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Takeover in Stereo

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This is the story that has been brewing for several weeks. This is Chapter 1 of?

A huge thank you to Andrea4328 for the editing help. Any additional mistakes are mine.

Disclaimers: If you have not read my prior stories. This story may contain large amounts of dialog, character development, AND loving, sensual, consensual sex consisting of a married couple, MF, FF, MFF, anal, light BDSM, and incest. And of course, Northern California humor.

– RoM



Me: “Leadership meeting just called for 5:30

Don’t they know it’s a Friday before a holiday weekend =\

Over/under is on layoffs or debt financing. Mood around here has been sour today”

Amy: “I’ll take layoffs – I’m the pessimist: you can have debt. Winner picks dinner tonight- better have a good wine list. Girls are already in Truckee with my mom and dad. They all decided to stay at my parent’s condo. Squaw will still be there tomorrow morning. May need chains on 80. Better to head out in the AM. XOXO”

Well that is interesting. Far more understanding and a longer text than I thought she would send.

We were high school sweethearts, got married after our first year of college, had kids the Summer before our junior year, and she still amazes me. Call me lucky, I’ll agree six ways to Sunday.

Looking out the window, the parking lot was already more than 3/4 empty. The remaining cars were getting a good rinse from the downpour. Great, just fucking great.

Oh yeah, email. Leadership, sorry, Friday, bla, bla,bla… Acquisition, bla, multiple, bla, reductions, bla. Wait!? WTF? Acquisition? What rock was I sleeping under?

Me: “Tie! Acquisition – this just got interesting. Might be a long one – chill a couple of good bottles, and let’s do delivery. Will text you as soon as I have more details”

Amy: “Yeah!”

5:20 off to the conference room. I’m not going to be late for this one.

Being a CIO, I just might be a bit aware of these kinds of events. You know, like some company checking us out, valuations, how secure we had our IP locked up, a goddamned invite to the meetings! I guess having a measly 2.5% meant I wasn’t on the dance card.

John, our Co-founder, CEO, and supreme nerd lead off the meeting. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always liked the guy. Brilliant, driven, but a bit scattered. This was my second go-round with John. Our last company going from promising start-up to a Silicon Valley walking wounded over five years. We got out about six years ago with a decent multiple, but dilution meant I hadn’t hit a home run. A hard single, no home run. As my thoughts wandered to baseball, John was framing the dialog around our long game, need for capital, next round would probably cause a significant dilution for early employees, bla, bla, bla. Moving on to thanking us for our unending support, and goal of transitioning into new leadership roles as a portfolio company. Oh crap! We’ve been acquired by a holding company – this isn’t going to be fun. I’ll be spending my time squeezing more on a dwindling budget, firing staff (oh I mean ‘right sizing’) and moving everything to either a central resource or off shore.


Amy: Do I get to keep the insurance money? =)

My thought still somewhere between ‘I hate my life’ and ‘why couldn’t this wait until Monday – I could have set up a video line’, assholes, idiots, etc… Then the conference room door opened and in stepped Steve, another co-founder/silent partner who did squat, and a line of fresh faces I’d never seen in our halls.

The group looked to be your typical consulting team. A tall salt and pepper lead (probably the Managing Partner), and a few mid-career subordinates in their Brooks Brothers and Armani’s. Quite the wardrobe I chuckled. They could all be models: they were just too perfect. Tall, trim, all angles from hair, noses, chins and clothing. An advertising agency’s wet dream.

The last member coming in a bit behind cadence was the ‘one of these things is not like the others’ moment. No dark grey or black suit, rather a very tidy dark green blazer, light brown slacks, glasses a bit out of date, deep red hair (a bit messed up no less) and petite. Where everyone had an edgy feel, this lady was all curves.

Mr ‘salt and pepper’ went through the perfunctory intros, surprising me by knowing everyone’s name, position in our company (they apparently do good research and practice their orals), and launching into the ‘vision’ dialog.

I’ll admit, at this point, I was half listening and half studying the last team member. Sarah, as introduced prior. Something about her just seemed so familiar, yet so unique. Petite, deep suntan, mid, maybe late 30’s, trim, cool blue eyes. Crazy red hair – never seen that color though. Reminded me of Candy Apple Red.

