May 20

Student Spanked -9: the Party

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Student Spanked -9: the PartyAn Awesome Offer of Three Tasty Sex Students Hard to RefusedAt the graduation party at her place, the two best girlfriends of Lisa take me apart to thank me.Buxom Beauty Beatrice unbuttons her blouse for me: “These boobs can make you come, dear teacher”.Slender sexy sweet Suzanne adds in my other ear: “My twat is even tighter than Lisa’s. All for you!”Both beauties want to thank me for my efforts to help her best friend back in serious discipline.”Peter, please stay with us three for the after party here. All weekend we will be your slaves!”Almost midnight at Friday evening, I look forward to them three all dedicated to please me so long!Buxom Beauty Beatrice is as brainy as she is BOOBy! She also just majored, in Theoretical Physics.Pretty prospect of inspecting her physique in practise, bahis siteleri within a few hours we will get hot and horny.Slender sexy Suzanne seems also eager to sweetly serve me, hoping she will earn an honest spanking.As surely also Beatrice does, I can tell it from their eyes that Lisa let them in on every detail.How hot she came over my knee from her first ever spanking and all those other times those few weeks.Suzanne is ex-student as well, with a major in “Herstory”, or Feminist History according to her bull.Three tasty warm wanton ex-students, eager to study sex and spanking in a warm weekend crash course!Three Tasty Warm Wanton Students of Sex and Spanking StripteaseBy three I am alone with the three eager sex students and immediately take the initiative with them.Be naked before you three clean up here. I will canlı bahis siteleri tell you in which order and which music to play when.Be first tasty tiny titted lovely looking Lisa. You remember which song is yours to strip at, do you?Beatrice and Suzanne are very curious for my choice of striptease songs on their turn to turn me on.Beatrice recognises first why I chose that particular Zappa song, because of its ironic kinky lines.Beatrice sings along the lines: “I’ll be harder than your husband (…) I’ll be harder every night”!By big smiles at both her sets of lips, Lisa shows how she enjoys to perform for me, finally free.Beatrice has to undress fast and foxy in up-tempo at an old rock-and-roll hit “Hey BOOBA-LOOBA”.Beatrice gives her best for my eyes, shaking her BOOBs and big BOOTy, sexy swinging her hot canlı bahis hips!Sweet Suzanne is as slender as shy, so she gets a chance to unwind at something slow and romantic.”Suzanne” by Leonard Cohen never fails to wet women any age between their trembling longing legs.Suzanne blushes at her cheeks, almost as red as her short-cut hair. So sexy to see her small bush!Suzanne, I hope you are as red-hot in bed as your burning little bushy down there, my dirty dear.Suzanne blushes even deeper red. With an elegant bow she kneels in front of me as the song dies down.Suzanne that’s so sweet and sexy of you. I invite you to shower with me while they two do the dishes.”So sweet, Master Pete, to honour me. I hope I do not disappoint you. I need to learn a lot still!”So, within the short time span of three sexy songs the party for many, turns into an after-party.Sweet Suzanne washes me and herself at all sides, covering me with her hot kisses, licking my ears.Soon the other two tasty sex students join us under te shower. The big bed ready for long loving!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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