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Submissionover the years I had messed around with a few kinky plays with girl friends and then my wife. These had been great fun, but I had normally been the Dom, my wife being very unsure of taking control.We enjoy an open relationship, so I joined Fab about 5 years ago and tried to find a Dominant lady. To cut a long story short, I was talking to a lady who claimed not to be Dom, but who needed a Handyman. She needed her bedroom painting as she was selling her house, I joked that the price would be less if she was to take control. We had chatted openly about our likes and dislikes, so my desire to be in a clothed female, naked male situation had come up, along with lots of other things I wanted to try out.I got the materials and went to do the job, with no expectation of it being anything other than a normal job with a lady who had no hangups about sex and chatting about it. When I got there I was greeted by my customer, dressed in a black silk dressing gown and high heels! This could be fun I thought!after a little small talk and a coffee she said, ” well you better get started” and showed my upstairs to her room. The curtains were all wide open, showing a lovely view of the country side, not a house in sight. “You better take your clothes off, you dont want to get paint splashes on them” she said. I obeyed at once pulling off my polo shirt, and dropping my shorts, the hard state of my cock becoming obvious. she looked at them, and said “everything!”. I duly dropped my boxer shorts allowing my rock hard cock to spring free, she came closer and took hold of it ” oh you are excited” she said, as she gently stroked it up and bursa escort down. I felt like I was going to cum there and then, the urge was almost overwhelming, she sensed the impeding explosion and stopped stroking, letting my cock throb gently in the air. ” you are not to play with yourself, and you are most certainly NOT allowed to cum” she said, ” now get on with the painting”, With that she left the room.I made a start, spreading plastic sheet on the floor to protect the carpet, down on my hands and knees, making sure it was tight to the skirting boards, I head her come into the room, but I had my back to her, i looked around to get a quite sharp “get on!” from her, she walked up beside me and slapped me quite hard on my bare arse, twice, once on each buttock, “there will be more of those if you make a mess!”. My arse was hot, and my mind was racing, this lady said she wasn’t really Dom I thought, she does a damn good impression!After about 20 minutes of starting painting the walls with white emulsion, the boredom was setting in. My cock was starting to wilt a little, no longer actually pointing at the ceiling, the lady of the house was down stairs. I heard the stairs creak as she came back up, she walked in with a cup of tea, looked at my now only semi hard erection, put down the tea and saying “dont stop painting” she started to gently wank me, quickly having me hard again. “you are being a good little slut” she said, “I might even reward you later”, ” I may need sorting out”. she stopped touching me a suddenly as she had started, turned and left the room. I stopped to drink the tea she had left, my cock standing proud bursa escort bayan and my balls starting to ache, I had been highly aroused for over an hour now, and come close to cumming twice. I was loving it!The painting was coming on well, it wasn’t a large room, lots of silly little edges though. Being a cottage the edges to the ceiling were none too well defined, so standing on a small set of steps I was cutting in as best I could. I sensed rather than saw her behind me once more, ” oh good, the walls are done” she said, I replied that it was just the edges to complete, “yes you are right, lots more edges to do” I got the feeling she wasn’t talking about the painting! ” turn around” she ordered, I of course obeyed. to find she was standing very close, my cock level with her face as I was stood on the steps. Without a word she took my cock into her mouth, sucking it hard again in seconds, slurping as she gave me a frantic blow job, the cum was rising, I should imagine she could taste pre cum because she stopped immediately, leaving me right on the brink of orgasm once more. ” come down” she said and as I did she slipped the silk robe off to reveal her naked body. she was in her 50’s, but had a nice body, she sat on the edge of the bed, spread her legs and just said”Lick”.God she was wet, glistening lips greeted me, I ran my tongue up and down her labia, making them naturally part slightly, the moisture was flowing gently within seconds, she moaned quietly as I gently went to work. Her clit was rock hard, and very responsive, I strummed at it, alternating with wide firm licks, she held my head hard against her and came, escort bursa violently, and extremely wetly! I lapped up as much as I could, but she soaked my face, her juices dripping off my chin. “good slut, finish the painting now” was all she said.I went back to work, cock throbbing, balls now on fire!Ok, well, I soon finished the painting and was clearing up the plastic sheets when she came back, smiling at me still naked, still semi erect as I had been for several hours now. I must say, my balls hurt like hell, the worst case of blue balls imaginable (recounting this is having a assimilate effect now!) she told me to finish clearing up, then lay on the bed and put on a leather blindfold which she handed me. I very quickly had the plastic cleared up and was layed out on the bed blindfolded.I heard her come in, and felt her move onto the bed, she took my hands, pulled my arms above my head and I felt handcuffs being clicked into place on one wrist, then the other. I tested it gently, to find they must have been around the iron head board to, because I couldn’t move my hands far. OK I thought!I felt her blow gently on my cock, just breath, I immediately sprang to attention! I felt her slipping a condom on and then straddle me, her knees gripping me tight as she slipped herself onto my rock hard cock. Now I would like to be able to tell you she rode me for 1/2 an hour before I came, but I would be lieing! She rode me hard, and fast, moaning loudly as she crashed down on me, grinding out smooth shaven pubic areas together, after being aroused for so long it was too much for me and my orgasm exploded without warning, going on and on, my cum filling the condom until it over flowed running running down my thighs. She rolled off me, gently, laying next to me, she asked “so how was that, my slut?” to which I could only answer ” fantastic, Mistress”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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