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T Is To Be Spanked By Another

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It is now spring 2004. T and I had been indulging in spanking sessions over the last four months. Most had been for pleasure, with just two sessions for punishment!‘We were both loving the experience.’I loved using the slipper with T across my lap. The sound that reverberates in a closed space from supple leather on naked flesh from a well-delivered swat is like sweet music. Multiply that with fifty or a hundred swats, along with the feel of each one you are in ‘musical’ or ‘spanking heaven.’Well, this was now happening regularly. I would take T over my knee for some fun. Her bottom was now quite used to taking a full thirty-minute spanking, fifty to a hundred strokes of the slipper, and then the belt to finish.On a pleasure session, T would be ejaculating throughout! Squirting her juices all over me, my lap, the bed, everywhere, It was heaven!These sessions had not been directed as punishment for T unless stipulated! The majority all came with pleasure, pleasure for both of us. It was me creating and then releasing these throbbing orgasms.It was very much like playing an instrument, a keyboard. My hands and fingers manipulated the keys. T’s body was the keyboard. One moment the sounds and reactions to pain. Spanks, a slippering or the belt, were applied and administered. Next came sounds of sighs, moans and screams of pleasure. These sounds filled the air as multiple orgasms were built and then erupted from T’s pussy.In each case, the orgasms commenced with a trickle of sticky juices along T’s slit, usually with the first swats delivered, T’s izmit escort bayan bottom changing colour, first going pink, then an ever-deepening shade of pink, before finally turning an ever-darkening red. The time was interspersed with T’s pussy, lips and clit being fondled, fingered, rubbed and manipulated.In all cases, the closer T got to orgasm and as the pleasure built to a crescendo came the release of a torrent of hot opalescent cum gushing everywhere…!!! Cum after Cum, ejaculating, squirting, pure heaven for both of us!!Every bit of pain just led to a new eruption of pleasure. The only thing needed was a mental connection between us, an understanding of the connection between pleasure and pain! Finally came the delivery of punishment followed by the wandering of my fingers or sometimes my tongue to release the orgasms.Well, now we sat and talked. My voyeuristic nature came into the discussion. I was keen for T to be spanked and played with by a third party. After a few further chats, T agreed, and we started looking online. We tapped into a spanking site and began chatting with other people interested in spanking.Eventually, T agreed to meet a chap.He was twenty years older than T. He agreed to come and visit. T was very nervous but excited. I was also excited.On the morning of the visit, I excitedly set off to work. T just stayed home in her pyjamas, nervously awaiting his arrival. He came, and they went upstairs. The experience was not what T wanted. He just spanked her, she had no pleasure, and he got her to suck his cock. izmit eve gelen escort It was not fun. T was upset.Firstly, T had only ever had sex with one other person besides me, and this was only once. It was when we broke up for a short period when we were young. T had never sucked off anyone else. Our adventures were never to be about the abuse of T!I came home to find T very unhappy. I was very unhappy, and angry! We talked, and it was clear if T was going to engage with someone else, we needed to talk more first to that person so both sides got what they wanted and expectations were clear.After another couple of weeks of chatting online, T finally agreed to meet another chap. They had talked on the internet, and T wanted to try again. A future meeting date was agreed with a date now set. He again was twenty or so years older than T, something that T enjoyed.He did turn out to be T’s future spanking partner. A third party who could make her cum easily, who would spank, strap and slipper her whilst also fingering and fucking her deeply. The person who would love to bring T to her peak with orgasm after orgasm whilst in control. He introduced T to the cane, an implement T was to grow to love.He was to be a person who could take control of T but who recognised and was happy to give both pain and pleasure.The first adventure for them!Once again, I went to work excited. T was at home wearing her pyjamas, nervously awaiting his arrival.Most of what now follows T told me and is my recollections of what T said izmit otele gelen escort happened.T said, “He arrived, and I nervously answered the door. He came in, and we chatted for a bit before he suggested that we should go upstairs.”He knew T wanted a spanking! He also had brought a leather strap and a cane with him to administer. What was also clear was that he also knew T wanted pleasure.T said, “He got on the bed and instructed me to get over his lap, which I did. He then manoeuvred me into position and then started to spank me over my pyjamas.”T was now given spank after spank over her pyjamas. Then after a few minutes, he put his fingers into her waistband, peeling her pyjamas down to her knees, exposing her bottom.The spanking “now” continued on naked flesh, covering both cheeks, one cheek then the other. Spank after spank was landing, and every inch of T’s bottom was covered!For the first time, T said, “He paused and slipped his hand down, between my legs, searching out my pussy. I spread my legs as best as I could, and almost immediately, his fingers explored my lips and found my clit. I erupted with a gush as a very wet orgasm flooded out, covering him with my hot cum. It just gushed out, flooding his lap!!”I asked, “Was he still dressed?” It turned out he was still fully dressed and was now shocked. T explained, “I had warned him, but it was now obvious he had not believed how wet I got.”What transpired was he was now also excited, very excited by T’s cumming. He was inserting two fingers deep into her pussy whilst rubbing her bottom. He then started spanking her again, only now as he fingered her!It now just carried on, and then, after only a few minutes or so, the pressure built. T recalled, “My muscles pressed back, forcing his fingers out, and I erupted into another huge orgasm, again flooding his lap!”

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