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Taken and used with a friend

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Taken and used with a friendCharlie and Bruce had persuaded me to accompany the two of them back to the abandoned apartment complex where there was an apartment they had set up for their sexual encounters. It was a dreary Thursday Morning when I was intercepted on my way to classes. Seeing that only Bruce and Charlie was there made me somewhat nervous, I was thinking that Daniel, the third of the terrible three, was planing something special.Bruce, Charlie and Daniel had taken me in my freshman year and used me as their objet de sexe for a day. It was my very first time of having sex of any type, I was at a lost as to how a male and female had sex and had never even thought of two males having sex. I was of no small frame and did not think I look feminine in any way, just that I would not get into fights and would walk away from any type of situation that might lead up to an altercation.I had been warned to avoid the three of them by friends and did my best until that dreaded day, now I live to regret that I was duped to follow along with them and found myself trapped and assaulted sexually. Then to compound the fact I did not report them out of fear of being ridiculed by friends and causing anguish to my folks was taken by them that they could have me any time they wanted!Over my freshman year they took me at least twice a month for their sexual pleasure and so many times doing the summer that I lost count. Now I was headed back to the apartment where they shared me with a guy in his thirties or forties. Terrified is an understatement but I was more afraid of what would happen to me if I broke and ran as we made our way.Once inside I could make out the faint sounds of some one moaning and whimpering, we made our way down the short hallway to one of the bed rooms and I was pushed thru the door way. There kneeling on the mattress engaged in sex was Daniel and another young man that I recognized from school. At first I was fixated as I saw Daniel’s prodigiously huge male member sliding in and out of his clinging anal opening. In my mind I thought Daniel was so huge that he was ripping the young guys anus apart.The young man was a fellow class mate named Antonio, we called him Tony for short, whose light skin was a great contrast with the darkness of Daniel’s kaçak iddaa complexion. Seeing the insides of his anal sphincter clinging to Daniel’s enormously huge penile shaft was mind altering to me. Tony’s face was turned away from the door way and down on the grimy mattress so I could not make out his facial expression until he turned and looked at us.The humiliation and pain that was evident in his face was beyond describable, it was then I took noticed of who he was. Daniel had hold of his buttocks so tight that his fingers were making very red marks on Tony’s butt cheeks. Tony tried to pull away as he noticed us but Daniel managed to hold on and pull him back as he continued to ram into Tony!Daniel exclaimed ‘ … ’bout time you got back, our bitch was getting tired of me fucking him. … ‘ Charlie answered ‘ … it took us time to found this bitch and get him to come with us. We had to promise that we would fuck him silly all damn day to get him to come with us. .. ‘ The three of them chuckled from the bad joke as Bruce instructed me ‘ … get your ass out them clothes!Bruce and Charlie was already removing their clothes and I stood trying to figure if I should break and run when they got naked. Suddenly without warning Bruce turned and slammed me against the wall and Charlie quickly jabbed his right fore arm under my chin and almost lifted me off the floor. My hand went up protectively and I tried to pull his arm away I was on my toes as Bruce leaned in and whispered threateningly saying ‘ … bitch, you know when you are told to strip you don’t stand and watch us strip! … ‘Charlie held me as Bruce removed my tennis and undid my belt and stripped me of my jeans and jockeys. Bruce even took hold of my penis and called out ‘ … damn, our little bitch is getting excited. Look at his clitty getting hard. … ‘ Embarrassed I tried to lower my hands to cover my penis only to have Bruce knock them away.Charlie released me and Bruce told me ‘ … get out of those shirts and get over here … ‘ Charlie stood between me and the door as I lifted my shirts over my head and stood there naked as a new borne. Charlie then pushed me towards Bruce who twisted me around and pushed me down to my knees telling me ‘ … open your damn mouth and show my dick some luv! kaçak bahis … ‘Tears were