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Swinging at the Nudist Retreat

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Preface While this story is essentially a stand-alone story, the fictional characters from “First Time at the Swingers Club” feature again in this story. The Noosa Edge Nudist Retreat is a real location and can be easily found online. ***** “We should be there in about 5 minutes. How are you feeling?” I asked Julie, who was sitting beside me in the car.”Really excited, I can’t wait to catch up with Sarah and Jason again,” she replied. “What time were they getting there?” “Sarah said, around noon,” was Julie’s reply. I looked at the clock and noted that it was almost 1:30pm. “I guess that they should be there already. Probably already rooting like rabbits if I know those two.” I said with a smile. Julie laughed at this comment about our friends, knowing it would be exactly what they would be doing. We turned the corner and I said, “This is it, we’re here,” as I pulled up to the buzzer beside the gate. “Hello,” came from the speaker. I noted a German accent in the voice. “Hi, this is Stephen and Julie. We have a booking for tonight.” “Welcome, come on in,” was the reply as the gates opened. We parked our car beside another car we assumed was Sarah and Jason’s, grabbed our bags and headed down to the front door. The house was a low set brick that had been rendered and painted orange. I looked at Julie and I could see her also wondering what we were getting into. The front door opened and a man stepped out wearing only a large black sash to cover his manhood. He looked to be in his mid-sixties with thin grey hair. His skin was deeply tanned from his years as a nudist. “Hello, I am Rainer. Welcome to my home. Come in, come in,” he said as he showed us in. “I will take you to your room and then you can join your friends by the pool. Dinner will be at six o’clock.” He showed us to our room which had a king size bed, a small table and two chairs. “Please make yourself at home and enjoy your stay,” he said as he left us in our room. I drew Julie close and leaned in to kiss her. She responded quickly to my touch and soon our tongues were dancing together in each others mouth. My hand began moving over her sexy body, caressing down her back and onto her firm bum. The sheer fabric of her dress revealed to my fingertips that this naughty minx was once again not wearing any panties. “Hello lover, did you miss me?” I asked. I had picked her up at the Eumundi train station and we had come the rest of the way together in my car. “Why yes, I think I did; see?“ Julie lifted her dress with one hand and put mine onto her smooth wet pussy. ”And I think you missed me too,” she said as she grabbed my hardening manhood through my shorts. I ran my finger up and down her lower lips, before finding her clit and concentrating my efforts there. I looked deep into her big brown eyes and ran the fingers of my other hand through her shoulder length blonde hair. I pulled her close to kiss her again while her hands worked to undo my shorts and free my cock from its fabric prison. As my shorts gave way to her efforts, she stepped back and pulled them down, freeing my cock from its prison and allowing my erection to spring up. “All mine,” she said with a smile while giving my fully hard cock a gentle pull. She quickly lifted her summer dress off, over her head , revealing her beautiful breasts firmly held in place by a black lace bra. She pulled my shirt over my head as I stepped out of my shorts and boxers, lying around my ankles. Reaching behind her back, Julie deftly unclipped her bra. We both stood there for a moment taking in the sight of each others naked bodies. I reached over to tweak her sensitive nipples and she slapped my hands away. Julie knelt down in front of me, leaned forward and kissed the tip of my cock. She looked up at me with her big brown eyes and then swallowed my manhood in one gulp. She then ran her tongue around the head of my cock, and then gently dragged her teeth over it. The sensation was driving me wild and I grabbed a nearby chair to avoid falling, as my weakening knees gave way . “Honey, stop! Stop! Sarah and Jason will be waiting for us to appear and I haven’t had any Viagra yet,” I pleaded. She released my cock and looked up with a smile, saying, “Okay, but I get the first one.” “Okay, I promise my first load is for you and you alone. Now, where mersin escort are those blue pills and the sunscreen?” I replied with a smile. After swallowing one of medicine’s most marvelous inventions and applying some protection from the hot Queensland sun, we ventured out to the pool. The sight that greeted us by the pool didn’t surprise us in the least. Sarah was bending over the sun lounge and Jason was standing behind her, fucking her hard and fast. They didn’t notice us standing by the gate and the expressions on their faces showed they were really going for it. The sight in front of us was so engrossing that we just stood there watching, not wanting to disturb them. Julie grabbed hold of my very hard cock while my hands found their way to her very sensitive nipples. It was Sarah that reached climax first, groaning loudly as the pleasure of her orgasm overwhelmed her. She collapsed forward on the sun lounge, leaving Jason standing there with his hard cock in his hand. “Didn’t you cum baby?” she panted inquisitively. “No, but I’m close,” he replied. “Oh goody,” she said as she turned around and grabbed his cock. She wrapped her small hands around his engorged shaft. Finding it still wet from being inside her pussy, she began to gently stroke it. She wrapped her lips around his knob and this sent him over the edge. He shot his love juice into her mouth while she sucked out and swallowed every last drop. “Yummy,” she said with a smile