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Summer Heat Ch. 07

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Intro: This is the long romantic one. Summer Heat Ch. 7. This is the series version of “A Dance for Anna’s Wedding, which is the same with some changes to make it stand alone This is a total work of my imagination. Any resemblance to anyone is just your imagination. Half siblings, Shelby (29) and Jason (27) have moved back in with their mother, Katherine (49). All characters are old enough to buy alcohol, tobacco and firearms. If you are only here for the sex, skip the first half. Shame on you.


Anna’s Wedding

Early, the Saturday of Anna’s wedding, Donna parked near the Thomas garage. Shelby came out of the sliding door of the basement apartment dressed with coffee in hand. “Good morning, Babe.” Shelby greeted with a quick kiss. “Your hair looks amazing. I love the highlights.” She offered her coffee to Donna who declined. “You guys be careful, let him drive so you can rest.”

Donna looked at her watch. “Early for you to be dressed.” She smiled as Shelby rolled her eyes. “It’s my car. I’ll drive it through Atlanta, then Jason can pilot the rest of the way.”

“You know what I said. Give him a chance. I’ve seen how you two look at each other. Don’t worry about me.”

“It’s just a little weird, Shell. This could get complicated. I love you but now I like Jason, a lot.” Donna said.

“I know, baby. He’s always going to be my brother. I’ll always be here for you too. He’s the best man I know. Just go with your heart and you can’t go wrong.” Shelby said, trying not to get emotional.

Jason came out of the house carrying his duffle and his suit in a covered hanger. Mom, Katherine followed with a thermos of coffee. “You kids be careful. Text me along the way so I’ll worry less.” Katherine had a little kiss for Jason and Donna both.

“We’ll be fine. We have time to spare if we get going.” Jason said, receiving the kiss from his mom and turning to Shelby. He held her face in his hands, “I’ll take good care of her.” He kissed her softly and turned toward the car.

After hugs all around, Donna backed out of the drive and they were gone. Katherine and Shelby were silent until the door slid closed behind them. Shelby fell against her mom’s chest and hugged her weeping. Neither spoke for a while. They didn’t have to.

“Mom, she needs a good man. Jason is the best man I know. I’m just so afraid this is going to turn to shit.” She wept. The tears flowed to the point of wetting Katherine’s shirt.

Katherine smiled and had a tear of her own. She stroked Shelby’s back. “You are showing me that you are a remarkable lady, yourself. I’m proud of you, baby. When you get home from work, let’s pop some corn and watch a movie. We’ll have a girl’s night. I love you.”

Donna drove her car into the parking lot of the hotel where she worked, near the highway. Jason assumed she needed to take care of some business before leaving. Instead, she parked away from the lobby and turned to him. “Last chance to back out, big boy!”

“Bullshit!” Jason exclaimed. “This is going to be awesome. All that work we did on the dancing, are you kidding? Let’s go for it.”

Donna grinned and unbuckled her seat belt. She climbed up on the console, half into Jason’s lap. “Damn right! Let’s go for it!” She wrapped her arms around his head and gave him a big kiss. It was their first open mouth kiss.

Jason felt light headed. “Wow, Donna that was nice. I didn’t expect that. I just hope you and Shelby will be OK. This will be a great day if we don’t come home to a shit storm. You and she make each other happy. I’d never want to mess that up.”

“Do you still feel that you are my beard?” Donna started working on getting strapped in.

“Well, no. I haven’t felt that way for a while. You are a special lady.” Jason said. “I’m arm candy.”

“You aren’t just arm candy. I trust you and feel safe with you. You are my bodyguard and you are the man I want to be with today. Can we just leave it there for now?”

Just north of Atlanta and two hours into the trip, a bathroom break was necessary. They drove off the interstate highway and into a shopping center parking space. The two got out and stretched. Donna hugged Jason. “We got through town easy enough. Let’s grab some snacks, take a pit stop and get back rolling.”

Jason finished in the restroom first. He was cradling some drinks and snacks and looking over some toilet items on display. He was lucky enough to have Donna walk right up beside him just as he stepped in front of a display of condoms.

“Well, you are sure of yourself, aren’t you? I don’t think you’ll need those.” Donna giggled, teasing him. “Maybe you should get some, anyway. Anna’s slutty cousin Beth will be there. She always tries to bang somebody, even at funerals.” Donna laughed some more.

Jason blushed red again and laughed all the way to the register. Back at the car, he held Donna’s door shut. “You’ve got a little mean streak in you girl.” They both had a good laugh. “I need to get in the trunk for a minute.”