As the meeting droned on, our team members pretty much got the message – Most of the non leaders would be retained (that is good, I’d hate to have to fire my team), and surprisingly we got a very decent pendik escort multiple. Got a triple, flashed in my head. I’ll be sliding into home tonight for sure!

Our team was given our action items to prepare over the next week, that a transition packet would be ready on Monday, who we were to be paired with (no, I didn’t get Sarah), and the meeting ended with the ever so cold “we are looking forward to working with you over the next 90 days.” It felt a bit more like, we’re looking forward to taking your baby, thank you, and you’re out of here!

By 6:30 most everyone had filed out of the meeting, I held back a few minutes to chat with Steve and John. We exchanged a few pleasantries and I slipped in a congrats on the exit plan. My true goal was to rather gently remind them that I was heading out for PTO. It was my anniversary (they know my wife well) and would not be in the office for the next week. This anniversary had a zero on the end, so nothing short of a meteor hitting the earth was going to stop me from taking the time off.

I guess their collective stupidity hit them about the same time – yes it was on all of our leadership calendars, yes the two of you had acknowledged our anniversary, no I was not going to change my plans – sorry dudes, family first. Have a courier bring it, I’ll review and send back a high level response – I’ll have my team finish the details, sworn to secrecy. Congrats again, I am out of here.

Now at this point most people would be thinking WTF? You can’t be serious! In fact I was, and had my ducks in a row already. See, I was recruited into this little adventure. I’m an employee, but I also had the boys bring me in with a contract. Upon acquisition my options would accelerate to 100% vesting, and if the acquiring company explicitly said my role was ending in anything under six months, I stood to get an additional two year severance package tax protected. Yes, a base clearing, tie the game in the late innings, in front of the home crowd triple!

Returning to my office I sent a quick text off

Me: Good and bad news.

Bad – going to be a shit ton of work for next four weeks. Probably six days a week non stop.

Good – We will have enough to pay off the house, AND not have to work for the next dozen years or so! I don’t think John and Steve even remember the contract.

Amy: Really!! <3 Me: Really! Really!! Fucking awesome news! Sending out some instructions to my team, leaving in 20 minutes. Good champagne, two bottles! XOXO” With that, I buried my nose into sending a few emails, careful not to tip the hand on the acquisition – I’d rather the news be broken via regular channels, and did a couple quick searches to see if I could get any info on the group acquiring us. Just as I suspected – a tad bit secretive, solid history of acquisitions, some turn-arounds, and surprisingly a very strong link to philanthropic organizations. Hmm? Black knights with a heart? Yeah! Right. Two minutes later than planned, I stuffed my laptop into my case and headed out to the parking lot. My wagon (OK it’s an all wheel drive, 5 series, manual with a bunch of mods to make it a blast) sitting in its normal spot in a sea of nearly all empty spaces, the rain coming down hard enough to annoy, but not hard enough to make anything dangerous. Heading out of the office complex I spotted an older SL on the side of the road and a rather short person looking rather out of sorts with a tire iron in hand. As my headlamps lit up the vehicle, I spotted the hair: Red, the green jacket hanging like a wet rag on her petite frame. Well at least she pulled over to a well lit area I thought as I pulled over and approached cautiously. “Seems you can buy a company, but you can’t change a tire.” I delivered with a smile. “Need some help there Sarah? She looked a bit puzzled at first as it took a few seconds for her to put the pieces together. “Allen? CIO?” “Oh yes please! The tow company says it will be at least 90 minutes. Can you?” “If you can keep your phone’s light on target, I’ll have you out of her to swallow up some other minnow in ten minutes.” I replied. With that I was hands deep into tire changing. “We’re not all that bad” I heard over my shoulder. “Our offer was 23% higher than the highest competitive offer, and we will be keeping all the employees – probably hiring more.” Wow, even her voice just seemed somewhat familiar. “So why not just invest, instead of cleaning out the leadership? We work well together, have been able to make great strides, and turn a nice profit every once in awhile.” “Synergies, complementary technologies, and markets that you haven’t been able to see. You guys are a piece, a much needed piece to a very large mosaic. We see beyond your ‘here and now’, and we have the capital and other resources to rock the world.” “With all due respect – and I mean that sincerely Sarah, that sounded a bit like a prepared speech. I wonder how many times you’ve said those escort pendik same words.”

