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This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome, if not, thank you for visiting.


Our daughter Cass got home in middle May. She’s in her second year at college studying archeology. She was on a dig in Peru, part of her curriculum. Cass is 5ft9 and a little muscular from the work, arms and legs. She has to sit and work forward between her knees a lot, digging. Very nice form and good normal breast works.

I’m her dad Chet and her mom is Lori. I’m 5ft11 and almost slimish. Lori is 5ft8, nice figure and an archeologist and is due to leave for a project in Nepal in a couple of weeks. She will be there most of the summer. I guess both will be in and out for quite some time. It’s ok, we handle it well. I teach and do visiting lectures so we’re all busy just about all the time.

Cass got settled at home and we’re really glad to see her back. She was tired and rested a lot but she was into her routine soon enough. She was pretty active but always slowed way down during the summer months. Lori got into Nepal ok and Cass spent some time resurrecting her body at the gym and saloon doing hair and stuff. She looks normal again. She’s not a prissy person, just needed maintenance I guess.

She did a couple of doctor visits to get checked out and she’s been a little serious since. One day I said, “Cass, any problems? You seem quiet, a little concerned.”

“Oh, nothing.” She said, “Just stressed a bit. The doc had some suggestions. I’m looking into it.”

“OK. Great. If there’s anything I can do let me know.”

Then Lori called on our schedule. With the time difference from here to Nepal it was difficult. At the end of our conversation she said, “How’s Cass, seem ok?”

“Sure, mostly,” I said, “She seems a little serious lately.”

Lori said, “Yep, I know. Her doctor said she was stressed out some and suggested she have more orgasms to relieve it somewhat.”

I said “Sure, that would work.”

“Always worked for me,” Lori said, “I don’t think she had a guy in Peru and she doesn’t have one there as far as I know. Talk with her about it.”

“Well,” I said, “I’m not sure what I can do. I’ll think about it.”

“Hey stud, you’re a man. Man up,” she said, laughing. “Maybe she just needs someone to talk to. Whatever you do is fine with me. Tease her, maybe it’ll make it easier.”

I wasn’t sure how to start that conversation with Cass. Maybe she didn’t expect her mom to pass that information along. I decided to get Cass to tell me so I waited a couple of days and she was on the sofa, quiet, watching tv but not really watching. Cass and Lori and I always could talk to each other, about most anything, so I just gave it a try.

“Cass,” I said, “You seem still to be worrying. Do you have a brain tumor?”

She turned and nodded ‘no’, so I gave her the eyebrows up look and she blanked out a moment and started in.

“Dad,” she said, “The doctor said I was showing stress and I should have more orgasms. That’s all. I tried it and it isn’t working so good. I just have to figure it out. That’s all.”

“Ah.” I said. No brain tumor huh. Well, orgasms help. I had a really great big nice orgasm once and nine months later you were born. I’ve been calm and loving life since. I might could help but I don’t know what your modesty level is.”

She was smiling so I helped already but she probably didn’t notice. She said, “I could probably use direction I guess. What should I do?”

“Tomorrow we’ll try a few things,” I said. We’ll go shopping and eat lunch out. Should be fun. It’ll be warm, wear one of those neat skirts and a light top.” She said ‘ok’ and we had a nice evening.

The next day we were about ready to leave and I said, “Neat skirt. You look very nice.” She always did. “You ready to give it a try?” She nodded ‘yes’ and I said, “Are you wearing pants?” She looked at me suspiciously and said , ‘yes’ and I said, “Could you take off your pants please.”

She’s standing looking at me.

“Cass, just slip your hands up either side of your skirt and hook your pants and slip them off. Easy,” I said. She said, ‘but’ and I just smiled. After a moment, also smiling and looking at me she slipped both hands up the back corner of her skirt and hooked her pants and pulled them down and stepped out. They were a very dull white and not quite a thong but nice. Wow, she would look hot in just those pants. She hung them over the bannister and we were off.

She said, “Dad, how is this helping?”

“You’re not horny or not horny enough,” I said. “If I need to get horny I can think of mom and all the times we’ve been together, girls I met in school and college, pictures I’ve seen, movies I’ve seen, lots of stuff. I can get really turned on. It may be that you don’t have enough of those things to work with. Being out in public with no pants on is a risqué fun thing. All those guys you’ll be near and no pants on. If only they knew.

