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Swingers Club

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Swingers ClubMy husband and I have been married for about eight years-he is the only man I have ever been with. I have always thought sex was boring and I guess my husband must have been thinking the same as he would always bring up going to a swingers club or swaping me or some kind of group deal. I finally gave in and told him I would do the swingers club. I thought that would be the lesser of the evils as they wear condoms and mask and I thought it to be a controlled environment. We arrived at the club, removed our clothes and put on our mask and went out to mingle. My husband was so excited. We went in to one room and a man came up to me, he had a hard cock with a condom on. I laid back on the bed and this man mounted my petite frame and pushed his cock into me. I could hardly feel it. He pumped in and out of me, I was getting turned on by the many people watching. I could barley feel this man’s cock moving in me. My husband watched with a big smile on istanbul escort his face. The man finished and I watched as my husband started to make love to a woman. I watched his condom covered cock piston in and out of her shaved pussy causing her boobs to jiggle to his rythm. This was making me more horny. Another man came up and wanted to fuck me amd I allowed him. He slid into me and started to thrust into me hard. He was very forceful but still did little for me. He finished and I went to find my husband as he had disappeared. I walked around looking into the different rooms. All the sex going on was making me horny and my pussy was wet. I went into this room with three men in it. It was like a kitchen and the men were talking and drinking. They offered me a drink and I listened on their conversation. We laughed and got to talking about sex. One man bet that I had a tight nice pussy. I told avcılar escort him he could slip in there and see for himself. I laid back on a table and he knelt down and started to lick my pussy like I have never had it licked before. I was so turned on I pulled him up. As I did his cock slid into me. The feeling was unbeivable as his cock pushed deep into me. He held me tight as he thrust into me my pussy unable to get enough of his wonderful cock. I realized he was not wearing a condom which is why I think it felt so much better, I could feel him. My pussy felt like it was trying to hold his cock in me. I soon was having one of the best orgasims I had ever had when I felt his cock spew its hot load deep in me. I swear that I felt every jet of sperm flow deep into my womb. The man pulled his limp penis from me and one of the other men moved into position and I watched his cock dissappear in my cream filled snatch. His cock şirinevler escort felt great as he did not wear a condom either. He pumped me for a couple of minutes and soon filled me with his jizz. I loved the feeling of this man pumping his cum deep into me. The third man mounted me and soon filled me with his hot cum. These three men fucked me better than I have ever been fucked before and the feel of their hard cocks pumping my cunt full of sperm is one I will never forget. They fucked me better than my husband ever had and the other two guys did nothing for me what so ever. To this day I can not believe I had sex with five different men with mask on and never got their names. The only draw back to the whole experience is that I ended up pregnant. One of the three men who fucked me without a condom ended up knocking me up. At the time I was fucking them it did not occur to me that I would get pregnant, I just wanted to please those men and get a pussy full of that hot sperm. I told my husband that a condom broke and that the man thought he had pulled out in time, and my husband believed it. We now go to swinger club often and I fuck some men on the side. After the baby was born,Oh I did fuck many men while I was pregnant. I got on the pill. Now I can not get enough cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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