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Sweet Dreams

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The rustic cabin was perched upon the cliffs over looking the thunderous waves thrusting themselves onto the rocks below as we quietly slept. A glorious Sunday morning was about to begin. I awoke to the early light of a red, purple and orange sunrise emerging slowly from the deep blue sea. It’s warmth beginning to invade our tranquil bed. My lover was sleeping soundly, peacefully, and beautifully as I quietly slipped from our bed. She was so very beautiful, like sleeping beauty under a peaceful spell.

I made my way into the kitchen and quietly heated the bottle of baby oil making sure to stop the microwave before the cycle ended to avoid the sounding timer bell. I poured a few drops upon my skin to be assured that it was just warm enough to be comfortable. Testing it, as you would milk after warming it for a baby, after all she was “my baby”

After stealthily entering our bedchamber, careful not to awake my precious sleeping beauty, I lit 4 candles and our favorite incense (jasmine). I very slowly slipped back into our bed again very, very carefully across the satin sheets as not to awake my love. I softly slid up against her as she was sleeping on her side. We were in the spooning position, which was normal as we enjoyed the closeness as we cuddled each night, falling off to sleep with me cradling her in my arms.

After I was confident she was still in a deep sleep and her body accustomed to the feel and warmth of my nude body against hers, the melding of our flesh together, I reached for the warm bottle of oil I had placed under my pillow. I poured a warm puddle into the palm of my hand and sat the bottle on the lower shelf of the headboard, next to one of the candles now softly illuminating the room .I wanted to keep it in easy reach for I knew I would use it all this glorious morning.

I held my hand over her hip and slowly let the warm oil pour down onto to her sweet, soft flesh. I softly placed my open but trembling with anticipation hand down, feeling both the slippery warm oil and the smoothness on her skin. I knew I must be very, very patient in bringing us both to not only the place I wished us both to be but also for the level of our desires to be at it’s highest when we arrived there together as one. I began to very slowly message and spread it over her hip getting her sleeping body used to its warmth. And also used to my massaging touch as not to awake her. I poured more oil onto and thru my fingers so it would seep thru to her flesh but not taking the chance of waking her.

This summer was warm and we had fallen asleep after making passionate love only lying on the satin sheets the night before. This allowed me to see the glistening of the oil that covered her hip and inner thighs, reflecting the candles soft glow in the darkness.

As I massaged my way down between her legs softly, very patiently I reached the Edges of her beautiful pussy and poured kartal escort bayan more sensuous warm oil onto my fingers. The oils warmth spilled over them and onto her sweet shaven pussy making it even smoother.

With my other hand now I spread oil all over my now so very hard cock and all over my stomach, hips and legs. Feeling it’s warmth upon my cock, so very slippery as I touched myself I could hardly keep back my moans of pleasure knowing what lie ahead. As I messaged the oil over her sweet pussy and the flat off her stomach I could sense she was entering a very pleasurable dream as her body began to involuntarily but only Slightly react to my touch. Her breathing was deep and racing from excitement. As my fingers easily slid into her now wet and well-oiled pussy I heard faint moans of pleasure escaping her parted so very kissable lips. Though she still was sleeping soundly it was obvious she was immersed in the pleasures of a very erotic dream as her moans and body movements betrayed this fact along with her pussy now being so very wet. As I slid a well-oiled finger into her ass, my other hand was sliding in and out of her hot, wet pussy. As I could feel her pleasure increasing I increased both the force and speed of my hand fucking her sweet pussy as well as my now two fingers in her ass. I wondered of her dream but only for a moment as my own lust to fuck her, taste her and smell her womanhood was overwhelming me. I could smell her now hot, dripping pussy in the warm morning air, which fueled my desires beyond control. But the timing was perfect, at the point I could not control myself any longer, when my lust overwhelmed my patience, I began to feel what I had been waiting for. The beginning of her pussy contracting from her orgasms. I knew in her dream she was being fucked unmercifully, her uncontrollable orgasms had begun.

As I quickly replaced my hand in her pussy with my now painfully hard cock, I felt the convulsing of her pussy gripping it tightly. I timed my thrusts with this convulsing. Fucking her harder and harder with each thrust knowing it was now time for my lover to awake. She let out a moan of shear pleasure as she awoke, realizing that her wonderfully erotic dream had become a reality. She did not turn to look, only just reaching behind herself to pull me into her even deeper. Her nails penetrating my flesh. She could not control the need to pull me into her. She cried out “Fuck me hard baby, please fuck me as hard as you can, I need you my love” I turned her onto her stomach closing her legs as I straddled her. I could feel her convulsing pussy grasping, milking my cock even more firmly now, as well as knowing I could drive deeper and harder into her this way. I fucked her like never before driving her into the bed. I leaned forward and rocked my body back and forth while lifting her head off the bed by her hair. Riding her hard, unforgiving, escort maltepe like riding a wild thoroughbred through the fires of hell.

But this was so very much closer to heaven.

