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Summer Suspicions Ch. 03

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I slept great again, enjoying several dreams but now can’t think what they were about. When I went downstairs to eat something both Lacy and Lisa were already having breakfast when I walked into the kitchen.

“Hey, Luke… you remember Lacy, right?” Lisa asked.

“Umm, sure, from high school. How’s it going?” I asked.

Lacy smiled at me and looked away almost embarrassed. I didn’t miss my sister kicking her under the table but pretended to.

“Good… I’m great, actually,” Lacy covered.

“You sleep over or something?” I asked.

“Yeah, we got together late and she just slept here,” Lisa explained.

“Cool, good to see you again?” I said, talking a nice long look at her and remembering how good she felt last night.

I got myself some cold cereal and sat down at the table with them. They seemed awful quiet, probably didn’t have much to talk about now that I was in the room. I kept stealing looks at Lacy’s huge tits in her tight shirt as she leaned her elbows on the table. Before long the silence got awkward even for me.

“So… what are you guys doing today?” I asked.

“Haven’t really thought about it,” Lisa said.

Probably because all they could think about was last night, which I didn’t blame them. It was all I was thinking about.

“We should hang out?” I suggested, wanting to spend as much time with Lacy as I could.

“That sounds fun!” Lacy blurted out, which earned her a look from Lisa.

“You really want to hang out with my kid brother,” Lisa asked, annoyed.

“Well, I don’t know… it’s not like we’re doing anything else.”

“Yeah, Lisa, it’s not like you have any bigger plans than me?” I said with a grin.

Both of them looked at each other, shocked and worried I might know something. I thought about what they would do if I told them the truth. Would I ruin everything and destroy any fun I knew I would get if I kept my mouth closed? Or would they be thrilled with me knowing and still wanting to fuck them, because that would be awesome. Then I could touch them, eat them, and be in control much more. But was it a risk I was willing to take. I had just discovered this, it had only been two nights now and I knew many more would come without doing a thing but if I told them the truth I might not get anything.

“Oh really? You think you’re all that, little brother?” Lisa asked.

“I know I am.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“Have you seen me lately? Who wouldn’t want this?” I said, grinning bigger.

“Umm, me! I’m your sister!”

“Oh, right… well besides you,” I said knowing she was lying her ass off.

“What about you, Lacy, is Luke all that, like he thinks?”

I turned to watch her reaction and she hesitated, just like I wanted her too. I smiled, keeping eye contact as she spoke.

“He’s, okay, a little young, but cute,” Lacy said.

“But not all that, right?”

“It’s not my looks that makes me all that,” I interrupted.

“Excuse me? What is it then, your personality,” Lisa said, laughing.

“No, it’s my cock,” I blurted.

This cut off their laughter instantly. Both of them turned beet red with wide eyes and shocked expressions.

“At least that’s what I heard,” I said, grinning, and getting up from the table.

I dropped my bowl off in the sink and left the kitchen without hearing another peep from them. Classic.


“He knows… he has to.”

“How could he, he was totally out last night,” Lisa responded.

“I don’t know but he must… why else would he say that about his dick?” Lacy asked.

“I don’t know, maybe he was just messing with us or maybe he has heard that from his girlfriends or something. I mean it is true after all.”

“Yeah, totally true. I think he’s on to you.”

I was eavesdropping from around the corner, straining to hear their conversation after pretending to go upstairs. I was hoping to hear something to tell me they would be into it if I did know.

“Well, shit… what if he does know… he hasn’t said anything to my mom.”

“What would you do if he did know?” Lacy asked the perfect question.

“I don’t know, I think it would be weird. It’s one thing when he’s unconscious and another to have him looking at me and touching me and….”

“Kinda sounds hot to me,” Lacy said.

“Yeah, maybe… but… wow I don’t know why we’re even discussing this. He can’t know. How could he?”

It sounded to me like both of them would be open for me knowing, more so with Lacy than Lisa but even Lisa sounded curious and maybe a little turned on at the idea. But there was also my mother. As soon as I came clean she would find out as well and I had no clue what she would think. I decided to wait, güvenilir bahis turning around to sneak back to my room.

