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Surrounded Ch. 03

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(This story is posted on the Literotica website. Do not repost anywhere else without the author’s consent. For fans of my stories, they know what kinds of things to expect. This story deals with similar themes as the stories by wannabeboytoy, seducedHylas, and Dark Betrayal, namely cheating, betrayal, and heartbreak. If stuff like that isn’t your cup of tea, then you probably shouldn’t bother reading it. I do not condone any of these actions in real life. This is just a story. Enjoy.)


What must it like for a woman to be around another girl who’s had sex with her man?

It’s probably rare that it happens knowingly. It’s probably not often where a woman puts herself in a situation where she is around another woman that she knows has had sex with her man. The only times where I could think it would happen is if it was one of those situations where one friend dated a man for a short time and never really established a strong relationship before he moved onto the other friend. They weren’t together long enough to establish any true feelings before they moved on, and so the woman would be okay with being around a man she used to be with. But otherwise, it was rare for a woman to be friends with her ex’s new squeeze.

You couldn’t blame her for that. You couldn’t hold that against anyone. It is asking a lot of a person to be okay with being around someone who is banging someone you used to be with. Someone you used to care for. Someone you used to love. That’s why it never happened.

You never found a woman who was totally okay with being around her husband’s old girlfriends. Whether it be his first love in high school, the girl he used to date and are now simply best friends, or the girl he used to get hot and heavy with in college, there wasn’t a woman out there that would be totally okay being around them. Sometimes, a wife would simply grit her teeth and bear being around these other woman when forced to, but they never invited these confrontations.

It was impossible for a woman to completely trust these other women her man had been with. Despite anything these other women would say, there would always be a small part in the back of the wife’s mind where she wondered if these women still desired her man. Cause at one point in her husband’s life, this other woman was the sole object of her husband’s desires.

At one point in his life, this other woman was all her husband wanted. It was her jiggling tits that he squeezed. It was this other woman’s pussy that got to take his meaty shaft. At one point, this other woman had the exclusive right to swallow her man’s cum. At one point, this other woman was the one to take her husband’s cock in her mouth… her vagina… between her tits… maybe even her ass. At one point in his life, this woman was the one woman in charge, the one woman who had the exclusive right to make him explode in pleasure. At one point in her husband’s life, this other woman was all he ever wanted. This is why any self-respecting wife avoided allowing one of her husband’s exes back into his life.

What was far more common is that a woman would find out after the fact that someone she trusted had been with her man. Someone she trusted had broken that confidence, taken advantage of that bond. Thrown out those years of trust for the sake of pleasure. Sick, filthy, sexy pleasure. And once the cheated party found out the truth, they would simply be destroyed. Heartbroken.

They would wonder why. Why did this happen? How could people she trusted betray her so? What kind of pleasure would make people do that? These thoughts would drive her insane, but then she would imagine the filthy details. Imagine her man’s thick cock in this other woman’s vagina. Imagine them lost in the throes of passion. Imagine her man spurting thick, hot cum all over this other woman.

How heartbroken must she be? How inferior must she feel after finding out she was not enough to hold onto her man? That someone she loved sought greener pastures elsewhere. That she was not enough woman for her man. That she, in the end, was a failure.

These thoughts ran through my mind as I waited for my wife and her sister at the airport terminal. Sure, I had done terrible things to my wife. I had fucked her smoking hot older sister Katie, and as soon as she had left on this trip back home, I had fucked her hot best friend Michelle as well. Yes, the pleasure was great. The hot, cheating sex I had was just… incredible, but I didn’t enjoy hurting my wife. Betraying her in every way possible. I got no joy out of it, although I did seem to cum extra hard when either Katie or Michelle really bashed my wife while I fucked them. But, in the end, I didn’t want to hurt her. And I knew I was tempting fate. I was stretching myself too thin, now carrying out two separate affairs. Now there were three women who thought my loyalties lay with them and them alone. I was playing with fire, and I just knew this would soon all fall apart.

How could I balance fucking two women bahis firmaları besides my wife? Would I have to split time between the two? Fuck Katie on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and fuck Michelle on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays? Leave my wife one day a week for sex, and even then, I’m probably so worn out the last thing I want is sex with her? This probably wouldn’t work, as I could imagine both sluts needing more than a few times a week. Would I have to fuck one at lunch, and one after work? How could I do this? This couldn’t work. How could it work?

