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Summer Vacation with My Cousin Ch. 02

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Note: This is the second story of my summer vacation with my cousin and our erotic experiences. I would recommend that you read the first one before reading this, but if you wish to read this first, that is also fine with me. Below is the direct link to the first story.

Summer Vacation with My Cousin Ch. 01

I hope you enjoy the story!!


I slowly start to wake up. As I come from dream land, I start to open my eyes. Opening my eyes is a difficult task, at first, because of the hard crust that had formed on my eyes. When I do fully open my eyes, all of the memories of what previously happened come flooding back at me, all at one time.

I am looking at the back of the neck of the girl whose belly I just worshiped and the girl who just orgasmed all over me, however many hours ago that was. I look at the clock and see that it is evening time, which means that we have been asleep for well over several hours. I look at her and gently kiss her on her upper back.

I love this girl with all of my heart. I move my hands and realize they are still resting on her soft belly. I slowly start to squeeze it over and over again. Soon, I start to get hard. When I get hard, I can feel my penis starting to push against Michelle’s butt. After a few minutes of rubbing her belly gently, I can feel that my penis has positioned itself in Michelle’s butt crack like a hot god in a bun. Of course, her underwear and my pants are keeping it from being bare contact.

I get up out of bed because I have to use the bathroom really badly. I walk in, do my business, and wash my hands. When I am done, I walk out of the bathroom and see that Michelle is no longer in the bed. In fact, she is no longer in the bedroom. I roll my eyes and slightly gape in surprise. She was asleep, was she? Did she feel my penis resting itself in her butt crack?

I walk into the kitchen and I see her standing in front of the oven. The sight I see in front of me immediately makes me hard. She is wearing only that tight and short shirt that I got her, and a pair of underwear. It looks like she is getting ready to start making spaghetti. After the experience we just had with each other, I am feeling extra horny and even more confident.

I slowly start walking towards her as she pours spaghetti sauce into a big pot, making sure she doesn’t hear me. As soon as she pours the last jar of spaghetti sauce into the pot, I gently put my hands around her and rest them on her lower belly.

“Hey beautiful.” I say. She giggles and starts to rub my hands with one hand as she uses the other hand to put the hamburger meat into the pan.

“Hey sexy.” she says and smiles as I pat her belly a few times. I then let go of her and help her get the meal started. Once the hamburger is cooking and the sauce is heating up, I decide I will have a bit of sexual fun with her. I take a spoon, blow on the sauce to cool it down, and when she isn’t expecting, I walk behind her and pour it all over her unsuspecting belly.

“Hey. That was mean!” she yells at me and then starts to pout as I laugh very hard.

“Why are you yelling at me?” I ask as I chuckle.

“Because you got me dirty with spaghetti sauce.” she pouts and looks at her belly.

“Well I know how to clean it up.” I say as she is still mad at me. However, she starts to giggle when I bend down and start to lick the sauce off of her belly.

“Oh my. You really are a slick one.” she laughs as I lick her belly. I am feeling extra horny today.

My goal, today, is to lick her pussy. After feeling her warm pussy on my neck shoot gush after gush of cum on me this morning, I really want to bury my face in it and suck it. I also want to worship her perfect ass. It felt so soft to rub and squeeze. As I have these dirty thoughts, I look up at her and she is biting her lip. “Awe is this turning you on?” I ask.

“Yes Jared.” she says and smiles.

“Here. Let me pull these down a bit so I can get more of your tummy.” I say. I put my hands on her hips and slide her underwear down to where the tip of her pussy is visible. I am surprised güvenilir bahis to see she shaved. When she cummed all over me, it was hairy.

“H-how did you shave your v-vagina?” I ask, startled.

“Oh you don’t care about my tummy, do you? You just want my pussy, right?” she says and grins while rolling her eyes. I don’t know how to reply to that. “To answer your question, I did so while you were asleep. Your dick was hard while you slept. I kind of played with it.” she giggles. That statement just made me more hard.

“Well that’s not fair that you get to play with my dick but I don’t get to play with your pussy.” I pout.

“Well I guess we have to make that fair then.” she says with a naughty tone and grins. She pulls her underwear down and I am staring at her bare crotch. Her pussy is bright pink and one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

“C-can I?” I stutter.

“Shh… I want to tease you.” she says and grins. “Turn around.” she orders and I pout.

“B-but why?” I ask, disappointed.

“Do it.” she says sternly and giggles when I do so. She puts her arms around me and rubs her hands on my chest as she puts her thighs around my neck. I get on my knees and she sits on my shoulders. I can feel her bare butt pressing on my upper back. A second later, she presses her pussy against the back of my neck. I can feel it is warm and wet. I sigh out in erotic relief and feel myself get even more hard as she spends almost a minute massaging my neck with her pussy. After a minute, she gets up and giggles.

