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Sub cunt #2 on Omegle

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Sub cunt #2 on OmegleStranger: f 34 belgiumYou: i’m edwardYou: and you are/Stranger: KarenYou: hello karenYou: are you submissive?Stranger: yesYou: any limits or taboos/Stranger: noYou: **** or worse? can i hurt you?Stranger: yes you canStranger: just no visible marksYou: pity, i’d like to leave lots of marks in fantasyYou: what do you look like karen?Stranger: in fantasy everything is possibleYou: yesStranger: http://imgur.com/7jpC628You: very sexyYou: very sexy indeedYou: any more pictures?Stranger: yesStranger: http://imgur.com/BrTElOdYou: very very niceYou: do you have a web cam karen?Stranger: noYou: pityYou: i’d like to tie you up and let my dog lick youStranger: mmmmmhYou: then after i’ve used your cunt and assYou: i’ll let it fuck youYou: or i’ll push the tail of my snake into youStranger: yes sir!You: do you like the idea of being fucked by my dog or ****d with my snake?Stranger: both sirYou: can u out the snake around your neck, it’s a pythonStranger: you decideYou: it might squeeze youYou: would u like thatStranger: yes sirYou: how tight shall i let it squeeze?Stranger: very tightYou: too toght?Stranger: yesYou: snuff fantasy?Stranger: yes :$You: for money?You: lolStranger: nono :)Stranger: i meant :sYou: lolYou: are you home alone?Stranger: yesYou: are you single or married?Stranger: singleYou: when did you last fuck?Stranger: last weekYou: who was it? m or f?Stranger: mStranger: strangerStranger: was one nightYou: did he **** you?Stranger: noYou: did you want him to?Stranger: yesYou: want him to hurt or torture you?Stranger: he strangled meYou: mmm niceYou: what did he use? hands or belt?Stranger: beltYou: did you pass out?Stranger: he slapped me while strangling meYou: nice niceYou: i’d enjoy doing that to youStranger: i didn’t pass outYou: did you want to?Stranger: yesYou: did you want him to k**nap you and take you somewhere remote and secluded, like a bostancı escort barn or cellar?Stranger: yesStranger: somewhere very dirtyYou: my house has a deep sub cellarYou: i could keep you thereStranger: mmmmhYou: when i got bored of r****g you i would sell you or wall you inStranger: wall me in?You: yes, seal you offYou: naked, tied and hurt, in the darkness, foreverYou: ??Stranger: with rats and mouses?You: yesYou: and insectsStranger: would you let me die?You: yesYou: if we’d talked about that and agreed it would happen one dayStranger: yesYou: excited?Stranger: even if i would change me mind after few days locked up?Stranger: yes veryYou: yesYou: even if you changed your mind it would be too lateStranger: i would liked to be abused as a fucktoy and when useless locked awayYou: yesYou: and one day locked away for goodStranger: yesStranger: where do you live?You: LondonYou: you?Stranger: brusselsYou: a lovely townYou: want to email or call?Stranger: emailStranger: i need to think a bit about itYou: okStranger: but i am considering itYou: email me: XXXXX@YYYYHHHHOOOO.COMYou: if you willYou: i’d like to fantasise with you a lotYou: and maybe more if we are cool with itStranger: okYou: i can tell you are excitedYou: i’m very excited tooStranger: would you record it all?You: yes but we’d discuss who owned the filmYou: if it’s me i’ll blackmail you with itYou: if it’s you it’s yoursStranger: it is youStranger: if i would die, i can’t do much with itYou: lols, that last film would be mine aloneYou: i’d use films from before then to blackmail and humiliate youStranger: yesStranger: just never send it to my familyYou: any more pics karenYou: your family would think you just disapearedStranger: yesStranger: http://imgur.com/xXYXk7jYou: fuck you are sexyYou: i’d love to use a lit cigarette on your titsStranger: would you cut off a nipple?You: fatih escort eventuallyYou: and your clit and labiaStranger: eat them?Stranger: or make me eat