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Sweet Baby Sister Amanda

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This Story is ENTIRELY fiction, all person(s) in this story are entirely fiction, and not based on real life events or known people.

* * * * *

Hi, I’m Amanda, but go by Mandy or Baby to my family. I’m the youngest girl (at a tender age of 18), my older sister Kimberly (whom I refer to as sissy) is the oldest, she’s 23. Sissy and I have two stepbrothers, Nathan, 21, and Donald, 25- their dad married our mom when I was a newborn and nathan was pretty much and infant, Sissy and Donald remember their birth Father and Mother, although both were killed in a plane crash on the way to Texas. That’s where our mom and their dad met- it was a most tragic incident that left us without a father and Nathan and Donald without a mother. We were all lucky to have survived that horrible crash and SO VERY lucky that our parents met and fell in love.

Growing up the four of us have always been very close, mom and dad always bathed us together, let us sleep together do everything together… We have always been very loving of one another, and the boys have always protected us… Especially Nathan, he’s always been so loving and so protecting of me, no one or nothing could ever harm me as long as there was a breath of air in Nathan’s body. We didn’t find out we weren’t biological brothers and sisters until I was 18, that was when the decision was made. Our mother and father sat us down and told us that Nathan and Donald weren’t our biological brothers, and that Dad, wasn’t our biological Dad. At first I was devastated, I mean, my whole world to me at that point was somewhat of a lie… but on the same token, I was slightly relieved.

For a few weeks, I’d been having a recurring dream about Nathan, I had been developing feelings that I felt weren’t natural for a baby sister to feel for her big brother. I’d been very lonely, we’d moved to a new town about 200 miles from our old home, into a new area where dad was transferred… The home we lived in was huge, very beautiful, but very lonely at night when everyone was at work. I especially missed Nathan, he would always come into my room at night and talk to me to cheer me up, but now, he was working late, and I was longing for him.

One night, I felt a strong urge, I needed Nathan, and not as a brother, but as my lover. Even thought he was only my “step” brother, he was raised as my brother… I didn’t know what to do about the feelings I had, I would look in the mirror at myself, at a petite 5’4, and 135lbs, I looked pretty sharp, my big brown eyes looked so innocent as my long blonde hair fell over my tiny shoulders, my breasts, very large for my frame, a massive 38D were shown off very nicely in the little baby doll nightie I had on. I could just practically feel Nathan’s big strong hands on them, caressing them… I would feel so secure if I had him to be my first.

His large frame, a tall 6’4 and 235lbs, made quite a good sized man, and dark brown hair brought out his kind and loving blue eyes. I could just see those baby blues looking into mine as he enters me, taking my little cherry from me… OH that was too much I though, I feeling my little virgin pussy getting wet…

So unsure as to what to do about or with Nathan, I go bahis firmaları to my wise Sissy’s room for advise… As I’m walking down the hall I hear moaning coming from her room, I peek into the darkness and see Donald on top of her, his lips wrapped around her hard nipples, licking and sucking them so hard…

“Ohhhhhhhh yes Donald, ohhhhhhhh that’s it brother” Sissy moaned with pleasure. My eyes became a big a silver dollar as I saw his monstrous cock… it must’ve been a good 9″ if not bigger, and SOOOOOO thick, I looked down at Sissy’s tiny shaven pussy as he entered it. It apparently wasn’t their first time having sex with one another, as Sissy took his cock all the way in, moaning with pleasure the whole time. I watched them for a few moments, seeing how gentle and loving he was with her, but at the same time a little rough and aggressive. “Ohhhhhhh harder Donald, harder” Sissy would moan out as Donald thrust in and out of her tiny hole harder and harder… “Cum for me Kimmy, give me your sweet juice baby, give me all you’ve got” I heard Donald moan as he pounded into her pussy.