Back on the güvenilir bahis highway headed north, Jason produced a small waterproof container from his pocket. “Just a little something for the road?” He took out Shelby’s little pipe ready to go.

“Fuck no. I don’t want to have red puffy eyes in the pictures.” Donna protested.

“Look, dear,” Jason sarcastically, “It’s almost eight hours until pictures. Just a little to make the trip trippier.”

They took two small hits each. “Put that shit away. I remember what it did last time. I woke up in the middle of the night still high. I’m pulling over. You are driving until lunch near Dalton.”

Conversation bounced around for a while as the two tried to make each other laugh. It worked, and they had silly giggles the rest of the morning.

“Your hair looks nice. You are going to be a knock-out today.” Jason said.

“Oh, what do you know about hair. You didn’t notice until your mom mentioned it.” Donna teased.

“Hmm. You got it colored a week and a half ago, just a little bit lighter. Then the other day you had highlights added. Yesterday or maybe Thursday you got it trimmed. Now it looks great.” Jason ran down the timeline.

Donna was astonished. “I can’t believe that. I didn’t think straight men ever noticed anything. All this attention to my hair, are you a gay hairdresser?”

“No. I don’t think so. Maybe I am.” He laughed “I’ve been noticing you for a long time. The first time I saw you I thought you were a pretty girl, then you opened your mouth and said some smartass shit. Ever since then, I’ve thought you were very beautiful but had a shitty attitude.” Jason was brutally honest.

“Jase, I’m very sorry about that. I got hurt so bad, by my ex that I created this alter-ego. I call her “Bitch Donna”. I used her to shield myself from people. Then Bitch Donna kind of took over. What the hell are you giggling about?” She demanded.

“I was calling you “Bitch Donna” behind your back until Shelby asked me not to. I’m sorry.”

“Shit. Well, I deserve it. Look I’m very sorry. I wanted you here because I like you and I trust you.” Donna said. “You stopped calling me “Bitch Donna” just because Shelby asked you to?”

“Yeah. No big deal. I believe in Shelby even when she doesn’t believe in herself.” Jason explained. “Shelby has an I.Q. in the ‘gifted’ range but she has never applied it. She’ll do well now that she’s settling down. I want her to take over my job.”

“Wow. You really love her. Donna said. “So, how long have you been in love with me?”

“Three hours. Since that French kiss this morning.” Jason said flatly the started laughing.

“Are you bullshitting me? Are you bullshitting me?” Donna asked echoing the laughter.

“Yes. No. I don’t know. Maybe.” Jason cooled the laughter. “You’re stoned.”

“Yep. You are too” Donna conceded.

Donna turned on her GPS and input the address of the hotel. We’ve got a room with two beds. You can be a gentleman, can’t you?”

“Probably, I think so. Maybe.” Jason teased.

“Well, I brought some flannel pajamas with a padlock to keep you out.” Donna informed him. “I think we’re taking the first Dalton exit. Then we go east for a while. Lunch soon?”

“Sounds good. Let’s find the hotel then lunch nearby.” Jason suggested.

“Sounds great.” Donna paused a few minutes, then, “Your mom is amazing. She looks so fine.”

“Yeah, she’s really turned it around. She was a basket case after we lost my dad. We all were.” Jason said. “Now, I think she’s going into a mid-life thing. She stayed out all night a week ago. Shell and I teased the hell out of her. Now, I hear, she wants to get a nipple pierced.”

Donna started laughing, “That may be my fault. I told her I had one pierced. She asked all about it.”

“No shit! You’ve got a piercing?” Jason asked.

“Oh, come on. Shelby told you, didn’t she? You want to see?” Donna asked and started rolling her shirt up. When Jason looked over, she yanked her shirt down. “I’m not showing you. Eyes on the road, big boy.” Donna was afraid Jason might be angry for being teased so badly.

Jason was giggling and laughing and turning red. “Oh, my God! That was crazy. You’ve been hanging with Shelby too much. Damn that was a good one.” He reached over a gently pinched her leg.

Donna caught his hand and held it, laughing. She held his hand until they turned off the interstate. It felt natural. It felt good.

Jason was awakened by a strange feeling in his foot. Something had a hold of his big toe. “Ah! Oh, that felt strange.” He looked up to see Donna in a robe with huge rollers in her hair tugging on his toe. “That’s a good look. Are you ready to go?”

“Funny man. We’ve got an hour before we have to leave. You need to start waking up. I can’t believe you went to sleep.” Donna shook her head, swinging the rollers around.

