the floor, and without further prompting move over to the bed. All according to the script worked out long in advance.

I sit quietly in the corner as you enter, knowing I am well concealed in the shadows. I take you in, the high heels, the athletic body underneath the coat, and feel myself trembling with anticipation. You climb onto the bed and sneak a look in my direction, trying, but failing, to make out my features. That was not part of the deal, but I don’t mind as I know I’m safely hidden from your prying eyes. I lean back as I watch you slowly, sensuously remove the few layers of clothing you are wearing. The blouse, button by button, exposing a magnificent cleavage. Then the skirt, which unzips on one side, revealing thigh-high stockings perfectly framing a pair of shapely legs. As you turn around on the bed, I notice that you occasionally pause to strike a discrete pose, making sure I get a good view of you from all angles. I sit up a little straighter as you tilt back your head and start to the remove the bra.

You take your time unfastening the hooks, and then slipping it off one shoulder at the time…slowly, meticulously, exposing skin with excruciating patience and restraint. It finally comes entirely off, and you know your audience has gone from captivated to mesmerized…removing your bra has never failed to provoke a male reaction. Indeed, you think you sense some motion in the far corner of the room. You strike a few more poses before seductively starting to slide off your panties…as planned, you are now facing away from your audience and can no longer sense a reaction. It feels unnerving in a way, immensely exciting in another. With the panties removed you straighten up, still turned away. You wait…

For a while I watch your naked body and let my eyes feast on the magnificent creation in front of me. Quietly, so as not to startle you, I stand up and approach from behind. Ever so gently, I reach out and slip a silk blind fold over your eyes, making sure it completely covers you and allows no vision. My face is close to yours, our cheeks almost touching, as I firmly tie it into place. I smell your perfume, and know you just got a whiff of my aftershave as well. That is good, tonight all senses need to be fully engaged. Except those we have chosen to temporarily escort ataşehir turn off. I step back and slowly, quietly walk around the bed, admiring the human masterpiece in front of me. Slowly, deftly my finger tips touch your shoulder…you jerk a little bit, startled, and I can feel you shivering with anticipation. I am shivering too.

You jump as the fingers touch your skin, like a small jolt of electricity passed through his finger tips to your skin and beyond. The lingering touch leads to a familiar tingling in your body, and the excitement starts turning to arousal. The fingers move along your arm, barely touching, ticking teasing… They disappear for a moment, only to touch down again on top of a nipple. Your breathing gets heavier and you lean in to the touch, your nipple stiffening as the fingers start moving in a circular motion. You can hear heavy breathing close by. Suddenly the touch is gone, and you feel that he is walking away. It leaves you wondering and a little bit disappointed…and a little bit apprehensive.

I walk over to the ice bucket I filled earlier that evening. Quietly I remove the lid and put a few ice cubes in my right hand. I walk back to the bed, and with my left had resume the stimulation of the nipple. I notice you relax as the familiar feeling returns, and I smile. A few water drops are suspended from the ice cubes, and I hold them up just over your other breast. After a moment that lasts too long a drop finally falls on your nipple, followed by two more. You sharply draw in a breath and start processing what the senses are telling you…pleasure, discomfort, arousal, all mixed into one. Pleasure and excitement wins out as you begin to cherish the cold touch to a nipple tingling with energy.

I notice that your lips are parted as you are enjoying the treatment, and so I bring up an ice cube and gently touch your lips. You immediately respond, your lips closing around it, sucking off the water, followed by the tip of your tongue, playfully licking it in a very seductive manner. A few drops of water fall on your cheeks and chin, running down towards your chest. As the ice cube grows smaller your lips and tongue more and more focus on my fingers, and I am getting aroused from watching your tongue play its game, its wet and warm touch seducing my fingers. I let my fingers trace the tripping water all the way past your stomach, and when I reach down between your legs I find you already wet, warm and welcoming. Even expecting. My fingers explore you for a few moments, the wet crevice and a clit that is swelling to my touch. Your breathing gets heavier as I learn where and how to apply pressure for maximum effect. I again move my hand to your lips…you are surprised to taste yourself at first, but then eagerly submit to the challenge.

You again sense that he is moving away from the bed, and you hear the rustling sound of clothes being removed. He moves about the room for a while, before kadıköy escort bayan making his presence felt once again. You feel the touch of naked skin as he puts an arm around you and gently lowers you down on your back. His face is next to yours, his mouth nibbling on your ear, your neck your breast. He is taking his time, deeply sucking in each nipple, letting his tongue work in little circles. As his mouth focuses on your breasts, his hand has again found its way between your legs, urging you to spread them. You know he is watching as you do.