them?You: make you eat themYou: lolYou: i’d enjoy watching thatStranger: i never had such an open conversationStranger: i must say i am sooo excitedYou: good, so am iYou: keep sending me picturesYou: how submissive do you feel?Stranger: veryStranger: like i have no life of my ownStranger: http://imgur.com/47ihjoKYou: email me right now then, so we make a connection, i don’t want to loose youYou: email me on XXXXX@YYYYHHHHOOOO.COMYou: so we can use yahoo messenger when we get to that pointYou: more photosStranger: http://imgur.com/yrjX10FYou: sexyYou: now email meStranger: http://imgur.com/V3m53u5You: that last picYou: it would be great to piss into your mouth when you are in that positionStranger: yesStranger: and shitYou: yesYou: and force enema’s into youYou: have you emailed me?Stranger: noYou: why not sexy karen?Stranger: i will laterStranger: http://imgur.com/P0M2y1IStranger: i also want to be hangedYou: niceYou: i’d want to use a speculum on youYou: spread your cunt lips wide and pour ants or cockroaches into youStranger: and sew my pussy close?You: yes with them inside youStranger: http://imgur.com/ubxnHcAYou: niceYou: it’d be fun to play with very hot wax thereStranger: and this with piss http://imgur.com/BaPATiKStranger: i’m wet nowStranger: i got my belt around my neckStranger: tell me how long i have to strangle meYou: hotYou: 15 secodsYou: hardStranger: yesStranger: doneYou: now email me as you masturbateStranger: i feel so excited and sadYou: goodYou: why sad thoughStranger: i wish you were here to punish meStranger: to hit meYou: in personStranger: slap meStranger: cut meYou: well we can make that happen if you wishYou: do you want to make this real?Stranger: yesStranger: bağcılar escort i want to feel a knife sliding over my skinYou: good, you know what the 1st step to making this real is don’t you?Stranger: i want you to make me blind so i’m useless aloneStranger: yesYou: i will, with acidYou: tell me what the 1st step isStranger: visiting you in londonYou: and how do you visit me? what do you need to do before thenYou: keep masturbatingStranger: i don’t know :sYou: email meYou: then we chat on phoneYou: then i visit you in brussles or you come to meStranger: yesStranger: may i ask what is your biggest fantasyYou: r****g and torturing a dark skinned sub cuntStranger: yes, but howStranger: how do you want to torture and kill me?Stranger: if you could decideYou: insectsYou: you naked in a barrelYou: i pour biting and burrowing insects in with youYou: thousands of themYou: then i seal the lidYou: your choice would be?You: ??Stranger: i would be hanged, while my hands and feet are sawed offYou: very very sexyStranger: i don’t know if i would die due to choking or bleedingYou: shock from bleeding would be quickerStranger: but first i want to have medication given, kind of adrenaline so that i stay awakeYou: yes, or simple methamphetamineStranger: yesStranger: i’m going to cut myself nowYou: no you aren’t allowed to cut yourselfYou: only i am allowed to cut youStranger: pleaseStranger: i want pain nowYou: nopeYou: you are my toy now aren’t youYou: you aren’t allowed itYou: are you on fetlifeStranger: yes masterStranger: fetlife?You: the fetish facebookYou: lolYou: so are you mine now?Stranger: yesStranger: please give me painYou: noYou: you can have pain when i get an email or your phone numberYou: okYou: ??Stranger: okYou: which is it to be? email or phone?Stranger: emailYou: is it sentYou: once i have it and we’ve spoken via email, you may make two 2cm cuts, one under each breast, do you have antiseptic wipes?You: ok?You: do you have your cutting kitStranger: yes i doStranger: how deep?You: under 2mmYou: not deep but bloodyYou: what do you use? a straight razor or a scalple?Stranger: razorYou: good, easy to keep cleanYou: where do you usually cut yourself?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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