“Why did you stop?” I pout.

“We need to cook and eat. I want to tease you.” she says and sticks her tongue out at me. She walks to her underwear and puts it back on. She then goes to the stove and puts the finished hamburger meat into the spaghetti sauce. As she does that, I get the noodles and break them in half before putting them into a bigger pot full of already boiling water. Michelle, my favorite person in the world, is stirring the sauce and hamburger mixture. As she does so, I walk behind her and hug her from behind.

“I love you so much.” I tell her.

“Awe Jared I love you too. You’re my princess.” she says, making me smile.

“You’re my best friend.” I say.

“You’re mine too.” she says. “Just so you know Jared, you can do whatever you want to me whenever you want. I love and trust you.” she adds, surprising me.

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“You can rub my tummy, kiss my tummy, play with my pussy, kiss my lips, rub my butt and even kiss my ass, whenever you want. Oh, don’t forget about my boobies too.” she says and giggles.

“Really?” I ask.

“Yes. I’m horny.” she laughs.

“Here. I got something for you.” I say and walk away. I go into the cabinet in the pantry and grab some honey. I walk out and open the bottle of honey. I pour a stream of honey from her upper back to her lower back. I am going to suck every inch of her body.

“Oh what are you doing? Is that honey?” she asks and giggles.

“Yup. Just enjoy.” I as I take her shirt off. I start to kiss her shoulder blades. I then start to lick the honey on the top half of her back. When my tongue starts to lick her, she starts to giggle. Her giggles soon turn into sighs of pleasure. After ten minutes of licking all of the stickiness off of her upper back, I look at her lower back and bend down. I start to lick the middle of her spine. I suck every inch of honey running down her spine until I reach to just an inch above her underwear line. I see that some of the honey has slipped into her underwear and is probably in her butt crack.

“So you said I can do whatever I wanted right?” I ask.

“Yes baby.” she says in a seductive tone.

“So nothing will make you feel uncomfortable?” I ask.

“Nothing will. I promise you.” she replies in a sweet voice.

“Okay. Just remember you said it.” I tell her. I then stare at her ass with lust in my eyes. I take my hands and pull her underwear down to show half of her butt. I see that some honey has gotten into the top inch of her butt crack. Michelle starts to giggle, türkçe bahis knowing what is to come. I take my tongue and start to lick the honey out of the top of her butt crack. I start off soft but then my licking soon starts to turn into sucking. She starts to sigh in pleasure as my breathing starts to skyrocket with my heart rate. When I am done licking the honey out, I gently slap each ass cheek. I pull her underwear all of the way down. I take my hands and spread her butt cheeks as far apart as I can without causing pain. I then bury my face in her ass hole and blow a loud raspberry. She starts to laugh hysterically and bends over instinctively, effectively pushing her ass more into my face. I hold her tightly as I continue to blow raspberry after raspberry into her butt hole. I do this for about a minute and then I stop. I let go of her ass and pull her underwear up. I stand up and look at her from behind as she turns her head around and smiles at me. I lean in and start to kiss her.

“I love you so much.” she says.

“I love you too, even though you farted in my face for a full minute.” I say and tease her.

“I did not!” she gasps and pouts.

“Then what was that?” I say and grin.

“You blew into my ass.” she says and laughs.

“Oh shut up!” I say and grin. I start to French kiss her before she can reply. She breathes hard into my mouth as I breathe hard into hers. “Turn around. I’ll rub your belly as we kiss.” I say and she smiles. She turns around and I put my hands on her tummy. I squeeze her lower belly with one hand and press her belly in with the other hand, like I would press pizza dough in.

“If you keep that up, you might actually make me fart.” she says after ten minutes of me fondling her tummy.

“Only you.” I say and laugh. “Let it out if you must. I want your tummy to feel good. I love you so much.” I say.

“You are so sweet.” she says and bends back to kiss me again. I spend the rest of the time fondling with her tummy, until the food is ready. We put the food in a separate container. We are both obviously way too horny to eat.

“So…” she says and giggles.

“Eat later. Oral sex now.” I say, breathing hard.

“Yes.” she replies and smiles. She runs upstairs and I chase her. When we both get into her room, I shut the door. “So what are we…” is all she has time to say before I playfully tackle her on the bed. She laughs and lays backwards on the bed, raising her arms up. I start to suck each one of her breasts. She starts to softly moan as I do so. After a few minutes of this, I move down to her tummy. With her tummy already red from the attention I have already given to it, I bury my face in it and passionately suck every inch of her tummy. One minute, I am biting her rib cage softly. The next minute, I am sucking her navel. All of this is happening as I am thumb massaging each side of her lower tummy. After another minute, she ends up letting out a loud fart.

