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Stripped and Filmed by Neighbour

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My name is Mandy, an NRI who moved back to India for higher studies a few years ago. I’m 5 feet 6 inches and fair. I have size 38 C boobs and a nice figure, curvy in the right places. I have a secret side that none of my friends know about. I’m incredibly kinky and horny most of the time and I have a secret desire to be caught nude by a horny man. I find rough Indian men the hottest, they look like they would become animalistic when they make love.

This incident happened a year ago. I was living in a working women’s PG in Mumbai. I lived in a single room, so I could touch myself whenever I wanted. Opposite the PG there was an apartment building which faced my window directly. Every night, a man would come outside near the gate and speak on the phone. He would talk loudly about his exploits and all the sluts he slept with and what he would like to do to women. At first, I found this annoying, but soon I would find myself listening to his loud conversations. I lived on the first floor, so I could see him clearly from my window as he walked around talking. He was darkish brown and looked rough and lower class. His English was not particularly good. He was only wearing his undershirt and shorts and his chest was slightly hairy and he had an average build. His conversations about the things he wanted to do to women would always make me wet and I would end up touching myself while listening to him. I knew that if he had the chance, he would fuck me without a second thought.

Sometimes, I would wear tight T-shirts and tweak my nipples till they were very hard and go out onto my balcony and put out clothes. I would hang my sexy lingerie slowly and then go back inside and touch myself knowing he glimpsed my hard nipples.

One night, when I heard him outside my window talking on the phone, I switched off all the lights in my room and opened the window slightly to be able to see him. I stripped completely naked and started pinching my nipples in the dark in front of the window. If he looked at the slightly open part of my window, he would see me naked, touching myself while staring at his face. I had many satisfied orgasms doing this for many nights. One night, while I was touching myself watching him talk, I started to moan slightly because he was talking about the sex he had once had with a slutty girl. I finally came and as I was moaning I looked out the window and saw him staring at me touching my naked body. I suddenly froze, and I heard him say goodbye and cut his call. We were both silent for a few seconds before he said, “Come down”. I wanted to run and hide but a part ataşehir escort bayan of my brain out of my control made me stand up, put on a tight t-shirt and some pants and go downstairs onto the street in front of the gate where he was standing.

I was both scared and turned on, I couldn’t believe what I was doing. When I was in front of him, he moved very close to me and whispered “I’ve seen you many times, you slut. You like hearing me talk, don’t you? Don’t deny it.” I looked at him with wide, nervous eyes as he looked at me up to down, stripping me in his mind. He seemed very confident. He smiled and said “You need a good fucking. I’ll make you my bitch. You know you want it.” I didn’t respond, only looked at the ground. Suddenly I gasped as I felt a finger swipe against my left nipple, making it harden immediately.

“You liked that, don’t you slut? You want me to give your nipples lots of attention, don’t you?” and with that he lifted my shirt and tweaked my nipple between his thumb and index finger. I felt a jolt as if my nipple was connected directly to my clit. I looked around, but the lane was deserted since it was late at night. Standing in the middle of a road with my shirt raised and a man tweaking my exposed nipple was very exciting, and I was getting wet. I bit my lip and moaned.

Leaving my shirt raised over one boob, he led me to his flat on the ground floor of the apartment. It was a small studio apartment meant for a bachelor. Before entering the door, he turned around and told me to strip, right there in the parking lot. Again, almost as if my mind was working against my will, I stripped completely. He came forward and tweaked both my nipples and I moaned again.

“Inside my flat, you are my sex slave, got that?” He told me roughly. I nodded. “Good girl”, he said, pinching my boob one more time before pulling me inside.

“Stand against that wall and stick your boobies out” he ordered me. I did so obediently. He came forward and fondled me. He was running circles over my nipples with his fingers, driving me mad, making me moan loudly. I felt his lips rub against my collar bone and go trailing down my cleavage and then, slowly, he stuck his tongue out and licked my right nipple. I squealed, feeling my pussy dripping wet. He began noisily sucking on my right boob while tweaking the left one, then switching sides. He stopped in between to say, “these mangoes are nice and ripe, they need to be eaten properly, right baby?” I nodded, completely mad with lust. He wet each nipple with his tongue, slurping and sucking them like a hungry escort kadıköy baby. I completely lost control and held his head to my boobies, trying to feed him like a mother.

