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Take Me, Tom Pt. 28-30

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Ai Shinozaki

As always, a huge thanks to Kenjisato for his keen eyes! I know I’m killin’ you at times but…

Thanks to Paolo, also. Again, I may not adhere to some of your comments and ideas, but I appreciate the feedback.

As always, constructive comments are always welcome.

Chapter 28 Friday


I’m glad we set the alarm. Chrissie and I are usually awake too

early, but for some reason, today we weren’t.

The room reeked of sex. My cock twitched at the scent, and

memories of last night. I leaned over and wrapped my sister up in my arms. I felt her stir, hoping I hadn’t been the reason for waking her from her deep slumber.

She smoothly pushed her bare ass onto my cock, as her chemise had ridden up during the night. I moved my head to her tousled hair and inhaled, loving her scent.

“Morning, darling,” I sighed.

“Mmmm, morning to you, buster,” she groaned, as she turned over, her face even with mine.

We looked at each and smiled, and leant in and kissed.

“Ughh,” she moaned. “Breath!” she softly shrieked.

“Too bad,” I laughed, and pulled her closer to me, her warm ass in my hand.

“Mmmm, well, maybe just this time,” she smiled, now awake.

I pulled her close, my arms protecting her and soothing her, at the

same time.

“Thank you for…last night,” she said, shyly, her face all lit up.

“Trust me, darling…it will always be my pleasure.”

She giggled and held me tighter.

“So. Today? I’m…I’m going to London!” she squealed.

I could only smile and laugh at her, almost youthful joy.

“It’s going to be wonderful, darling. Busy, yes, but wonderful. I’m…I’m so excited for you, for us!”

“Mmmm,” she swooned and kissed me, icky breath or not.

We heard the door creak open, but for some reason, Chrissie didn’t move. She kept her arms tightly around me, not moving an inch. I was puzzled, but she knew what she was doing, didn’t she?

David and Chloe jumped up on the bed, laughing and squealing.

“Morning, guys,” she said to them. “Are we up late or what?” she asked them.

“Don’t know,” Chloe said. ” We just wanted to wake you up!”

“Well, you’ve done that!” she smiled, and grabbed them both in for a morning hug.

“I think Tom wouldn’t mind a hug, too,” she said, giggling.

“We know!!” they laughed and clambered all over me, accepting my arms as I hugged them both.

“So. Today, Tom and I are going to his home in London. You

remember that Janet and Grammie and Gramps are going to be

staying here and watching out for you, right? We’ll call you every

day and FaceTime you, too, so we’ll always be close,” she said,

reiterating our absence.

“We know,” David said. “Will you bring us back a present?” he asked.

“Of course, we will!” Chrissie cried. “Of course, we will! Now! Out

while Tom and I get ready. What’s for breakfast, huh?” she asked

them both, hugging them both again.

“Pancakes?” they asked in unison.

“Tom? Pancakes?” she asked, quickly.

“Well, that’s JUST what I was thinking! Pancakes it is!” I smiled.

“Go then. Scram!” Chrissie said and they scampered out the door as quickly as they came in.

Chrissie and I just smiled at each other. And we tenderly kissed, bad breath or not.

“Uh, Chrissie? No more ‘Uncle Tom’?” I asked.

“Wasn’t sure if you’d notice that. I decided no more Uncle. You’re Tom to me…and hopefully to them. We can’t have them calling you ‘Uncle’ if we’re out, holding hands or anything. I thought we may as well get them used to it now. Do you mind?” she asked, unsure of herself.

“Tom sounds so much better, sweetheart,” I said. “So, I have a job to do so I guess you can laze about for another hour, eh,” I laughed.

“I’ll be up, too. Don’t worry!”

We looked at each other and kissed.

I slid out of the bed and put my pyjamas and robe on and headed

to the kitchen. I mouthed, “I fucking love you,” and closed the


David and Chloe knew their ‘jobs’ and were well ahead of me.

In no time, the table was set, drinks poured and the batter was

almost ready for the griddle.

David helped with the requisite flipping of the pancakes and in no

time, we all sat at the table, enjoying our last breakfast together for

a while.

Chrissie helped the kids get ready so I showered and shaved and

packed up the last few things, ready for the flight. I threw on a pair of jeans and a shirt, knowing I’d be changing before we left.

I sorted the kid’s books out, and readied them for Janet to collect.

We knew our parents would be over early so Chrissie could, again, go over any ‘last minute’ things. I felt for them. We expected them around one, just to be sure.

