Mar 23

Summer the 4th time

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Summer the 4th timeSo there I was standing in the bathroom taking in what I had just seen ( see summer the 3rd time )The sight of little amy recovering from her 1st orgasam delivered by her own big sister was making my cock throb even more. I wanted do to see Nicki naked now and fuck her so hard. I did not care if it was in front of her little sister either.Nicki was looking at my cock and licking her lips at the same time. She told amy to get in the bath and wash herself as she took my hand and led me to her room.It was a typical girlie room that you would expect to see any teenage girl. There was a poster of David cassiday on her wall, fluffy fusions on her pink bedding,and a collection of teddy bears on her bed. Nicki pushed me into her room and made me sit on her bed. She smiled as she started to undo her cheesecloth blouse to reveal her white low plunging bra which was a türbanlı hatay escort sight to behold. She then took her time to undo her skirt and slowly unzip it before she let it fall to the floor.She had very small pink knickers on, and I could see a damp patch in front. Of them. Then came the moment I was waiting for, she undid her bra,whipped it off and threw it at me. It was a couple of secounds. Before I. Could. Take in how beautiful and perky. They were. She the slowly pulled her knickers down, and to my amazement she was very hairy. She pushed me on my back and grabbed my pulsating cock. She started to lick me up and down my shaft,and then took the. Full 7″ into her mouth.I nearly came straight away,but managed to hold off. She then got up and straddled me,slowly climbing over me until she was almost sitting on my face. türbanlı hatay escort bayan She looked at me and smiles as she lowered her really hairy minge over my face,it was close enough now for me to start licking her.It was a bit difficult at first to find my way through the hair, but I was soon tasting her sweetness. As. This was happening amy came. In from the bathroom, and came over for a look. Nicki bekonened her over and moved from my face. “watch this amy” she said. As she moved over my cock and with the help of her hand,put my cock inside her. She started to ride me very quickly and it was not long before she came very loudly. It shocked me how quick she did cum as I still had not cum my self.She realized this and then moved herself towards my face again. “what about me” I said. I need to cum to. “don’t worry ” türbanlı escort hatay she said, you will. She then told amy to climb onto the bed after taking her robe off. I could see her little hairless pussy if I stretched my neck a little to one side.she was then helped by her sister to put one leg over me to straddled me too.It was a bit of a stretch for her little body, but she did it and I could feel her flesh against my cock she was squashing it.Nicki told her to sit up.then hold my cock.and then guide it towards her pussy. “sit on it” she shouted excitedly. Amy did and said its. Too big. Her sister climbed off me and helped her sister take my cock into her pussy. She showed her how to move up and down on it before climbing back onto the bed her self and then sat on my face, I was in heaven as I lapped up nickis juices and at the same time the tightest feeling around my cock was making me want to cum now.It was only a few secounds before I exploded my hot cum into that tiny pussy.Nicki continued to ride me until she came again. She then got off me and helped amy get off my cock. She then made amy move over my face and made me lick my own cum out of her sweet. Pussy,as I did that Nicki licked me dry too. Hope you enjoyed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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