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Summer in Maine Ch. 02

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I’d like to apologize since it’s taken me months to complete part two of this story. I got caught up in other projects even though this one was outlined and partially written. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it so you can better follow this one. I hope you enjoy it.


This summer job wasn’t turning out the way I’d thought. So far I’d mowed the lawn, done the dishes, (thankfully there’s a dishwasher) hauled trash, done laundry, dusted and vacuumed. When Chrissy asked if I wanted to help her out for a few weeks I sort of expected there would be fringe benefits to go with, or instead of, getting paid. Instead it was actual work. She wasn’t shy, about her body or mine, she often would wrap her arm around my waist to help with her balance. She occasionally stroked my ass through my jeans. I didn’t hesitate to return the favor but I always ended up with only a smile in return. I figured after that first day when I took the job I might get some more personal time with her. The other night I helped her to run a bath, and she shooed me out of the bathroom. One night we watched a late movie I slept over, and ended up on the couch. Something didn’t seem right about all of this. Nearly a week had gone by, and it was as if that first day hadn’t even happened, and I was too shy to say anything. I hitched the grocery bag I was carrying a little higher, tonight, I’d say something tonight.

I walked up to the kitchen stoop and pulled open the screen door and I heard a gasping cry. I dropped the bags on the table and darted into the living room, she wasn’t there. Another cry, and I looked to the right and saw the bedroom door was open. I walked quietly towards the door, and Chrissy was laying back on the bed naked except for her bandaged ankle. She was sliding a pink vibrator up and down between her thighs. She tilted it slightly and slid it into her, her other hand pulling on her nipple. I was instantly hard watching her pleasure herself. She let go of the nipple and slid her hand down and began flicking her clit, rubbing it fast. She arched her back crying out “Yes!” She pulled the vibrator out slipping her fingers in as she came. She continued rubbing her clit slowly and stroked her fingers in and out for a few before falling flat to the sheets like a deflated balloon. Her breathing was fast and shallow.

“How long have you been watching?” She asked, not looking up. She looked absolutely radiant, her skin flushed pink through her tan. Her hair was a tangled mess of sun streaked gold, she looked fantastic.

“Just a couple minutes.” I said quietly looking down at the floor. I heard the old brass headboard creak and I peeked up. She had raised her head and was looking at me.

“What’s the matter?” She asked gently. I shrugged and walked out to the kitchen, and started putting away the groceries.

“I picked up some local shrimp for lunch. I’ll put them on ice in the fridge.” I said loudly from the kitchen. I turned and Chrissy was leaning against the doorway to the kitchen watching me with her arms crossed in front of her, buck naked. She gave me a shrewd glance.

“Please tell me what’s bothering you.”

I looked at her for a moment, then turned away and put a couple other items in the fridge.

“Nothing.” I said, unconvincingly.

“It’s just…” I started. I looked over at her and said.

“Never mind.” I walked out to the yard looking around to see if I should mow the lawn again already or not. I heard the screen door bang shut behind me. I felt her hand on my shoulder as she stepped up beside me.

“I love it here. The salty sea air, the big sky, everything seems so much simpler.” She said softly. I instinctively wrapped my arm around her waist, her skin was warm and damp.

“Why?” I asked softly.

“Why what, Pete?” She asked with surprising sincerity. “Why haven’t we had sex since Monday? Is that what you want to know? Are you asking me if you were a one afternoon-stand? What Pete? Ask me.” She urged.

Her words inflamed me and my frustration flared. “Yes!” I turned to face her, her arm sliding down from my shoulder. “Was I just a one shot deal? Screw me, then have me cook and clean for you?” I immediately sensed I’d gone to far and full well expected a slap. I’d deserve it if she did. I opened my eyes wide.

She stood there looking at me, her eyes smoldering. She coolly pointed out. “Which one of us is the one standing here naked?” I stood there a moment longer, every muscle in my body taut like a drawn bow. I snapped and took hold of her and kissing her hard as our lips parted, tongues lashing out at each other like sparring fencers. Her arms wrapped around my waist pulling us together.

“Damn, I thought I you’d never come around.” She said between kisses. I leaned back and gave her a queer look.

“What?” I asked, completely confused. She grinned ear to ear.

“Lesson number 2, confidence is sexy. Hell it took me walking around naked to get your damned attention. What the hell is wrong with you?” She bopped me on the bostancı escort bayan forehead. I shrugged, feeling completely confused. I had no idea what she was talking about.

