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suchitra’s HomeI would like to share my experience of having sex with my neighboring aunty and her step daughter. I am living in a housing colony which consists of 30 families, in our colony there is an aunty (I call her Valsala aunti) of 32 years of age; she is a lady of perfect figure of 42-30-40. Her husband is seeking job in Dubai. When ever I see her figure I used to excite and worked myself with my dick. She is living with his 2y old son and a daughter of her husband’s first marriage. Her step daughters name is Suchitra, she is a plus 2 student of 19 years, she has a figure of 36dd-30-38 with large butts Big breasts, dark black hair, black eyes and a perfect figure, which was really inviting and her appearance looks like 25year old. Most of my neighboring friends are crazy about her. But to be frank I never masturbated with her, because most of my masturbation sessions were thinking about Valsala aunti only. Suchitra is my old tuition mate, so I some times visit her home, being a science student whenever she had any problem with maths and science, she was used to consult the issue with me and usually it happened when ever I visit her home. This tuition helps me to attain a good relationship with Valsala auntie. One day when I reached their home Valsala aunti is watching a hot song in TV with she lying on a sofa, when she saw me became ashamed but she regained her boldness and We had a chat about vulgarities in TV, movies, actress and she asked me to change with channel and I saw that TV remote was lying on her lap, I grabbed remote slightly touching her breast, I got some courage and I sit near to her and I started to touch her boobs as though it is accidental. My dick is becoming harder and harder. Now I fix my joint of my hand on her boobs and I found no resistance from her side also she is speaking casually. Before moving into the next stage Suchitra came from school. I cursed my luck and leave her home very sadly. After that time I am looking forward to get a chance to seduce Valsala aunty. After few days we had our colony day, the cerebrations was in night 9pm, Suchitra is participating in dance, so I know that aunti is alone in her home. I moved to her home at 10pm, aunti opened the door and I told her that I came for water. She invited me to the drawing room, there she was watching TV. She was sitting on the sofa with her last c***d. To my luck, the c***d started to cry, it felt hungry it seems. She asked to bring and lay her c***d on her lap. While I did that, I was eager to see her boobs naked was waiting…to my luck, as her one hand was wet and clumsy with food, she said to lift her pallu and remove lower hooks of her blouse. I was shocked and my hands were shivering, in surprise. I slowly lifted her pallu, and started to remove the hook, I just lifted her blouse and c***d started drinking milk. She knew that I am shivering and she asked me “are you first time seeing a women’s breast” I told yes. She said “I will be proud of that I am first one to give you the illegal bahis live show’. I smiled with much hesitation. I know one thing that that the ready to satisfy my needs. She take her son to bed, I followed her to bedroom. Her dress was lifted like a mount under her tummy and she was moving her ass right to left on it. She was making circular motion with her fat ass. My cock was reaching its peek. Now she made a strong hit in the coat and she is moaning with pain. I asked aunty “can I massage your leg”. She then said: “Sandeep please massage my leg, I am having pain”. I said ok. She said to massage her on leg. I was rubbing her leg and her eyes were on my bulge. She was seeing how my cock was moving up and down in my shorts. She asked me to take cream in my hand and massage. I lifted her panty and I massage her legs. My cock was become too hard now, she asked me “whether I masturbate “and I told yes. She asked me why I am hesitating and it is a natural thing for boys especially and even girls. She now asked me whether I think of her and masturbate… I said yes with a naughty smile. She inserted her hand in my right pocket and just touched my cock. Oooooh it felt so good. She noticed how my face changed when her hand touched my cock. She gave a gentle caress on my cock. She removed her hand and put in the left one. She then inserted her hand in my right pocket and encircled her fingers around my cock. Oooooh She was squeezing my cock. She was giving twists to my cock and small jerks. She said: moonu (dear) “you are the one I am looking for these years”. But she was murmuring to herself for years I have not been able to touch a cock let me play with his cock now. I lied on my back and let her played with my cock. I was moaning a bit and she massage my cock tightly; I pressed her right breast gently through the saree. Her eyes opened wide as I cupped it. The pallu of the saree came down and I saw her breasts straining to get out in the tight blouse. I feast my eyes and she saw me looking hungrily. I massage her left breast with oil and lick her right breast; she is kissing my mouth and lips and throwing her tongue deeply into my mouth, while pressing my cock. I felt a good aroma is coming from her sweet mouth. I did not control this and I am also pressing her both boobs with my hands. She removed her saree and blouse, later her bra and panty. What a sight…….. I am seeing…she is very beauty and looks like an angel…. Her white boobs are moving up and down…..her novel hole is in medium chocolate color and giggling me. She moved towards me and removed my pant and shirt and also banyan and underwear. We both are in nude. She pushed me on her bed and put her hand on my hard erected rod and pressing slowly. After that, she put my rod into her mouth and licking and swallowing it. What an enjoyment she is giving me and I cannot describe the enjoyment in words…….she is taking me to heaven………by doing all these, she is slowly pressing my balls with her another hand. She told me that she kaçak iddaa is interested to have sex with me for the last two years and fantasizing me and masturbating herself. She is kissing me and licking my face every