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SWEET CHERRYIt’s been awhile since my last nasty i****t tale, so I thought I would stop by and tell you about my sweet cousin Cherry. Cherry is my Uncle Pat’s daughter and the baby of the family. When Cherry was just a few months old when Uncle Pat and his wife split up it was Aunt Clair who got custody of their daughter. A few weeks after the divorce Aunt Clair packs up and move her and Cherry to the East coast. It would be f******n years before my Uncle Pat would see or hear from his daughter.June 2, 1986. That is a day that my Uncle Pat will never forget. That was the day he met his daughter, and our sweet Cherry came home. Uncle Pat had just come in for lunch. By now my Aunt Barbara was living with Uncle Pat. Uncle Pat started fucking his younger sister Barbara about a year before Aunt Clair left him, Uncle Pat and Aunt Barbara have been fucking on and off ever since they were thirteen and sixteen years old.It’s not like Aunt Clair didn’t know about our exclusive family bonding because she did. But she always struck me as being somewhat uptight about sex. I remember hearing my mom and dad talking about when Pat brought his new bride home and how my grandfather Douglas fucked his son’s new wife that first night. There are rules in my family that we all must follow. Rule one, when any of my grandfather’s sons brings home a woman, and if she is going to become apart of our clan, the first thing she must do is to be bedded by their future father-in-law.According to my grandpa, Aunt Clair had the best pussy among all his daughters-inlaws. It might have been the fact that Aunt Clair was a tall, beautiful shapely Italian that sends grandpa’s cock into overdrive whenever he fucked her. Aunt Clair was the first white woman that grandpa ever banged. I don’t think Aunt Clair took to the idea that she would not only be sleeping with her new husband, but he would have to share her with his father and his three brothers as well. Uncle Pat and Aunt Clair were married for four years when she decided that she had enough and she walked away, taking Cherry with her. It was a little after one in the afternoon when the phone ringed, it was the New York State Police calling to inform Uncle Pat that his ex-wife had been kill in a car crash and that their f******n-year-old daughter was safe, but she was alone and needed her dad. The next day Uncle Pat and Aunt Barbara flew to this small town in upstate New York, that is where they found my cousin Cherry. From the very moment, he saw her Uncle Pat said his cock jumped for joy. The mixture of an African-American father and an Italian mother prove to be a powerful combination. There was no doubt that she was as beautiful as her mother. She was just f******n years old, and she stood around five-feet-five-inches tall, she had her mom’s hour-glass figure and her long smooth legs. Uncle Pat noticed her nice round heart-shaped ass and her big, big beautiful titties. Her long dark brown curly hair fits perfectly with her whiskey brown eyes. She had the perfect size nose, and her full, lush lips top off the beauty that is Cusin Cherry.For a second or two Uncle Pat struggled with the idea of bringing Cherry home. He knew what would happen the minute his dad and his brothers saw her. There would be a bidding war over who would bed his daughter first. As her dad, Uncle Pat had first dibs on her. He knew introducing her to our family lifestyle would not be easy, lord only knows what her mother had told her about us. But it didn’t matter now, Aunt Clair is gone, and we were all she had left.It was three days later that Uncle Pat and Aunt Barbara showed up on grandpa’s doorstep with his new granddaughter in tow. I can’t say for sure, but it would not surprise me one bit if grandpa didn’t get a hard-on the minute he laid eyes on her. I even got a bit turned on the first time I saw her.Being that I am just a few years older than Cherry it was Expected of me to take her under my wings and give her the low down in how we do things in this family. How well do I remember those early days when Cherry had reunited with our family. I think all of us tried to make her feel welcome. However, for whatever the reason Cherry had put up a wall between herself and the family.As much as the men wanted to get their hands on her, they knew that it would take a lot of time to get her used to the idea that she would be given up her pussy to any one of them, and she would be grateful in doing so. However, it was all up to her father to start the grooming process, to prepare her to take her rightful place in his bed.Uncle Pat and his brother had learned from the master on how to seduce a young girl into their beds. Grandpa Doug has been luring young girls into his bed since his early teens. It was his father who bought the i****t lifestyle into the family. He taught his sons by way of bedding his daughters