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Take It!

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Kendall smiled as Jeni arched her back even further, displaying herself brazenly. She was bound at the wrists, and she posed on hands and knees before him. He was awestruck at the sight of her– both her flower and fruit offered to him. He ran the back of his hand down the curve of her ample butt, teasing her freshly shaved labia with his fingers.

This is mine?


And this?

–as he quickly swirled his tongue around her exposed anus.

It’s all yours Bebe.

Kendall drizzled almond oil directly on Jeni’s asshole. He loved how it puckered as the thick liquid flowed down over her sex. Kendall cupped one hand beneath her pudenda, and massaged the oil into her eager pussy. He ran his other hand over her buttocks, leaving her skin shining. Kendall began to penetrate Jeni’s hot vagina with his thumb– all the while rubbing and stimulating her clitoris with his reaching fingers. She purred like a cat, and leaned into his hands greedily.

As Jeni began her slow crescendo to her first orgasm, Kendall wet the anal beads with his mouth, and abruptly pushed the first few beads into her anus. She bucked against his hand, and he felt her clitoris perking under the pressure of his palm.

You thought I’d forgotten these eh?

He tugged teasingly at the beads, nearly escort kartal pulling one back out, but then pushed three more inside her. He began working the beads in and out of her– three in, four out, two in, while his other hand clutched at her intensely, his thumb and fingers squeezing together, from inside and out– pushing and pulling with increasing urgency.

Come for me Bebe–

Kendall could tell Jeni was very close– he plunged the anal beads deeply into her until just a single bead protruded from her juicy butthole like a pearl button. His left hand penetrated and caressed her mercilessly. His right hand ran quickly over her feverish body– squeezing her breasts, pulling at her nipples, and grabbing her slippery buttocks. He leaned in close to her ear and murmured again–

Come for me, come, come

Just as Jeni gave herself over to her orgasm– as she called out his name and twitched uncontrollably, Kendall leaned down, grasped the last peeking bead with his teeth, and pulled them all out quickly. At the same moment, as he straightened up, he drove his ready penis into her– stroking deep and hard into her convulsing vagina. Unable to resist, he penetrated her anus with his thumb, and as he pumped his cock violently inside her, he probed her rectum, and squeezed maltepe escort the shining lushness of her ass in his strong hands. He gave her a few stinging slaps on her butt, making her grunt with surprise. He grabbed a handful of her hair, and pulled her head back– forcing her to arch her back even more severely. Her mouth hung open, and her breasts swung in time with his savage rhythm.

Jeni had lost track of time– gave herself over totally to the animal intensity of their coupling. She was aware of nothing but the wet fire she felt as she came again. Kendall continued to fuck her as hard as he could– as if trying to lift her knees off the bed with his straining cock. He was breathing hard, and she felt flickers of his sweat on her body and she could hear his stomach slapping against her butt. She realized he was about to come, when suddenly he pulled out of her vagina and pushed his shining glans against her butthole– urgent and inquiring.

Do you want it?

Yes– Yes!

Ask me nice!

Please! Fuck my ass! Take it!

She didn’t wait– she pushed herself back onto his shaft, reaching. Jeni felt Kendall gasp at the sensation of her anus suddenly so tight around him, he only managed a few quivery strokes– enough to get himself completely inside her, and pendik escort bayan then he exploded in orgasm, churning deeply within her as he came. She shuddered with him– her arms collapsing, stunned by the intertwined pain and pleasure of his cock throbbing deep inside her tender ass.

Jeni lay with her breasts crushed against the sheets, sobbing for breath. She felt the last few pumps of Kendall’s semen enter her. He leaned on her as he caught his breath and balance. Her wrists were sore from pulling against her bindings, and her legs would just barely hold her up. Kendall withdrew himself from her, rolled her over onto her back, so that her tied wrists crossed above her head. Jeni was relieved to be able to lay back and relax. She had held that one position for a long time. Her mouth was as dry as her pussy was wet. Her face was flushed and red and her eyes wide with adrenaline. Her violated asshole clenched involuntarily,and she felt a trickle of cum escape her. She expected Kendall to undo her bonds, and maybe offer her a drink of water, but instead, he spread her legs wide and smiled–

You didn’t think I was done with you yet did you?

Then without any fanfare Kendall bent his head to her swollen vulva, and began to lick her clitoris, with just the tip of his tongue. In her hyper-stimulated state, Jeni reacted like she had received an electric shock, but Kendall just growled low in his throat and held her down, and kept licking. She arched against him and moaned–

Oh God– I don’t think I can take any more.

but she did…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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