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Emily was bored that night. Her husband was watching television, but nothing on it interested her, so she went into the small room where her computer was, sat down and went into a chat room just to see what was going on She hadn’t been there long when an instant message from a man appeared on her screen

He told her how pretty her picture was on her profile.

She thank him and they began to talk. The usual chatter. a/s/l.

He said he was 31 and single and that his name was Paul. He told her he was an engineer and lived and worked 45 minutes from where she was located.

“Nice to meet you, Paul. My name is Emily, I’m married and much older than you.”

“Nice meeting you too, Emily. Mature women know who they are and what they want. I find that very attractive.”

“Are you hitting on me, Paul? I have heard that line from more men than I can count. It would be a good idea if you looked elsewhere for a younger, single woman.”

“I didn’t mean that as a line, Emily. I’m just telling you how I feel about older women and am very sorry if it offended you. I’m not looking for sex. I’m lonely tonight and came into the chat room to find someone to talk to, someone to be friends with. Will you please talk to me for awhile?” “Yes,” she said. “Now that we have that cleared up, I will be happy to talk with you.”

They talked for over an hour, telling each other about their families, interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes.

He told her that he and his sister had come to the States 10 years ago from India and that his parents were still there. His sister lived in another state, and outside of work, he didn’t know many people. He came to the chat rooms out of boredom and loneliness.

She told him that she came to the chat rooms for the same reasons. She filled the evening hours chatting with Internet friends.

“Do you think that people can have friends of all ages, Emily?”

‘Yes, of course, there’s no age limit on friendship.”

“May I be one of your Internet friends, Emily? May I add your name to my friends list, so we can chat again?”

He was a very polite young man and seemed quite sincere, so she agreed then they said good-bye for the night.

A few months passed and during one of their many chats, he sent a picture of himself.

What a nice looking young man, she thought. “Why aren’t you married, Paul.”

“I haven’t met the right girl and have spent my time becoming established in this country and working. I’ll be married someday, just not now.”

One evening while chatting, Paul asked Emily if they could meet one day for lunch or to just take a walk. She’d told him that she walks 2 miles a day for exercise and loves to walk.

Emily was hesitant and reminded him again that there could be nothing more between them than just friendship. She agreed to meet him because she thought it would be nice to meet in person to have a visual in mind when talking online. Meeting him was harmless wasn’t it? afterall they were meeting in a public place. When the day arrived, she knew she was taking a chance, meeting a stranger without telling someone, but there was no one to tell, certainly not her husband. He would never understand and never allow it.

They met for coffee at the designated time and place. She was surprised and pleased with how tall he was, taller then her 5’ 11”. She had expected a man from India to be short and dark skinned. He was neither. She also noticed what a good looking young man he was, much better looking then his picture, kartal escort and she wondered why that mattered to her. She knew why. Something she hadn’t counted on. She was attracted to him.

When Paul pulled into the parking lot and saw Emily, he couldn’t believe his eyes. She was beautiful, much more attractive then her photo. She was a mature woman with the body of a mature woman, a little plump, but with her height, made her curvaceous as hell. Am I going to be able to keep my hands off of her? he thought.

While in the restaurant anyone who happened to look at them could tell they were checking each other out. Conversation came easily and time seemed to fly. “Emily, is there a park nearby where we can walk as we talk?”

“Yes, there’s a small park not too far from here and if were going to walk we have to leave now. It looks like rain.”

Rather then ride with him she decided it would be in her best interest if she invited him to ride with her. During the ride to the park, the air inside of her car was charged with sexual energy. It was bouncing off of every surface making her nervous. Conversation stopped and the silence was awkward. She took a sideways glance at him. He was looking straight ahead, and she wondered what he was thinking.

When they arrived, the park was almost empty. The sky was turning darker and the weather was threatening rain. They got out of the car and walked a short distance to a covered shelter and sat down at a picnic table, deciding whether to chance a walk or not. Her hands were cold. She put them up to her mouth and blew her warm breath on them.

“Let me do that, Emily.” He took her cold hands, put them to his mouth and blew gently, warming them. His lips brushed her fingertips and she felt a warm rush between her legs. His arm went around her shoulder, not for long, but long enough for her to know she liked it.

This woman is driving me crazy, he thought, I know we agreed that there could be nothing between us, but surely she can feel what’s happening here. I can’t sit here like this. If I do my hands will be all over her luscious curves. “Let’s walk now before it rains,” he said.

They left the shelter and walked for less then 5 minutes when the wind picked up dramatically and the sky released a drenching downpour on them. They made a dash for another covered shelter and sat down on a bench, laughing and breathless. They were both soaking wet.

The cold early spring wind blew through the shelter and she shivered. He put his arms around her and pulled her close to his warm body. She placed her head on his shoulder and cuddled closer to him. They sat in comfortable silence, watching the rain increasing in strength. Across the way were four park workers dressed in their bright yellow jumpsuits who had also taken shelter from the rain.

Caressing her face with his thumb, he turned his head and smelled the perfume in her hair. “Your beautiful, Emily.”

She sat up and looked at him. “Thank you Paul, what a sweet thing to say.”

Their faces were very close. She lowered her eyes, looked at his full lips and wanted to taste them She knew he was thinking the same thing. Ever so slowly their lips met. Her heart raced. It had been a long time since she’d felt a man’s lips on hers. Yes, she was married, but that part of her marriage had ended long ago. There was no affection left. This was heaven!

He held her close and kissed several more times, each kiss deeper than the one before. When they parted, maltepe escort bayan she heard a noise and turned her back to him to look in the direction of the noise. Her neck was long and inviting and right in front of him. He placed ‘barely there’ butterfly kisses up and down the side of her neck. She turned her head to give him access to the other side. Ever so softly, tenderly, he gave the other side the same careful attention. He had no way of knowing that was her vulnerable spot. Kisses on the neck broke down her resistance and made her legs weak. She melted against him and whimpered.

