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Merinda was a successful writer and wrote romantic stories for several publications. She got remunerated well for these erotic tales. The stories were slightly risqué but never blatantly pornographic. The female readers, however, thrived on Merinda’s heady descriptions of her overtly masculine hero’s. Tons of pussy juice spilled, as her fan club salivated over her animalistic, supreme alpha men.On one of her annual holidays, Merinda found a heavenly enclave in a remote village that was inland from the coastline. On an impulse that day, she decided to buy a small home that was on the market. She was happily single and had no yearning to be in a relationship. The out-of-the-way village was ideally suited to her desire for tranquillity. Two gay men owned this magnificently restored and tastefully decorated home. The gay couple were planning to emigrate and wanted to sell the place, lock-stock-and-barrel.Merinda was elated and was even happy to take over all their superior quality linen. The only thing güvenilir bahis the gay couple would be taking with them were art pieces they were unwilling to part with. Once Merinda had settled in, she soon was content with the decision she had made. Above all, the agrarian males from the area met with all her preconceived notions.She soon got into the swing of things, and soon found a comfortable routine of integrating with the local gen pop.Merinda was wary of categorization as the local slut and was therefore subtle in her approach towards the studs in the area. She was a very attractive woman and the farmer types could not keep their salacious eyes off her. From her first evening at the pub, lustful stares overwhelmed her continuously. Most of the males were definitely interested in fucking her. Even the married men with their wives in tow, shot horny glances at her.Merinda knew that to all the horny men in the local pub she was getting, evaluated, as free-range pussy, and it did not take too güvenilir bahis siteleri long before Merinda was getting, regularly serviced.The first of these was a large hairy, bearish man named Wouter. Wouter was in his sixties and his wife had died two years before.Wouter almost ticked all her boxes. He was super large, grunted like an animal, had a huge cock, but was simple to gentle for her taste.Stephan a younger bachelor was the opposite. He was aggressive, very active in bed, but had an inadequate undersized cock that did not satisfy Merinda.One, magical Friday evening, however, she met Gerhard.As he arrived at the bar, she immediately focussed on him. Every fibre of her being told her that he was the man.Gerhard, as she would later learn, was a rough-looking, hefty and supreme alpha man.Unfortunately, two men were seated next to her at the bar counter, separating them initially. To her delight, however, a waitress soon arrived announcing to the two men that their food was ready and iddaa siteleri that she had allocated a table to them a short way off. As they followed their waiter to their table, Gerhard quickly relocated to the barstool next to Merinda.“Hi, do you mind if I sit here?” Gerhard asked as he placed his helmet on the counter with his removed gloves underneath.“No, seats are not reserved,” Merinda replied with a chuckle.“Cool, so I may sit next to the prettiest woman in the place?” Gerhard countered with a smile.“If you say so…” Merinda answered with a smile.“So… Where do you live? …Pretty girl,” Gerhard replied with a faltered chuckle.“Diagonally across the road,” Merinda nonchalantly replied.“Mmm, will I get invited to check it out later?” Gerhard then mischievously inquired.“Maybe… If you assure me that I’ll be safe,” Merinda coquettishly countered.“How safe would you like to be?” Gerhard impishly responded.With a naughty smile, Merinda then simply gave him a suggestive shrug.“Hopefully, you’re not married?” Gerhard inquired.“Nope. Not married, engaged, or involved,” Merinda retorted, before asking, “And you?”“Divorced,” Gerhard succinctly replied.“Kids?” Merinda persevered.“Daughter… But she lives with her mother,” Gerhard confirmed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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