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Her eyes blinked her awake. Her eyes hurt, and she feared they didn’t work. She could barely remember what happened last night and was starting to question how she got into bed. She moved her arms, as if to see if they were still attached. Her hands roam over her body detecting clothes, bra, panties, and socks. She remarked in her head how she hated to wear socks to bed.

After feeling herself up and was considering it to be foreplay for some private loving. She put those thoughts on hold, because right now she felt like she been run over by a Mack truck hauling thirty tons down eighty miles of bad road, then being dragged down said road, after being ran over. She looked up at her ceiling or what she thought she was ceiling.

She was on her back and assumed that direction was up. Noticing her room was pitch black and the only light was from her clock. That clock with the red numbers, they were glowing like the devil’s eyes. Those numbers had an evil number. Seven. Zero. Zero.

“Seven?” She squints at the clock, hard, as if to defy it. She turns her head away, and thinks to herself, what a way to start my vacation.

She glances back at the clock and her jaw mentally drops.

“P.M.? Seven, p.m. FUCK! How the hell did I sleep away an entire day!” She says as she fails around, hitting the bed, as if it was the bed’s fault some how. She gathers up her will, and makes up her mind to stop beating the demon that is her bed. She wins her struggle and gets up, stepping on cards, controllers, toys, and random other things. ‘I cleaned my room’, she thinks to herself.

She sits back down as quickly as she stepped on all the things scattered on her floor. A loud ‘FUCK!’ enters her mind, as she beings to remove her socks, and feels the urge to pee. She stands back up, decides to leave the socks, and if she steps on things she steps on them. She makes her way to her bathroom and flips on the light. She is surprised as the bathroom is just as spotless as she left it. She looks at herself in the mirror. She runs her left hand through her boy cut dirty blonde hair, fearing to look at her self. She takes a breath, looks into her own clear blue eyes, noticing they are blood shot. She looks at her face and sees her eye make up has run.

She admires her own natural features of her face. Her mother always told her the less the better, and her case, even less than that. She looks over her body for any bruises or bumps. She stands on her tip toes as she turns to look at her ass in the mirror. She curses her five foot three small frame as she can’t quite see what she wants to in the mirror. She takes one last inventory of her tits and yep, both still a handful. She takes a few steps, not wanting to stop looking at herself, but she’s been fighting the feeling she has to go.

She lifts the lid to the toilet and whips down her panties. She sits and releases the pee. She pulls off those horrible socks on her feet as she finishes up. Just about then, her phone lights up and buzzes. She stands and pulls her panties up. Seven sixteen, she see the clock as she washes her hands and dries them off in the towel she keeps by the sink. She sees her phone light up on the floor, again. She feels the wall next to the entrance to her bathroom. She finds the switch and flicks on the light.

The room illuminates, and shows the walls covered with a Batman, Star Wars, Star Trek, Highlander, Fight Club, Watchmen, and Sin City movie posters. She views her Magic: the Gathering card collection all over the floor, she had those on her desk, which is void of anything. Most of her shelves are still on the wall and they still hold her random statues and action figures from various comic book and movies. She see a few shelves are knocked down, and this disturbs her. Her computer is off and there’s nothing missing off there, she thinks still taking a mental inventory of her room.

She sees her Xbox is missing and notices the one controller she stepped on. When she feels she is done taking her mental check of her room’s contents, she heads over to her closet. She pulls off her bra and puts on a oversized t-shirt with the Green Lantern on it, which she picked up off the closet floor. She rubs her eyes as if to jump start her mind to remember the events that happened last night. She shakes her head and moves to her window.

“I love my corner room.” She says out loud as she throws open her heavy curtains. She sighs as she sees night time in the city with the sun’s light just out of sight and painting the sky a reddish hue. She looks down and sees the people and traffic flowing through the streets, like blood through veins. This brings a smile to her face. She tries to look up a few blocks towards the comic book shop, to see how busy it is.

“No. No. I’m on vacation.” She reminds herself out loud.

“Last night is a blur. I think there was a party. I just wasted the first day of my short vacation.” She blurts out, as if speaking to someone. She finally picks up her phone which she was trying to avoid, like the escort bostancı salad bar at a fat camp. She pushes the button and slides her finger across the screen of her smart phone. She sees she has 23 missed text messages and 18 missed phone calls. She reads the text messages, none of which are from her boyfriend. Same with the phone calls.