inch. She is also kissing my chest, nipples and everywhere. Then I turned on her and rubbing her gigantic boobs which are still having their power. I kissed on her face, eyes, nose, lips, and cheeks, and swallowed her saliva with my tongue. I went down slowly and kissed her navel and moved towards her pussy. I noticed the great heaven of her light pink colored pussy with black silky hairs surrounded, and her seat is very big in size. Slowly I moved my tongue all over the nipple of left boob and still the milk is coming. Then Valsala aunty whispered in my ear “dear how is my milk?” very tasty?? Reallsssy?? I nodded yes while sucking… She whispered in the ear again the taste is only because you are sucking in mood. Immediately I took some milk in my mouth half full and dragged my aunty and spitted on her mouth .oh she swallowed the milk mixed with my spit and said darling you are great .tasting my milk with your lustful spit oh super . Again I went to boob and made this game four times. She enjoyed very much. Oh I was not in a position to control my self and begged my aunty that I will finish the suck job while doing remaining work. She replied remaining work means. Then in lust I shouted.”I will empty the melons while fucking”… She laughed and whispered in the ear fuck means?? I said kaatikota (insert)’ she again kaatikota means’ I said immersing my rod in your cunt. There she again shouted in low voice wah what a fire, common I won’t allow you to enter. Surprisingly I replied why? / First you have to make me mad then only I will allow you to insert…Ok? I said o.k. Then she lifted her petty coat up to thighs and said I need your tongue help?? Oh it is interesting… I need really. She came near to my mouth and kissed passionately .she asked me to show my tongue first. I opened my mouth and showed my tongue…She kissed my tongue and sucked. She said she has deep intention to be tongue fucked but her husband not interested. Now she is planning to take all her desires from me. I am lucky fellow. She felt on the bed and she opened her legs wide. Oh what a beautiful site it is? Really my desire coming true. Immediately with out any late I felt on the cunt and opened the real mouth. Yes it is as great as I can not explain… Reddish with spot fully erected. From the other side aunty moaning ‘common darling enter your mouth to my deep under lips and lick…Then started ohh oh…ohhha ssuuu … Oh … She is moaning like snake. Fuck… Fuck with your mouth and tongue. Yes dear move fast. I am deeply penetrating my tongue all over the walls and smelling and cunt juices which making me mad. She is raising her mound high with excitement and she grabbed my hair with her hands and pressing my head towards the cunt. I placed my dicks head over her pussy lips and started güvenilir bahis siteleri patting it … she started moaning…. Uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. Slowly I started entering her. She was really tight.i entered a bit and came out and again a bit more and came out…she was really enjoying it …..Her G spot was waiting for my dicks touch…. But I didn’t enter her fully but just playing ….she couldn’t resist herself and said moonuu(dear) enter me fulllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy come inside meeeeee…….pllllllllllllzzzzzzzz then I entered her fully And started pumping my dick into her pussy…. My thighs felt the warmth of her arse cheeks as my dick was fully inside her pussy. I felt so nice at that warmth and started screwing her with a slow pace. She Said fuck me harder… plzzzzz harder…….my hands reached to her tits and I started squeezing it hard and played with her pink nipples. And started pumping her in great speed….. She moaned uuuuuhhhhhhhhhh yyyyyyyyysseeeeeeesssssssssss faster ………She was moaning with pleasure and was pushing her arse back to my dick in a rhythm. She moaned ohhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaa mmmmmmmmmmmmmm please my dear do it slowly, I didn’t listen to it i want to take her to heaven so I fastened my jerks she cried heavily ohhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhaaa i entered fully she breathed heavily I thought that I coming I increased my pace faster and faster I pull out my dick and ejaculated fully on her pussy lick out every thing. We both tired and fell on the bed. . A pair of eyes was watching all these seen behind the door…………….. I saw Suchitra standing behind the door. I tried to cover my body with blanket but Valsala aunti coolly walked naked to the door and welcomed her to the show. Suchitra is in dance costume of baratanatyam. Suchitra kissed me vigorously and she remove her saree, now she is in bra and panty, now Valsala aunti removed her panty and bra and auntie massage her boobs, I did not recovered from the shock to see Suchitra(Latter they told me that they are doing lesbian sex for the many years) Now I retain my consciousness and I smiled at Suchitra, she hugged me and she takes me to the bed and we hugged vigorously for many minutes, I removed her jetty too and I fucked her pussy that time aunty is drinking her boobs. I lich her pussy slowly but now Suchitra was enjoying this n told me to fuck her fast n hard. I increased my speed n she was shouting, oh yeah, fucccck meeeee harrrddddddd. I told aunti that I want 2 cum, and then she told me ok. She asked Suchitra to lie in a doggie position; we fucked each other for few minutes. Now aunti told to split cum in Suchitra’s cunt and I place my dick in her cunt. Her pussy was so wet that every stroke of mine and she was making a lot of sound. Soon she was at the verge of orgasm and said, sandeep something is going to happen, now aunti said, u r getting your orgasm Suchitra, I started pumping her harder,…aahhhh ohh yessssss, ooohhhhh,……..I split in her cunt, also aunti is rubbing her right boob and massaging her left boob. I fell in sleep soon, I wake in 3AM, I can see rainfall outside and I saw Suchitra and Valsala Aunti sleeping my both sides. Now I fell proud of my self that I fucked these two sexy persons. I again fall into sleep…………………………………..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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