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Sweet Ass Muscle Sub (Bisexual)

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Sweet Ass Muscle Sub (Bisexual)Part One: How We MetWhen I was in college, I answered an ad on the bulletin board of thestudent center for an off-campus roommate.Sylvan Gardens was a rundown apartment complex in walking distance of theschool. Convenient, since I did not own a car, and the rent had to becheap.I rang the buzzer at Apartment F, but no one answered.Just as I was about to walk away, the door creaked open, revealing ashirtless white guy wearing gym shorts and a backwards baseball cap. Blondbangs hung in his big blue eyes.He towered over me by a few inches with an impressive physique. Pecs likeslabs of beef, shoulders like boulders, biceps like cannonballs, andwashboard abs, the kind of body most guys wish they had.I’m not scrawny, if that’s what you’re thinking. Lean and wiry, that’sme. I’m plenty strong where it counts, if you know what I’m saying,although I would not mind putting on some muscle mass.”Sorry I took so long,” apologized the whiteboy, wiping his sweaty chestwith a towel. “I was finishing up some bench presses. I’m Todd, by theway.””Mars Dixon,” I replied, shaking his hand, and finding his grip not as firmas expected. “Are you still looking for a roomie?””Mars?” Todd echoed, removing his cap to scratch his head.”Short for Marquise.””Cool name. Pleasure to meet you, Mars.””Thanks.””Come on in. Look around. There’s only one bedroom, but it’s pretty big.”As Todd turned, I took a good look at his broad, V-shaped back. I let myeyes run along his chiseled body like an art student admiring a marblesculpture. Even his muscles had muscles.That’s when I noticed the curvature of his ass.Never in my life had I ever once thought another dude had a hot ass, butsomething about Todd’s booty grabbed me by the balls! I tried not to stareat it.The living room was spartan. A weight bench flanked by barbells anddumbbells sat in the middle of the room. Against one wall an étagèreof glass and chrome held a small TV.In an alcove was a table cluttered with dirty dishes, empty take-outcartons, unopened mail, and textbooks. The kitchen was small butadequate. More dishes. The trash bucket was filled to overflowing.The bedroom was furnished with twin beds. On the walls hung posters ofbodybuilders, mostly Arnold in his prime. A chest expander dangled from thedoorknob.For a moment, I wondered if Todd were gay, but a stack of Hustlers andPenthouses on the nightstand put that worry to rest. That’s all I need, Isaid to myself with an audible sigh of relief, a gay roommate with afuckable ass.The crib met my basic needs, and the rent was more than affordable. As Iwas carrying a full course load and working part time as a security guard,I wouldn’t even be around much.Problem was: could I share a place with this guy? Because if I ever fuckedanother dude in the ass, it would be Todd, and since Todd wasn’t gay, thatwas never going to happen.Was I going to get a hard-on every night, sleeping in the same room withhim? If you saw that magnificent ass, you would understand what I’m talkingabout.I’m the kind of guy who won’t take no for an answer, not when it’ssomething I really want. What if I couldn’t control myself some night? Itwas a possibility.Yeah, if I was horny enough, r****g Todd in the middle of the night was notentirely out of the question.”So, what do you think?”Todd’s voice snapped me out of my erotic reverie. Just in time, because mynature was starting to rise.”When can I move in?””You can move in today!”From the outset, we got along pretty well. Our schedules were such that wesaw little of one another except late at night or weekends.Although not the sharpest knife in the drawer, Todd was a decent fellow.Didn’t snore, didn’t do d**gs, had no vices, and would give you the shirtoff his back.If he was wearing a shirt, that is. Mostly Todd paraded around in shorts,taking every opportunity to flex in front of the mirror. It did not help heshowered with the bathroom door wide open, or did pushups in the livingroom.A week after I moved in, Todd