As I turned I ran right into my mother. She grabbed my arm, silenced me with a look and pulled me away from the kitchen. I was so totally busted.

She dragged me upstairs and I followed obediently all the way to my room. She pulled me inside, shut and locked the door.

“How long have you known?” she asked.

“A few days.”

“I knew it. I thought I saw you looking at me the other night and the way you were acting was a clear give away. How are you beating the patch, Luke?” she asked.

I showed her the liquid latex and a smile came to her face.

“Clever, boy… so obviously you wanted to feel and remember it all,” she said walking toward me.

I didn’t step back, even when she reached forward and palmed my soft cock and balls.

“I’m sorry we took advantage of you like this, we didn’t know if you would be open to the idea and when Lisa talked to me on the phone about the patches she had discovered we decided to try them. I admit we got a little carried away this summer.”

My cock was growing quickly. Mom kept rubbing it as it engorged and had me fully erect in seconds.

“Now that you know, you’ll be even more fun,” she said dropping to her knees and pulling my shorts down.

I guess I didn’t have to worry about Mom being against the idea. She was all for it and her mouth around my cock was proof of that. Good hell it felt amazing. My hot older mother had some serious cock sucking skills. The sensation was so intense it curled my toes when she sucked my head, before twisting and taking me deep. Soon saliva and my pre-cum covered my cock and ran down over my balls the more she worked. I watched her from above, her head bobbing and twisting on my long cock. She was working it fast and deep like a pro, not even caring if her hair got in the way. Reaching down I pulled her hair back for her, more so I could see than anything. She looked up at me, sucking hard and letting me pop out of her mouth.

“Sucking you awake is much better, half the fun of sucking is the reaction and feedback,” she said, slurping me up again.

I let out a long moan as the sensation rocked my body. She sucked me for another few minutes and the intensity raised my balls quickly, putting me close to an orgasm. She stopped again, looking up at me as my wet cock just throbbed and bounced above her face.

“You take after your father, Luke. He has a large penis as well and loves when I suck it. Do you have a condom in here?” she asked looking around my room.

“Umm, no actually I don’t.”

“No, that’s too bad. I normally don’t have to worry about protection with your father because of his vasectomy but I do with you. So… what are we going to do?”

“I don’t know,” I said, kind of in a state of shock from the incredible head and the person giving it.

“I do,” Mom said, standing up and pushing me toward my bed.

I fell over onto it and she stepped back to undress. I had only really seen glimpses of her the night she fucked me and the lighting wasn’t very good. Now I got the full deal and it was surprisingly good. For forty-five Mom had kept herself in excellent shape. Of course it wasn’t like the tight firm body of Lisa or Lacy but I wasn’t complaining either and neither was my cock. After she undressed she joined me on the bed, crawling over me all the way to my face.

“Do you know how to perform oral, Luke?” she asked.

“Ummm, yeah… I guess.”

“Let’s test that. Show me what you can do.”

Her wet and flushed pussy was right in my face, mostly shaved clean except a triangle patch above her clit. She moved forward and I opened my mouth, forcing my tongue to slide up her folds. I found her clit quickly, already engorged and flicked it back and forth. She reached down and spread herself wide open for me. I focused on her clit, running my tongue back and forth and up and down.

“Use your mouth, suck on it too,” she said.

Tilting my head up, I sucked her clit into my mouth, creating a vacuum.

“Teeth are okay as well, just be gentle,” she instructed.

Pinning her clit between my teeth, my tongue just seemed to want to flick it as I held it tight. This must have been what she was looking for.

“That’s it…. Luke, do that more… more…. Harder… Ahhhh, perfect.”

Mom’s body squirmed above me as I held her clit between my teeth and went ballistic with my tongue. My chin was wet and buried into her folds, getting wetter each second. A few times her clit would slide away from my teeth and I would have to require it but she seemed to like that as well, urging me on and being very vocal in what I was to do türkçe bahis to her.

