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Big Tits

Some of this story is true and some of it is just a lot of a wishful thinking. One thing IS true, though… I dearly love female derrieres!


I used to have the nickname/handle of ButtBytr and I didn’t just pick it off the wall. I picked it ’cause I dearly LOVE BUTTS. Especially nice big round BUTTS… BUBBLE-BUTTS!! And I’ve seen many, many of them I’d love to byte… or at least nibble on (not to mention, hug, squeeze, caress, fondle, lick, and kiss). I don’t really remember just when it was that I started admiring women’s derrieres. I know that when I was a liddoo kid, of around seven, or eight, I would sit in a chair in the living room and look through the Sears catalog. And when I got to the women’s lingerie section, I would become mesmerized at seeing all the women in bras and panties. I really didn’t know what the fuck was happening to me, but I would get this SENSATION in my crotch… and when I put my hand there, and rubbed, it felt soooo good! When I would take a bath I’d sit in the tub and wash my tiny pecker, over and over and over again, while thinking about those ladies in the catalog.

For many years, I was a “tit-guy”… my second grade teacher was an old gal of about 30, with fabulous tits, that stuck waaayyyy out there, especially when she wore a tight sweater… which was often. To this day, over fifty years later, a set of tits will make my mouth water and cause that SENSATION in my crotch. I don’t spend 30 minutes sitting in the bathtub washing my dick, anymore… but if I did, and anyone walked in me, I’d tell ’em, “Look, this is MY soap, and this is MY dick, and I’ll wash it as fast as I want to.” No, now I sit in front of this screen… looking at some of the nekid ladies I have here. I guess I must have about 2500 on hard-drives, and another thirty thousand, or so, on CDs.

I still love tits, but, when I see a woman on the street, in the mall, or in a store, the first thing I look at is her ASS!! I mean, I can walk slap-dab into a post, if my eyes are glued on a fine lookin’ butt, as it sashays ahead of me. I deeply admire a fine pair of thighs, hips, and a plumpish, curvy ass… especially one that has really curves outward, in the back and the sides. I would guess that I’ve really been “into” women’s asses for about thirty years, though I kept my preference to myself, ’til the last couple of years. Yep, I’ve cum outta the closet!! Now, I don’t care who knows about it. And, I have to add the fact that I’m an EXTREMELY SHY GUY! I’ve become even more so during the past couple of years, as I’ve grown increasingly reclusive… with absolutely no social life. When around ladies, especially for the first time, I’m like I was when I was fifteen… with palpitating heart, sweaty palms, and stumbling for the right words.


All this, said, I’ll start the story… a story that begins innocently enough, in the western Denver metro area, with me goin’ into King Soopers in Bear Valley, one morning around ten-thirty. My intentions are to get some milk and bananas and go back to da house. As it turns out, it will be about seven hours before I got home. After getting the little red basket, I head for the produce section to get my nanas. My eyes are kinda heavy, from not getting more than about my usual four hours of sleep… I have not slept well in a long time. But, when I see THE BUTT, my eyelids pop wide-ass open. My first view is from the rear… and what a REAR it is!! It’s encased in a pair of snug jeans, not those damn relaxed fit, and loose fit kinds that so many insist on wearing these days. This butt totally packs those jeans. I mean this is one of the finest asses I had ever seen, oozing sex, without being obscene. It curves gently outward at the side and the rear… then curves more sharply inward to meet her luscious thighs.

She has magnificently formed thighs and hips, by my standards… but to the many fitness crazed folks of this day and age, she is about twenty to twenty-five pounds overweight. I reluctantly tear my eyes from the ass, to enable me to take in the rest of her body. I judge her to be about five-nine, with shoulder length light brown hair… and wearing a red and white striped tank top. In many previous sightings of a great ass on a woman, when viewed from the front, it’s a let-down… a face that only a blind mother could love, or totally titless, or with a big belly, or a combination of three. So, I shake my head, preparing myself for a disappointment, as I move over near where she is picking through the heads of lettuce. I stop by the cucumbers, and using my peripheral vision, check her profile. Well, lemme tell ya, this lady has some fantastic tits… probably about 40 Ds… straining at the front of her tank top. Sheeittt! I can’t see any traces that tell me she’s wearing a bra, and I see her nipples poking at the material. My eyes drift up to her face, and I see that she should be about 33, and no raving beauty in that department… in fact she has rather plain features. If I were to look at her kartal escort from the neck up, I probably wouldn’t give her much more than a glance or two.