while his sons looked on. And then he allowed his sons to bed their sisters after they had been with their father. It was those lessons of grooming and wooing that my grandpa passed down to his sons, in turn, his sons had passed it down to their c***dren. As a result, my grandfather has fucked his two daughters, as well as four of his granddaughters, including me. No doubt it will soon be Cherry’s turn.Uncle Pat had started the process even before they left NYC. He had lost f******n years with his only c***d. For a father and his daughter, these are the most critical years. It’s in these years that the bonding process between a father and a daughter is formed. And if sex is added to the mix their bond becomes even more significant.For Uncle Pat, it wasn’t just a matter of her being ready to become his lover, but he wanted her to know just how much he had missed her all those years. He wanted Cherry to see that he wanted to be there for her, to be her dad and to love her like no other. But those years were stolen, and they could never get them back. So they would have to build on something new.I watched my uncle court his daughter. He didn’t just merely woo her. They would go out on dates. She never thought it to be odd that they would güvenilir bahis hold hands in public, or that he would from time to time lay light sensual kisses on her forehead, or steal a kiss on the lips when no one was watching. The candlelight dinners for two, the long romantic walks in the park. It didn’t take long for Cherry to realize that she has fallen in love with her father. ”Come in dad,” she said when she heard him knock softly. He slips in quietly. She was laying in her bed looking so sexy in the white nightshirt that he had bought her. The one that barely covered her ass. The only thing that was wrong was the white panties she was wearing. However, it didn’t matter. He had a mission to get her out of them before the night was over.”Hi sweetheart, I just came in to say good night,” he said as he took a seat on the bed. He couldn’t take his eyes off her; her soft tan skin seemed to glow under the dim nightlight that sat on her bedside table. There was very little doubt of the effect that she was having on him. Uncle Pat had been hard all that day. He had found some relief earlier that day when he fucked Aunt Barbara. But his relief was short-lived, there was no getting around the fact that he wanted his sweet Cherry.”Honey, do you mind if daddy gets in bed with you, I just want to cuddle,” he coaxed.”Sure daddy,” he heard her say as she welcomed her dad into her bed with a sweet, shy smile that melted his heart. Slipping into bed beside her he took her in his arms and the feelings of her soft skin next to his made it that much harder to resist doing things to her. He knew he had to take things slow and easy. He needed to broach the subject of sex in a manner that wouldn’t scare her off.”How does this feel sweetheart, me being in bed with you like this, are you okay with it?” Uncle Pat asked.She was so sweet and shy, and that was one of the many reasons why he loved her so. Looking up at him and with those beautiful dark eyes, she opened her heart to the true man in her life, her dad.”No dad; I don’t mind at all. I love being close to you. Christy told me about our family secret; I think it’s cool that dads get to love their daughters that way,”she said as she snuggled closer in his arms.Uncle Pat was pleasantly surprised that I had laid some of the ground-work for him. Cherry seemed a lot more willing to give the lifestyle a try, at least she was more open to it than her mother.”Our family secret, do you mean sex?” he whispered in her ear.”Yes” she responded in a low whisper. He saw his opening to press a little further, to engage where her head was. ”How do you feel about that, do you think it would be okay if we made love someday?” he asked as his fingers played lightly in her hair.She bit down on her bottom lip and looked away. She did not want her father to see the confusion in her eyes. ”I don’t know, mom said… She suddenly grows quiet. She needed to find the right words to say what she felt. ”What did your mom tell you about us, about me?” Uncle Pat was concerned that Aunt Clair would try to poison his daughter’s mind against us.Cherry sat up to face her father. She needed to see the look in his eyes when she tells him her mother’s truth.”My mom said that she loved you and that she wanted a life with only you and you wouldn’t protect her from your family. She said that our family is all messed up. She called grandpa a pervert and that he had ****d her on your wedding night and you did nothing to stop him. Is it true, did grandpa **** my mom?” she asked.Uncle Pat took her beautiful face in the palm of his hand, and he needed her, no he wanted her to understand everything he was about to tell her. ”I’m sorry your mom lied to you, but your grandpa did nothing to your