“Almost….. there…. Almost!” she called out, urging me not to stop. “Now lower, stick your tongue deep inside me.

I obeyed also slurping her lips into my mouth and rotating my head. I forced my tongue as deep as I could before exploring her urethra and back up to her clit. She moaned, grabbed my hair and pulled me further toward her.

“Suck my clit, do what you were doing before!”

I went back to working only her clit with my teeth and tongue and her grip on my head increased. Her noises became yelps between breaths and I knew I was doing well, really well.

She began to cum and I lost all contact with her clit after that except to lick and suck as best I could because her body convulsed, shaking and moving rapidly. She continued to orgasm, rocking on my face and pressing her sex into my chin as I tried to suck her throbbing nubbin. Several minutes passed and I watched my sexy mother touch herself and enjoy the climax I coaxed out of her with my mouth. It was one of the hottest things I’ve seen.

“Wow, Luke, you learn quickly,” she said after easing down a fraction.

My face was covered in her secretions, my cock throbbed and I felt the trail of pre-cum dripping down onto my stomach. She looked so sexy above me. Her orgasm had made her nipples harden and pull her areolas together. Her face was flushed and the look on her face was erotic as hell. I had never seen my mother like this before and it didn’t really seem like it was my mother at all.

“I want you inside me, Son, but I can’t risk getting pregnant since your father is shooting blanks. Promise me you’ll let me know when you’re getting close.”

“I promise.”

She rolled over next to me, giving me the freedom to take control. I rolled after her and found a place between her legs. First thing first though; I wanted to sample her large breasts. Cupping both with each hand, I pressed them together and lowered my head, taking her left nipple into my mouth. The texture and sensation was wonderful in my mouth. Teasing her nipple with my tongue, I sucked gently before moving to the other breast. I looked up at her, while sucking and she was smiling at me.

“You’re father’s a breast man as well. I think he’d spend hours just with my boobs if I let him.”

I didn’t respond, besides sucking harder and nibbling now on her nipples. This got a moan from my sexy mother as she closed her eyes. Moving slightly to the left my cock moved into place at the entrance to her hot sex. She was very wet and it took next to nothing to enter her. She was loose, much looser than Lisa and especially Lacy. Probably the twenty-seven years of being pounded by my dad and having two kids. It still felt great, hot and very wet as my long shaft descended into her.

“Mmm, yes… give it to me!” she moaned.

At the end I shoved the last inch in hard, pressing my hips against hers and holding myself inside as deep as I could. Sliding out rapidly, I thrust back in even harder, and Mom’s legs wrapped around my body, pulling me into her as her back arched.

“Yes! Fuck me, Luke. I want it fast and hard, like you’re father used to!”

I took that as a challenge and began to hammer down onto her fast, hard and each time giving her all of my cock from the head to the base with each thrust. My bed was creaking; Mom was panting and thrashing around as I furiously thrust my cock into her well-worn hole.

“Oh… Ahhh… it’s so hard… so firm… fuck me, Luke! Don’t stop!”

Sweat was beginning to bead up on my chest and forehead from my efforts. I had never fucked anyone this hard. I doubt anyone I’d been with could have taken all of me this fast and this long, but Mom was fucking loving it. I was thankful for the good night’s sleep because I was getting quite a work out, rising now onto my knees and bending Mom’s legs over her body so I could really go at her. Sweat dripped down onto her body from mine and the new added friction felt amazing. I admired my glistening cock sliding in and out of her soaked sex, her extra-long lips clung to my vein lined shaft. Her breasts rocked up and down, almost hitting her in the face with each of my thrusts.

She had stopped talking, now just moaning or panting. Neither of us thought about being heard or what would happen if someone came looking for either of us. All I cared about was fucking her and from the noises she made and the look on her face she wanted the same. When her hand found her clit, and began to rub it furiously I knew she was close and wanted to get off. My balls had risen as well, the new position had given me the friction I needed and the leverage to really drive hard and deep.