“This exercise, which you nearly failed miserably I might add, was to see if you would take the lead. I personally tend to be a bit passive. Therefore, as the guy, you need to learn to take the lead, just like dancing.” She held my hand up and snugged her hand around my back and gave a little sway.

“The other night when you fell asleep on the couch I laid awake waiting for you for nearly an hour. I finally took matters into my own hands, maybe I should have made more noise.”

“I knew girls were crazy. I honestly was hoping to get more insight from you, not more confused.” I said smiling. “You were waiting for me?”

“You haven’t seen crazy yet, give me a week.” She winked.

I groaned, then kissed her again, holding her against me, my hands stroking down her back to her ass massaging it as I pulled her to me. Holding her was like holding a flame, seductive, hypnotizing and hot, and I didn’t care if I got burned.

“Tell me you’ve had the good sense to pick up some protection.” Chrissy mumbled between kisses. Without breaking our kiss I reached back for my wallet and held it up.

“Please tell me you bought more than one.” She growled. I felt her hands come between us resting on the waist of my jeans unbuttoning them and grabbing for the zipper. She pushed my jeans and boxers down far enough for me to escape captivity. She let out an appreciative hum as she ran her hand up and down my hardened length. She broke our kiss long enough to grab the hem of my polo shirt and drag it up pulling it over my head. She leaned down and took one of my nipples into her mouth. I gasped out loud at how the sensation shot through me. It felt as if my cock was getting even harder and I didn’t think that was possible.

“Holy shit! Does it feel this way when I do this to you?” I gasped.

She hummed an agreement as she switched to the other side, then stepped back and looked at me smiling.

I stood dumb-founded for a moment. I quickly realized she was waiting for me to do something. She placed her hands on her hips and gave them a slight tilt. “I’m all yours, all you need do is tell me how you’d like me, or better yet, show me.” She winked. I kicked off my shoes and pushed my pants the rest of the way off and looked at her for a moment. The sun kissed her body so exquisitely, her pink nipples hard and pointing straight at me. Her hair was blowing in the breeze surrounding angelic face like a golden halo. I stepped forward, wrapped her up in my arms again and kissed her deeply. I ran my hand up between us taking her breast in my hand cupping it twirling the nipple in my fingers. I work my mouth down her jaw, kissing her neck and I feel her shudder and gasp. I moved down the center of her chest trailing kisses to the other nipple and teased it with my tongue before taking into my mouth suckling it gently. A moan escaped her lips. Her hand was pulling me towards her, fingers running through my hair. I wanted her so badly but I didn’t want this to end. I pulled away looking up at her face, her mouth hung open her eyes half closed.

“Your ankle has to be killing you right now.” I said, noting she’d been standing for a while now. I walked over and brought one of the Adirondack chairs over and set it behind her and she smiled. I laid my clothes on it to keep her from burning her ass on the sun heated wood. She just looked at me without sitting. “Sit down.” I told her, and she tilted her head in assent and sat. I knelt down in front of her and kissed her nipple again and began trailing kisses down her stomach. She took the cue and leaned back on the chair. I flicked her little belly button ring aside and licked her belly button. She let out a whoop and jumped, chuckling.

“Ticklish?” I chuckled. She grasped a handful of my hair and gave me a little push further down, but I was going at my own pace and I made my way down nuzzling her little blond stripe. I kissed my way around her pouting lips, my tongue darting out giving little licks. She tasted sweet, the scent of her was driving me mad, I couldn’t take it any longer and slipped my tongue into her as I massaged her clit.

She arched her back and moaned. “Yes!” I lapped up to her clit taking it in my lips and giving it due attention. Her cries got louder and I stepped up the assault on her. Her leg came up over my shoulder and she pulled me hard into her with her heel. I let up a bit, I didn’t want this to end to soon, it seemed that I wasn’t the only one enjoying it. I slipped my middle finger into her, and felt her grip it tightly. Her hips started rocking forward. I was pretty sure I could finish her off quickly if I had a mind to, but I didn’t. I continued bathing her clit, varying the pressure on it. She let out a few short gasps. “Please?!” She begged. I knew then I had to finish her and slipped another finger in to join the ümraniye escort first and intensified my tongue lashing. Her hips lifted off the chair as she climaxed. She held on to me, still moaning, finally collapsing back into the chair panting.