her face. “You want to share some of that with me?” asked Julie, stepping forward to greet our good friends. “Julie! Steve! When did you guys get here?” Sarah said excitedly. “Of course, I’ll share some with you!” She embraced Julie , and the girls kissed passionately . Their tongues danced in each others mouths and shared the taste of Jason’s cum. I shook Jason’s hand firmly as we exchanged greetings but our eyes remained firmly on the sight of our beautiful ladies together. Both ladies were in great shape and had great bodies. While both were about 5′ – 5″ tall, Julie’s blonde hair and 36DD breasts were in contrast to Sarah’s brown hair and 34B tits. Both had waxed bare pussies and pale skin that would burn if they stayed in the sun too long. They were truly an amazing sight to behold. “You’re right, very yummy,” said Jules, when the girls finally separated. Sarah came over to me and I hugged her tightly against me as I kissed her firmly on the lips . My hard cock pushed up against her tummy. “Is this for me?” she enquired excitedly. Julie, who had just hugged and kissed Jason; turned to reply to Sarah. “No! It’s mine! Well the first one is. There will be plenty more after that. Come on big boy, I want to taste you now!” Julie pushed me down on the sun bed and then settled down on her knees between my legs. She took my manhood firmly in her hand and then gently kissed the end. After a couple of kisses, her tongue came out and started to work its way around my knob and teased the hole in the end looking for some tasty pre-cum. Then in one big gulp, she took a good four inches of my seven inch cock into her mouth. It was Sarah and Jason’s turn to watch the action but Sarah didn’t really like to watch. She wanted to be in on the action. Swinging one leg over the both of us, Sarah straddled the chair and lowered her pussy on my face. While the close up view was awesome, I figured I’d find out if Sarah was still as tasty as I remembered. I then started running my tongue up and down her moist and inviting slit. When I found her magic love button, I began to concentrate on that. Jason looked around for where he could get into the action. On seeing Julie’s pussy sticking up in the air, he decided to start there. He got down on his knees to get a good close up view while rubbing a couple of fingers between her pussy lips. With all the teasing and watching, I knew I wouldn’t hold out for too long. When Julie ran her teeth across my knob while caressing my balls, I gave in to the sensation and shot my load into her mouth. Sarah also reached her climax at the same time and her knees gave way, as she collapsed on top of me. The sun bed was now holding the full weight of three adults, something it was not built for. After the sun bed collapsed under our sheer weight, we were all left sprawling on the mersin escort bayan ground in a heap. Then I heard a couple of sounds I was not expecting. There was clapping and laughter heard nearby. What the fuck! Who is that? I thought. I looked out from under Sarah who was lying on top of me and saw who was laughing at us. A couple in their late forties or early fifties were standing on the other side of the pool. She had shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes, B-cup boobs and a hairy pussy. He had a short military style haircut and a muscular build. His erect cock was standing up at about six inches and was also hairy. They were smiling and laughing at us, realizing that we were a pile of naked bodies with arms and legs going everywhere. I guessed we would have looked pretty funny. Jason helped Sarah and Julie get to their feet and then stuck out his large hand to help me. Once I was standing, we wandered over to the new couple to introduce ourselves. “Hi, I’m Jason and this is my wife Sarah,” Jason said with this hand out for the new guy to shake. “Hi Jason and Sarah. Nice to meet you! I’m Vaughn and this is my wife, Mary-Lyn, ” he replied, while firmly shaking hands. “But please call me, Maz,” she added. “Only my mother calls me Mary-Lyn.” The girls then lent in for a friendly hug and peck on the cheek before swapping to the other partner to repeat the process. Then it was our turn. “Hi Maz and Vaughn, I’m Steve and the beautiful blonde with me is my girlfriend Julie. We are both married, just not to each other,” I said; also sticking my hand out for Vaughn to shake. His grip was firm and he smiled warmly. “It looks like that sun lounge is out of action.” “Yup, it’s fucked!” I laughingly replied . “I hope our exploits didn’t offend you?” We swapped over and Maz lent in to give me a hug and a check kiss. “Not at all. We were enjoying the show until it all came tumbling down.” It was then that Maz reached down and grabbed my half hard cock. “I hope this is going to come back to life?” “Thanks to Viagra, you can count on that!” I replied. “I was thinking about a quick swim until it does. Who’s up for a quick dip?” I said as I walked over to the pool and dove in. Everyone soon joined me in the water and we were soon laughing and chatting like old friends. I found myself chatting with Maz and I asked her if this was her first time here. “Here yes, but we have been to Noosa before and went to the nudist beach at Alexandra Bay. Have you been there?” “Yes quite a few times. It’s a bit of hike to get there though. Where are you guys from?” “The Central Coast of New South Wales, how about you?” “I’m from Brisbane. So how did you find this place?” I asked. “An online friend of mine told me about it. We are almost always nude at home during the summer and thought it would be good to hang out with some other nudists for a change. How do you know Sarah and Jason?” “We met them at a swingers club a few months ago and have kept in touch with them since. We arrange to catch up with them here. Have you ever been to a swingers