Mom got güvenilir bahis siteleri off well before me. I could tell she was cumming from the added heat and moisture that covered my cock suddenly. That mixed with her reaction got me almost to the point of not being able to stop my climax. I hadn’t slowed down during her orgasm, and I think this kept her going longer than I’ve seen a woman cum. It was hard to tell when she stopped or if she ever did.

“I’m close… Mom… I’m going to cum, Mom.”

She didn’t respond… I don’t even know if she heard me. I knew she didn’t want me to cum but I couldn’t control it anymore. It was too late, the pleasure to intense and I couldn’t stop it. My cock exploded deep inside my mother’s unprotected womb and the sensation was phenomenal. With each small movement her convulsing pussy stimulated my spewing cock, blurring my vision and making me lose control of reality. I kept my cock buried inside her as it jerked over and over, sending my load forth inside my own mother.

I fell over, letting her legs go and collapsed onto her heaving breasts. We both lay there panting in a heap of sweat and skin. My cock remained hard, contracting on its own a few more times inside the hole I came from. Neither of us spoke for several minutes after that.

“I’m sorry… I couldn’t stop,” I finally said.

“It’s okay, Luke… it was perfect.”


“Are you going to tell Lisa about this? Are you going to tell her I know what you two have been doing to me?” I asked, watching Mom get dressed.

“Do you want me to?” she asked.

“I don’t know. What will Lisa do? Will she be game to join us when I’m awake?”

“I really don’t know; this was mostly my idea to be honest. You’re sister and I have enjoyed each other for several years. It wasn’t until recently I suggested adding you to the mix and when she heard about a new study regarding sleeping patches and gained access to a supply, we decided to experiment by adding your physical attribute to the mix.”

“I see. Are the patches safe? Have you been hurting me?”

“The only known side effect is the lack of dreams, which Lisa said you mentioned.”

“Yeah, I did. And that’s it, nothing else bad could happen.”

“They are still being tested, Luke, but Lisa says it’s safe.”

I was a little reassured and almost told Mom what I did to Lisa during her nap but decided against it. I really didn’t know what to think about my mother and Lisa munching each other and then drugging me so they had a hard cock to ride while they did it. After what I’d done the last two days and how good it has been I really didn’t have much to complain about, besides missing almost two months’ worth of hot sex.

“I wish you guys would have just asked me. We could have had a lot of fun, and instead you guys got to without me remembering. Did you know what it was doing to my sex drive? I had no desire anymore; I lost my girlfriend because I didn’t want to have sex.”

“I’m sorry, Luke, I didn’t know that’s why you two broke up. Lisa didn’t think you would go for it and… well I was apprehensive as well so we never told you.”

“I think we should tell her. I think maybe you should act normal tonight, join her with me faking it and together we could surprise her with me waking up. What do you think?”

“I think that’s a great plan. You should wake up as she’s cumming, she won’t be able to control herself. But there is also Lacy now… Lisa told me this morning she let Lacy ride you as well.”

“Yes, and I loved it and I think Lacy would be more than okay with me knowing,” I said with a huge smile.

“You like her, don’t you?”

“Big time… I used to masturbate with her yearbook picture in her dance company outfit. She’s so hot; everyone wanted her in high school and she’s maybe hotter now.”

“I see, well then tonight I’ll make sure she joins us as well. You can surprise them and have free rein to both of their bodies. Does that excite you, Luke? Will that make up for what we did to you and losing your girlfriend?”

“Oh, hell yes it does, I’m getting hard just thinking about it.”

“I see that, but you’ll just have to wait until tonight, I have things to do today.”

She left my room and me lying on my bed watching my cock rise with anticipation. I was so excited to have three women to myself in bed tonight. The very idea had me throbbing within seconds. The dried cum on my cock cracked as my shaft expanded, flaking off onto my legs and bed. I had a long time to wait before it really happened and that got me thinking.

I wanted to remember this for a long time and what better way to do that then get it on video. Tonight I was going to record everything again with my webcam. The idea of watching myself fuck my sister, mother, and Lacy on tape made me grab my cock and began to stroke it. I knew I probably shouldn’t, I’d need my potency for tonight but maybe I could take myself close and stop before I came

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