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Taken outside – true

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Taken outside – trueAnother true storyBack in the ‘90s I lived in Manchester. Nowadays it is a vibrant city with a fantastic LGBT culture. Back then it was a grimy city. The gay “area” was Canal St, and it was seedy. Meeting like minded people wasn’t easy, it wasn’t accepted.I was also struggling with my sexuality. I had been dressing on off, with regular purges of course. I was trying to convince myself I was straight! But, there was one time, in this difficult period, where I was settled ( albeit shortly). The summer of ’92. I was in my late 20’s and had decided to embrace my dressing and explore my sexuality further. Of course this was pre internet, so finding like minded people wasn’t as straight forward. I started buying a contact magazine. It was mainly straight people, but the back pages were gay, lesbian and transvestite contacts. I started trying to contact people. I met a couple of other dressers, normally as a guy, but then sometimes I would take some underwear and dress with them. I had some fun encounters but nothing spectacular. In early Spring I placed an advertisement in the magazine. But it was without a photo. Being pre-digital there was no way I could get a photograph of me developed at the local shop! I got no results. It went very quiet. I had built up a small wardrobe of clothes and footwear. I had one wig, a blonde one. Not good quality, but wearing it helped me feel feminine. I was dressing alone, at home.Then I got a message from an older guy called David, in North Manchester. He wanted to meet. I invited him around to the house ( very risky, but I was a bit naïve). He was in his early 40s, married and pleasant. That first meeting we ended up kissing and rubbing each other, he had his up my skirt and we enjoyed ourselves, but didn’t go very far.He said he wanted some weekend fun, someone to meet regularly, discretely as he was married. I was good with that because I wasn’t going to venture out dressed ( or so I thought).We started seeing each other about once every two weeks. Sometimes for an hour, sometimes for a whole afternoon. I loved to suck his cock, and he enjoyed that too, unsurprisingly. I learnt to swallow, and found I loved that too. And we started fucking, but not every time canlı bahis şirketleri we met. Quickies to start, over the edge of the table, or quickly on my bed upstairs. Always with a condom.Then, one day, David visited and we just got a little carried away. I sucked him and he was really hard, throbbing. I was so turned on. We were upstairs and I just turned round, bent over and told him to fuck me. He asked for a condom but I didn’t have any. We paused, but I just told him to do it anyway. (I knew he was faithful and I was not seeing or visiting anyone else for sex. He knew that too). So he entered me. Fucked me harder and faster than ever before. He came quickly, gripping hold of my hips. I remember feeling overwhelmed, scared a little ( this was the time of AIDS, when safe sex was essential), but also incredibly happy. I was filled with a man’s sperm.He pulled out and was in a bit a state. Worried as to wat he had done, explaining that he hadn’t seen anyone ese but his wife, then questioning if I was seeing anyone ( we had had this conversation previously). I assured I wasn’t seeing anyone.The outcome of this bout of unprotected sex defined the rest of our relationship. We started having unprotected sex every time. I loved David cumming in me. Feeling it slowly drip out of me after he had left. When he left I began to walk around in my hold-ups with no knickers, enjoying the feeling as his semen ran down my thigh. This led to two memorable experiences. One which I will tell you about in this story, the other one is for another time ( but to whet your appetite it is about a pregnancy fantasy weekend that myself and David had).But, back to this story. David called me (landline of course) and asked if he could see this coming Saturday. He had a whole afternoon free. I jumped at the opportunity, “Yes please.” We set a time.The Saturday arrived and I dressed as I normally would for him. Knee boots over hold ups, a short skirt, knickers and a matching bra under a tight top. Very simple. Some make up, lipstick and my wig. My own hair was quite long in the 90s but I still wore a wig. He turned up on time and walked in. He had a light brown raincoat in his hand ( this was end of August and the weather was canlı kaçak iddaa lovely! He handed me the raincoat and said “Let’s go for a drive”. I said no. He asked again “ Let’s go for drive, please. It will be ok, trust me. Put on this raincoat, it is long”Basically, in the end I said yes. But put on my jeans, and trainers, took off my wig and put on a cap. I put my boots and wig in a bag and walked the 10 metres from my door to his car. It was the first time I had ever been outside. Once in the car he drove off and said again to trust him. I remember my mouth being so dry.We drove about 40 odd minutes, north out of Manchester. (Looking at a map toady I think it was towards Hebden Bridge). It was out in the countryside. He pulled off the main road and headed up a smaller road, then turning on to a track going through some woodland to a parking area. We parked. He turned to look at me, and said “Will you put your clothes on?” I knew what he meant and nodded. I was struggling in the car to take off my jeans. David got out and walked round to my side, opened the door, and said it would be easier if I step out. I looked around, there was no-one about, very quiet. I got out, kicked of my trainers and dropped my jeans. Pulled on my boots, sorted my little skirt out and then put on my wig. David was just watching me.I still had the raincoat on, but unbuckled and falling open. David came towards me, put his hands around my waist and we kissed. We were both very aroused. He pushed against me and I moved backwards against the car. Our kissing was more fervent. I moved to sit on the seat edge, David moved in front of me and I unzipped his trousers. I pulled his cock out, it was already hard and started sucking immediately. I was rubbing myself under my little skirt through my knickers. I was throbbing too. David was throbbing between my lips.He pulled my up and shuffled my round to the bonnet, I glanced around. No one was about. He turned me around quite forcefully and pushed me down over the bonnet. He pulled my knickers down, ripping them. He rubbed his wet slimy cock around my hole then just pushed in. I was ready for him but it was still a bit of a shock. He fucked me like a man possessed. One hand pushing me down canlı kaçak bahis in the middle of my back. It was uncomfortable, and the bonnet was still quiet warm! He started to groan and I knew he was close. Then he pushed in deep and came. Pumping his hips, getting as deep as possible. He had filled me, and I loved it. He pulled out and pulled up his pants and trousers. I could feel his cum beginning to seep out of me. I started to stand, the elastic on my knickers was broken, so they fell down. Before I could pick them up, David put out his hand and said “ Use this”. It was a tampon. I hesitated for a second but then thought, oh yes, perfect. I can keep all his spunk in me.I tore open the little packet ( it was without an applicator), sorted the string out and then reached round. It slid in to me easily. And it felt wonderful, so normal. Once inserted I stood up straight and could feel so evidently inside me. David reached around and tugged the string. He was pleased, I was still horny!I just started to wank, standing by the side of the car. It didn’t take long for me to cum. I shot in my hand and licked it up. All the while watched by David. It was so erotic.David picked up my knickers and after a little bit of kissing and touching we got back in the car. David asked if I had enjoyed it. “God yes” was all I could say. Sitting in his car, full of his sperm and plugged with a tampon. Amazing.We started to drive back to my house. As we were turning around in the car park he dropped my knickers out of the window! “I’ll get you some new ones”.At my house he dropped me off. He needed to get home. As I stepped out of his car I noticed a wet patch on the passenger seat. I was leaking slightly. I had put my wig and boots in the bag with my jeans. I rushed in to my house in the raincoat.I went to the bathroom, sitting on the toilet and removed the tampon. Some semen dripped out, but some had been absorbed by the tampon. I felt horny again and went to my bedroom and wanked. After I came I dozed, legs apart, no knickers, skirt around my waist. Eventually I woke and showered, wanking again in the shower.David made good on his promise and bought me new knickers, quite a few pairs.That was not the last time we used tampons as part of our sex play. You’ll read more when I write about the pregnancy fantasy weekend we had.Again I want emphasise that this is a true story. It is over 25 years ago so it is as good as I can remember, but it is true. I hope you enjoyed it.

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