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Sue Has a New Desire

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Sue had found a new desire, or has heard of it,

A Glory Hole, Yes, a place in the back of an adult bookstore, were people could go for sex, or were men could go for a blowjob. Would she or could she even mustard up the courage to attempt to stop at this kind of place and give a total stranger a blowjob?

She met another author thru a friend, via E-mail, she read some of his stories, and he had written a hot story about a glory hole,

She then remembered a gay friend at work talking about one, he had visited once, and she thought this was only for men to go to with other men,

However in his stories he talked about a woman going, now she had the desire to fulfill her fantasy of going, doing men and having herself done, she was so dam horney, just thinking of it,

She thought about it when she was folding laundry, doing dishes, it would even creep up on her when she least suspected it, then the heat would rise,

She had to plan it and do it just right, so her family, friends would never fine out, what would they think of her?

Sometimes she thought I Don’t give a fuck what any one thinks,

This was her life, and her sins, and only she would have to pay for it,

She knew it was not right, however she did have a heart,

We as humans seem to always want to fulfill or lust of the flesh, and not do what is suppose to be the right thing to do,

In who’s opinion?

She thought, we are all equal, Just because she had read about another lady doing this, And now she had the desire to do bostancı escort bayan it, was it wrong to covet tho neighbor sin? Maybe that is why, she wanted it so bad, so deep, like a new song your friend just played for you, you just have to go out and buy it.

It was the middle of Aug and she decided to work it out for Oct or Nov, but she was going to have to work hard, plan it just right and not get caught, she thought the guy dick she gets a hold of, (mmm) look out, her mouth was watering already.

She e-mailed her author friend and asked if he could give her more details about the glory hole he suggested her gay friend go with her if she didn’t want to go alone,

And explained to her about the movies, the cost and peeking thru the hole, if the man was masturbating, she should stick her finger thru the hole, and that would indicate to him to stick his dick thru the hole, she didn’t understand how a woman could be done thru a small hole, and came to the conclusion this was for men only to get off, she wanted to change that, it was a woman world too,

Dressed In his red bandana wearing jeans/boots and a sleeveless tee, Jack stood standing in the shadows, waiting for his wife .Sue to arrived,

She arrived about fifteen minutes later then usual, I was worried about you babe, every thing Alright? Sure, Just needed some gas, and you know how crowded those quick stops can be on a Friday night?

I saw your friend Joe he said to tell you he was looking forward to those runs next weekend, ümraniye escort and that Sally was making a big fuss over the new paint jobs.

He embraced her, and kissed her told her he loved her, how naughty her thoughts had been earlier, if she wanted a glory hole, she would invent her own, not take any chances, hey baby she said as she kissed his neck do you want to have some fun and see a movie??

Well babe it is after 11 and we both have to work this Sat,

We can do it tomorrow night she said. Out back in the shed.

M mmmm the shed thought Jack, it’s been a long time scene I’ve been taken to the shed,

She started working out the details, setting up the shed,

She moved a chair, small TV and VCR, to the shed after she ran electric thru an extension cord, set up candles in globes dangling from the ceiling, bought some black material a piece of plywood, and placed some girly books and VCR movies around.

She had the room set.

Perfect! she said

Lit by the candles she had purchased the room was dim, full of ginger and honeysuckle scent.

May I help you Sir? She said. as he walked in.

I would like to see a movie, he said, just sit her and make your self-comfortable, she started the tape and told him to place his money in the jar, how much he asked? Five dollars for the first 15 minutes, 10 for every 30 minutes after that.

She pulled the drapes she had made from the material and went to the side of the plywood board she had cut a 4x 6-inch hole in the center of. She escort kartal unrobed and sat in the darkness, watching him, he looked at the magazines and watched the sex scenes of the movie,

He slowly started to massage the head of his cock, and then rubbing the shaft, he was getting hard; she pecked on the board and then poked her finger in the hole and motion for him to approach the board,

Hey baby what is this? He said,

She giggled and told him it was his own private glory hole,

Just stick your cock thru the hole and I will give you glory, he walked up to the hole and placed his cock thru it.

She started licking the head, closed her eyes and let the lust flow, she dreamed she was at a real glory hole and this was a total stranger she needed to satisfied,

She started moving her tongue up and down his shaft and sucking him moaning loudly, she was hot and had placed a silver bullet between her legs, as it vibrated her clitoris, her mouth began to cum.

Hot saliva ran down his cock with each truss of her head he was very hard and the cum had filled the vein on his shaft,

My god woman were did you hear about this he said, she didn’t hear him, her thoughts were all wrapped up in the desire of it all, sucking a million different men,

Her fantasies went wild, her thoughts, explode time after time, he pulled back and the cum hit her in the face it ran down her chin her neck then to her breast she felt the warmest of the liquid, and she came, came to reality, and smiled, mmmmmmmm!!

This was great, come around the board babe, I want some real loving

She sat in his lap and they watched movies for an dollar an hour all night long…she had fulfilled her new desire, and felt very satisfied with all the loving they did do that night..


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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