“You sir, are a natural.” She gasped. I returned her smile and licked my fingers.

“Am I mistaken, or is there a very hard cock in my immediate future?” I grinned even wider and nodded. “How would you like me?”

“Over hard.” I said smiling. Her eyes lit up like a fire had been kindled.

“Well then, dig that little party hat out and show me how easy it is to put on.”

I chuckled and dove for my wallet lying on the grass a few feet away. I dug out the foil wrapper and crawled back. I tore open the packet holding the ring carefully and reaching down, putting in place and unrolled it carefully.

“Very good.” She said her eyes flashing. She stood up and knelt down on the grass facing the chair. “Over like this? I’m sure you’ll supply the ‘hard’ part.” She added with a wink.

“Yes.” I said, my breath shallow. I had to have her and scooted up behind her and lined up pushing the head in. I took her hips and pushed forward in a single motion burying myself in her.

We both gasped loudly. In moments she started moving her hips back and forth and I pulled out and began taking slow strokes at first, but I knew I wasn’t going to last. She leaned back pushing hard against me and I responded in kind driving forward, the sound of our bodies coming together pushed me into a frenzy. Her gasps were coming in short cries of, “Yes!” She began shaking in my hands, her moans coming from deep in her throat as she arched back into me and climaxed again pushing me over the edge. I drove her forward nearly knocking her and the chair over as I stiffened arching my back. I froze in place for what seemed an eternity, and not long enough both at the same time as I came deep in her.

She leaned back against my chest, the heat of her skin against me was incredible, she reached behind us grasping my ass pulling our hips tight together. “I love how you feel inside me.” She whispered. I leaned down and began kissing her shoulder, working my way up to her neck and nibbled on her ear.

“I love how you feel too.” I said, my voice a little weak.

She breathed a deep contented sigh. “What now?” A small smirk spread across her lips.

“I don’t know about you but I worked up an appetite.” I said. “Those shrimp sound good about now.”

“All this and you cook too. You’re not going to be single long.” She chuckled and reached up behind her and stroked my cheek. “I think we may need to move for that though.” She said lightly, reminding me that I still had her pinned against the chair. I leaned back, pulling free of her. I stood stepping back, I gathered up my clothing. Chrissy put her good foot down and stood, steadying herself on the arms of the chair. “Let’s go clean up and have lunch.” She smiled slipping an arm around my waist and we went into the house.

I started a pan for the shrimp, a little olive oil, some garlic and some red pepper flakes tossed on top of fresh spinach. My killer home made vinaigrette to top and she would be mine. Well she already seemed to be. I stopped and stared out the little window above the sink out over the water. That thought caught me by surprise. What exactly was going on here? An hour ago I was pissed off for being shunned, now I was making her lunch with a silly, satisfied grin on my face.

Chrissy hobbled into the kitchen wearing a pale blue tank top and panties with little pink hearts on them.

“Don’t you own pants?” I asked smiling.

“Sure, would you rather I be fully dressed, or comfortable?” She asked.

“Oh I don’t mind your outfit, as long as you don’t mind your lunch burnt to a crisp.” I laughed.

“What are you making?” She replied chuckling.

“I’m going to woo you with my culinary skills. My own special shrimp and spinach salad with homemade vinaigrette.” I said.

“Wow, sounds awesome. You’re a man of many talents. I think you’re a little late in the wooing department though.” She said smiling.

My chest tightened at that. Nobody ever thought of me as a man before. Everybody has always treated me as a kid until now. The shock of it must have been evident in my expression.

“What?” She asked, her eyes widening. I didn’t answer her, I just leaned forward and kissed her softly, she responded in turn.

“Nothing.” I said, my grin returning.

“Need a hand?” I handed her two lemons with directions to squeeze the hell out of them then juice them for me into a bowl. I diced up the shallot, and garlic tossing them into the big bowl, salt and pepper followed. In went a huge dollop of spicy mustard, I looked at how much juice Chrissy had squeezed out of the lemons and eyeballed it pouring it into the bowl, straining out the seeds. I dug a whisk out of the drawer and started whisking in olive oil.