mother that she did not want. My father has never had to force any woman into his bed. There are rules in this family, rules that we have to follow. Your mother didn’t do anything that she didn’t want to do, including going to bed with my father. Like I said our family is special. The bonds of love that we share are deep. And will never be broken. Yes, sweetheart sex is apart of the bonding process.”Cherry didn’t know what to think. She never wanted to believe that her mom would lie to her, at least not about something as big as this. However, since she has been back with our family, we have been nothing but kind and loving. Our unique way of bonding might have scared her off at first, but slowly she was coming around to our way of thinking.”You know you never answered my question, about us being lovers,” Uncle Pat pushed.”I don’t know, I guess it will be alright someday when I am ready,” she said softly.Her answer gave him hope, hope for a loving relationship with his daughter. ”I’m so happy you feel that way,” she heard him whisper as she felt his hand slip inside her panties.”Is what I am doing okay with you, daddy will stop if you want me to,” he said as he slowly starts to play with her tight young pussy.It was like nothing that he has never felt before. The warmth of Cherry’s womanhood set his heart ablaze with the kind of lust and love that he hadn’t felt in years. He waited for her to tell him to stop, but when she didn’t say anything, he took it as a sign that she didn’t want him to stop. Removing her panties he needed to see just what she had to offer.She laid there under his spell knowing that one word from her could break whatever willpower she had. She knew she wasn’t ready to make love. However, whatever her father was doing to her body sure felt good. Between the light, sexy kisses, and his fingers gliding in and out of her sweet love hole, she felt like her whole world was about to spin out of control.”Would you like to see what you are doing to daddy?” he whispered in her ear. She wasn’t sure what he meant. Looking up into his eyes, eyes that looked so much like her own, it was at that moment that she decided to let go of all of her doubts and fears and trust in the man that she loved, her father.”Are you sure it’s okay with Aunt Barbara?” she asked.Her concern for Aunt Barbara’s feelings türkçe bahis warmed his heart, knowing that he had such a loving and caring daughter would make their bond that much stronger.”Oh yes my sweet girl. your aunt wants us to be a happy family, and she knows the only way for that to happen is that for you and I to have a beautiful, loving father-daughter relationship.” ”Then please dad don’t stop,” was all she said.Thay were the five words that would change everything. Because things had gone so well up to this point until Uncle Pat saw no reason to hold back. The look in her beautiful, trusting eyes spoke what he already knew. He had to do right by his little girl. But more than doing right by her, he had to make sure that she was his, and his alone. He was going to mark her by writing his name all over her sweet kitty cat. He helped her out of the white nightshirt she was wearing, and as she laid before him, so raw, so beautiful, he suddenly finds himself in a haze of love and lust. While she is just a mere girl of f******n, she possesses the spirit and the body of a woman twice her age. Uncle Pat removes his robe, revealing his magnificent body. Like the other men in my family, Uncle Pat is a well build man. There not an ounce of fat on his long, lean body. His dark chocolate skin is a testament to both of my grandparents. His dark, soulful eyes could see straight into a woman’s heart. Full beautiful kissable lips that have given many women in my family hours of endless fun. But of course, his most outstanding feature is the beautiful nine-and-a-half inch cock that has pleasured many many women in our family. The first sight of her naked body took his breath away. Her big beautiful titties made his dick hard and his mouth water all at the same time. For a moment he had a hard time wrapping his head around the fact that she was his. Knowing that he was capable of making something so fine and rare sparked a sense of pride in him, and now at long last, he will sample the beautiful daughter that he helped create. She had only known him a few months, but he had become the father that she had craved all her life. Cherry has not known her father’s love for the first f******n years of her life. For whatever the reason her mother had ripped her away from her family. Cherry had not been given the truth about what had gone on between her mother and her grandfather. She can see now that the i****t factor of their family was a normal part of their lives.Cherry enjoyed watching her father as he exposed himself. Up until that point, Cherry had never seen a naked man. When she first saw him, she was overwhelmed at the