introduced me to his on-again, off-againgirlfriend. Jessica was a plus-sized chick with frizzy red hair, freckles,wide hips, fat ass, and ginormous milky tits.The first time we met, Jessica looked me up and down, licking her lipswhile her eyes groped my crotch. I knew that I could have her if I wanted.One night, Todd and I were chilling, knocking back some brews.”Mars, there’s something I should tell you about Jessica,” he venturedsoftly.”What’s that?””She has a thing for black guys.””Are you serious,” I replied, unsurprised, wanting to hear more.”For real, man, that’s her thing.”His words were slurred. Was this going to be one of those drunkenconfessions he would regret?”What did she say?””Okay… I’m gonna tell you, but promise me you won’t get offended.””I won’t be.””I was screwing her, right? I mean, doing my thing, fucking my heart out,and know what she said?””What did she say?” I inquired, grabbing another round of Coronas for usboth.”She said… now, get this… she said: I want you to fuck me like anigger!””She said what?”Got to admit, I was not expecting that.”Yeah, I know. I don’t like that word. But that’s what she said. As God ismy witness!””That’s heavy!” I nodded, masking my interest. “She wanted you to fuck herlike a nigger? What did you say?””I didn’t say nothing.” Todd took a swig. “Shit, I don’t even know how anigger fucks. But that’s what she told me. She wants to get fucked by anigger.”For someone who claimed not to like that word, Todd had no trouble usingit. But that didn’t surprise me none.”You shouldn’t be telling me this shit. If she wasn’t your woman, I woulddo her like that!”I snapped my fingers.”Why not?” Todd shrugged. “It’s not like I’m in love with her.””What are you saying?””I’m saying, I’m willing to share. b*o’s before ho’s, right?””You would let me fuck your woman?””That’s what she wants.””Is that what you want?””Sure, why not?””You wanna watch? Wanna see how niggers fuck?”I was beginning to figure Todd out.”I guess,” he admitted.”Then, I’m down. Let me know when and where.””Cool,” said Todd.”Cool.”That night, I had a wet dream. I was screwing Jessica with my pants downaround türbanlı ığdır escort my ankles on the hood of a car in a parking lot while Todd lookedon.Next morning, Todd stood at the bathroom sink, shaving, with the door wideopen, towel around his waist.”So, is it still on?” I had to ask. “What we talked about?”I was afraid Todd had forgotten or changed his mind, but to my surprise hereplied, “Yeah, we can do that.””Cool!”Part Two: What Happened NextA few nights later, Todd and Jessica went out to dinner. They came backlate, more than a little tipsy, bringing with them two splits ofchampagne. I was at the dining room table, studying for my midterms.”Mars, you look like you could use a drink,” said Jessica.”Sure, why not.”We chillaxed in the bedroom, since that was the only place in the apartmentwe could sit down together. Todd popped a cork and poured the bubbly intopaper cups.Jessica looked over my CD collection, and slipped a disc into theplayer. The music of 2 Live Crew filled the room:”I’m like a dog in heat, a freak without warning / I have an appetite forsex `cause me so horny!””I love this song,” Jessica giggled, turning up the volume.I excused myself to take a piss. When I got back, Jessica and Todd weremaking out. I watched as her blouse came off, and then her bra.While Todd groped those bouncy jugs with clumsy paws, she whisperedsomething in his ear.Turning to me with a goofy grin, he said: “Jessie wants to know if you careto join us?””Thought you’d never ask! Make room for daddy!”I sat between them on the bed. Jessica kissed me, making full use of heragile tongue. My hands played with her tits and tweaked her nipples,driving her to moan with desire.2 Live Crew was rapping:”You can say I’m desperate, even call me perverted / But you say I’m a dogwhen I leave you fucked and deserted / I’ll play with your heart like it’sa game / I’ll be blowing your mind while your blowing my brains!”Jessica yanked off my shirt and started licking my chest. Todd doffed hiswifebeater. As I pulled off Jessica’s jeans and panties, Todd unlaced