What a bastard, she thinks to herself. Her friends seem to care more about her than, her own boyfriend. When she was done with her phone, she walks to her door, and opens it. She hears a voice coming from down the hallway. ‘Must be in the kitchen.’ She thinks to herself. She makes her way slowly and quietly down the hall. She finds someone facing sitting at the kitchen table.

As she enters the kitchen and she can hear that person talking to someone, on their phone. “I know, but Collin just checked in on her. Yeah, I heard the toilet flush a few minutes ago, so she has to be ok. Yup, will do and no problem. Yup, talk to you later, good bye.” The gentle voice says. “I’m ok, but before you speak just tell me who you are talking to.” She says sternly.

“CRAP!” The other girl says, frightened by this, and drops her phone on the table.

“I was talking to Marigold. That’s not important, how do you feel? Are you ok?” The girl asks, collecting herself, as she fumbles with her phone, trying to pick it up, to see if it still works. “I’m fine Stacy. Glad to see you keeping my sister updated on my health status?” She retorts, with some snark.

“Sunflower, you were out for almost twenty hours, we were all a little concerned.” Stacy says, as she puts down her phone after checking the Facebook status of that guy she likes. ‘Missing my baby–At work’ it says, by the way. “I hoped you would be concerned.” She says, as she spots Collin ‘s phone laying on the counter, but tries not to notice.

Stacy takes a sip from her bottle of water, that she had sitting in front of her on the counter. “Can you tell me what happened, or do I have to guess?” Sunflower says as she sits down with a thud and looks down, holding her head in her hands. The headache is creeping in and she feels it. Her eyes begin to pound like the thumping music at a techno club, if they still had those.

“You really don’t remember, do you, Sun?” Stacy asks, pushing her a single black curly hair out of her own face.

“No, seriously I don’t. Is Collin here?” She answers and asks, glaring towards Stacy.

“He went out to get us pizza about half an hour ago.” She looks at Sunflower with a tell tale glare, of ‘what the fuck are you doing?’ Sunflower notices.

“Collin? Not Edward? I know who I can count on, I guess.” Sunflower says as they hear Collin’s phone go off, playing some Shinedown song. She gets up slowly to see who’s calling. It’s Veronica, his ex-girlfriend. Sunflower runs her hand through her hair and holds it there. ‘What the fuck am I doing? Why hasn’t Edward called? What happened last night?’

Stacy watching her notices what she was doing.

“Veronica.” Sunflower says plainly. Stacy smiles, knowingly and Sunflower notices.

“What is that smile for?” She asks with a mock yell.

“I’m so sorry.” She says remorseful of her actions up till now.

“Sorry for what? For my boyfriend hasn’t called to check up on me, to see if I am still alive? My two best friends are the only one’s who stuck by me when I needed them. What happened?” She says as she, meanders back to her chair collapsing in it.

“I think we can wait till Collin gets back, he was here from the start. I didn’t get home till about ten thirty last night, you still remember that, right?” She tells and asks, as if countermanding the last time Sunflower did it.

“Yeah, I remember, you brought Eric with you. I was glad to see you are still seeing him.” She says quietly, remembering that Collin set up Stacy with Eric, over two months ago.

“Do you remember Eric’s brother, Tom? And who he brought with him?”

Stacy asks, taking another swig from her bottle.

“No, I don’t.” Sunflower says as she tries to sit up right in the chair.

“Veronica, Collin ‘s ex.” Stacy says, spicing up the conversation with drama.

“Tom and Veronica? That caused problems with Collin?” Sunflower asks.

“Believe it or not, Collin was fine with it, it was Veronica and Tom who weren’t.” Stacy tells her.

“They asked Collin to leave and Collin was getting ready to leave, when I and you stepped in. You told them if anyone shou…” Stacy starts and is interrupted, by Sunflower.

“Should be the sponge and the cheating whore…Yeah, I remember saying that.” Sunflower says, looking off to the side ashamed of what she said.

“Well, they left and called the cops on us for being too, loud.” Stacy told her.

“Any way to get revenge, is a win?” Sunflower says, gazing out the window into the darkest night sky.

“I guess, but Veronica called Collin after a couple of hours ago, saying she would bail him out of jail.” Stacy tells her as she takes another swig ümraniye escort of her water.

“I must have been out before that. So, I am guessing the cops showed up and told us to keep it down?” Sunflower says as she thinks about having a smoke, but the thought is soon put to rest by realizing why she quit.