I watch you spread your legs, exposing your swollen labia and wet opening. I lean in and let my tongue lead the way into the crevice and up, until my mouth is hovering over your clit. I touch it with the tip of my tongue and feel that it swollen and warm to the touch. Gently I spread your pussy lips until the clit is exposed, and then carefully suck it into my mouth. I hear you gasp and press yourself against my face, as your clit is in my mouth, my tongue playing around in little circles around it, while two fingers are moving inside you. Your whole body moves along with the rhythm, and my fingers are drenched from your wetness. Suddenly I stop and withdraw my hand and face. Firmly I place my hands on you, making you turn around and get up on all fours.

You roll over and get up on your knees. His hands firmly spread your legs and then push your butt backwards until your pussy is exposed. You know he is watching and you can hear from his breathing he is enjoying what he sees. Soon you feel two fingers sliding into you, gently at first then with increasing pace. You feel yourself pushing back, establishing a seductive and ever so tantalizing rhythm, and you start to moan softly. The fingers suddenly disappear, and is replaced by a tongue that again eagerly explores your crevice and then moving down to your clit. His hands are on your buttocks, and his tongue slowly moves up until the tip is on your ass, teasing, stimulating and lubricating.

I lubricate a finger with juices from your pussy, and then start to massage your ass…lightly at first, the with more and more pressure until you relax and the finger easily slips in. Some saliva adds lubrication, and I carefully begin moving the finger in and out, further in each time until it is fully inserted. With my other hand I massage your clit, and your soft moaning starts again. I love the view, and the feeling when you move against my thrust, pressing your ass back on my finger.

The stimulation is bringing you closer to the edge, and you are disappointed when it stops. Strong hands are again holding on to you, making you roll over and move up to the head of the bed, reclining on the pillows. Your partner again leaves the bed, and you hear him moving off to the side. Suddenly he grabs your wrist, and slips over a piece of fabric…for a brief moment you are confused, but when the loop closes around the wrist you instantly escort bostancı understand. Within moments both your arms are immobilized to the bed poles, and your ability to move your upper body is very limited. You feel him getting up on the bed, and then straddling your torso. His hard cock is resting between your breasts, and feels warm against your skin.

I place my cock between your breasts and move it slowly back and forth, pressing your breasts together with my hands. I make sure the blindfold is still fit tightly as I move further up, and let the tip of my cock touch your lips. The tip of your tongue comes out for a little taste; I hold on to it firmly as your tongue examines it and finds it tasty enough, and you open your mouth to let me all in. I grab a hold of your hair on the back of your head to guide you; and you start sucking slowly and deeply as I guide my cock further and further in. The feeling is fantastic, and I am tempted to just enjoy and let go.

You are struggling a little with the wide girth of his cock, but soon relax and focus on the task at hand. You can tell from the pressure and pace he is applying that he is getting close, but he suddenly disengages and disappears from the bed yet again. After a few moments you again experience the feeling of soft fabric closing around you… this time around your ankles. You are surprised that the ankle restraints are not fixed to the the foot end of the bed, but rather pulled back and also fastened to the bed post at the head end. This makes your knees pulled up and back, and your pussy fully exposed. A second later, you feel his tongue exploring it.

I eat you for a little while longer, savoring the taste and the feeling of bringing you closer and closer to climax. When your breathing and movements tell me you are close I move up and let my cock slip in. I put my hands under your ass, lifting you up until you are in a perfect position, and then start moving in and out, rhythmically, deep and with increasing pace. Your moaning turns to a little scream as I increase the pace and pound you really hard, the bed rocking with our efforts. You finally get your release, and I feel your pussy contracting as you are moving under me, relinquishing each passing wave of the orgasm. The contractions put me close to the edge as well, and with a final few thrusts I too get there. I pull out and again straddle you, and let my cum shoot over your breasts…heavy strands creating an artwork of passion and excitement.

You feel the restraints being removed, and hear him move away towards the dark corner of the room. He picks up a few garments on the way, and sits down with a loud noise. This is your signal that it is OK to get up. You turn away from him and remove the blindfold, then pick up your few garments and make your way to the bathroom to clean up and get dressed. The bright light from the bathroom mirror blinds you as you get ready, and when you exit the room seems much darker than before. You can no longer be sure that he is still sitting in his corner, and perhaps he is no longer there. Not right now, at least, but you know that in a couple of weeks he will be back, and you can’t wait to see what he will have in store for you then.

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