Nis 18

Summer of Freedom Ch. 2

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I cleaned myself off and put moms stocking in the sink under the two that she had just placed there. It was silly to try to hide all of the cum that was now coating it but I did my best. I put my T-shirt back on, grabbed a towel from the line to wrap around myself and headed up the stairs.

When I got to the kitchen at the top of the stairs mom was fixing dinner. I walked quickly by, I was nervous and embarrassed. Seems that once I shot my load of cum I was no longer brave in front of mom. I still seemed surreal that a few minutes earlier mom was just sitting there watching me jerk off. I did not make eye contact and headed straight for my room. By the time I got to my room I was already hard again. I cannot explain why, but there seemed to be some sort of sexual electricity running through me. Never had I been so turned on or cum so hard before.

I took off the towel and admired my cock in the mirror above my dresser. It now stood straight out and began to gently throb. (Thanks in part to an occasional squeeze from me). I decided to jerk off one more time before dinner. I admired my body in the mirror. I was thin for my age. My best feature was probably my legs. They were very strong even though I was only 5’9 in height. I loved the way that my cock looked in the mirror. As I began to stroke myself and watched in the mirror, güvenilir bahis I imagined that I was watching someone else’s hand stroke me.

I got turned on as I watched “the hand in the mirror” stroke my cock from the base to just under the swollen head, followed by a squeeze or two. I then rhythmically reached down and squeezed my thigh … and then my balls … before returning to my cock to repeat the process again.

As I watched in the mirror the butterflies returned to my stomach as I kept flashing back to the look on moms face, and her legs, as I was now seeing the same thing that she had been watching earlier. My cock looked huge standing at attention like that. I had developed early and I had the cock of a man even many years before now. I watched the fantasy hand continue it’s stroking and caressing in the mirror and I became even harder. In my mind I kept flashing to the look on moms face, and to the time Mr. Stevens, the school janitor had done the stroking. For some reason I always thought about that whenever I was highly excited.

Just when it was getting really good there was a knock on my door. It was Dad on his way to the bathroom, announcing that dinner was ready. My stomach sank. Dad! Oh my God. What if mom told him? What would I do or say. The butterflies immediately turned into a pit in my stomach. I stammered türkçe bahis some answer and then threw on some clothes and went out to dinner.

I got to the table and sat down before dad had returned from the bathroom. Mom was placing food on the table and I was too embarrassed about what had happened earlier to look her directly in the eye. I did glance up and the look on her face and I could tell that she was not upset. I still felt very funny as I kept having memory flashes of what had happened between us only a short while before.

Dad took his place at the table and the normal dinnertime banter began. He was a rough and gruff man. I sometimes felt like I wasn’t even related to him. He was a trucker. He was a ballroom brawler. A real man’s man. I on the other hand loved to play with my mother’s stockings and undergarments! If he only knew. He and I were never very close. Probably because I was always getting into trouble at school. Or maybe it was because of the hours he worked. I only saw him at dinnertime. And once each month he was “over the road” for the entire week. Whatever. We never seemed to talk about anything meaningful.

I could tell that mom hadn’t mentioned anything to him. I could only pray that she wouldn’t! I almost choked on my food when mom casually said “thanks for helping me with the wash earlier.” I thought güvenilir bahis siteleri I would die! I finished my food and took off to my room as soon as I could.

Although I usually sat and watched TV with mom during the evening tonight I just stayed in my room. About 10:00 there was a knock at my door and mom came in and asked if she could talk with me. She said she could tell that I wasn’t myself and that it wasn’t necessary. Mom explained that what I was doing was very natural for a young man of my age. I said, “I can’t believe that I did that. I feel really embarrassed.” She comforted me and said that there was no need for me to feel that way. Mom told me that as she has worked in a library for almost 20 years, that she has read about almost everything that could happen sexually between two people. Besides “that was a very interesting break for an otherwise very boring day” As she said those words I felt a butterfly twitter! “Just be sure not to be naked anywhere except your room whenever your father is around”

After Mom promised not to tell Dad what had happened I was able to relax around her. I spent the evening watching a few shows on TV with her and everything seemed perfectly normal. The next few weeks were pretty normal and uneventful. There was no mention again about what happened. Other than mom catching me stealing an occasional glance at her stocking clad legs, nothing new happened.

I was grateful for this because in a few days we were going to be taking the trip to Aunt Joanne’s for the wedding. I wanted everything to be nice for mom!

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