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Susie pays up.

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Susie pays up.It had been several days since Joe had gotten any action from his married coworker Susie, in fact the last time she had gotten him of, she released his load into the mouth of her sleeping husband. Joe had just received a text from Susie saying her husband had gone fishing, and he should come over. When Joe got to Susie’s house she was obviously in the mood for some action herself. She asked him if he’s was ready for his reward for being such a good boy the last time he came to her house to visit. They started making out as soon as the front door got closed, and managed to work their way to the bed room. Susie motioned to the head board and reminded him about her promises of getting to use the cuffs. Joe cuffed Susie to the bed, pulled her pants off and started eating that pussy. Already knowing about her vibrators, from his last time being in her room, he grabbed one and started fucking her with it, that’s when he noticed a blind fold on the bed post, he put in on her and started 69ing her, pounding his dick into the back of her throat, and slapping his balls on her nose. The thought of what he’s was doing, güvenilir bahis literally fucking her face, while eating her juicy cunt, and working it over with a rubber dick, made him cum in her mouth so hard. He just pumped it down her throat like he would in her pussy. He never stopped thrusting, and every spurt of cum was driven down her throat with a good hard and deep thrust. Susie was such a pro at sucking cock, she didn’t gag once, but the moans from her throat, the vibrations on his dick, and the sudden wetness of her pussy, he knew he had given her a great orgasm. Joe was having fun playing with her, working her toys in her pussy. His dick started to softened up a little, but then Susie started sucking him hard again. She started to moan again, and he got instantly hard. Joe knew she was about to cum again. He never slowed up just fucked her hard with the vibrator, and didn’t stop, he sent her into a multiple orgasm. Just then her phone started ringing, they both knew it was her husband’s ring tone. He grabbed the phone and held it to her ear, put his dick in her face and put the vibrator back in her pussy, türkçe bahis he made her cum again, and again while talking on the phone, he said it was amazing, if he had not seen it himself, he would have never guessed she could have such a strong orgasm and be so in control, that her voice barely broke. When she got off the phone, he put the blindfold on her. He started playing with her, then he grabbed her phone and decided to record some with her phone, he ended up fucking her, then pulled out, pushed her tits around his dick and titty fucked her, shooting his cum on her face and hair. He was even lucky enough to have gotten the act on her phones video. He let her suck him some more as he got hard again. He threw her legs over his shoulders and started pounding her hard, then a text came in on the phone, he looked at it, her husband was about 2 miles away, at Starbucks coffee, she told Joe what kind of coffee she wanted, and while he text it back to her husband, he realized he was actually fucking a married woman while sending her husband a coffee order. She told him her husband didn’t know about what they were güvenilir bahis siteleri doing right then, or the fact that she forced him to cum in her husband’s mouth and on his face while he was sleeping, and he might not be happy about it. Well the whole situation made him cum deep inside her. Joe decided he should probably leave very soon, he asked Susie where the cuffs keys were and she said they were on the bed post, but they weren’t there. As he scrambled to find the key, he asked how her husband didn’t know. How could a guy get a face and mouth full of cum, sleeping or not, and not know? She said she had cleaned him up as much as she could, then woke him up by grinding her wet pussy on his face, while sucking his dick. He was so out of it, he wouldn’t know the difference between the taste of cum and pussy juice, he would barely know what was going on. Well, there was one answer, but where the key was, was a total mystery, she told him to leave, and she would figure something out, just don’t get caught there, not like that, when she didn’t have approval, first. So he left her like that, both hands cuffed to the headboard, fresh cum dripping out of her just fucked, swollen, shaved cunt, oh, and a blind fold on. He drove around, the opposite way he knew her husband came in, wondering what she was going to tell him, and what he was going to say.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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