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Susie Ch. 05

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Susie Ch. 05

I’m Susie O’Connell. In this story I am almost 19 and planning to attend the local community college next year.

I spent a passionate night and morning of sexual activity with my best friend, Kaitlyn’s brother Corey Daniels and his caring manner caused me to fall in love with him. Corey is 20 and attends Cal Tech. He’s been encouraging me to decide on a college major instead of just taking general courses like I had planned.

Corey asked his father if we could use his guest house to meet for sex and his father agreed since he seems to think that having a mistress is a good thing. I thought that I might be branded a ‘kept woman’ if we use the guest house and need to decide whether to accept the offer.

My Decision

The day after visiting with Mr. Daniels it was Saturday and I was off work. The restaurant caters to the business and working crowd so there is no need for a hostess on weekends and holidays. I went to Corey’s.

As usual Mrs. Daniels answered the door. After the usual greetings I raised the issue, “Mrs. Daniels.”

“Yes Susie.”

“Mrs Daniels, while I was at Mr. Daniels’ place I spoke to Mr. Daniel’s live in girlfriend, Marianne, quite a lot. She seems to think Corey is like his dad and that I am like her. She was telling me all these things about how she manipulates your ex-husband, thinking she was giving me advice on how to treat Corey.”

“What?” She exploded in laughter. “She thinks you are like she is and are after Corey for … for .. his college trust fund, I guess.” She was hysterical. “She thought she could give you advice about how to treat a man?” More laughter. “Susan that’s the funniest thing I think I ever heard. Just the thought of her sitting there seriously thinking she is advising you. Oh, oh, I need to stop for a breath.”

I was getting into the fun. “Mrs Daniels if it will help you picture it, we were by the pool and she was naked.”

“Oh, yes, Susan, that definitely helps.” She was unable to control her laughter.

I couldn’t resist continuing, “Mrs Daniels she was nude because she came out wearing this really tiny bikini. She took off the top and said, ‘it’s just us girls and these aren’t anything Leo hasn’t seen.’ I told her that she might as well take off the bottom too since it’s just us girls and I am sure ‘Leo’ had seen that too so she took off the bottom. Do you know she shaves her genitals?”

“Susan, this is getting better and better. You told her to take off the bottom and she did? Oh my, oh my.”

I thought of one more thing, “Mrs. Daniels, have you noticed how she lifts and shakes her breasts to emphasize some points. Well, anyway she does it when she is naked. ‘Leo likes breasts that can fill a bra'” I pretended to lift and shake big breasts. ” ‘If your breasts don’t come in as big as you like you can always get implants’.” Again I pretended to shake them. ” ‘Leo likes his women to be beautiful’.” Again the shake.

“Susan, I am not sure I can take any more.” She continued trying, unsuccessfully, to suppress the laughter.

Kaitlyn came in, “What is going on here?”

Her mom said, “Susan just told me that Marianne thinks the two of them are alike.” She started laughing. “And that Marianne told her about how she treats your father as advice for how to treat Corey.” She almost doubled over. “In the nude! After Susan told her she might as well remove her bikini bottom too! Oh! I don’t think I will ever be able to get the thought out of my head.” She once again tried to suppress the laughter.

Kaitlyn and I left. “Wow, I’ve never seen her laugh so hard,” Kaitlyn told me.

I responded, “And Kaitlyn, she made me feel ever so good!”

“How is that?”

“Well, I was still worried about being like Marianne and I wanted to ask her about it. When I told her that Marianne thought we were alike, she came apart. Kaitlyn, your boyfriend’s Mom doesn’t laugh like that if she thinks there is even the slightest possibility that you are like Marianne!”

“Kaitlyn, I know you want me to spend more time with you and think I send it all with Corey but I do need to tell him about this. Would you mind if I speak with Corey right away?”

“No, except that he’s off with his airplane gang at the hobby shop.”

“Where is that?”

“You know, it’s that hobby shop down at the light.”

“I can walk there!”

“Well, yes. It takes about 20 minutes.”

I ran out, with barely a good-bye. I made it in 15 minutes. I could see Corey at one of the display counters with a group of four other boys. I walked in and yelled, “Corey!”

Corey saw me and came over, “Susan, what are you doing here?”

“I agree to using the guest house,” I whispered to him. “I couldn’t wait to tell you. I want to see your hangouts anyway. Can you introduce me to your friends?”