Janet showed up and Chrissie was nice enough not to harass her with last-minute details. Whew. We hugged the kids and said our sad goodbyes. Janet hugged us both, wishing us a wonderful trip.

I grabbed Chrissie’s suitcase and threw it in the car, along with mine. We kaçak iddaa double-checked tickets, passports, and money and we waited for our parents, my heart beating fast at that.

We had no plans for the morning so we sat outside and had

another juice and talked. Chrissie was so excited, it was endearing. She rose from her seat and clambered over on my lap. Her hands around my neck, she leaned in kissed me, her lipstick tasting


We sat like this, comfortable and happy as Chrissie bugged me about what we were going to do and go and see and…

“Get a room!” a voice said.

Chrissie turned her head. It was Emily. She scrambled off me and ran to her, practically jumping into her arms. They embraced each other gracefully. I could only smile at the true affection they had for each other.

“What?….what are you doing here!” she shrieked, the happiness oozing from her heart.

“I…I wanted to see you…both before you left so, I called Standen

and said I’d be in a bit late today,” she said, her face beaming with

joy. “I’m going to miss you both,” she said, as she walked over and embraced me. I was feeling a bit more than awkward with

this situation. I was hoping that our time away from Chicago would

help put everything in perspective.

Chrissie was hugging her from behind, holding Emily tight between us. I reluctantly pulled away.

“Thank you, Emily. You’ve made her day,” I whispered.

“Tom, Chrissie, it’s the least I could do, after all…I am going to miss you both. I shouldn’t really say this but, I wish I was going with you,” she sighed, her face sad now.

This was really happening, I thought.

Chrissie released her hug and came around to us. Her smile was angelic, the happiness emanating from her.

Fuck, this is going to get out of control. Fast, I thought.

We caught up with David and her and what was going on,

promising to keep in touch and that we would so miss her. I had to bring the sexual tension down. This was still the wrong time.

We just all caught our breaths and relaxed, chatting about all and nothing. It was getting late, so we let Emily get to her responsible job.

We walked her out to her car and helped her in and waved her off, small tears in Chrissie’s eyes. I put my arm around her shoulder, and walked her into the house.

“Ohh, Tom,” she silently sighed.

Nothing else needed to be said.

Chrissie did some last-minute rummaging around, tidying up where things didn’t need tidying.

We went to change into our travelling clothes. We had them laid

out already. I took off my shirt as Chrissie shed hers. I unbuttoned

my trousers and Chrissie mimicked me. We looked at each other

and laughed.

“I could so fuck you, right now, Thomas Lawrence!” she giggled.

“As I could so fuck you, too, Christine Mary Madden!” laughing also, but both knowing it was true.

I wore yet another pair of light chinos and a starched, light blue shirt. I kept a light sweater as these long flights can get a bit nippy.

Chrissie was wearing classy, tailored trousers and a light blue silk blouse, the buttons are not all done up. She was breathtaking. She walked over to me and kissed me. I told her she may need a light sweater, so grabbed one from her closet.

We re-checked everything and soon enough our parents pulled up.

Quick hugs and kisses and Chrissie was off, her synopsis of what and when everything should be done was taxing, to say the least. Dad and I, as usual, just kept our mouths shut and smiled.

I wondered what they felt like. Their progeny, heading off to

London. Together. I wouldn’t allow my thoughts to go any deeper than that.

We thanked them both profusely and headed out. I helped Chrissie into the car and we headed off, with repeat promises we’d keep in touch and much love.

It didn’t take long to get to the airport, where I handed in the car

and grabbed our bags. We caught a bus to Terminal 5 and quickly

checked in. We had only our carry-on so we headed over to the duty-free. Chrissie was good and only bought one bottle of

‘everyday’ perfume. The whisky was a bit cheaper in London so didn’t get anything.

We wandered back and soon we were boarding. We had Priority

Boarding, which caught Chrissie by surprise. We walked up the

gangway, and turned left at the entrance. Chrissie looked back at

me, puzzled. We continued up the aisle, passing through various

curtains ’til we arrived at the First Class section.

“Tom!” she mouthed. “What the…?”

I smiled and took her bag and slid it into the holder.

“Window or…?” I asked, trying to act all nonchalant.

She slid into her plush seat, her little face smiling and perplexed.

“We’re…we’re flying…First Class? Tom!! What the…Do you

always?…This is…” as she continued to gush.

I leaned over, and kissed her.

Anything to silence her, I thought.

She caught her breath. Finally.

“So? This is your life, eh?” she asked, breathing deep.