“Most vinaigrette recipes ask for vinegar, escort kartal obviously. I like mine with lemon juice, especially with seafood.” I said. I stopped whisking dribbling a little onto my finger to try it. “That’s the ticket.” I said offering a taste to Chrissy who agreed with a little ‘Mmm’ sound. I set the big bowl aside and had her start splitting the cherry tomatoes. The shrimp were rinsed and patted dry on a towel, and I threw some garlic into the pan starting it with some of the olive oil. I salted and peppered the shrimp and in they went tossing them around to coat them all with the hot oil. They were ready in a couple minutes and the kitchen smelled terrific. I stacked the plates with spinach and started building the salads with the tomatoes, red onions, shrimp and as a topper sliced almonds.

“If this tastes like it looks, you’re staying on as cook after this heals.” She said lifting her foot behind her.

“Prepare to have your mind blown.” I said handing her a plate and a fork. I had brought a small baguette with me which I’d sliced up and we ate.

“A girl could get used to this.” She smiled popping a shrimp into her mouth. “Mmm! Cooking for a girl is a sure way into her panties.”

I laughed. “Even if she wasn’t wearing any?”

“Well she’s wearing some now.” Her eyes flashed.

“But for how long?” I said playing along.

“You have your drivers license don’t you?” She asked, changing the subject.

“Yea, I just don’t have a car of my own yet.” I said, wondering why she asked.

“Do you know of anybody that would loan you one, like your folks?”

“Yea I’m sure I can get one. Why, do you want to do it in the backseat?” I wiggled my eyebrows at her.

“Hell yea, but I’d also like to get a ride to go get my Jeep. It’s been down at the clinic for a week now. They told me it would be safe but I’m getting a little stir crazy stuck here in the house.” She replied.

I looked out the window. “I can ride down and bring it back, it’s only about four or five miles.” I said.

“Ride?” She asked.

“I have a bike, I can put it in the back and haul it back if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all.” She smiled.

I did the dishes and cleaned up after lunch, and Chrissy kicked back on the sofa folding a load of laundry I’d done earlier. I took a look at the grass, yea the lawn could wait a couple more days. “What else needs to be done?” I asked from the kitchen. I got no answer. I walked into the living room and she was bobbing her head as I walked around the edge of the couch I noticed she’d put in earbuds and was listening to her mp3 player. She was lip syncing some unknown song. She looked up at me and grinned, pulling one of the buds loose.

“I couldn’t live without my music.” She threw a towel at me to fold.

“Listening to anything good?” She mentioned a band I’d never heard of, and moved the folded stuff from beside her and patted the seat beside her. I sat and she handed me the ear bud.

“Check it out, you might like it.” I put it in my ear and listened for a song or two, folding another towel. A hard rock song started and she turned it up a bit and started singing along. She got to the chorus and really joined in full blast. The lyrics were pretty explicit. I was thinking you wouldn’t hear music like that on the radio around here. There was a pause, then a soft intro began. The ballad was soft and low, and Chrissy stopped and closed her eyes, her lips barely moving with the lyrics. When I noticed I stopped and listened intently to the lyrics, it was about intense, heart-felt, you are my world, kind of love. The kind of love that lasts longer than a lifetime. When it ended she reached down and stopped the playback. She looked straight out the window for a moment and turned to me, a shy sweet smile on her lips.

“Do you believe in love Pete?” She asked me. I stared at her in wide-eyed amazement for a minute, and began slowly nodding.

“I do now.” I said, my voice barely above a whisper. I wanted to kiss her so badly, but something in her eyes made me hesitate. There was sadness there, and they welled up as if she were doing her best to hold back tears. A wash of emotion swept over me like a storm driven wave, and I leaned forward lifted her chin and kissed her softly. Our lips brushed, our tongues sought out one another, delicately probing. Something wet touched my cheek making me break the kiss long before I wanted to. I pulled back and a tear streamed down Chrissy’s cheek. I reached for one of the towels and daubed it. I took a deep breath and was about to ask why she was crying when a curt little head shake waved off the question.

“Please don’t ask, not yet anyway.” She said, her voice thick with emotion. “I’m sorry.” She said wiping the remaining tear with the heel of her hand.

“You don’t have anything to be sorry about.” I replied softly.

She inhaled deeply and let it out slowly. She turned to me with a smile on her mouth but sadness in her eyes.

“I saw there’s a free concert in the park tonight. Want to go? A rock blues cover band is playing. Sounds like they might be good.”

I knew they were good, my friends brother was in the band, and I’d heard them before. I smiled and nodded. “Sounds like fun, and they are good, I’ve heard them before.”

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