He took me over. “Guys this is Susan, she’s the girl I told you about.” I hugged his arm and kissed him so they would have no doubt what he meant.

I spent the rest of the day with them as they worked on their airplane. That’s a story for another time.

As he kartal escort drove me home afterwards Corey said, “Susan, you were so fantastic today. You had all those guys eating out of your hand. Are you really interested in what we are doing?”

“Yes, Corey I am and I would like to be included with ‘the guys’ frequently. Please take me the next time you go out to fly your planes.”

As I got out at home I remembered what I really wanted to talk to Corey about. “Corey, remember I said I wanted to use the guest house.”

“Yes, of course.”

“We need to decide how to do our first time. I want it to be special. I also want to set a tone for how we are going to use it more regularly. And, you said there are limits and your father said there are rules for using it. I know one has to do with leaving it clean. You need to tell me all the rules and we need to be sure we can follow them. Kaitlyn and I spent one night there and just leaving it clean is not easy. We will need a thorough checklist if we are to keep your father satisfied.”

Inauguration Plans

Sunday I went to Corey and Kaitlyn’s again. Before seeing Corey, I spent a short time with Kaitlyn.

“Susie, you went out of here like a rocket yesterday and I never saw you again,” she complained.

“Well I had to tell Corey that I had decided to use the guest house. I couldn’t wait. Then I got involved with his friends. Kaitlyn, you should see the airplanes they have built and the one they are building. I’m going over to help again sometime and Corey is going to take me to watch them fly.”

“I’ve always though his friends were a bit weird.”

“Well when Corey first introduced me they acted like they either had never seen a girl before or were afraid of me, maybe both.”

Kaitlyn giggled, “I can see them standing there staring at you.”

“Well I tried some positive re-enforcement, like when you’re training a dog. I gave them a reward every time one of them spoke to me.”

“A reward? like doggy treats? Did you have a bag of M&M’s?”

“No, I thought of something that would make me less threatening. Every time one of them spoke to me I gave him a peck on the cheek.”

“That would get Corey’s friends going all right. Did it work.”

“It was like they were little puppies. They all started talking and waiting for my little kiss.”

“That’s hilarious. You must have worn out your lips.”

“Well once they really got going I gave them each a last kiss and let the conditioning take over. It’s really not funny. I wasn’t trying to be devious or anything. I just wanted them to be comfortable talking to me and having me around.”

“I still can’t help but laugh when I think of it.”

“Kaitlyn, Corey’s friends are really nice and there is no reason they should have any problem talking to or being with girls. I wish I could think of a way to help them with other girls.”

“Matchmaker Susie.”

“Kaitlyn, I’m not looking to get them girlfriends. I just want them to feel comfortable about finding one.”

After a while I went into Corey’s room to discuss using the guest house.

As I came in he jumped up and gave me a hug and a kiss. “Princess! Do you want to do anything today? My father’s guest house is available you know.”

“I thought we could spend some time planning our first time there,” I told him. “Remember, I told you that yesterday.”

He seemed disappointed and asked, “do we really need to plan our time at the guest house?”

“Not every time but I want our first time to be special. That will set a tone and we will be able to just ‘play it by ear’ from then on. We need to plan the first time so the other times will work well. We also need to prepare a checklist for cleaning up.”

He asked, “Do we really need a checklist?”

“When Kaitlyn and I were there I realized how much there is to do to leave the place as we found it. It would be easy to forget something that could cause your father to revoke our privilege.”

“I’m sure he would forgive an occasional mistake.”

“Maybe but I’m not willing to take the chance and there is so much to do that without a checklist we can easily make a mistake every time, not just occasionally. For example, do we need to wash the bed linens?”

“I don’t think so, as long as we make the beds.”

“Well I didn’t think it would be okay, especially if we had sex and got semen on the bed. Anyway I asked your father and he said that we didn’t need to unless we had sex. Then he said, ‘So I guess the answer is yes, you need to wash the linens, otherwise I will wonder why I let you use the guest house’.”

“Oh, I would not have thought of that.”