That was all I could stand to see, I was so hot and horny. I had to cum, and I had to cum quick. I quietly snuck back into my bedroom where I turned out my nightlight and began to rub my swollen nipples. “Ohhhhhhhh” I moaned out softly, pretending my hands were Nathan’s … soon my tiny fingers wandered to my dripping wet pussy, feeling the smooth shaven skin, I rubbed my pouty lips, feeling all of my sweet spunk on them… “Ohhhhhhhh yes” I moaned out a little louder as my finger found my clit, I rubbed it fast and hard, pretending it was Nathan’s tongue, licking and sucking on my swollen clit… “Ohhhhhhh Nathan” I moaned out as I started cumming hard, my sweet juices flowing from my wet pussy. As my orgasm subsided, and my breathing went back to normal, I laid back to go to sleep, dreaming of my true love… my loving brother Nathan.

Little did I know, that Nathan had arrived home from work early, and had come by to tell me good-night, and saw the WHOLE entire thing. As I slept, I felt a hand running down my back, I turned over, smiling sweetly “Nathan, what… what are you doing?” I asked innocently as I turned over onto my back, watching Nathan as he looked at my voluptuous body in the small white nightie.

“I came to tell my baby good-night like I always do,” He said as he leaned over to give me a big hug, only tonight, this hug lingered for awhile… Could he have the same feelings I do? I think to myself, or is it my hard nipples poking into his chest that’s making him hold me longer than usual…”I missed you tonight baby” Nathan says softly, kissing my cheek. I missed you too big brother, a whole, whole lot… I say, pulling him down onto the bed as he kisses my lips very gently, yet innocently, like every other night. We look at one another, without a word being said, Nathan looks down at my nipples and reaches his hand out to caress them…

“What…What are you doing brother?” I ask somewhat startled. “Something I should’ve done along time ago baby sister… show you how much big brother really loves you” Nathan said as he moved his lips to mine, parting them, kissing me deeply as kaçak iddaa his strong hands caressed my breasts firmly, feeling my hard nipples pressing into the palm of his hand. I couldn’t believe it, it was finally happening, I was going to make love to Nathan. I felt him spreading my little legs as he slid in between them rubbing his hard cock over my swollen wet lips…”Ohhhhhhhh ” I shuddered as I felt his cock hit my clit, soaking his boxers with my juice… soon his head moved down to my nipple, licking it teasingly, driving me CRAZY…”Ohhhhhhh yes brother, ohhhhhhhhh yes, that feels soooooo good” I moaned with pleasure, holding his head to my nipple…

I nearly pass out as I feel his big fingers parting my tiny pussy lips, sliding one inside of me deep…”You’re so wet and tight baby…all for your big brother” Nathan moaned, as he watched his finger fucking my sweet pussy. I cooed and moaned with pleasure, moving my hips up to meet his finger as it thrust into my tight little hole. “Do you want another one baby, do you want brother to finger you really good?” Nathan said seductively as he positioned two fingers together pushing them into me, rubbing against my g-spot. “Ohhhhhhhhhh Brother! Ohhhhhhhhh rub me there…harder… Ohhhhhhhhh that feels sooooooo good” I moaned out, gripping onto his shoulders tightly as my hips bucked and pussy spasmed…”Ohhhhhhhhh brother…I’m…I’m…Ohhhhhhhhhhh”. “That’s it baby, cum for big brother, show him how good he’s loving you baby, show me…” Nathan moaned out, fingering me as fast and deep as he could. I came with such force that my pussy juice was dripping everywhere, coating Nathan’s fingers and wetting my bed good.

“Ohhhhhhh Brother, ohhhhhhhhhh yes” I moaned, closing my eyes tightly, gripping onto him with everything in me as my orgasm subsided…I opened my eyes and looked up at him, knowing what he wanted…exactly what I needed: To make love. “I love you baby” Nathan whispered to me as he slid his boxers off, taking my hand and wrapping it around his huge cock…big cocks must run in the family I thought, his cock was a good 8″ or 81/2 inches, very close to my oldest brother, Donald. I began to stroke brother’s cock lovingly as he moaned… slowly he leaned back a little.