“I’m not as nervous as you.” Jason sat up and swung his feet to the floor. “Sit here a second.” He took her hands in his. “You are türkçe bahis going to be beautiful. Our dancing will be fine, and no one will care if it’s not. It’s Anna and Zach’s day.”

Donna nodded, “I’ll be OK once we get to the church and get into it. Thank you so much for coming.”

“You can tell me that tonight.” Jason said, straight faced.

“Pervert! Try not to steam up the room with your shower.”

He smiled. “I need a cold shower, anyway.”

Donna finally chuckled, “You are a comedian. Get moving funny man.”

Jason shaved carefully with a new blade. He showered in luke water for both comfort and avoidance of stream. He came out of the bathroom in boxers and a silky thin undershirt. He was greeted with the sight of Donna in her underwear working on her eye makeup in the mirror. His heart jumped into his throat. She was wearing a lacy gold colored strapless bra, a tiny gold half-slip over gold lacy panties that matched the bra. “Wow!” he said without thinking. “Beautiful.”

“Calm down, big boy.” Donna said without looking away from the mirror.

“I’m sorry for looking. That’s beautiful undies and you look so chic.” Jason said honestly. “I’d love to shoot a picture of you like that.”

“Ha! Fat chance of that. I’m much more modest that the women in your family. But thanks. The underwear cost more that the dress, but it makes me feel pretty and special to wear it.”

“You are pretty and special.” Jason said calmly while taking his slacks off the hanger. The way he said if as a matter of fact told Donna that it was truly the way he thought of her.

“I’m putting the dress on last. I might let you take a pic or two, if you keep them private.”

Jason was surprised to hear this. He finished dressing and combing some goop into his hair that the ladies back home recommended. He tied the tie and left it loose. Turning to Donna he was once again awed by a vision of beauty. She was standing in the undies, ivory thigh-highs and heels. She had an un-lit cigarette in her hand.

“I’m smoking this son of a bitch on the way to the church.” Donna shook it at him.

Jason knew well that she had just quit smoking. “I don’t blame you, Babe.” He picked up his phone. “Do we have time for a little photo shoot? You look like a model.”

Donna chuckled and put the smoke down. “I guess so, silly man.”

“This is going to sound bad, but would you take the slip off for a minute?”

Donna gave him a sideways stare but understood. She posed leaning against a wall. Jason put the cigarette back in her hand and told her to look away and serious. He shot a few then a few in front of the mirror. “OK. I’m sending the best to Shelby. Let’s get out of here.”

Katherine prepared a special dinner. It was one of Shelby’s favorites. It was her late grandmother’s recipe for spinach lasagna. White sauce with delicate cheeses and fresh spinach layered with thick noodles. She made it up and put it in the fridge for final bake later. “They don’t have that at Family Feast Buffet.”

Midafternoon, she saw her daughter’s little black Mazda pulling down near the garage. Katherine hurried downstairs to greet Shelby and check on her. Shelby came in through the sliding door. “Hey, baby. Feeling any better?”

“I’m OK, mom. Really, I am.” Shelby dropped her chin. “I’m getting a shower.”

“Have you given any thought to what kind of movie you want to watch tonight?”

“Not really. No romantic comedies. No romance at all. It’s bullshit.” Shelby said.

“OK. We’ll find something that matches the mood you are in. How about a documentary on the great depression?”


“I know. We can watch one of those French movies where everybody dies at the end.”

Shelby just rolled her eyes again and shook her head.

“I know what will match your mood. ‘The Walking Dead’.” Katherine said smiling.

Shelby couldn’t resist the joke. She laughed an easy laugh. “Kat, you are the best mom and friend in the world.” She hugged Katherine and made for the shower.

“Put on some workout cloths. We’re going to the gym and work some of this out. You need to sweat and burn some calories. I’m making Mama Ferrelli’s lasagna. That gym will be crowded on a Saturday.

Jason was relieved to find the church easily and even better; the air conditioning was frosty. Donna looked amazing. Her dress was ivory white. It had spaghetti straps and a ball gown lower section. A mid length jacket with three quarter sleeves covered her bare shoulders. Some of the wedding party recognized her and ran over hugging and greeting. Jason become background for a few minutes until Donna began introducing him as her “friend”. The ladies complimented them both and some men shook his hand.

Hi, Jason. I’m Anna’s Aunt Phyllis. I’m organizing this show.” An attractive lady his mom’s age said. “I understand that Donna didn’t tell you that you are in the wedding.”

Donna made a big “surprise” face and laughed.

“Oh really. That’s news to me.”

Phyllis chuckled. güvenilir bahis siteleri “It’s no big deal. I need you to help usher then walk Donna down the aisle. You are the only person taller than her in those heels. Then you just stand to the side and walk her back down after.”