“Not kaçak bahis really, Chrissie. It’s just a little perk of the job, like you get free access to the Art Institute,” I explained.

“Not quite the same perk, Tom!” she smiled. “Here! Smile! I’m

taking a photo of this!” she giggled.

I adore this woman, so I relented. Any embarrassment quickly

faded, as I saw how happy she was.

“I’m not getting off! Ever!” she gasped.

I wasn’t jaded, but this is just what the company does. Okay, maybe not First Class every time, but at least Business. I’ll have to thank Arthur. I knew this was his doing.

I loved seeing Chrissie spoiled like this. The little things really do


Her phone ‘dinged’ that she had a message. It was from Emily,

faux jealousy dripped with every word. Chrissie immediately Face

Timed her. Emily picked up right away. I had to ‘shush’ Chrissie or they would throw us back into Economy! In hushed voices, we had a few words, and laughed at Chrissie.

As we were on the 787 Dreamliner, the ‘extras’ were taken

advantage of by Chrissie. She loved the idea of stretching out to sleep in her own bed.

“Do you think he might go slower if I asked the Captain?” she laughed.

We relaxed into the seats and awaited takeoff, Chrissie still overawed away by Arthur’s kind gesture.

“I’m glad I dressed for this,” she said in hushed tones. “I was going to just throw on some old jogging bottoms!” she giggled.

As if, I thought.

We took off on time and Chrissie couldn’t stop smiling. She held my hand tightly. She had flown before, but never this way.

Chrissie was still rummaging around, finding the loungewear,

slippers and cosmetics. She fiddled with the huge TV, checked her

phone for messages and flipped through the magazines. She

looked adorable.

We talked about the trip, the kids, and how they were going to be

spoiled for the next two weeks. Chrissie read for a while, but her

smile never left. These next two weeks were important to us

moving forward.

We had a lovely meal then settled back to sleep, a luxury on these trips. Chrissie grabbed her sleepwear and padded along the aisle. When she returned, she had changed and was smiling. It took her a while to get back.

“Have you seen this plane, Tom? It’s…it’s amazing,” she giggled as

she slid into her seat. “Have you ever, uh, joined the Mile-High Club, Tom,” she asked, her eyes ablaze with desire.

“I’m not answering that, Chrissie,” I said.

She slapped my arm. “You have!” she smiled, and covered her mouth, laughing.

I adjusted the lighting to a nice, subdued level. Chrissie had laid down, smiling like a pampered princess. It was probably eleven or so, and most of the lights were either dimmed or off.

I looked at my sister in the faded, ambient light. She pushed her glimmering red hair back, and looked at me so coyly. I slid my hand under her thickish sheet, my hands finding the top band of her


“Shhh,” I whispered.

She giggled, but spread her legs.

I slipped my hand down the front, tickling her wispy pussy hair. I felt her hand on mine, but pushed it away. This was my treat.

My finger slid through her damp labia, slowly curling it so it ran

along her delicious valley. With every soft stroke, I could feel

Chrissie pushed her hips up, wishing for more pressure. I teased

her, and only hoped she would try and control herself.

After ten minutes of teasing, I slid a single finger into her, angling it

so I could feel the little ridges at the top of her pussy. I placed my

thumb on the hood of her clit, but did not touch it. Yet. I moved my

finger further up her opening, not wanting to fuck her with it, but just prolong the feeling. I slid another finger in, Chrissie agonizingly welcoming the intrusion. I loved watching her body heave up, then slink back down. The way the seats were, as good as they are, I couldn’t kiss her. We had this barrier between us, but I took

advantage of the space we had. I guess they don’t want seats next to each other for this reason.

Chrissie had her hand on my arm, content to just be holding it

whilst I manipulated her cunt. I slowly stroked her pussy, gently but firmly sliding in and out of her. I kept the same tempo, hoping Chrissie would cum on my hand before we got caught. My thumb

teasingly fiddled with her clit, eliciting low groans from my sister.

Every so often, a stewardess would traipse down the aisle, and I had to stay still, much to Chrissie’s frustration.

I gently flicked her little clit and kept the pace up, Chrissie’s breath getting shallower and deeper with every thrust. I could feel her body quiver and knew she was close. I kept the stroking at the same agonizing tempo. I pushed my fingers as far as I could, and felt her spasm around my fingers and she gushed her sap out of her needy pussy. I kept up the caressing, revelling in the flow of her cum, all gushy and thick, until she forcibly pulled illegal bahis my hand away, trying desperately not to scream or moan. I think that added to the intensity of her orgasm.

I smiled to myself, as I looked at her face. Her breathing was deep and needy.

