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Submissive S!sters #1: Louise-3

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Submissive S!sters #1: Louise-3Louise is a shy slender black-haired beauty half way her twenties with firm tiny tits, as a teen stillLouise is desperate to break her block, finish her MA thesis before the end of Summer as time runs outLouise is accepting my final offer of help and my condition of complete obedience to her new ProfessorLouise is to learn a lot from him, not only in academic skills but also as his submissive sexy servantLouise lets Anne know over the telephone under which conditions she will finish the thesis with PeterLouise lets Anne know she makes a lot of progress first few days and her Professor allows Anne a visitLouise lets Anne know the details of daily intimate inspections of love lips and masturbations for himLouise lets Anne know she is expected to perform the same presentations, if she want his help as well!Louise is still an anal virgin, just as awesome Anne her yummy younger sexy s!ster in similar problemsLouise is still a bit innocent in some sexy tasty things, just as the yummy youngster who’ll visit usLouise is still not knowing what I plan on our programme for a warm weekend with my submissive s!stersLouise is still not knowing what I want to do to them both, bits of nasty knocking at their back-doorsLouise is in super ağrı escort shape of a chapter every other day so I spend most nights rewarding my sexy studentLouise is in super mood, wants to go every evening a bit further in erotic exploration of her horizonsLouise is in mood to offer me her last left cherry to celebrate our occasion of fruitful co-operationLouise is in mood of sufficient submissiveness to offer Professor Peter her sweet s!ster as sex slave!Louise is warmly welcoming her hot yummy younger sweet s!ster, who shares an erotic experience with meLouise is warmly welcoming her sexy s!ster by performing the intimate inspection coming for her MasterLouise is unaware of our earlier erotic encounter even awesome Anne might not remember very much of itLouise is unaware of pretty plans her hot Professor Peter ponders for anal initiations of his subbies!Louise is loving to perform for Professor Peter the serious sexy exhibition to impress her shy s!sterLouise is loving to let Peter and her sweet s!ster know how much she longs now to be his sexy slave!Louise is loving to show Him how hot she got by that sexy situation of showing her s!ster her slavedomLouise is loving to show us both how wet she can get in her sexy snatch under aksaray escort our obsessed observationLouise is getting a special sexy surprise as reward for showing her sweet s!ster how to perform at meLouise is getting an invitation to lay down along his legs face down with her legs spread at his hipsLouise is getting her first ever sexy spanking, surely she is surprised, as she thinks it’s to punishLouise is getting a sexy surprise as Professor Peter is also an expert in sexy spanking awesome bums!Louise feels how Professor Peter alternates after every dozen slaps his spanks with his hot caresses Louise feels how her bottom starts to burn and the fire spreads to her love lips getting wet and hotLouise feels how her hot Professor Peter’s manipulates her by spanks and caresses into awesome comingLouise feels how hot her Professor got her, as she looks up with a shy sexy smile to Anne her s!sterLouise is inviting Anne to follow her erotic example of inspection, masturbation and another orgasmLouise is inviting Anne, she forgets her role as slave, in trying to be a good host to awesome AnneLouise is invited to preserve her pretty position for some proper penetration by Professor Peter PoetLouise is invited to spread her amasya escort lusty love-lips properly to present her hot Master an open invitationLouise is obedient and offers Professor Peter her warm wet sexy snatch for some sexy foxy fornicationLouise is obedient and offers the powers of her cunning cunts muscles to milk his mighty manhood wellLouise is offering a second sexy hot holy hole to Professor Peter, which ‘winks’ an open ‘eye’ at himLouise is offering a sexy sight to her horny sexy s!ster, as Professor Peter pounds her hot hole hardLouise is surprised by feeling his finger, probing to penetrate her tasty tight virgin sexy sphincterLouise is surprised by feeling even two next three fingers trying to get inside her hidden anal canal Louise is losing her last rose to me while her s!ster watches how Professor Peter penetrates his slaveLosing is losing her last virginity, while she reaches new hot heavens from fornication for a big bangLouise is passing out from her awesome triple coming for her Professor Peter while Anne still smilesLouise is passing her place along my legs, as I lift her from my hips to let her rest on the couchLouise is still smiling from her awesome orgasms as slave at his lap as a lesson for her shy s!sterLouise is still smiling in her hot dirty dreams of the threesomes which might happen to the s!stersLouise is longing for lots of ‘likes’Louise is longing for your ‘thumbs upLouise is longing for lots of responseLouise is longing for me to continue!Copyright by Poet PETER, May 28th 2015

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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