“Right, but Helen’s husband Richard, was the cop that showed up. He knows us and he knew we weren’t making any where near the noise that was being reported.” Stacy says as she see the time.

“So, then what happened?” Sunflower says as if she was at the edge of her seat.

“So the next time she called, Collin told, Veronica that a night in jail would do him good. That was the last time he talked to her, as far as I know.” Stacy said with a smile.

“Veronica broke up with Collin five months ago, why is she call him now?” She asks, Stacy.

“My guess is that, last night was the last time he and her talked since then. So, she might think he’s in jail, still? I would like to think she is smarter than that, but she always seemed a few box tops short of a free prize.” Stacy, tells her.

There’s a knock at the door, before Sunflower has time to add her own words of detest for Collin’s ex-girlfriend. The two girls look at one another and back to the door as the knocking starts again. They shrug, then point a finger at each other, as if to say, ‘you get it’. Stacy finally gets up as the knocking starts again. Taking note as she approaches the door of their apartment that the knocking, seems to be coming from some where near the bottom half of the door.

Stacy thinks how the Smurfs must be knocking. She brings her hand to the door knob and turns it slowly. Painfully, cripplingly, and mind numbingly slow. As if it were a horror movie. As the bolt makes the sound of retreat, she starts to pull the door towards her, and just as it gets an inch open, a large foot enters. Stacy is almost knocked back as she finally sees Collin and his arms full, of not only the promised pizza, but bags of soda, chips, bottled water, various alcohol, and a few movies.

“Sorry, Stacy. You took forever to answer, and I think my fingers are

going numb.” He tells her as he pushes pass, obviously in a hurry toset the stuff down.

“No problem, Collin .” She retorts as if she decides not to accept the apology.

“Hey, sleeping beauty glad to see you finally woke up!” Collin says

excitedly, as he quickly sets all the bags and pizza box down.

“Glad to see you too.” She says as she turns towards him and smiles, in fact she been smiling since she hear his voice coming from the door. He takes a few steps toward her, reaches for her face, and brings his lips to hers. She is thrown off by his actions, his brazen confidence, but not so much to stop him.

“Well, what this?” Stacy says as she enters the kitchen. This breaks them apart, and they all stare at each other in silence.

‘What’s wrong with me? Why did I let him kiss me? Why did I kiss back? When can I kiss him again?’ Sunflower thinks to herself. Collin is staring at the floor, and notices how cute he has always found, Sunflower’s feet to be.

“Collin , I was filling in Sunflower about what happened at the party, do you have anything to add?” Stacy says, with her knowing smile.

This seems to snap Collin back to the present. He takes a moment looks at Sunflower, who now is realizing that she can’t help, but smile when he looks at her. ‘What is wrong with me? I have a boyfriend!’

“What does she know? Did you tell her the part where Eddie slipped her a Mickey?” Collin says, with some concern in his voice. Stacy looks at Collin with a face that is pale.

“No, I was going to get to that, but you that’s when you got here, so on that note you can tell her.” Stacy says as if to say, “got ya”.

“What did Edward give me? Tell me. Is that the reason I can’t remember anything?” She looks to Collin pleading.

“Calm down, Sunny, I will tell you everything I know.” Collin tells her as uses the nickname he used to call her in high school.

“Ok, sorry, I just want to know, you know?” She tells him and she see a look in his eyes, that she recognizes as understanding. Or thinks what that is.

“Your first drink was spiked with rohypnol , but I don’t think Eddie remembered what he gave you.” Collin said with some remorse.

“What, do you mean?” Sunflower asks, with fear in her voice.

“It got you drunk faster, to the point you passed out.” Stacy said.

“Eddie, isn’t the brightest, so from what I can guess, he kept adding a little more to each drink. In hopes of it just knocking you out. Since the first drink didn’t.” Collin continued.

“Why?” Sunflower said, absentmindedly reaching for Collin ‘s hand, and he letting her have it.

“You know Connie Bahl, that I work with?” Collin said, gripping Sunflowers hand.

“Yeah, I think so. Why? Wait… No! No, way! That little dick, cheating bastard! Fuck!” Sunflower says as she is almost breaking Collin’s hand

“Ow, kartal escort bayan Ow, Ouch!!!” He yells as Sunflower lets go of his hand. She sees the fingernail marks that are bleeding and feels really bad, about hurting him.