The oil causing her ass cheeks to spread so my rocking motion drove my cock in deeper and deeper as my well-oiled body slid between and over her ass. I parted

Her trembling legs with my knee and turned her onto her side. Lifting one of her legs up and placing it over my shoulder I exposed her sweet, dripping wet, hot pussy.

My cock glistening from her wetness spread over its hard length. As I started to fuck her sweet cunt I told her to curl into a fetal position so she could watch how I was going to fuck her harder and deeper than she had ever been fucked before.

She did as I commanded though willingly. As I spread her open farther than it seemed possible I lifted her ass up with both hands now grasping the cheeks of her ass. I slid the index fingers of both hands into her asshole to give myself a better grip on her well-oiled ass. She let out a pure cry of pleasure as my fingers entered her ass timed with the first very hard stroke of my cock into her sweet cunt. As I began to pound my cock into her unmercifully again I said “watch my cock fucking your hot, wet pussy, watch how deep and hard I’m going to fuck you,” She cried out “yes, fuck me hard, please fuck me hard baby” and at that reached out grasping and squeezing my balls while I fucked her harder than ever before. She slid her hand up enough so that as my cock backed out of her with each stroke it slid through her grasping hand. Each stroke spreading her pussy juices over her hand which she began rubbing onto my balls while messaging them very firmly. Her pussy squirting her wetness out as her orgasms continued unbelievably strong like just one intense wave of pleasure. This wonderful wetness did not go to waste as she collected it with her fingers spreading it over my lips, face and sliding her fingers into my mouth feeding me her sweet nectar. She to tasted of this wonderful product of our passion and lust as well. The taste of her and the smell of her sweet pussy on my face excited me even more as I knew I could not hold out any longer. My love somehow sensed this and suddenly grabbed me pushing me off of not only her but also the edge of the bed. But she still grasped my cock in her hand firmly.

As she rolled onto her back and dropped her head over the edge of the bed she demanded, “You tasted me, felt me cum, now it’s my turn”

She pulled my cock into her mouth and began sucking, milking it as if she would suck all the cum from the depths of my balls. This would not be necessary as I exploded over her tongue and into her mouth. She now sucked even harder, again grasping my ass but as I had earlier she had slid two well-oiled fingers into my ass just as I began to cum. My fingers were deep pendik escort in her pussy and feverishly rubbing her clit as we both came hard, and unbelievably intense. Even after sucking every drop of cum out of me she continued to suck, lick, kiss and clean my cock of both her sweet nectar and my cum, removing every trace of our wonderful love making.

Looking up briefly and slightly smiling she whispered, “Mmmm, now were even”

I enjoyed the same pleasure as well as giving it by leaning over and licking every bit of wetness from between her legs and her open pussy. Plunging my tongue deep into her lapping up every sweet drop. Kissing and licking her clean. Sucking and licking her so sensitive and swollen clit. Causing her to twitch from the slightest touch from my tongue and lips. Her senses were so heightened that just blowing my hot breath across her clit caused her to involuntarily arch her back and moan out in shear delight. I loved getting her to this point and tenderly nibbling on her clit, watching her squirm, begging me to stop, as she could take no more. Though I just love teasing her I mercifully returned to the pleasures of tasting, smelling, tenderly touching and cleaning this precious woman who I love so very, very much. Rolling her over onto her stomach I began to clean her sweet ass by spreading her legs and ass cheeks open and licking her sensuously everywhere. Licking at the smoothness of her ass cheeks teasingly down to her puckered little asshole. Letting my tongue slide slowly in and out of her ass while telling her how beautiful all of her is to me. Telling her how I love all of her. Telling her that I will love and devote my life to her through all eternity.

Continuing to pleasure and clean my love, I Slid my tongue from deep inside her still so very hot pussy, through the length of her parted pussy lips up to sliding into her ass. Licking and kissing every bit of her sweet ass cheeks. Sucking on the softness of her ass, loving its touch against my lips, my cheeks, my entire face.

As she turned over I began to kiss the softness of her flat stomach. Licking and probing her sweet little bellybutton. Finding my way to her supple breasts, I took each swollen with excitement nipple into my mouth. Sucking on them while kneading them with both hands firmly but tenderly. Licking and kissing their entire soft beauty. Her soft, smooth flesh felt so comforting against my cheeks, my lips and to the delicate touch of my tongue. As I slid my body up the length of hers, Feeling the touch of her flesh against mine I knew this is where we belong. Together, content deeply in love, forever. Kissing her neck softly, nibbling at the lobes of her ears, Softly whispering how very much I love and adore her. The touch of her cheek against mine, The softness of her lips brushing against mine. Sharing the sweetness of a long so very deep passionate kiss.

Knowing our love for each other is unconditional and forever.

Then the look of pure contentment, devotion and bliss in her eyes as I whispered Softly with a slight smile on my face while looking directly into her eyes, saying

“Good morning my love, Sweet Dreams?”…BWL

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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