He stood up and taking her hand, walked her to the other side of the shelter. Peeking around the corner, he saw that no one was there, then turned to her. He kissed her while backing her into the wall of the shelter. He kissed her hard and began pressing his body into hers, pinning her against the rough texture of the wall. The sudden change in him frightened her and at the same time….excited her! She felt his ridged erection against her stomach as he ground his hips into her.

Their lips never parting, he moved her through the archway to the other side of the wall, to the recessed alcove where the men’s room door was. He backed her into the outside of the door, her body pressed against it, his body pressed against hers, kissing her passionately, she kissing him back…tongues dancing a mating ritual. His hands were on her breasts and his breathing became ragged. What he was doing felt so good and she was lost to the passion growing inside of her. The passion he aroused in her.

Suddenly the difference in age was a moot point. He was a man, and she a woman, and that’s all that mattered. She was whimpering and moaning, unaware of how loud she was, but he wasn’t. He opened the men’s room door and led her inside, so attention wasn’t drawn to them. The men in the yellow jumpsuits were still in the shelter across the way.

The room was dirty and smelled of urine. “I don’t want to be in here Paul. I’m afraid someone will come in and see us here. We don’t need to be arrested.”

Lightening charged the air and thunder rolled in the distance.

“There’s a storm outside. No one is going to come in here. Emily, I want you. I want you so badly I can hardly stand it.”

He walked toward her and once again she found herself pressed against a wall. She had never been treated like this before. He was all over her and she loved it! He led her into a stall and shut the door, locking it. Pressing her against the inside wall of the stall with his hip, he held her arms above her head with one hand, and putting his other hand down the front of her jeans, felt her wetness, then began to rub her swollen clit. He rubbed it with all the fury of the storm outside.

“Paul! Paul! My God!!” she cried. He let her arms go and she held on to him tightly, her hands clinching his strong muscled arms, as spasm after spasm overtook her.

He held her close and unable to wait any longer, unhooked her bra and let her luscious breasts free. He claimed each hardened nipple with his mouth sending a searing heat through her body directly to her womanhood. She reached out and took his hard cock in her hand through his clothes.

He moaned and sucked in his breath, as he plunged his hand into her panties again, finger deep inside her. “Emily, my beautiful Emily. You feel so good! So wet! I can feel you throbbing.” He found her G-Spot with two fingers and massaged it while rubbing her clit with his escort pendik thumb.

She thrust her hips forward, feeling the buildup, unable to control her cries. She had entered that other reality, the reality where nothing mattered but the present. Nothing mattered except what she was experiencing. Just as she felt what she considered the epitome of pleasure, he pulled his hand out of her panties, licked his fingers, and pulled her jeans down. She stepped out of them and kicked them aside. Just as suddenly, he was on his knees and his mouth found her, tasted her, thrust his tongue inside her, tongue fucking her. She was going insane with desire and need….unable to remain still…so skillful was he. He held her ass cheeks in his hands pulling her to himself so he could take all of her, loving how she tasted, how she responded to him, how loud she was, whimpering, moaning, calling his name.

He began to suck her clit. She thought she would lose her mind! She grabbed his head, holding it there, and ground her pussy into his face. He sucked her hard and fast until she came again. Her legs were shaking as her body convulsed and he continued sucking her until she stopped. He stood up and she leaned heavily against him, while he held her.

When he felt her relaxing, he stood away from her and took his pants down. Taking her hands, he placed one on his cock and one on his balls. She gently massaged his balls while stroking his cock, then bent down taking it into her mouth. She kissed his hard cock…..licked it with her tongue…..and sucked it. He moaned and withdrew himself from her mouth. Reaching down he pulled her up by her hair, roughly bending her head back until she was looking into his eyes, eyes that were hungry with need.

“You know what I want and you want it too. You want it just the way I’m going to give it to you. Hard! Fast! Deep! When I’m done….you’ll know your mine.”

Her knees nearly buckled. Anticipation shrivered through her. He was right on all counts. He spun her around, bent her forward, his erection an iron bar prodding her. He rubbed his cock back and forth between the mounds of her bottom, then slipped a hand around and cupped the vee of her thighs. Muscles deep inside her bore down on nothing, aching to be filled and soothed. When his lips grazed the back of her neck, she whimpered. He pushed himself in her slowly. Easing inside. Inch by inch he pushed deeper, taking every bit her body yielded. He pushed a final time deeper still, and she made helpless mewling sounds.

“Emily, my God your so tight! This makes us part of each other,” he whispered. I’m going to love you now….slow and sweet, but when you cum, I’m going to fuck you the way I need to.”

She whimpered in reply, burning inside, desperate for him to move, to do as he promised. She wanted both: tenderness and wildness, man and animal. He gave her both. Thrusting in long slow strokes, nudging deep. Grunting with each stroke, he picked up the pace. Fast and furious, his balls slapping against her hot aching skin. With each powerful thrust the breath was driven out of her, helpless to prevent the sounds spilling from her lips.

Lightening cracked as it lit up the sky. Thunder boomed overhead and rain came down in torrents. The storm outside matching the storm inside.

She came again just as he exploded inside her, his legs quivering, breathless. She could feel his rapid heartbeat as he leaned against her back.

After cleaning up and dressing, they walked out of the men’s room into cool crisp air. The storm had past. All was clean and still. The earthy smell after a storm permeated the air.

She drove him back to his car, each thinking his own thoughts, each marveling at the chemistry between them, each knowing they would meet again.

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