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” Sunflower says with tears in her eyes, because she hurt one of the few people on this planet that actually means something to her. ‘Wait! I know what it is, I love him.’ She thinks at that moment to herself. Stacy almost lets out a laugh as she watched that unfold in front of her.

“He has been cheating on you for almost 4 months now, and not just with Connie. I guess from what Eric told me, there has been a Marcie, Jessica, and a Rose.” Stacy said.

“We have been together for over a year! Why would he do that to us? To me!” Sunflower yells.

“Because, Ed thought you and I spent way to much time together and figured we had something going on. Veronica thought the same way, citing it as one of the many reasons she left me. Ok, the top reason she left me.” Collin said calmly, nursing his damaged hand.

“He’s my best friend! I have known him since high school! Didn’t Eddie think if I wanted to be with him I would?” Sunflower states, loudly.

“You would think that, but not everyone thinks that way.” Stacy says with a chuckle.

“Yeah..” Collin says blushing, looking down, and moves his other hand to the back of his head, as if to itch it.

“Oh yeah.” Sunflower says blushing, looking around, avoiding eye contact with anyone.

“Long story short, Sun. Eddie left after, from what I can guess was maybe the third drink he spiked and gave you. It was just before midnight, and after the cops were here. We were all pretty drunk, we just figured you were too.” Collin said.

“Wait, hold up, how do you guys know anything about what happened?” Sunflower asks.

“Connie came back this morning and confessed what Ed did last night.” Collin said, as he finally sits down firmly.

“She told us Eddie has been dealing those kind of drugs for years. We are all surprised as you. But say what you will about him, Eddie does know how to keep his secrets.” Stacy said, as she looks at Sunflower with some sadness.

“That’s fucked up. I mean, just because they thought? I mean, now I know why, he didn’t call. I guess it’s a hell of a way to break up with someone, huh.” Sunflower says as she slumps and lowers her head to look her lap, as if the weight of her own tears, made her head heavy. One drip, and another. Collin moves and puts his arms around her. She hugs back.

“Richard just arrested Eddie this morning, after Connie came by.” Collin says softly.

“She turned him in, because she told us it could be her when Eddie decides to dump her. I am sure in fact that’s how he breaks up with all his exs.” Stacy says, before she thinks.

“Stacy, it doesn’t matter why Connie did it, she came forward and did the right thing.” Collin says, loudly almost yelling.

“So, Connie pressed charges. Should I?” Sunflower says, wiping away her tears, and runny nose.

“Yeah, you should, but I think that’s not going to be a problem. Rohypnol is no longer approved for medical use in the United States. So, Eddie has so much explaining to do.” Collin states.

“I am so mad right now. I barely remember anything from last night, blacked out, and find out it’s all because of my ex-boyfriend.” Sunflower says, wanting a strong, stiff, drink, and beginning the some what of an awkward silence.

“We got worried when you fell asleep, because three drinks never puts under. We became even more concerned when you didn’t wake up when everyone was leaving. We started monitoring you. Staying up all night to make sure you were ok.” Stacy tells her, glancing at Collin . Sunflower notices.

“Huh? Wait… Collin , did you spend the night here?” Sunflower asks.

“Yeah, I did.” Collin states nervously.

“Where did you sleep?” Sunflower asks, knowing the answer, but she really prefers to hear it.

“In that stupid chair in your room.” He tells her, looking straight in to her eyes.

“Really?” She asks, not knowing the answer this time, but feels what it’s going to be.

“Well, Stacy took the first shift, while I tried to sleep on the couch.” Collin says, but isn’t telling the whole truth, because he was too worried to sleep. So, he used his nursing skills and the internet to figure out how to do as much as he could.

“Really?” She asks, again.

“Yes, we both care for you, very much and we did everything we could to make sure you were ok. Since I am a male nurse, I figured I was the best suited to help, plus I have doctor’s numbers in my phone and I have…” He says as he is very close to rambling on, and Stacy interrupts.

“Some of us care about you more than others, obviously.” She says with a seer and a glance at Collin. He takes a deep breath before he speaks. This moment, Sunflower feels that he is going to say something really important.

“I want you to know I love you, Sunny. I always have, I always will.” He tells her, again looking straight into her eyes, almost piercing her soul. Stacy, is proud of Collin for confessing his feelings and decided it was best not to add anything to the conversation. Stacy, also feels that this is better than television.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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