sight of his strong, sexy body. Something inside her snapped. She suddenly had the uncontrollable urge to touch him. He stood before his daughter as she got out of bed. Taking her by her hand and lightly kissing the palm, he slowly took her in his arms. They shared their first kiss, not so much as father and daughter, but as two people discovering each other for the first time. Uncle Pat relished the feeling of having his daughter in his arms. She felt like no other woman that he has ever had before. When they kissed, it felt as if they were the only two people on earth. Nothing and no one else mattered except the two people who were wrapped up in each other’s arms.Breaking their kiss, he picks her up and carries her to the bed, the looks in her eyes were saying what was in her heart. Lowering her on to the bed, Uncle Pat steps back to admire what will soon be his. Her body was like a fine work of art. Her smooth tan skin was a beautiful mixture of black and white. She had lovely carves that seem to go on for days. Her titties were big and beautiful, and oh so soft with firm suckable nipples that were just to his liking. Her long legs, and curvy hips, and smooth thighs fit perfectly to the rest of her body. But when he first saw her pussy, that is when my Uncle Pat truly lost it. Covered with thick dark hair, it looked like a grown woman’s pussy. In all his days he had never seen anything as beautiful as sweet Cherry’s pussy.She knew what he wanted, and at that moment she could not think of one reason not to give in to her lustful desires and give him what he wanted, what they both wanted. Cherry smiles as she opens her arm and legs, welcoming the man she loves into her bed.Sliding in between her open legs he laid on top of her, skin to skin Uncle Pat took the lead in their first lovemaking session. She felt so damn good under him. He couldn’t keep his hands; still, he seemed to have no control over where they went, kissing her all over he grabbed a hand full of titties and kissed, licked and loved them to no end. Sucking on her nipples took on a new excitement. Reaching down between her legs his hand to travel up her thighs until he found the opening to paradise. She didn’t want to think. She just wanted to feel. Feel the love of her dad, who had been denied her for years. She needed to feel close to him, to feel him inside her. Giving in and giving herself to her father felt so right, it was like it was always meant to be because there was no fear in her. When she felt his hand work his way up her thighs, she opened her legs even wider.Caressing her young, untried pussy he needed to be sure that she was ready for this major step in her life. ”Honey, are you sure you’re ready for this?” he asked.”Daddy do you know how long I have waited for my dad to come back into my life, I have missed having a dad and a family of my own. A family that I can love and depend on, when Chris explained our family ways to me, yes I might have been a little shocked at first, but I wasn’t turned off by it. Ever since Chris and I talked, I have been looking forward to having you in my bed. I think that sex is a natural part of our family life, I think it’s cool that my dad not only gets to be my dad, but he gets to be my lover as well. So yes dad, I’m sure I’m ready, ” she said as she smiled up at him while caressing his handsome face.Uncle Pat has never been more proud of his sweet Cherry then he was that night. He picked up the seduction güvenilir bahis siteleri process once again, wooing her into letting him unlock her box. He centered his cock right on her twat. He knew he had to be careful with his young virgin. There was no doubt it was going to be a tight fit, but it would be worth all the hard work he would have to do if, in the end, his Cherry would know her father’s love.Cherry braced herself for what was to come. When she first saw her father’s dick, it scared her. However, she put on a brave face. She told herself she could do it, that fucking her father, being close to him would be worth any pain that she had to go through. Uncle Pat slowly began to push his way through. Her tight pussy seemed to be on lockdown. Uncle Pat felt the need to pick up the pace by pumping her harder and harder. She was so wet and tight, and that made fucking her that much sweeter for Uncle Pat. However, the harder he pumped, the tighter she got. He never minds the hard work that it sometimes took to get into a young girl’s pussy. It was all apart of being a good husband, brother, uncle and father.At some point, he realized that he had to take another tactic. Cherry was just too tight to get his big meaty cock into her tiny fuck hole. He started loving and stroking her young body. Uncle Pat needed his little girl to know that he would never do anything to hurt her. Her body was just so tender and sweet and letting his hands travel and explore a pure delight.”You know how much I love my