She whispered, “Tom! That was…” as she giggled like a little schoolgirl who was naughty.

I took my hand out of her pyjamas, and looking at her, stuck them

in my mouth, sucking her essence from them. I heard a low grunt

from her lips and said, “Shhh!”

Chrissie giggled again.

She took my hand and slowly and seductively licked any remaining

juices from it. Then she lovingly kissed my hand.

“Thank you, Tom,” she whispered.

I swept my hand through her damp hair and whispered back,

“You’re welcome,” and smiled.

She hugged her sheet and smiled that content smile I had grown to love so much.

I offered a drink of champagne to help. She took a sip and giggled


“I never imagined cumming in First Class before,” she laughed,

trying to keep her voice down. “I love you, brother,” she sighed.

“Do you want me to…” she asked, sweetly.

I laughed, stroked her cheek and said, “No darling. I’m fine. Really I am.”

“Sleep? When you wake we’ll be in London, darling.”

I took her hand and kissed it, as she did the same for me.

We both slept well and woke to the smells of breakfast. Well, not a full breakfast as we’d be landing soon but…

I pointed out the British mainland to Chrissie as we approached. The look on her face was priceless. In a few hours, we were

approaching Heathrow. And my home.

The landing was as smooth as ever. We disembarked and headed through Customs which was a doddle. They knew what they were doing after all this time. We headed through with no questions and went to grab our bags. The sun was up, but just.

We headed out to the carpark, my heart beginning to race. I was

not looking forward to Chrissie’s surprise. I walked down the aisles

’til I came to my car. I ‘beeped’ the car and stopped. Chrissie had kept walking.

“Chrissie,” I said sheepishly. “Here we are,” I said, motioning at the silver Porsche Carrera Cabriolet.

Fuck. Here goes, I thought.

“Tom!” she almost screamed. “What the…?” she looked.

“C’mon, darling,” I said, trying to put off any questions that I knew

were coming.

“This…this is your…runaround? I just knew you wouldn’t have an

old beater, but…this?” she asked, still not believing her eyes.

“It’s a car, Chrissie. C’mon. It’s really not a big deal,” I said, as I

placed our bags carefully on the back seats.

Chrissie walked to the ‘wrong’ side of the car to get in, which made me chuckle.

“Do you mind?” she asked, pulling out her phone to take a photo.

“Get in,” I sighed, “I’ll take one of you, all right? but, NO posting! This just makes me uncomfortable, okay? Send it to whoever, but please, not online?” I asked.

Chrissie took the driver’s seat and smiled the sweetest smile. I snapped a few and handed her the phone back.

“Not online, right?” I said, vehemently.

I could see her tapping away immediately. God knows he was

sending it to.

“Now. You driving?” I asked, with a smirk.

“Oops,” she laughed, and got out. I slapped her ass as she came

around to the correct side. I helped her in and closed her door. “Tom,” she said, touching the dash and controls, “this is…amazing! Can I ask you something, Tom?”

“Sure. What do you want to know?” I answered, sliding into the driver’s seat.

“It’s personal, but how much do you actually make? First Class. A Porsche. You’re in another world here, buster. So how much, if I can ask?”

“All I will say, is that I am paid commensurate with my ability, okay?

I do all right. More than I could ever imagine. Too much, actually but hey ho…” I answered, as truthfully as I could.

I started up the engine and revved it a bit, as it hadn’t been driven

in three weeks. I saw the smile on Chrissie’s face.

We headed out and I picked up the M4, gunning the engine to clear

any moisture. Chrissie sat there in shock at the speed. I loved this

car. Fuck the poor mileage and environment. I’m thirty-three, so give me a break.

She finally relaxed when she realized I knew what I was doing.

“We should be home in forty-five minutes or so. Enjoy the ride, Chrissie,” I said.

“God! I AM!” she smiled.

I pointed out Windsor Castle and told Chrissie that’s where we would be going for tea with the Queen.

“Don’t tease me,” she smiled, carefully slapping my arm.

I put Radio6 on, hoping to broaden Chrissie’s musical taste.

“It…it looks lovely here, Tom,” she smiled.

“Hmmm, from a distance, perhaps. There’s good and bad, like

everywhere else. I like it though. I’m very comfortable here. It’s a bit different from Chicago,” I chuckled.

We continued on, heading for Canary Wharf, where my flat was.

It was convenient for work, and I liked the area. There was nicer, but also worse places, to live. We made good time, even though we were heading into London during rush hour. I pulled into the underground parking and pulled up.

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