myJordans, and helped me out of my trousers.I liked that he did that. Like he couldn’t wait to see me inaction. Definitely foreshadowing things to come. Moments later, the threeof us were naked. My dick jutted like nine inches of iron pipe, ready foraction.Before I knew it, Jessica was on her knees, bobbing like a chickenhead.”Yeah, baby doll, that’s what I like,” I murmured, nuts bouncing off herchin.She could only keep my meat down for a few seconds at a time before her gagreflex kicked in. Sputtering. Tears in her eyes. Drool on her lips.”You aiiight, baby?” I asked, stroking her hair.”It’s so big,” she gasped. “I think I’m falling in love with your big,black cock.””I can tell,” I chuckled. “You can fall in love with my big, black cockanytime you want! If that’s aiiight with your boyfriend.”Todd did not respond. His big blue eyes were fixed on my tool, watching itslide in and out of Jessica’s mouth.Maybe Jessica wasn’t the only one falling in love.”Yo, Todd… Is that okay with you?””Huh?””I said, yo’ girl can’t get enough of my dick. You don’t mind if I keep herhappy?””Uh, yeah, sure,” Todd mumbled, gazing so intently that he probably had noidea what he just agreed to.”You like watchin’ her give me head, don’t you?””I guess so,” he admitted.”That’s good, that’s good,” I grinned. “You might learn something.”I could have let Jessica blow me all night long, but now it was time forsomething different. Coaxing her off, I pulled her onto the bed, positionedher face up, and spread her legs.Her pussy lips were ruby red, glistening like a ripe, juicy pomegranate.”You need to eat that tasty cunt,” I told Todd.”Uh, I don’t know…” he balked. “I don’t …””Go on, eat it,” I insisted.Personally, I don’t eat pussy. I don’t like the idea of putting my mouthwhere my dick goes. That’s just me. Some cats get into it.Hesitantly, Todd got between Jessica’s milky thighs and startedlicking. His short tongue flickered like a tiny flame, eliciting squeals ofdelight.”Yahhh, lick that pussy!” I goaded. “Get it nice and hot for me to fuck.”Todd renewed his efforts. It was interesting how promptly he complied. Iliked that about him.While Todd did as he was told, I found myself irresistibly drawn to theroundness of his white ass. I wondered how he would react if I touched him.He’s not gonna freak, I told myself. He wants me to touch his ass. He’spractically asking for it.I ran my hand across his firm fleshy cheeks. His entire body quivered, buthe did not say a word. Emboldened, I squeezed his buns with both hands.”Unnnhhhhh,” he groaned.”Don’t stop eating that cunt!” I ordered, reaching for a tube of coconutbutter from the nightstand.It was obvious now that I would be calling the shots in our threesome.Greasing Todd’s crack, I slid an index finger into his hole. It was tight,but I was not going to let that stop me.”Ohhhh-unnhhhh!” he moaned.”You like that?” I asked.”Ohhhh, unnnnhhhh, uhhhh.”Todd made a****listic grunts of pleasure as I inserted another digit,followed by a third.”That feels good, don’t it!””Un-huhhh…”I finger fucked him for a good fifteen minutes, making him squirm. It wasfascinating to watch.`”I’m gonna get back to you,” I promised. “Now, I wanna fuck yo’ girl. Youready to see that?”Turning to Jessica, I shouldered her thighs and introduced my throbbingtool to her wet cunt.”Don’t be scared of the pussy,” I instructed Todd. “You got to let thepussy know who’s boss.”With Todd looking on, I pushed my dick inside. Her cunt was tighter than Iexpected, like she had never been filled before by a real man.I started pumping slowly. Little by little. Inch by inch.”Ohhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhh,” she cried. “Ohhhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhhh…””You feel me, baby?””Ohhh, goddd, yesss,” she cried, eyes rolling back. “Fuck me HARD! Fuck meHARD with that big black cock!””You hearin’ this, Todd?” I said, looking over at him.Todd was stroking. His hard-on could not have been longer than fiveinches. Word is bond. Five freaking inches.What a cruel joke of nature to be built like Hercules and hung like türbanlı ığdır escort bayan alittle boy. I felt sorry