sweet Cherry pie. Your daddy would do anything to make his sweet girl happy. I would never do anything to hurt you. But I may have to to get inside you. I’m going play with your pussy for a minute to try to loosen you up. I need to be with my little girl, and this is the only way we can get it done.”The look in her eyes told him that she wasn’t afraid. She was calm and relaxed knowing that her daddy was in complete control. She felt his hand slip between her open legs, and she felt butterflies in the pit of her stomach as his hands travel up her cool thighs. The moment Uncle Pat’s fingers came in contact with her soft lips, there was a jolt of energy that hit her core when she felt a finger enter her.First, it was one, and then it was two fingers that entered the young girl. Once Uncle Pat broke through there was no holding him back from taking her any way he can. Once he started finger fucking her young pussy, he added to his rep when he started to eat her pussy. She tasted as sweet her name, and the taste of her fresh young kitty sent her father’s head into a tailspin. The best part of sex for Uncle Pat was eating pussy. There is not a better pussy eater in our family then my Uncle Pat. The first time he ate my pussy, I swear I saw stars, fireworks, and a pink elephant, my Uncle Pat knows how to get it done.He had brought her to the edge of something she wasn’t sure she could contain. With his tongue darting in and out at a rapid pace, Cherry thought that she was losing her mind. She never felt anything like it before. Her body felt as if it had been taken over by a raging fire. Her father made her feel things and see things that were so new and exciting that whatever he was doing to her body Cherry never wanted Uncle Pat to stop. ”You like that my sweet girl?” he said between licks.”OH MY GOD, YES DADDY I LOVE IT, PLEASE DAD DON’T STOP, DON’T EVER STOP,” she said as she started to rotate her hips in an attempt to feed him her pussy.It was time for the main event as Uncle Pat crawled between her open legs. While her little cunt was still tight, Uncle Pat felt she had relaxed to the point where he could start fucking her. Her little fuck hole had begun to open for him. When he laid on top of her, he took a hand full of titties in one hand while he guided his hard cock towards her love hole. It was a tight fit, but as Uncle Pat started to push his way into her garden, her pussy as if by magic started to unfold and come alive. It was the first and what he hopes to be his last time finding her cherry. He was grateful that it was still in tack, just knowing that he would be her first gave him a charge that he has never known before. ”Are you ready my sweetheart?” he asked while he laid light kisses in her hair.”Oh yes daddy, I’m ready for you to love me,” she said.That was all he needed to hear. It took just one big thrust forward, and he was in, unfolding for him like a beautiful flower. Screams of pain and pleasure echo through the house as my uncle took his sweet Cherry’s cherry.Once he was in, and they were one, there was no holding back for my uncle or my cousin. He knew he had drawn blood, blood that told him that she was no longer his little girl, but she was a woman, his woman. He slowly started pounding her, being inside her felt so good, so right. He had lost time with her, time that he would never get back. But being able to show her his love in the only way that he knew meant everything to him.After the pain of having her hymen destroyed had easied Cherry was able to calm down and enjoy her first father-daughter fuck session. She loved the feeling of her father’s big dick coursing inside her. She relishes the feeling of having her pussy pounded and stretched into submission. She enjoyed all the position that he introduces her to, riding him and being taking from behind was her two favorite positions. Fucking her hard, long, and strong Cherry rode the waves of countless orgasms as she sealed her fate as the family new youngest fuck toy. To say that she took her new role in the family to heart would be the understatement of the year. Because it was the next day when she showed up at grandpa’s house offering her pussy, of course, he was not about to turn her down. Grandpa gave her her first lesson in anal sex. Then it was my two uncles turn, and they gave her her first threesome. Cherry is twenty-two, and she is in her freshmen year at college, and she plans to go on to law school. Cherry said that she has no regrets about finding her family. Whenever she is home, she still sleeps with Uncle Pat and Aunt Barbara. Our dear sweet grandpa passed away a few years back and, it was his loving granddaughter that made his last days on earth bearable by going over every day and giving him the best blowjobs that he’s ever had. He died a very happy man,

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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