“Oops.” she says and hides her face, giggling. I unhide her face and kiss her.

“It’s okay Michelle. I love you so much.” I whisper. I then resume to sucking her belly all over. I moan into her lower belly as I put as much of her tummy into my mouth as possible, feeling its softness. The fact that I worshiped her belly good enough to make her fart is turning me on even more.

After another minute, I go lower until my face is resting on her underwear covered pussy. I can feel that her underwear is soaked with her sweat and cum. “Lift your butt up.” I ask her and she does so. I pull her underwear down and stare at her pussy. She breathes really hard in anticipation of what will happen next, but I decide to tease her.

“Turn over.” I order.

“Why?” she pouts.

“I want to tease you.” I say and grin.

“You’re mean.” she pouts as she does so. However, her pouts soon stop as I start to gently finger her ass. I look at the dresser and there happens to be baby oil on there. I walk up to it, grab it, and pour a bit of oil in her butt crack. When she feels the oil make contact with her butt, she gasps.

“Try not to fart güvenilir bahis siteleri on me.” I tease.

“Shut up!” she says and laughs.

“Just enjoy.” I say and slowly insert my finger into her butt hole, using the oil as lubricant. She starts to moan as I start to finger fuck her tight, perfect ass. I go faster as time progresses. As I finger fuck her, I can feel her butt hole contract against my finger, tightening and loosening itself out of pure enjoyment. A few minutes later, I take my finger out and bury my face in her ass crack. I start to kiss and gently bite her butt crack, causing her to rock her hips gently and moan. After a minute of this, I start to use my tongue as my finger and use it to tongue fuck her ass. After five minutes of this and my face being oily, she starts to scream. When she starts screaming in ecstasy, I stop and turn her around. Her eyes are about to roll in the back of her head, seemingly. I look down at her pussy and it is dripping liquid, but no cum is gushing out. That means I have her right at the brink of an orgasm.

“Stand up.” I say, breathing very hard and she does so.

“Please don’t stop.” she says in tears of enjoyment. I stick one finger in her ass hole and start to finger fuck it. I use the other hand to massage her butt cheek. As I do all of that, I bury my face in her pussy and start to suck her pussy with as much intensity as I can. After a minute of doing this and her screaming in ecstasy, she starts to release gushes of cum all over my face. Once I am blinded by her cu, I continue to keep going. Five minute later, she starts moaning loudly again. During all of this time, she is ricking her hips back and forth and is humping me gently. Ash she moans louder and louder, I suck harder and finger her butt hole even faster, all at the same time. It only takes another ten minutes before her screaming becomes very loud. She soon cums all over me again, this orgasm more intense than the last one. I want to keep going and keep making her climax all over me, but her two back to back orgasms without any rest in between were so intense she collapses in exhaustion.

“Awe.” I say and pick her up. I carry her onto the bed and lay her, belly up, on it, as she catches her breath and her eyes roll in the back of her bed in pure enjoyment. I pull my pants down and let my penis go through the built in hole in my underwear. Breathing hard, I start to masturbate myself. It only takes one minute for me to start shooting gush after gush of cum all over Michelle’s naked belly and breasts. After my seemingly 5-hour long orgasm, I look at her body through blurred vision of her cum all over my face, and smile as my cum covers her entire belly. I walk into the bathroom, grab a wet rag, and wipe all of our cum off of her belly and chest. I go back in the bathroom and wipe it off my face before washing the rag in the bath tub. Once done with that, I use the bathroom.

When I am done using the bathroom, I walk up to her, my dick still hard, and start to lick the cum I intentionally left off of her pussy. She gives me a really weak smile when I am done. I feel her tummy an it is all tightened up.

“Do you have to fart?” I ask and smile at her.

“No. I have to pee really badly. That was so intense. I’m so tired. Can you carry me to the bathroom?” she asks and smiles.

“Awe. I will do anything for you.” I reply and pick her up. I sit her on the toilet and she holds my hand.

“Hold me.” she pouts in a cute voice. I wrap my arms around Michelle and rub her shoulders as she lets all of her urine out of her body and into the toilet. When she is done, she uses the toilet paper to wipe her pussy and I flush the toilet. I pick her back up and lay her back on the bed. She rolls onto her side.

“Lay down with me.” she begs. I get under the covers with her and cuddle against her naked self. I am only in underwear, but my still hard penis is bare and in contact with her ass. “I love you so much.” she says in a sleepy voice. I don’t reply to her. I instead rub her tummy until she falls asleep. When she is asleep and snoring, I gently spread her butt cheeks apart and position my hard dick inside of her butt cheeks like a hot dog. I smile as I feel her warm, soft butt cheeks hug my cock. This has been the best day in my entire life.

I soon fall asleep, smiling.

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