“Spread your legs for brother, baby,” he said as he looked lovingly down at me… I spread my legs for him letting him get a good look at my tiny little virgin pussy…

“Please be gentle brother, I…I’m still a virgin” I said so nervously, my voice cracking slightly. Nathan leaned over and kissed me softly, reassuring me that everything would be ok…”I’ll be gentle baby, I won’t hurt my angel” Nathan said softly as I felt the head of his enormous cock enter my tiny little lips. “Ummmmmm” I moaned feeling the soft head just inside my little pussy…that was the end of the pleasure for the moment. Nathan’s cock was so huge, and my tiny pussy so small, I thought I’d never take him in all the way.

“It hurts big brother… it hurts really bad” I whimpered, looking up at him with tears welling up in my eyes. “It’s ok baby, it’s gonna hurt for just a second more, then it’ll start feeling good I promise… Here baby, wrap your arms around big brother tight and kaçak bahis kiss me, I’m getting ready to make you into a woman”… and with that his lips met mine and POP! There went my maidenhood, my big brother had taken my virginity.

Nathan kissed me deeply as his cock entered me fully… I have no idea how my tiny little pussy stretched to take it all the way in, but somehow it did. I took him all the way inside of me and after a few moments the pain began to die and pleasure took over… I felt my pussy starting to become more lubricated enabling him to slide in and out of me with such ease…

“Ohhhhhhhh yes brother, ohhhhhhhhhh your cock feels sooooooo good big brother” I moaned out with pleasure, running my fingers teasingly up and down his back as his thrusts became harder…nearly making me cum all over myself again. “Ohhhhhhhh damn baby, you’re pussy’s so tight, ohhhhhhhh it’s soooooooo good baby, sooooooooo good” Nathan moaned as he leaned down to kiss me, feeling his tounge in my mouth as his body hit my clit sent waves of pleasure throughout my entire body…

“Ohhhhhhhh Nathan, I’m cumming, I’m cumming big brother, ohhhhhhhhhhh yes…Ohhhhhhhhh” I moaned as my hips rose to meet his every thrust as my sweet juices covered his cock…”Mandy, baby, ohhhhhhhhhh baby sis, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I…I… I can’t hold back Mandy”… Nathan moaned as he pounded his cock into my pussy, harder and harder, as deep as I could take him, I grabbed onto his shoulders tightly and held him as he started to cum…”Mandy, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby, I’m cumming, I’m cumming for you baby sister, ohhhhhhhhhh” Nathan moaned as his giant cum fill balls emptied into my virgin pussy, filling me completely…

“I love you big brother” I moan softly as he colapses onto my chest, still deep inside of me. “I love you too my precious baby sister…no one will ever love you like your brother does” Nathan whispered softly as he tenderly kissed my lips, turning over and opening his arms to hold me. I lay my head against his chest as he wraps his big strong arms around me, kissing my forehead. “I’ll always love you Mandy” he says pulling me in close.

“I’ll always love you too big brother, more than anyone… I don’t want another man…only you…” I say looking up at him, smiling so sweetly. “I have a confession to make brother”. “What’s that baby?” Nathan asks inquisitively. “Tonight when I saw Sissy and Donald making love, I… I was going to ask her what I should do… about you… I… I have been in love with you for sometime now, only didn’t know what to do… and I thought for sure Sissy could help me… and even though I didn’t get to talk to her, she did help me…” I say kissing your lips softly. “So seeing Donald making love to her made you see that if we made love it would be ok too?” Nathan replied as he stroked my face gently. “Uh-huh” nodding my head yes.

“Baby, promise me, you’ll let me be your only love, I’ll be good to you and take care of you…no one will ever love you like your brother” Nathan says lovingly as he caresses my arm. “I promise big brother, as long as you promise to love and take care of me forever, I am yours to love and to make love to whenever you do so desire”.

And with that Nathan and I became lovers… there is much more to our story, this is only the first chapter…Please write to me and let me know what you like of this story and if you would like to see more…

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