“We need try to think of everything. If we aren’t sure we can ask you father like I did. Here are some other examples of things that might be easy to forget. We need to be sure all the wastebaskets are emptied. We need to be sure not to forget any clothes or toiletries. We need to put all the cleaning supplies back where we found them, We need to put any videos we use away. Don’t you see, the sheer number of minor maltepe escort bayan things makes it almost impossible to leave things right without a checklist. Oh, here’s another set of things. Your father told me that we are to inform Rosa of anything we use up like soap, tissue, or light bulbs. The checklist needs to have things to check for empty or almost empty so we can tell Rosa.”

“I guess I see your point.”

“We can type the list on your computer and print it out. We can easily add things as we think of them, mark those where we need to ask your father and re-arrange them in an order that makes sense.”

“Re-arrange? Why?”

“So it’s easy to use. Like we want washing bed linens to be before making the bed. Corey this isn’t really that difficult. It doesn’t need to be perfect, just as complete as we can make it. I won’t feel comfortable staying there otherwise.”

“This will be more work than I thought,” he said. “I don’t mean making the list. I mean cleaning up after ourselves.”

“Well a bit more than I thought too, but it’ll be worth it. You’ll see!” I promised. “Before we start, I’d like to know the other rules and limitations your father has imposed.”

“There are only two and they are related so it’s actually just one,” he said. “My father says that his business guests must take priority over our use of the guest house. Business guests are rare, maybe only every couple of months, and usually they stay only a couple of days. They always give a few days notice. My father’s administrative assistant will call me with dates the guest house is unavailable so we can stay away. We may also have to leave on short notice.”

“Corey, that means you must have a calendar on which you can mark the unavailable days.”

“Can’t I just remember them?”

“I’d prefer not risking you forgetting. Just think of the embarrassment of walking in on one of your father’s business guests or having one of them walk in on us. What’s the other rule.”

“My father said that we can keep some of our own clothes and toiletries there so we don’t have to always prepack overnight bags. But we can’t leave things in the dressers, hanging in the closet or in the medicine cabinets.”

“So how do we do that?”

“There are eight lockers in the guest house for regular guests to keep things. My father has assigned us lockers 1 and 2.” He got up and picked up some keys. “Here, you can have locker number 1.”

“Maybe you should keep the key.”

“No you keep it so you can get in and out without me. Maybe you will spend another weekend with Kaitlyn and want some stuff. I have duplicates just in case either of us loses ours.”

“Corey, that’s something else I need to decide. What to take and leave there. I guess I better buy another toothbrush and toothpaste.”

We got to work making our cleanup checklist. It took more time than I thought it would. “We can always add more or change it” I told him, getting up. “I need to be getting home. You can e-mail me a copy and I will add things if I think of them. Tomorrow I’ll come by after work. We can plan our inaugural stay.”

Then I told him, “Next weekend is the fourth of July weekend and I have Monday and Tuesday off. I thought maybe that would be a good opportunity for our first time. We could spend all four days there together.”

“Wow! four days together!” he exclaimed. “That’s a terrific idea!”

“Think about what things we can do with our time,” I told him, and added, “besides sex. I would like to have some activity or activities other than just sex.”

“Just sex sounds good to me!” Corey said, a bit too enthusiastically.

“Corey, I thought there was more to our relationship than sex,” I told him a bit impatiently. “In any case, I don’t think we could sustain a whole four days of ‘just sex’ and I hoped we would do something more than just swim and sit in the hot tub or watch videos. Sex is great, and especially great with you, but I don’t think of the guest house being like the Courtyard Inn where we do nothing but have sex. We need to have good times without the sex.”

“Haven’t we been having good times without sex for the past few weeks?”

“Yes we have and I want our time at the guest house to continue that.”


Monday afternoon I started our planning conversation with a suggestion, “Corey, I had a thought about what we might do. Let me know if you have a better one.”

“I haven’t thought of anything at all,” he said. “What is your idea?”

“Remember how we talked about modifying your stories to have girls and more dialogue?”


“How about we take some of your stories and your laptop and spend some of our time revising them. It would be a chance to really be together and anytime we tire of working on stories we can take a ‘break’, if you get my meaning.”

“I like that idea but it sounds like work rather than fun.”

“I like it because it’s creative,” I told him. “It’s a chance to really work together, as a team.”

“Four days with you …” Corey said wistfully.

“Yes, escort pendik you and me for four days,” I agreed, adding, “we can supply our own fireworks.”

“Fireworks?” he seemed perplexed.

“Fireworks!” I said, lifting my top and bra to expose my breasts and then grabbing his cock through his pants.