“Also, try not to keep covering up or pulling your skirt down. güvenilir bahis It’ll get noticed if you do. If the wind blows your skirt up just forget it. If somebody sees your bottom or front they’ll have a sight they’ll remember forever. It’ll add to their memories. Let them enjoy. You’ll remember it too and wonder what they thought.”

We shopped and ate lunch and went to a movie. We sat in an almost empty section and ate popcorn. Nobody could see us below seatback level. I put my popcorn between my legs so I had a hand free and casually put it on her knee. I could see her turn and look at me then smile and eat popcorn. Her knee was bare and I played with it a few minutes then moved my fingers down inside her knee and slowly up inside her thigh about three or four inches and played around. She moved her legs apart very slowly. I was wondering if she was playing chicken or was simply enjoying herself.

I pulled my hand back to my popcorn and a few moments later she got it and put it back where it was. Building memories. I didn’t really know how far to go but if she was trying to have an orgasm this might help. I decided to go with it some and see if she had a worry point. She knows I’m familiar in that area. I don’t know what that means, I just happen to think of it. If she didn’t have a worry point I would have to figure out what to do. I was pretty sure she was still a virgin but with the information available today that wasn’t a big thing anymore. Rather than being a virgin it’s more like hasn’t had intercourse yet. She’s always been on the pill so maybe she hasn’t. If not then why can’t she have an orgasm. Simple enough.

I was a ways up under her skirt and my hand was beginning to drag it up higher. I was really slowly playing my fingers high and low on her inner thigh and then circling a little higher up her leg and going again. I was starting to breath heavier and I turned to her and said, “Like the movie?” She turned and said ‘very much’ and I could tell she was breathing heavier as well. Great.

I moved up a little more. Running fingers around the inside of a girls thigh is a fantastic fun thing for a guy to do. A few times and a fingertip touched something. I wasn’t sure what. She still didn’t say anything or move my hand. I could hear her breathing and she wasn’t eating much popcorn. Then I felt her hips flex just that little bit. I moved up slowly. When I got to a wall of flesh I stayed there and played for a few minutes. The first touch was probably the side of the volcano.

Circling my fingers towards her middle I felt some ridges and ventured across to the other side. I got a nice sigh out of that. It wasn’t that far across so I figured I must be very near the top. I moved a finger up higher and felt fur. Wow, what a feeling and it was so soft, fluffy. I sneaked a look and she had the tip of her tongue showing between her lips. I thought she was probably fully shaved below her fluffy fur. By now I could have an orgasm in a hurry. She probably didn’t have a good impression or detailed knowledge of us male creatures or intimate experience of the process.

Well, she called my bluff. Now what. Her hood was just outer skin so I thought I would see if she wanted me to go there. I’d move a bit slower but not snail’s pace. I stopped eating popcorn. Something about concentration. I put my second finger in the middle of the area and softly moved down and back up and back down a little lower. I could feel her ridge so I was on her clit. It was just under the hood. I tried to do that on both sides of her clit. Sometimes I plopped over to the other side. That got a few almost silent moans.

I wound up almost at the bottom and put two fingers, one on each side of her clit and, with my wrist upwards, began to squeeze the clit underneath in a rhythm and stroke up and down. It was very comfortable with my elbow over the arm of the chair. I could do this a very long time.

I leaned over and said, “Is that ok?” She just shook her head up and down a little jerkily. It was only about five or six minutes and she put a hand over her mouth and the other one over that one and slid down slightly. She jerked her hips up into my hand and I struggled to get my fingers back and going again. Then she jerked up erratically a number of times.

I kept going and eventually she got more settled down and put a hand down on mine and stopped me from stroking her clit, I lifted off and I got my hand back. She pulled her skirt down and pushed some down into her crotch. It wasn’t the kind of cloth that would show if she wet her skirt. Her popcorn had disappeared and I offered her some of mine. We finished it up and left. The movie wasn’t even over. Rats. Just funning.