for him. I could just imagine the teasing he gotin the locker room, not to mention how could he ever hope to please awoman? No wonder his lady needed a nigger to fuck her.Jessica began to pass out. Her eyelids fluttered and drool trickled fromher mouth.As soon as she started snoring, I pulled out, and nudged her over. I won’tscrew a chick who’s out of it because that ain’t right. I don’t roll likethat.Lucky for me, I had another option.Part Three: Shit Gets RealThis was a turning point for me as well as for my muscle-bound roomie. Evennow, years later, thinking about what went down that fateful night stillmakes me smile.”She’ll be aiiight,” I assured Todd. “Guess it’s your turn.””What d-do you mean?” he stammered.”You know what I’m talkin’ about!”Todd knew exactly what was on my mind. I could see it in his eyes andquivering lower lip. He looked scared, having witnessed my big dick inaction.”On yo’ belly,” I insisted.”Mars, I don’t …””You heard me. You wanted to see a nigger fuck! This is how we do it. Yourgirlfriend just got me started, so now you gotta pick up the slack.””But…” he objected, weakly.”But SHIT,” I barked. “Lay da fuck down! Do what you’re told! That’s anorder!”The dumb jock got on his stomach, putting his sweet white cheeks at mymercy.I spread his muscular legs and pressed the blunt knob of my dick againsthis hole, slick with coconut grease.”Unnhhh, no, nooo,” he grunted and groaned as I forced my way inside, inchby inch.”Uhhhh, nooo, noooo… stop… stop… I can’t… unh… please…,” hepleaded.”Don’t you EVER tell me to stop!”I slapped the back of his head hard enough to make him see stars.”NO ain’t in your vocabulary! Understand me?””I understand,” he whimpered. “But it’s too big.””Your girlfriend took it, so you can too. Tell me what you want! Tell meyou wanna get fucked!””I want it…””Say: fuck me nigger!””I can’t…””SAY IT!!!” I roared.”Yes, yes,” he crumbled. “Nigger, fuck me!””Who you callin’ a nigger, bitch?” I laughed, plunging deep and hard.At once, Todd began to buck, moving in rhythm with my thrusts.”You know I own this ass, right? Say: yes Sir!””Yes, Sir!””Say: please FUCK me, SIR!””Please FUCK me, SIR!”I liked hearing that!”Who’s yo’ daddy?””YOU are, YOU are, you’re my daddy,” he babbled, almost sobbing, barelygetting out the words.Guess it’s hard to talk when you got nine inches of dick inside.”Don’t you forget it!” I snarled, thrusting wildly.Sweat trickled down my face. My nuts churned, aching for release. Bam!Bamm! Bammmm!!!”I!!! Own!!! Your!!! White!!! Ass!!!!”That’s when I ejaculated, one blast after another like lava erupting from avolcano.Fireworks exploded as my entire body shuddered from an orgasm like nothingI had ever experienced before!It felt like my very essence poured out, filling Todd with my seed, myspirit, my very life-force.His body collapsed with my Mars bar still inside. I did not want towithdraw. His silk-lined ass-pussy was made for my dick.Slowly, I pulled out. My dick was half-hard, but regaining strength, readyto fuck some more.Since Todd was worn out, I stumbled over to my own bed and crashed, leavinghim and Jessica curled up together.The next morning, sunlight poured through the windows, waking me and Toddat about the same time.Jessica was gone.I sat up and swung my feet to the floor, letting my dick and balls dangleover the edge of the mattress. No point in false modesty, not after what wehad been through.Todd stirred, rubbing his eyes.”Last night was wild,” I said, reaching for a cigarette. `How you feeling?You aiiight?””I’m okay,” said Todd, making sure the sheet covered his nakedness.”You better be more than okay, or I didn’t do my job! When I fuck someone,they better feel it!””I was drunk,” said Todd.”Is that supposed to mean something?””I don’t want to talk about it.””No way,” I countered. “We got to talk. What went down last night was kindof special. I’ve never done anything like that before.””Me neither.”Todd’s voice was so soft and low that I could barely hear him.”I’m not just talking about fucking,” I explained. “You did what you weretold! You obeyed me. That was cool. I liked that!””I was drunk. I didn’t know what I