already swelling i my eyes as Bruce slid his penile glans over my lips. ‘ … Stick out your damn tongue bitch! … ‘ Bruce demanded! Reluctantly I poked my tongue thru my lips and tasted the pre-cum that Bruce had spread over my lips. An agonizing whimpering squeal from Tony caused me to look in his direction the look of anguish on Tony’s face was telling. I could see that Daniel had now pressed Tony’ shoulders down to the mattress and was now hunching and grinding his midsection into Tony upraised butt.Bruce pull my face back around and said ‘ … open your damn mouth and get to sucking you gonna get lots of dick to! … ‘ Charlie was standing to the side of the mattress and told Bruce ‘ … get up on the mattress between our two bitches and let them both suck your dick. … ‘ Bruce scampered up on the mattress as Charlie kicked at my ankles until I was in the position they wanted.Tony was whimpering and I was now close enough to see the dried tracks of his tears and thought of what they must have done him before they left. It was then that Charlie slapped me between my shoulders and pressed them down exposing my buttcrack to him. Charlie cleared his throat and spit a huge amount of saliva into my buttocks striking my anal opening dead center.Before I could move I felt the immense end of his penis as it probed my anus, Charlie took hold of my hips and pressed strongly until my anal flower opened and his monumental penile head popped thru my anal sphincter tube. I cried out in agony as Bruce guided his semi hard penis into my lips and lifted the head of Tony and pressed our faces together say ‘ … suck my bitches, suck my dick! … ‘ Daniel rammed into Tony causing him to open his lips in a cry and embrace one side of Bruce’s penis and me on the other side.Bruce started to slid his male member back and forth while holding us tightly against his throbbing member. Daniel told Tony ‘ … reach out and take hold of your girlfriends arms. Get hold of them or I’ll make you scream. … ‘ I could not see what Daniel did but Tony whimpered and quickly reached out till he had hold of my elbows. Charlie instructed me to ‘ … take Tony just like he got you bitch we want the two of illegal bahis you to fall in love! …’ the three of them let out a slight chuckle as Charlie slammed deeper into my anus causing me to let out a squeal of pain .I took hold of Tony’s elbow as he had mine and held them as Bruce continued slid his penis thru our lips. Daniel told us ‘ … I wanna see them tongues licking around my cousins dick. Let me see them tongues! … ‘ Our tongues met as they slid over and under the male member between our faces! Tears were streaming down my cheeks as Tony and I was made to endue such embarrassment.Daniel told Bruce ‘ … get over here we gonna change places. I want my dick sucked like that too! … ‘ Bruce and Daniel changed places and Daniel made Tony and I to open our lips as he pressed our faces together again. The taste of cum and Tony’s anal juice that coated Daniel’s enormous penile shaft was disgusting but we could do nothing but endue. The three of them took turns in that position and then had Tony and I get side by side as they mounted us from the rear while we took turns sucking on the odd man.We were made to lay side by side with our feet in the air as they took turn take us anally and trying to make us scream out in pain. Charlie and Daniel being of sizable girth and length managed to cause us to scream out more so then Bruce. They continued to use us for most of five to six hours before they either tired or had came so much they did not want to cum any more. For almost an hour Tony and I was made to suck each one of them till they had cum and then to suck each other in numerous positions. Once we were hard they had us take turns having sex with each other, they made it understood that we had to enter each other and fuck each other until we filled each other with our substance. They had us to do a sixty nine alternating with me on top or Tony on top till we came and then we had to keep sucking till the other one came.Tony and I was laying on our side sucking each other when we noticed that we were all alone, sometime while we were in the act the three of them had dressed and left the building leaving us there until we noticed! We stopped and sat up looking at each other covered in cum and shivering from the coolness of the evening and shame. As we dressed I could feel the splooged of our attackers as it oozed from my gaped anus.I can only imagine that Tony was experiencing the same sensation as I dressed i tried not to loom at Tony out of embarrassment.

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