Haz 04


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SunbathingI invite you down to my place one day to meet my friend Dawn, it is a lovely and sunny day and dawn is in her bikini and I just have shorts on, when you arrive I get some champagne out of the fridge and pour a glass for us all I put a sliced strawberry in yours and dawns champagne saucer, we sit in the sun enjoying the champagne and you start to look a bit hot so I ask you if you want to sit in the shade, or even take your dress of, you blush but dawn says, don’t worry no one can see in to the garden, you say no its alright I will just undo a few buttons on my dress which you do, after a short while dawn says she is going to make the most of the sun and takes the top half of her bikini off, and goes and lays on one of the hammocks, after a while you say I think I will make the most of the sun and take your dress completely off so you have just your bra and knickers on, and I tell you to go and use the other hammock I am more than happy to sit in the chair.You lay on the hammock and I move my chair to the bottom of the hammock lordbahis güvenilirmi so I can see your knickers and outline of your pussy, dawn says why don’t you take your bra off, you think about it for habit then take it off and lay back, I say you had better put some suntan lotion on, dawn says I will do it for you, if you want, and you say yes why not so dawn puts some cream on you and starts rubbing it in, she puts some on your tits and nipples massaging it in saying it would be a shame to get sunburnt tits, because I am sat at the bottom of the hammock I notice a wet patch appearing on your knickers, dawn lays back on the hammock and says I think I will Ger rid of any tan lines, and she takes her bikini bottoms off, you offer to put some lotion on dawn, you put it on her tits and rub it in you then put some on her stomach, and then you put some on her shaved pussy and massage it in taking care to make sure the pussy is well covered, dawn starts lifting her pussy up to push against your hand as lordbahis yeni giriş you rub your finger along her slit and gently caress her clit dawn let’s out a big moan and pussy juices pour out of her, you smile and go back to your hammock.After a few minutes you say you don’t want tan lines either so you slip your knickers down, and smile at me, you then say its not fair that both girls are naked and you have still got your trunks on so take them off so I do. Dawn goes over to you and says its her turn to make you happy, she puts cream on her hands and starts to cover your pussy taking care of your outer lips, watching them open like the the petals of a sweet rose, she gently slips a finger in your pussy and caresses your g spot whilst gently playing with your clit I stand up and walk up to you and start to play with your tits and gently suck and nibble your nipples making them nice and hard and sensitive, dawn bends over and puts another finger in your pussy massaging your g spot and licks and sucks lordbahis giriş your clit sucking it into her mouth and flicking it with her tongue, you arch your back and give out a load moan as you cum.You lay there with a big smile on your face, dawn lays down and spreads her legs and tells you to sit on her face and bend down and play with her pussy with your tongue, she the tells me to come over and kneel by her pussy ready to fuck her, you look up and open your mouth so I gently stick my cock in your mouth and you suck and tongue my cock, you then open dawns pussy and guide my cock into it, I slowly fuck her whilst you lick her clit and the base of my cock, and she is sucking, licking and finger fucking you, you tell me that you have to share my cum and not to give it all to dawn, I start to cum and I shoot a couple of spurts into dawn then pull my cock out and come all over your face and tits you take my cock into tour mouth and lick dawns juices and my cum off my cock you then bend down and lick all my cum out of dawns pussy, you then turn round and dribble a bit of my cum into dawns mouth and she licks my cum of your tits.I hope you enjoyed this fantasy, if there is any bit you don’t like let me know and I will not put it in any other stories, if there is anyy other scenario you would like for a story please let me know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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