Just as I am taking in her face, she turns toward me… moving toward the radishes. She catches me looking at her, and she cracks a slight smile. The smile broadens somewhat, as she looks down at what my hands are doing. I was unaware that I had a pretty big cucumber in my hand… probably about eight or nine inches long and about four and a half inches in diameter. She moves along side me, and after excusing herself, picks among the cucumbers in the bin. After about a minute she holds one up that is about six inches long and about two inches in diameter. She slowly encircles it with her hand and kinda strokes it. She is standing so close, that I can detect just a touch of fragrance along with that freshly scrubbed aroma. One of those yummy breasts in within three inches of my arm, and I cannot resist moving slightly, so that my arm touches her tit. My God, it’s so soft… yet firm, at the same time. I jump back, feigning embarrassment, and mumble an apology. She cracks that very slight smile again, and nods. The lady then moves around me and walks down the aisle, with my eyes watching every movement of her ass, as it undulates in her jeans. I don’t think she walks that way intentionally, but I could watch that ass for-fuckin-ever. Did I mention that I LOVE ASSES??? Yeah, I know…


I find myself standing there with sweaty palms and a palpitating heart, not to mention a semi-hardness in my crotch. I stand there for a minute, then look down and see this damn cucumber in my hand… I must look stupid as hell. Tossing the green, big-dick lookin vegetable into the bin, I try to remember just what the fuck I came in here for. Oh yes… bananas and milk. I grab a bunch of nanas, without even thinking about whether they were yellow or green, then head for the dairy section. Looking down at the gallons of milk… I’m checking the expiration dates…

I sense that someone is standing beside me. I grab a container of milk and turn to see the same stacked-ass lady from the produce section next to me, looking at the whipped cream. She cracks that same trace of a smile… as she glances at me… and reaches for a can of cream. Just when my blood pressure had retreated back to a near state of normalcy, UP it goes again. And, after sneaking another look at that ass, junior decides he wants to wake up again, too.

Her smile widens as she asks, “What, you decided you didn’t need a cucumber?”

“N-N-No,” I stammer, “changed my mind.”

Still smiling, she asks, “Tell me something. Do you always go around staring at women’s butts?”

Sheeeiiitt!! Talk about dumbfounded and speechless, I couldn’t even stutter a reply… I mean, what the fuck do I say to a question like that? Finally, I say that I don’t always do it, but I couldn’t help noticing how attractive hers is. I expect her to give me hell, accuse me of being a dirty old man, and stomp away in a state of outrage. But, she doesn’t. Instead, she continues to stand there smiling… seemingly enjoying my humiliation of being caught drooling.

“And just why do you find my butt so attractive?”

My mind is going full blast in high gear, trying to think how I’m gonna get outta this.

“Well, ya see, I’m a kinda amateur photographer,” this part’s true, “And I’ve taken a lot of pictures of ladies in various poses and lots of them in swimwear and lingerie.” this part isn’t. I fumble in my shirt pocket for one of my cards. Cards that I created myself… just in case, on my computer. I’ve handed out about three or four cards… with no response… and damn sure didn’t expect to get one this time, either.

“And, is this the kind of butt you like to take pictures of?”

“Oh, yes ma’m, I would really love to get some shots of you.”

What I WANTED to say was that I’d love to get a shot at getting some of that ass, or at least put my hands on it and caress it.

She looks at me with a halfway-serious expression, and asks, “Where do you do your photography work? Do you have a studio?”

“Not really,” I reply, “It depends on what kind of shots, and what they’ll be wearing. If it’s swimsuits, I usually find a pool, or go to the greenbelt, by the creek. If it’s lingerie or less, it’s usually in their homes.”

“Oh…” she mumbles, and starts walking away.

Once again, I watch the cheeks of her ass rolling rhythmically in her tight jeans. Junior rises even more… enough so that I have to put the basket in front of my crotch.


Deciding that I’d better not push this situation any more… I take my milk and bananas to check out, half-way expecting to see her there, too. She’s not. I glance around the store, hoping to catch one last glimpse of THAT ASS! No… it’s not to be. Oooookay, so I won’t see it again… but, I damn sure will remember it.. for quite awhile. The kind that will etch itself into my memory… maltepe escort bayan and when I get home, I’ll probably give my lil “soldier” some massaging.