I knew I had to fight back. I knew I had to try to stay loyal to Amanda and resist these seductresses who were just so hot. If I didn’t resist, my world would crumble around me. I steeled myself, resolving to say no when Katie sauntered out, craving yet another fuck. I had to resist.

Then I looked up.

I was waiting at the gate at the airport, waiting for the two sisters to appear from the tunnel. And when I looked up, I didn’t see my wife walking towards me, smiling warmly, tired from the flight. No, I looked past her as Katie marched towards me, her huge tits jiggling under her straining, tight yellow blouse, with her hard nipples showing through. Her eyes met mine, and I saw that naughty smirk cross her smooth lips.

I was doomed.

Despite me knowing better, I knew how this would end. Those long legs of hers would end up wrapped around my waist. That amazing ass would be smothering my face. Those huge tits would end up filling my palms as I vigorously squeeze them. Those bouncing nipples would end up in my mouth. And those smooth lips of hers would be soon wrapped around my throbbing cock.

Like I said, I was doomed.

At least wasn’t alone in visually feasting on my sister-in-law’s voluptuous frame. Katie was literally turning heads as she walked. It was as if she left a vapor trail behind her, exuding pheromones as she walked. Men all over the terminal, and some women, turned to stare at this babe strutting her stuff. And, although some women look at my sister-in-law’s body with a mixture of appreciation or even desire, most of the women looked at Katie with disgust, disgust at this slut so blatantly showing off her hot body. How dare this whore parade herself around so many taken men? The women in the terminal had to move around to make sure their men didn’t catch sight of this smoking hot babe. But, most of the time, they failed, Katie’s pheromones were too potent to ignore. These women were forced to pull their men away before they stared for too long, their feet stuck to the floor.

“Hey babe.” Amanda said with a weary smile. She was clearly tired from the plane ride. She stepped in close and we hugged. Amanda was dressed in comfortable, unflashy clothes, a pullover and a pair of sweat pants, dressed for comfort not style.

“Hey hon.” I whispered in her ear, giving her a kiss on the cheek. As I did, I looked over to Katie.

Even when dressed for travel she still dressed with style. A slut like her would never pass up an opportunity to highlight the goods. Her outfit was simple. A tight, clingy yellow blouse and a tight pair of jeans which molded to her lower half. A simple outfit, but affective in showing off her robust frame.

I looked up at her face, and her eyes met mine and held them. We shared a moment, our eyes locked together, acknowledging the tension between us, acknowledging what we were both thinking.

As I pulled back from my wife and studied my sister-in-law again I noticed something about her. Her smooth skin was glowing. Her nipples were throbbing underneath her blouse. Her fingers were moving, twitching. Her leg was bouncing lightly as she stood. She licked her lips in need. She looked like a junkie in need of a fix. She needed to feed her addiction. Her body was practically pulsing, throbbing with need. It was clear to everyone around what she needed.

Katie needed to get fucked.

“How was the flight?” I asked my wife, turning away from her slut sister.

“Oh it was okay.” Amanda began, “but the…”

“Uh, Matt, you’re not gonna say hi to me?” Katie interrupted brattily.

“Oh, uh…” I stammered, still unsure how to talk to Katie in front of Amanda without giving anything away. Before I could do anything, Katie approached me and stepped into my arms, forcing a hug upon me. Katie took advantage and pushed herself against me tightly.

So, in front of my wife, my sister-in-law pressed herself against me, forcing her large, firm breasts into my chest so they ballooned out between us. Her chest was pressed so tightly against me I could feel her hard nipples digging into my chest. And sometimes with hugs, especially with people not very close, it was common for the hug to be dainty, not particular intimate, making sure the other person didn’t feel anything they weren’t supposed to. Not this hug though. Katie stepped in and pressed herself close, no fear of intimacy or closeness. Her breasts forced outward and her kaçak iddaa belly pressed firmly against me, making sure she could feel my throbbing cock.

Before she left, Katie commanded me to save myself for her, to wait and hold back and let my balls get filled to the brim with cum, awaiting her return. And, although I had been, uh, well cared for by my wife’s best friend in my slut sister-in-law’s absence, merely being in Katie’s presence had me supercharged for her. So now, my throbbing cock was pressed against my sister-in-law’s belly, causing her to lightly moan, and she rubbed herself against me.