was doing.””Seems like you knew what you was doing when you called me Sir and beggedme to fuck you.”Todd hung his head in shame.”Let me break it down for you,” I proceeded. “I know you ain’t gay. But Iloved fucking your sweet ass. We got something really special here, knowwhat I’m saying?”Todd did not say anything, so I elaborated:”You know what I’m talking about. I fucked you good, and you liked it. I’mgonna fuck you again, you can count on that. In fact, I think I’m gonnafuck you whenever I feel like it. Like I told you, I own that ass! Gotthat?””Got it,” he gulped.”Matter of fact, there’s something you can do for me right now.””What’s that?” he asked, naively.”I want you to suck my dick.””Suck your…? N-no… I can’t…,” he recoiled.”Don’t play games with me!” I growled, raising my open hand, ready to bitchslap him.”Don’t make me do that,” he cringed.”Get on yo’ knees! Do what you’re told!”In a daze, Todd crouched before me.”I wanna hear you say: may I suck your dick, Sir!”He grimaced, fighting the compulsion to surrender. I saw dread in his eyes.He did not want to go down on me. But he did not want to disobey meeither. He was a natural submissive.”Say it! That’s an order!”””May I suck your dick, Sir?” he whimpered. The last spark of defiance inhis eyes sputtered out.”Good boy.”I patted his tousled head.”Of course you can suck my dick! Anytime you want. All you have to do isask.”I made it sound like I was doing him a favor.Slowly, Todd parted his lips and covered the knob of my pole with hismouth. I felt the tip of his tongue licking the slit.”Suck it good! Don’t disappoint me!!!”Up and down he bobbed, gradually at first, barely taking half my lengthinto his throat. There was a lot Todd had to learn about giving head, buthe compensated for that with obedience.”Deep and slow, türbanlı escort ığdır cocksucker!”He winced when I called him that.”Harder!” I commanded. “Suck that dick! Do your job! You know you want it!”The harsher and cruder I sounded, the harder he worked, as if pleasing mewas the only thing that mattered.”Get it wet and shiny! Slobber on it like a dog on a bone.”Todd was getting the job done. My body tensed. I could feel it coming as mythighs turned to steel, and my fingers dug into the mattress.Moments later, I exploded, again and again. Hot ejaculate filled his mouth,spilling over his lips.Part Four: Todd Becomes My SlaveIn the days that followed I insisted on a blowjob every morning when I wokeup and I screwed Todd almost every night before I went to sleep. He wasmine to use however and whenever I chose.After a few weeks went by, it occurred to me that Todd was not liftingweights like before. I could even detect a loss of muscle tone. Was hedepressed?I couldn’t have that, so I came up with a plan.Summoning Todd to the living room, I told him to shuck down to his Fruit ofthe Looms and pose for me like he was at a bodybuilding competition.”Really?” he replied, eagerly.”Yeah, show me your routine,” I encouraged. “I’m kind of curious.””I’ve never posed for anyone,” he replied, peeling off his white tee-shirtand gym shorts, and then casually tossing them aside.”Fold them properly,” I insisted.Todd did as he was told. Like always. He could not help himself. I lovedexerting power over him. Who wouldn’t?Ask yourself what you would do if there was a guy or girl who would dowhatever you told them.I straddled the weight bench while Todd treated me to his routine,beginning with a double biceps display, followed by a lat spread. Everytaut sinew was defined like something you might see in a textbook onanatomy.His muscles didn’t turn me on. I only cared about that perfect gluteusmaximus. But I was seriously impressed.”You’re fucking amazing, dude!” I exclaimed. “You’d look even better alloiled up with a spotlight on you.”Todd beamed, smiling for the first time in days. He really enjoyed being ondisplay.”Are you sure you’re not gay?”I had to go there, just to mess with him.The brightness left Todd’s face as if a dark cloud suddenly blotted out thesun.”You know I’m not,” he grumbled.”Don’t get offended! I just assumed all you muscle freaks are queer. I wasjust asking, that’s