After paying for my stuff, I stop at the Lottery scratch-game machine and insert a dollar bill. I grab the ticket, stuff it in my shirt pocket and head out an toward my old gray Pontiac. I don’t ambulate all that well at times, due to my artificial left leg. An “unloaded” shotgun took part of my left leg… from about eight inches below the knee, twelve years ago.

I make it to the car and am unlocking the door, when a blue GMC van pulls into the spot next to me. It’s one of those conversion vans with very dark privacy glass which prevents anyone outside, from seeing who’s inside. Just as I open my car door and put my bag inside, the front passenger window of the van lowers and I hear a lady’s voice

“So when do you do your photography?”

I peer inside the van and see that the voice is coming from the owner of THE BUTT. She’s sitting there with the motor running, and that impish little trace of a grin on her face. Once again I’m half-ass speechless, as I lean on the passenger door.

“Wh.. wh.. whenever..”, I stammer, “Whenever the opportunity arises. I usually keep at least one camera with me all the time.”

Now speaking of “arises”, as I’m looking into the van at her… the sight of her excellent-looking melons inside the striped tank-top, has junior doing a little “arising”.

“So, you wanna take a couple of shots this morning?”, she asks.

“Of what?” I ask, rather stupidly.

“Of my butt, silly. I’ve been going swimming almost everyday, so I keep a couple of swimsuits in the van. I’ve got a one-piece and a bikini. You did say you’d like to get a couple of shots of my butt, didn’t you?”

“Oh, yes ma’m,” the words come pouring out of my mouth, “I most definitely would!”

My mind is racing… trying to figure if this gal is serious… and if she is, where in the hell do I take her to get those shots. She’d fucking kill me, if she knew that I’d never done this before.

“For God’s sake, please stop calling me, ‘Ma’m’, my name’s, Susan.”

As I stand there, I know my face has to be blushing all to hell… And, looking at her face… framed by her lustrous light-brown hair… I find myself paying more attention to her features. Medium-sized, slightly up-turned, nose… big green eyes… and complexion that is just a little lighter than olive. But, when my eyes automatically lower to her abundantly round bosom… and those damn protruding nipples… I think I’m gonna fuckin-drool, right there!

“I know a lovely place near Conifer.. where there’s a creek… and there’s nobody around during the week.”, she says. “There are almost always people in and around the greenbelt. And I can change here in the van. Would that work?”

“Yes, ma’m… uh, I mean Susan,” I’m trying, trying so hard, to say the right things… my palms and armpits are soaking wet, from nervous sweat, “I’ll follow you. And by the way, I’m Wally.”

“Nonsense!” she says, “No need to take two vehicles. You can ride with me, and I’ll bring you back. Are you really a ‘Butt Bytr’, like the card says? Never mind, you don’t have to answer that.”

No need for more talk at the moment… I reach in the back seat of the car and grab my camera bag… which has one camera and an extra roll of film in it (not even my best camera.. good one… but, not the best). Not even giving one thought to the milk and bananas on the front seat, I lock the car and get in the van with Susan… and awaaaayyyy we go.


During the ride up to the mountains on 285, we exchange lots of small talk. She tells me that she’s always known she had a nice looking butt… and a few others have told her that… but, nobody had ever wanted to take pictures of her because of her butt. She says she’s been divorced for 5 years and that she was 45, which shocked the hell outta me… I swear, I woulda thought early 30s. Susan informs me that she had only been to bed with two men in her whole life… her husband, and a guy she dated about two years ago. She has two children… both grown and married, and does quite well as a real-estate appraiser.. sometimes dabbling in buying and selling property. She tells me that she works whenever she wants to. I tell her a little about myself

I ask her exactly what prompted her to, even speak to me in the store. She replies that she’s always been somewhat of a flirt and a tease… and never carried anything passed the teasing point. According to Susan, I looked so interested in her butt, and looked so damn bashful, that she just couldn’t help making a comment in the store. And that, she felt extremely flattered that I, a complete stranger, would want to actually take pictures of her, that she couldn’t pass on the opportunity.

I am so engrossed in conversation with Susan, that I don’t even notice when she turns off 285, or the different roads she takes. All of a sudden escort pendik I find that she has pulled of a very narrow trail-like road, and has parked under some trees… about fifty yards from Turkey Creek. She says she grew up around here, and knows the area like the palm of her hand.