After a while, he stood up and pulled down his shorts and pulled out his hard dick. He looked at me with lust and said, “suck it good, slut.” I knelt down and began sucking obediently, hearing him moan and thrust his cock deep. I could feel the saltiness of his penis, and I kept sucking and licking his shaft while staring up into his eyes. I ran my tongue down to his balls and licked and sucked them while stroking him. Then I went back to sucking him until he pulled me back and growled “open up” and squirted cum all over my mouth and chin. He rubbed the remaining cum from his cock onto my hard nipples and told me to go wash up.

While I was in the bathroom, I heard him making a phonecall. When I came outside, he was waiting on his bed, fully naked. He told me to come and lie down and feed him to make him regain his strength. I lay sideways on one arm on the bed and he positioned himself under my boobs and took one nipple in his mouth and started sucking. He sucked me for a few minutes till we heard a knock on the door. He got up and went to open it. I was looking around for my clothes but he said “I didn’t give you permission to move, bitch. Sit there and be a good girl.”

He opened the door and another man came inside, holding what looked like a DSLR camera bag. He was north-eastern and slightly chubby. When he saw me he stopped and stared, and I stared back, knowing exactly what was going through his mind. The thought made me wet again.

My neighbour came back and was speaking to him in hindi. Since I am an NRI, my hindi is not very great but I understand enough to know what is going on. He was saying to the new man in hindi “yes, she’s very nice. Her boobs are soft and her nipples are sensitive, you should hear her moan when you touch them. She will again now when I fuck her. You want to try her a little?”. The other man jumped at the invitation and came close and started fondling my boobs, to which I started squirming. He sucked on my nipples and licked the tips of the nubs and I moaned loudly. My neighbour climbed the bed and got behind me, spreading my legs and running a finger across my shaved clit. I was in heaven, I was being made complete use of. But they stopped and began setting up the camera and faced it to the middle of the room. They moved a mattress to the centre of the room and I was asked to sit on it. My neighbour sat behind me and made me face the camera, which was bostancı escort now recording. He whispered in my ear that I should look at the lense the whole time he was playing with me.

He pressed his chest on my back from behind and brought his hands front to pinch my nipples. I moaned. He brought his finger up to my mouth and made me suck it and then took that wet finger and rubbed it on my nipples. I squealed with delight and told him I was dripping wet. He told me to be patient and pulled me to a chair behind the mattress which he sat on. He told me to bend forward and squish my boobs together to feed him. I did so and looked at the camera like I was supposed to. I noticed the friend had his cock out and was stroking it. My neighbour was busy sucking on my nipples noisily and rubbing my pussy.

I could not believe what was happening. I was being filmed naked, with a stranger sucking my nipples as I bent to feed him. He then told me to straddle him. I got on top of him on the chair facing him and he positioned his hard cock under my pussy and made me lower myself. I gasped as I felt his rod enter me. He began moving me up and down on his cock while sucking on my bouncing boobs that were in front of him. I was going mad, I started moaning and grinding back against his cock as he fucked me. I could hear the sloppy, wet sounds of his cock thrusting into my wet pussy. After a few minutes I came, and he pulled me off him and told me to kneel and suck his cock. I did so, and he came in my mouth. He told me to look him in the eyes and swallow it, which I did. It was hot and sticky but was not bad. He pushed me onto the mattress and smiled at the camera as he parted my legs and licked my wet, dripping pussy. I felt waves of orgasm hit me as I pressed his head into my pussy.

We both collapsed, and he kissed me, pushing his tongue into my mouth. We kissed for a few minutes while he fondled me. After that they packed up the cameras and his friend played with me on the mattress, sucking and licking my boobs and making me suck him off. After this he left. My neighbour told me I could leave but I would have to meet him again when he was horny. He took me to the edge of his door and told me to change into my clothes. He escorted me to the gate of my PG, where he pinched my hard nipples through my shirt and told me to go rest till the next time. I was completely exhausted and sexually satisfied as my fantasy had come true. I met him a few more times and eventually moved from the PG. We did not know each other’s names or any details, we just fucked, so I never contacted him or saw him again. I have considered going back to that lane at night and seeing him, but I think that may not be a good idea.

Let me know if you liked my story and let me know in the comments what you would like to do to me. I want to read them and touch myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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