“I’m gonna destroy your dick.” Katie whispered in my ear. A shiver went down my spine.

The other men in the terminal stared at us, fuming with jealously that it was me that got to touch this perfect creature. Finally, an instant before this hug would seem to have lasted too long, Katie stepped back, holding my gaze. I turned to look at Amanda.

To most, this hug was clearly one of two reunited lovers, a clutch between two people too intimate to be merely strangers or two old friends. This was obviously a hug shared by two people who had no doubt been together in the past. And it was clear to any onlookers looking at this hug that the two people involved would no doubt be having sex as soon as they could. And the sex they would be having would be rough… and nasty. This fact would be clear to anyone.

Except for Amanda. When I looked back at her, she merely smiled lightly and rolled her eyes, acknowledging how bitchy and pushy her sister could be but thinking this gesture was completely innocent. I simply smiled back, as if I shared the same feelings as her, but knowing it was me and Katie that were really sharing the big secret. It was me and Katie carrying out the illicit… immoral… secret… nasty… hot… sexy affair. It was Amanda who was left on the outside, oblivious to what was really going on. My cock got harder.

“So, uh, anyway, how was the flight?” I asked.

“Oh, same old, same old. Just long and boring.” Amanda said as we began walking towards baggage pickup.

“How are your folks?” I asked.

“They’re fine.” Amanda replied. “Nothing too crazy. I was glad to see them but I’m glad to be home.” she said with a smile.

“Did, uh, you have fun at home, Katie?” I asked, including her as she sauntered alongside us, my eyes jumping to her big boobs jiggling.

“Ugh, it was boring as hell.” Katie said, not holding anything back. “I just wanted to get back here. There’s no fun there. All the fun stuff is here.” she said, her eyes flicking at me.

Amanda smiled at me, basically saying this is what she had to deal with all week. Her sister being a bitch, not afraid to show it, treating her sister like shit and making it clear she would rather be home hooking up with her boyfriend… me. My cock got harder.

We retrieved their luggage, Amanda carrying her own while Katie asked me ‘politely’ to carry hers since she just had her nails done. And again, my hot older sister-in-law’s blatant bitchiness turned me on, so I was happy to comply.

I loaded up the luggage in the trunk as Amanda helped and Katie simply got in the back seat, busying herself on her phone. Amanda again rolled her eyes.

“She has been a joy.” Amanda said with a smile. I simply smiled back. As we got into the car, Amanda spoke up again.

“We should go get lunch before we get home.” Amanda suggested. “I’m hungry.”

“Uh yeah, sounds good.” I replied.

“You hungry?” Amanda asked Katie. Katie looked up, her eyes meeting mine in the rearview mirror.

“Starved.” Katie said, holding my eyes. I gulped and started driving.

I tried to focus on the road, I did, but Katie made it hard. Every time I looked back, she was doing something. Either licking her lips, or doing the blowjob motion with her mouth. Or pulling down her blouse and showing off her cavernous cleavage. Or running her finger between her firm, fleshy orbs, gathering that sweet, tasty sweat that could only be found deep in a woman’s cleavage and licking it from her finger. Amanda was, of course, clueless to her sister’s seduction from the back seat.

I was thankful for my own safety when we finally pulled into the parking lot at the restaurant. The three of us walked into the restaurant, Franchezca’s, with very different attitudes. Amanda walked in, tired but happy, not a care in the world. Katie walked in, absorbed with her phone, as bitchy and bratty as ever, arrogant in her superiority over her younger sister. And I walked in, unsure but turned on, hoping that I could hold this all together without messing it up.

We were seated by the hostess at a round table in the middle of the room. As we took our seats, Amanda spoke up.

“I need to use the restroom.” Amanda said, “If the waiter comes, order me a glass of wine.”

“Okay.” I replied with a smile. As she walked away, I gulped, realizing for the first time in a week, I was alone with Katie. kaçak bahis As if on cue, as soon as Amanda was out of the way, Katie looked up from her phone, her eyes holding mine. For a few moments, she said nothing, the tension thick. Finally, she spoke up.

“I hope you don’t plan on eating much.” Katie said.

“What?” I asked, confused.