“I’ll be happy to help. Which side is the…”

“Bride’s family on the left, groom’s on the right. If they say both, put them on the side with the most room.” Phyllis smiled. “You are very handsome. Donna has good taste. You look great together.”

Donna vanished off to where the bride and her party were prepping. Jason milled around. He found a chair and was about to sit.

“Hi, Jason. I’m Phyllis’ husband Phillip. I know, Phil and Phyllis, it was cute, then annoying. Now we don’t even think about it.”

“Phyllis seems like a little fireball and cute too. You are a lucky man.” Jason said.

“Yes, she is a super lady. I’m so glad you are here and brought Donna. We’ve known her a long time. A few years ago, she was too withdrawn to go anywhere. She seems happy and looks amazing.”

“Yeah, I’ve known her a couple of years and always thought she was beautiful.” Jason didn’t lie.

“So, you’ve known her a while too. Hmm.” Phil leaned in and Jason smelled alcohol. “Then you know she’s been dating this cute little Italian girl for a while, don’t you?”

“Keep this secret until we are out of town.” Jason leaned even closer. “The Italian girl is my sister.”

“Shit!” Phillip grabbed his own mouth. “So, are you really dating her too?”

“I think we are getting something started.” Jason shook his head. “But we’ll be going home to a soap opera.”

Donna slipped into the bride’s chamber. Ladies squealed when they saw her. Anna saw her and gasped. “Oh, thank God you are here. You look amazing. Come here.” They hugged for a long time. Tears rolled from both girls. “I’ve missed you so bad. I wouldn’t do this without you here.”

“Yes, you would, but I could never stay away. I still love you, girl.” Donna beamed with pride at how good Anna looked.

“I hear that you are here with some gorgeous young man.” Anna said then whispered. “You could have brought a girl if it was up to me. Mom would have shit though.”

“I’m here with who I wanted to be with. He’s very special. It’s complicated.” Donna said.

“Well, you always did like to burn the dick at both ends.” Anna said, and both the girls laughed loudly.

After a walk through with a “stand in” for the bribe followed by a lengthy photo session, the church filled. Jason and Donna stood together in line to enter the ceremony. Donna was the maid of honor. She gripped his arm firmly. Jason couldn’t look away from her beautiful face. Donna looked back at him and smiled. “Thank you.” Donna said

“For what?” he whispered.

“Everything. Getting me here, mostly. You are the best-looking man here.”

“Well you are committing a terrible faux pas, yourself.” Jason said quietly.

“What do you mean?” Donna asked.

“You are never supposed to look better than the bride on her wedding day.” Jason said.

“That would be impossible. You haven’t seen her yet. She looks like the queen of the angels.”

Katherine and Shelby waited until home to shower, the gym was so crowded. Shelby was in a markedly better mood. She scampered downstairs. Katherine put the lasagna in the oven and went to shower in her room.

In her bath, Katherine wondered if she should try to entice Shelby into some loving activities. On the way home, she had detected the faint, unmistakable scent of Shelby’s pussy. “I wonder if other people know that little scent of hers is her cunt? I know, and her lovers know. Jason has probably caught onto it.” She decided to just play it by ear but be prepared. They would watch her bedroom TV for sure.

Shelby’s mood had lifted greatly. “Look at these pictures that Jason sent.” She showed Katherine the close-up profile of Donna applying lip gloss in the mirror. “And check this shit out.” She flipped to an image of Donna with dramatic side lighting, leaning against a wall in her underwear with a cigarette in her hand and a thousand-yard stare.

“Oh, my God. Shell, she’s incredible. Oh, my goodness.” Katherine stared at the picture. “Are you OK with this baby?”

“Yes, mom. She wants a husband and kids and the white picket fence and all that shit. Jason is a man that could treat her like a queen and love her even if she needs a little pussy on the side.”

“Shelby Lynn, don’t be so crude about it. And I guess you want to be the side chick.” Katherine surmised.

“I don’t know. I want to have a life for myself. Or else I’ll be crazy Aunt Shelley that sleeps with mommy sometime.” Shelby blushed and pretended that statement didn’t have two applications.

“Holy flaming hell!” Jason exclaimed as they went into their hotel room. “Who gets married in August in the south?” He poured two cups of ice water.

Donna tossed their jackets on the far bed and collapsed on the other. “Jase, will you bring me a wet cloth. I’m so hot.” Donna took a deep breath. “No cute remarks?”

“Not this time.” Jason handed her a water and wiped her shoulders with the cool cloth.

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