all.””I’m not gay,” he repeated.”Is that why you been givin’ me skull?””You know why…” he hung his head in shame.”It’s all good. I know you’re embarrassed by this shit, but you shouldn’tbe. It’s what you are. It’s what I like most about you.””I can’t help myself.””I can’t help myself neither. That’s why we make such good roommates.””I guess,” he shrugged.”Know what you need? You need a dominatrix. You know what that is, right?”He nodded.”Ever been with one?”He shook his head.”That’s a shame. See, what you are is a submissive. You need to bedominated. That’s what gets you off. But you’re straight. You need a womanto dominate you. I’m just a substitute. Just like you’re a substitute forwhat I need.”He looked at me uncertainly.”I’m gonna make that happen,” I vowed, meaning not a word of it. “I’m gonnafind you a hot dominatrix who will treat you like the lowlife slut youare. But until that day comes, I will be your Master. I’m willing to dothat because it’s what you need. Say thank you, Master.””Thank you… Master,” he replied, gratitude welling in his big, blue eyeswith tears.I wanted his round, firm, alabaster ass. I had to be inside him, feelinghis body, mind, and spirit surrender to my will.Seizing Todd’s briefs, I snatched them away from his body with a loud rip!He was my bitch, my obedient white slave.I placed my hands on Todd’s broad t****zius muscles, and pushed him to hisknees. Then, I directed him to the floor, face down, and spat on my dickfor lube.I drove every inch of my big dick inside his hole and started thrusting. Itwas a hasty, urgent fuck. Hasty for me, that is. Maybe twenty minutes.Bam!!! Bamm!!! Bammmm!!!!”Unhhhhh!!! Unhhhhh! Unhhhhhh!” he groaned.”You like this dick inside you don’t you! Tell me you like it!!!””I… like it, I like… it,” he gasped.”Take it, bitch!!!”I can’t begin to imagine what it feels like to take a dick up theass. That’s got to hurt like hell. Maybe Todd was into pain? Maybe hewanted to suffer as much as he wanted to obey?”From now on,” I growled in his ear, “I want you to work out twice as hard!I want you to be the best that you can be! Make me proud!””Yes, Sir,” he said. “Yes, Master!””If you disappoint me, I’m gonna take a belt to yo’ ass!””Yes, Sir!” he repeated.”I might beat yo’ ass just for the hell of it so you know I’m serious! Say:yes, Master!””Yes, Master!”We ejaculated in unison.Part Five: EpilogueTo make a long story short, Todd and I lived together for eight monthsafter graduation. The only reason I moved out was because I got a job outof state. That entire time, Todd was not just my obedient sex toy, but myslave.It was a mutually satisfying relationship. He needed to be dominated, and Ineeded to fuck that ass. It couldn’t get better than that!Every so often, I informed Todd that I had found him a dominatrix. Promisedhim our arrangement would end once they hooked up. She never came, but Iwas always there to give Todd what he craved.I was tempted to share him with some of my friends, if only to show off mysweet ass white muscle sub like a trophy, but I never did. Never beat himwith a belt, neither. I just said that to motivate him.I continued screwing Jessica as well, sometimes letting Todd watch,sometimes kicking him out of the bedroom, and he never protested. He didn’tdare. He knew his place. I loved that shit!The day that I moved out, I fucked Todd’s beautiful white ass one lasttime. Swear to God, there were tears in his eyes when he said,”Master. I’m gonna miss you.””I’m gonna miss you too, slave,” I replied, sincerely.A lot of years have passed since then. I’m forty-six. Married twice, withthree k**s. Life has been good.My oldest son, Kershaw, is a senior at college. Only recently, I wasintroduced to his roomie, a white jock who reminded me a lot of Todd. Wasit my imagination, or did Jason and Kershaw seem to share a secretunderstanding?It wouldn’t surprise me none if Kershaw took after his old man. History hasa way of repeating itself, know what I’m saying?THE ENDIf you want to know about Kershaw and his room mate just comment and i just might write a story of them.

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