club?” “No, but Vaughn and I are always up for new experiences,” Maz replied. “New experiences, mmm. Did you have anything in mind that you want to try?” I asked with a cheeky smile. “Well, I would like to try this,” she said as she grabbed my cock under the water. “I wouldn’t mind having some fun with the girls as well, if they were into it?” “They are definitely into it!” I replied. “Anything else? Are there any fantasies we can help you with?” “I’ve seen porn where the guys stand around a girl and then cum all over her?” “Bukkake ? I think we could arrange that,” I replied. I looked over at the others and Sarah and Julie were kissing while Jason and Vaughn stood nearby watching. “It looks like the action might be starting up again. Maybe you should go over and join the girls?” Maz went over to the girls while I joined the guys as they watched on. As soon as Maz went over to the girls, Sarah drew her in close and kissed her deeply while Julie reached out and began to gently touch Maz’s B-cup breasts. From there the girls got serious and it all became a blur of action, kissing and touching everywhere. Jason, Vaughn and I just stood back and watched our ladies pleasuring each other as only ladies know how. Sarah escort mersin whispered in Julie’s ear and then helped her up, onto the side of the pool. Julie spread her legs wide and Sarah started kissing and licking Julie’s bare pussy lips. Sarah looked up at Maz and invited her to take a turn. Maz moved in and started to gently stroke and tease Julie’s pussy. She continued to move in, kissing and licking, running her tongue up and down Julie wet slit. Julie stated to moan with the pleasure from the attention she was receiving and when Sarah starting sucking on her sensitive nipples, it was enough to drive her over the top. “Oh Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Julie exclaimed in pleasure. “Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” Maz continued to work Julie’s pussy with both her tongue and her fingers. I could see she had two fingers inside her pussy and a third in her arse. I knew that Julie loved that. Sarah continued teasing Julie’s nipples and kissing her passionately, their tongues dancing in and out of each others mouths. “This is the fucking hottest thing I have ever seen,” said Vaughn; his eyes glued to the scene in front of him. The hardness of my cock agreed with his statement and I just nodded in agreement. Julie’s second and third orgasms followed quickly, with the last one causing her to scream. “Stop! Stop! Oh my God, please stop!” Julie cried out; begging for mercy from her torturers. Maz stood up and lent forward to kiss Julie first and then Sarah; sharing the taste of Julie’s pussy with both of them. “Who’s next?” Maz asked. “You!” said Sarah, patting the side of the pool for Maz to sit on. Julie slowly got to her feet and joined me in the pool. She hugged me tight and kissed me passionately. “That was so intense,” she said as she relaxed in my arms and began floating in the water. We turned to watch the next show unfolding in front of us. Sarah had beckoned Jason over to help her with Maz . The husband and wife team got to work on Maz’s hairy pussy. They took it in turns licking Maz’s slit and occasionally kissing each other and then kissing Maz. Hands and mouths were going everywhere with aim to please Maz and drive her to a climax. “How does it feel, babe?” Vaughan asked his wife. “Ahhh. This is fucking ahhhmazing ! Ahhh!” she screamed as the climax took control over her body . Jason and Sarah continued with two tongues attacking Maz’s pussy. Jason had two fingers inside her pussy pounding her hard while Sarah had one finger gently probing Maz’s tight backdoor. Vaughn got out of the pool and knelt behind his wife, kissing her while his fingers tugged firmly on her nipples in the way he knew she loved. “Ahhh! Fuck!” Maz screamed again as her second orgasm come rushing over her. “Stop! Stop! I surrender!” she screamed as she collapsed into her husband’s arms. “Wow! You guys work great as a team,” I remarked to Sarah and Jason. “We do enjoy our work, don’t we honey,” Sarah replied looking at Jason. He just nodded in reply. “There are three very hard dicks here ladies, who’s going to take care of them?” Sarah asked. “Can I have all three?” asked Maz. “I was saying to Steve earlier that I have always wanted a bukkake style cum bath. What do you say guys?” “I’m in!” I replied. “Me too!” said Jason. “Let’s do it, said Vaughn.“Ok hon, this is your fantasy; how do you want to do it?” “I’ll kneel down here, and you guys stand around me. Put your hands behind your back and let me do the work. All you have to do is tell me when you are cumming,” said Maz as she organised us into position. “This should be interesting to watch,” Sarah said to Julie. “Let’s get comfortable on the day bed.” As the other girls settled down to watch, Maz got to work on our stiff manhoods, handling them like a professional with one in each hand and another in her mouth. She changed frequently, moving her mouth from cock to cock and sucking hard to bring us quickly to orgasm. This was a lady who really enjoyed what she was doing and she cleverly worked our cocks with subtle touches that I had never experienced before. Jason was the first to cum, and he unloaded a huge load all over Maz’s B-cup breasts. He moved over to join the other girls as Maz doubled her efforts on Vaughn and me. Maz could tell that Vaughn was close to cumming and she concentrated her efforts on him. She was soon rewarded for her efforts with another huge load all over her breasts again. “Go and get the camera, Vaughn! I want some pictures of this,” said Maz as she returned her sole focus to me. She held my cock with one hand and caressed my balls with the other.

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