“Yeah, fireworks!” he nodded, kissing one exposed breast and stroking my crotch through my panties.

“Maybe you can pick out some stories for us to look at,” I suggested .

He picked up a notebook full of his stories. “Maybe you could look at these and pick ones you think would be good to work with,” he said as he handed it to me. “I trust your judgement better than mine.”

“Don’t you have them on a disk? This is awfully heavy!”

“Here I’ll make copies,” he said and copied a folder from his hard drive to a flash drive for me.

“Thanks,” I said and then expressed another thought aloud, “I’ll need to prepare my parents.”


That evening after dinner my parents were watching TV. I turned it off at the first commercial and announced, “Corey and I are going to spend four days together on the Fourth of July weekend.”

“What!” they said together. Cathy heard their yell, came in and asked what was going on.

My mom started to motion her out of the room. I said, “Cathy will find out anyway so I want to include her. Cathy, I am going to spend four days away with Corey.”

She innocently asked the question that was on my parents minds, “Are you going to have sex.?”

“I am sure we will,” I said, “but the reason for going away is that we are going to collaborate on some stories. Corey has written some really good stories but they need some romantic interest and better interaction among the characters. I am going to help him with that.”

Mommy read my face and stated, flatly, “You can work on stories here or at the library. So, the reason you are going is to have sex.” Then she asked, “where are you going?”

“Corey’s father is allowing us to use the guest house at his mansion. Remember, I told you about it. It’s like a normal two bedroom house set away from the mansion and very private.”

Daddy said, “I don’t like this. I don’t like a man setting up his son to be able to fornicate with a young girl.”

“Daddy,” I said, hoping I wasn’t whining, “we talked about this. You said you understand that I might do this kind of thing and I promised to honestly let you know what I am doing. I am trying to keep my word. Please don’t make me hide things from you.”

Cathy asked, “What’s ‘four-ni-Kate’?”

“It’s when an unmarried man and woman have sex,” Mommy told her.

Daddy said, “I don’t think we ever said we would be happy about it or approve.”

“You’re right, Daddy. I just want you to know what I am doing. Here is Corey’s cell phone number. You can get in touch with me at that number. He will be picking me up at work on Friday.” I turned the TV back on and went up to my room to let my emotions die down. As I relaxed on my bed I heard the door open. I hoped they wouldn’t be coming in to try to talk me out of it.”

“Susie,” Cathy said.

“Come in, Cathy, what do you want?”

“Why is everyone acting so sad?”

“I’m not sad, Cathy, I’m very happy.”

“You look and act sad.”

“Well, I am trying to relax. I had to get up a lot of courage to tell Mommy and Daddy that I was going to spend four days with Corey. Now I am just letting my adrenaline level come down.”


“That’s the stuff that makes you strong but it also makes you nervous and anxious.”

“Why is it hard to tell Mommy and Daddy that you are going away with Corey?”

“Because they don’t like the idea of me having sex with anyone.”

“They know you are having sex with him so what’s the difference now?”

“I guess this just seems so, so blatant, so ‘in your face’.”

“So they’re sad because you’re going out to have sex.”

“I guess so.”

“I think I’ll cheer them up.” She left and I heard her head downstairs.

The evening before the ‘big day’ I packed a bag. Daddy came in when I was in bed and kissed me saying, “Have a good time, princess. We’ll be looking forward to having you come back and hearing about it.”

The next morning Mommy said, “Have a real good time and tell us about it when you get back.”

“Mommy,” I said, “You and Daddy are acting so much better about this. I know you aren’t happy about me having sex with Corey but you being like this makes me feel so much better. Thank you.”

“You should thank Cathy. She sat your Daddy and me down and gave us quite a nice little talk.”

My jaw fell and I looked over at Cathy who was smiling and humming.

I went to Cathy and gave her a huge hug, “Whatever you said, thank you, thank you!”

“That’s what sisters are for,” was her cryptic reply.

Trysting Place Inauguration

After work I got into Corey’s car with my heart pounding and blood rushing to my head. “Four days with Corey and sex with him again,” was all I could think of. He gave me a big kiss and put his hand on my thigh. I grabbed it and pulled it to my crotch then put my hand on his ‘beast’ which was already almost full size. “We should get some food, we’re going to need to eat and I’d rather not be eating at the main house,” I suggested.

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