Not only was she around men while she had no pants on but now she was spreading a lot of pheromones. I wasn’t going to check out all the guy’s crotches to see if there was any effect so I don’t know if there was. We walked along the street, shopped some more, got some refreshments and she caught the eyes of a few fellows. She noticed. I tried to find türkçe bahis a table with those high stools but no dice. She could accidentally flash with those high stools.

On the way home I said, “I hope that was ok. I didn’t mean to venture where I shouldn’t. I was just trying to get you smiling and I may have went too far.”

“Oh no,” she said, “That was, I don’t know, very wonderful. I was squeezing hard to keep from peeing on the seat. That orgasm racked me from head to toe. It was great. I can’t believe how sensual you got me. I was really up there at the top somewhere. My whole middle let go with everything it had. I could have fucked everybody in the building. Sorry I said fuck. You were right on the mark. Sorry about the pun. My face got so hot and I could hardly breathe. I’m still tingling and squeezing. This no pants isn’t half bad for that. I had to go to the bathroom just to dry myself. I can’t stop thinking about it. Thank you so much.”

Dad the stud. We got home and she did some stuff and I did some stuff and we had an early evening salad. and late evening came and we got ready for bed. We usually did. Me, Lori, and Cass would always get ready for bed late and watch some more tv or something. The ‘or something’ was Lori after Cass went off to bed.

We were on the sofa watching a movie. Cass said, “Remember those back and bottom scratches mom used to give me? Can you do that?”

“Sure,” I said, “I used to give mom those. It helped her back a lot just relaxing like that.”

“Would you give me one? I miss getting those.”

I shifted over up against the pillow at one end of the sofa. She got down with her head over my thigh, slightly on the pillow, stretched out across my lap. She had on a long pair of pj pants and a baggy matching top. I had on long pj pants and top. None of us ever wore underwear to bed.

She moved around getting comfortable. Her tits were planted between my legs. One against my crotch and one between my thighs. They were filling up the space. I moved around getting comfortable at the same time and we found the perfect fit. Woman on man and man against woman. My penis was going to grow right up between my stomach and the side of her breast.

I ran my hand up under her top and started lightly scratching her back. She lifted slightly and pulled her top up to make it easier. Lori and Cass always kept their fingernails very short and smooth because of digging in dirt and rocks on sites. I kept mine short and smooth because they did so there shouldn’t be any welts. There were always some red streaks but they went away before morning usually. Besides, nobody could see them anyway.

Cass made some cooing noises and I worked her back from way out and up on each shoulder, back and forth, all the way down to the top of her pants. It suddenly dawned on me I was going to go down into her pants and work it there like I did her back and I could feel my penis starting to rise. Nothing to do about it. It was nature at its best. Man nor beast has any control over that process. It’s like trying to stop a freight train with a toothpick.

Cass had one hand behind my butt and the other on my knee just to keep her arms comfortable. I think. Sure was getting warm in my lap. I continued to scratch, ranging all the way across moving further down. I was dipping my hand down in back of her pants and starting on her buns. When I got very low she casually moved her legs apart. I was going slowly so it would take more time. Her head was mostly hanging over my thigh facing my stomach. And I could feel her hot breath washing all around there. It felt very nice. If my penis came on up it would meet her hot breath.

With her breasts between my thighs her butt was closer and it was easy to reach. She tilted her butt up a couple of times and I could hear her sigh each time. She was clearly synched in with the bottom scratch so I decided to see how much she really wanted me to work on that. Over a number of hand movements I switched from a soft scratch to just pressing down with my finger tips and sort of massaging.

I moved down one cheek to the bottom and over towards the center a little and back up and the same going down. When I got just over the edge of her butt crack she said, “Dad, do you mind if I push my pants down?”

“Not at all,” I said. Have at it.”

She reached down and, lifting her hips, pushed her pants down to just below the knees. Then she bent her knee way out, hanging it off the sofa, with her ankle still in her pants. With her knee bent she had opened up her butt crack and it was fully accessible. I was always trying not to range too far with Cass but no mistaking she wanted some attention. I was good to go.

I got back to just over the edge of her butt crack and moved on down. On the upstroke I was on the inner edge very close to the bottom. On the downward stroke I got right in the bottom with my fingers in a row and slid right down, all this very slowly. Once at the bottom I touched the bottom of her lips and reversed and raked all the way up again. güvenilir bahis siteleri I did this twice more. There was some very nice moans and pushes against my fingers each time.