“I said, I hope you don’t plan on eating much.” Katie repeated, pausing dramatically, “Cause you’ll be getting more than your fill of my pussy and asshole later.”

I choked on my own spit and looked around to make sure no one heard her, only to see our waitress had just stepped up to our table, and judging by the uncomfortable look on her face, she had no doubt heard what Katie had just said.

“Uh, hi guys, I’m Elise, your waitress.” the pretty blonde waitress said, clearly a bit uncomfortable. “Do you guys want something to drink?”

“I’ll just have a glass of water.” I said, knowing I needed to keep my head clear. “And …”

“Yes.” Katie began. “I’ll have a glass of white wine. “And my little sister, his wife, wants a glass of water as well.” she added, making sure this random waitress knew what was up, knew that I was having an affair with my sister-in-law. My face grew hot.

“Wait, uh, your uh…” the waitress said, trying to figure out the nature of our relationship. Finally, her eyes grew wide, and she figured it out. I looked away from her.

“Wait, uh…” I began, knowing my wife didn’t want water.

“That’s all.” Katie said, cutting me off, looking at me. She smiled at the waitress and nodded knowingly. The waitress shook her head and flashed a smile before turning away.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“What?” Katie said, putting on a sickeningly sweet smile. “Isn’t it so much better when everyone knows? When even random strangers know you’re banging your sister-in-law but your dumb-ass wife still can’t figure it out? Isn’t it so much better that way? Isn’t it so much hotter that way?” she said, slipping her bare foot out of her flip-flop and pressing it between my legs, against the bulge in my pants. I grunted in pleasure.

“Katie, this is such a bad idea.” I replied.

“Mmm, that makes it so much better, doesn’t it?” she said, sitting up straight, pressing her large breasts against the table, showing off her mile long cleavage. “And besides, I think that waitress knows the score. Look at her.”

Katie and I turned to look at our waitress. She was a stunning woman, probably around 20 or so, shiny blond hair in a pony-tail. She had a great body, a nice round ass and full breasts. DD’s if I had to guess. She seemed friendly as she delivered food to another table.

“Look at her, she’s gorgeous, but she seems so sweet and friendly. Her body is great, but you can tell she still doesn’t know how to use it. She lacks that… confidence… that comes with experience. She’s probably still a bit dainty and unsure. She has all the tools to be grade-A slut, like myself, and I’m sure she dreams of being one, but she’s not quite there yet. So I wouldn’t be worried about her giving anything away. Girls like her idolize bitches like me. Even though she’s young, she knows enough to just watch a master at work and take notes. She’ll spend the rest of the meal watching me, learning from me. She’ll see me stroking your cock with my foot. She’ll see me drop hints about our affair in front of my brainless little sister and have her not notice a thing. She’ll watch me show off my body to you brazenly, flirt like crazy, make it clear to any idiot that we are lovers and still your wife won’t notice. And our cute little waitress will watch and take notes and really learn how a slut takes control of the situation. She probably only knows the basics of sex right now, but after today, after watching me at work, I give her… two months… two months before she has a guy on his knees eating her butthole.”

“Jesus, Katie.” I muttered, in awe of how casual she could be about something like this. I looked over to see her reach over and grab Amanda’s purse. I saw her start going through it and slipping some cash from her purse and into her own.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“You’ll see.” Katie replied wickedly. I simply shook my head at this, and moments later, Amanda returned to the table, clueless to what had gone on in her absence. She smiled at me as the waitress appeared at our table.

“Alright, a water for you, sir.” The waitress said, handing me a glass. She turned to Katie. “A glass of wine for you.” Elise said, setting down a wine-glass in front of Katie. “And, a water for you ma’am.” she said to Amanda, causing her eyebrows to scrunch.

“Hey guys, I said I wanted wine.” she said in confusion.

“Oh, sorry sis. Must have got distracted.” Katie said, glancing at me and the waitress slyly. Elise smiled nervously.

“Sorry, ma’am… you want wine too?” Elise asked apologetically.

“White, please.” Amanda added.

“Just bring a bottle.” Katie added.

“Okay.” Elise said, “Are you guys ready to go, or do you need a little more time?”

“Uh, if you guys are ready, go ahead. I’ll look at the menu a bit more.” Amanda said, flipping it open.

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