She comes around and opens the sliding door on the passenger side… digs in a tote bag… and pulls out two swimsuits. The one piece is spandex in a solid off-white color, and the two piece is bright yellow.

“Which one do you want me to put on?”

“Why not get some shots in both?”, I ask. My mouth is watering just visualizing that body in either one. Not being able to figure out just how she’s gonna cram all tits and ass in so little fabric.

“Okay. Why not? I’ll be right out.”

She jumps in the van… and closes the door… leaving me with my stupid tongue hanging out of my stupid mouth. Not wanting to reach in for my camera bag while she’s in there changing… I look around and marvel and the beauty and serenity of our surroundings. Yes… we really could get some good shots here, without having to worry about the embarrassment of having other people around.

Don’t know how the fuck she changed so fast… but, the van door slides open again, and out she jumps… in the one piece. My mouth and eyes open wide, as I behold this statuesque queen with the spandex molded to her body. I stare in wonderment, and wait… waiting for those breasts to fall right out of the top of her suit… they’re threatening to break free and I just know that they will at any second… but, they don’t.. DAMN IT!! She then slowly turns around, affording me a view of THAT BUTT! My GOD! I’m totally flabbergasted at the sight of that wonderfully curvaceous ass, tightly encased in the white spandex.

“Is something wrong?” she asks, “Doesn’t it look as good as you thought it would?”

I have to turn around and grab my camera bag out of the van… just to hold in front of my crotch. My cock is rising very rapidly, and since I just HAVE to act professional, I can’t let her see the bulge in my pants.

“No, No! Nothing is wrong, Susan. The fact is, that it looks more glorious than I had dare to imagine. How in the world do you manage to keep such a fantastic body at 45?”

“I’m one of those few lucky people,” she replies, “who never have to worry about gaining weight. And I work out a couple of times a week at home. So, now… since I’ve never done this before, you’ll have to tell me how to pose… or show me. And you can close your mouth now, Wally. I’m convinced that you’re impressed.”

I close my mouth… reach in the bag and retrieve the camera… and try to figure out how the hell I’m gonna disguise my hard-on, when I have to put the camera bag down.

“You can go ahead and put it down, silly. ” she says, as if reading my damn mind. “I really have seen bulges in men’s pants before.”


“Oh well…”, I say, as I put the bag on the ground. “Just act natural, Susan. I hate the exaggerated poses that most of the models have. Most people would much rather see amateur shots of ladies just being in natural poses. You just move around, slowly, as if doing various things… and I’ll tell you when to hold that pose. Okay?”

Susan goes to the van and digs out a blanket, that I guess she carries for winter weather emergencies, and takes it into the grass for sitting poses.

During the next few minutes, I get several good shots of Susan, in a variety of poses that accentuate her breasts and ass. But, I haven’t gotten that GREAT shot yet… the one from the 3/4 rear, with more weight on one leg than the other… the one that really tells just how fucking curvy her ass really is. I try to talk her through the pose that I want, but, she just can’t get her hips positioned the way I want.

“Well.. Damn!” she says, “Just come here and put my hips the way you want them, and I’ll hold it ’til you get your shot.”

I put the camera down, and walk over to her, wondering just how I’m gonna handle being that close and actually touching that body… and still be professional. Lightly, I touch her shoulders, and turn her a little. Then… then… I put a hand on each hip… cocking them slightly, then kneel down and tell her to put more weight on her left leg. While doing this, my face is only a couple of inches away from the heavenly cheeks of her ass.

“DAMN, SUSAN,” the trembling words come from my throat, “you have the finest ass that I have ever seen. I can’t help it, but I have to ask this. May I just caress it for a second?”

“If you really want to… PLEASE DO!” It seems as if her own breathing is becoming more rapid.

Not quite sure of where, if anywhere, this will lead… and being as bashful as I’ve always been… I tentatively put my fingers on her spandex-covered cheeks. Very gently I caress her roundness… then, not being able to resist the urge… place my face against the almost imperceptible indentation, that is the crack of her ass.

“OHHHHhhhhhhh…”, I hear the moan coming from her throat, as she pushes her ass gradually back against my face and mouth. “Damn, I shouldn’t be doing this. But, it’s been so long… SO DAMN LONG! Come up here a minute, then you can get back to what you’re doing.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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