The last time I went through I stopped and pushed down on her butt button with each finger. That got some nice hip swivels, up and down in an arc. Loved her squeezing her butt on my fingers. My penis was fully up and she had tilted her head down slightly which put her breath right on it. It was going to poke up out of my pants at any time. I started on the inner edge and over the top on the other side of her butt crack and continued over to the side of her hip.

She pulled her knee back on the sofa. I got my hand back and she said, “Dad, I think mom would be fine with this but what do you think?”

“She would be fine. She would probably like to be here so she could watch but I know she would have no objections, only encouragement.”

“Ok. I have something else to ask. If I turned over could you do what you just did to my other side?”

“Cass, if it’s what you want its fine with me,” I said. “There is one thing. Mom and I have some normal habits with each other and I may go somewhere or do something that bothers you. If so, please let me know. “

“Actually I’m counting on that. You ready,” she said. I said ‘ready’ and she turned over moving up further on the pillow. Her breasts were about at my side standing up under her top just inches from my head. She was across my lap with her hips within half an arm length. I would have a lot of leverage with her that close. Her pants were around both her ankles and she kicked them off onto the floor. Without looking at me and not saying a word she started unbuttoning her top. Then she pulled each side off to her sides and she was necked from top to bottom, except for her back.

My penis was hard as a rock, more like blue steel, but still in my bottoms. It sure stretched the top rim. She took one of my hands and put it on her far breast and closed her eyes and took a deep breath. This was going to take some time and I decided to continue going slow so she could enjoy it longer and then hopefully a great orgasm.

Her breasts were standing full and her nipples were too. The areolas were tinted darker and not out that far. I played with her nipple on her far breast where she put my hand but I bent over and kissed the near one staying away from the nipple. I ranged around and then kissed her neck then her lips and back to the breast. She was doing a little humming with me playing with her other nipple. I got her near nipple and ran my tongue over the areola about half way around. I went back to clear breast and put my lips down and tongued a few places. Going past the nipple I slipped out my tongue and played on it briefly, then moved on.

Going down across the bottom of her breast I moved up and planted my lips, open wide, right down on her areola and pulled my lips in on the nipple and squeezed and pulled off. I moved my right hand from her far breast to the juncture between the two and played down and across with my fingers until I got to her belly button. Just a few seconds there and I moved down to the top of her tuff and ran my fingers left and right. She moaned and shifted a little at that.

I slipped a hand around the back of her neck and pulled her in to an open lips kiss with an active tongue and slid my hand down, fully open, all the way to her pussy and grabbed on. She let out a loud moan and twisted her lower body towards the back of the sofa and pushed against my hand very hard. She turned her upper body the same way with an arm around my shoulder, nipples planted in my chest. I started a whole hand massage of her pussy. She pushed her upper knee up the back of the sofa to open up and we kissed and played like that for a long time. She couldn’t seem to get enough.

Some of my fingers were in her butt crack and the heel of my hand was pressing around her clit area. My thumb and little finger was squeezing her folds and I was rubbing up and down as well as squeezing. She was twisting her hips in several different gyrations and pumping my hand into the back of the sofa. I took a few fingers and pressed down on the lower folds where her vagina was but didn’t try to go in. I was very mindful that she felt just like Lori. Her structure and length and width was so familiar.

We finally stopped kissing and she had her face into my chest but my hand and her hips never stopped or slowed down. She was letting loose a lot of stored up sexual energy. I let her go with it and helped as much as I could. It was absolutely one of the best sensual things I could remember. Eventually she slowed down and reluctantly moved over on her back again. I ran fingertips around her breasts and let her settle her hips down. I kissed her lightly occasionally.

I lifted my hand off her breasts and replaced it with my lips. Working her nipples, both, I reached down to her pussy again and began playing with her folds. I didn’t want to bother her clit yet. I ranged up and down and went inside and out until she was fully lubed along with my fingers. When everything seemed right I slipped a finger in and played around her vagina entrance, exciting the nerves. She was clearly loving that and was breathing harder.

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