As before with my founders, I spoke with my own sincerity and gave Sarah my best wink, which did get a smirk, but no smile in return. Dang my humor is slipping these days. Might have to do some improv.

On that note, I picked up the flat and stuffed it into the trunk.

“8 minutes. Two minutes head start on the next minnows.” Now I got the smile.

“Let me ask you a question Allen” Sarah spoke. “Are you always this confident about yourself?”

At this point I knew I had touched a nerve, but I truly had nothing to lose. So I went in for the kill (a bit like the minnow taking a bite out of the shark before they are eaten alive).

“I’ll let you in on two secrets” I responded.

“One – And this is work related.”

I stand to make a good pile of money on this deal. My people are being taken care of and I’ll have the opportunity to do something else that is a challenge. Who knows? Maybe start my own company and do it better than before. I’ve had a few ideas that just need time and focus”

At this point she was listening to every word, so I closed the four or so feet between us and in a hushed tone said

“Two – not entirely work related. Your blouse is completely transparent in this rain. Nice piercing.”

Not even waiting to see her response, I slipped past her and shouted, “I am really looking forward to seeing more of you in a week! Glad to have helped.”

Man that was one good ride home, rain or not I was smiling from ear to ear the entire way. I fucking crack myself up sometimes.

Home, yes my castle, my refuge, my sanctuary. Seems so quiet now that the kids are off to school. A nice kiss to Amy on my way in, and a quick shower.

“Chinese will be here in 30 minutes” I heard over the spray. “Care to fill me in on the news?”

I filled Amy in on all the details, from Mr Salt & Pepper, the Abercrombie set, and even Sarah. Now known as “the wet puppy on the side of the road”.

“So, let me get this straight?” I heard as the shower door opened and my naked wife slipped in behind me. “A petite redhead, soaking wet, her nipples flashing you, was stuck on the side of the road. And all you do is fix her flat? No reward for the chivalry? No gift for saving her from the the dangers of being out in the rain?”

I know when she is digging deep and when she is being coy… This was definitely the latter.

“Yep, poor me, defender of the helpless, a savior of the people” I kind of stuttered that last part as one of her hands circled my cock and the other cupped my testicles. Stroking me her hand moved from my balls to my ass, slowly circling my rear.

“You know, I just might have to give you a one-time pass the next time you rescue a damsel in distress.” Her breath under my chin, her breasts leaning against my side. “Especially if that damsel just happens to be bearing a couple million in gifts.” On that last point her fingers massaged my prostate and I exploded.” Three hard blasts hitting the wall, and a few more dribbling down her hand.

With that last comment Amy slipped back out and grabbed her robe. “You’ve got five minutes or I’ll be buying the food wearing just this robe. I wonder which delivery boy they have tonight?”

“Probably the owner’s daughter” I attempted in my most witty reply while shutting off the shower. “Doesn’t she go to some woman’s college? She’d probably love your tips!”

Dang I crack myself up sometimes.

“Three minutes!” I heard back.

Sweats, my favorite tee shirt, and a pair of socks… A minute to spare as I was already in the kitchen when I heard the patio gate open and the sound of heels on the concrete.

Opening the door Mr. Tan was holding our bags with both hands. I kind of chuckled thinking the old man might have a heart attack had Amy grabbed the bags from him, her robe parting, giving him a perfect view of her chest.

“On our account?” I asked.

“Yes sir, Mr. Allen” he smiled back

A quick thought flashed in my head.

“Can we reserve the small banquet room for Valentine’s Day? We will be about 20.”

“Sure Mr. Allen” do you want me to get details from Mrs Allen?” Amazing, we’ve been a customer for almost ten years and he still calls us Mr and Mrs Allen. I don’t fault him, it’s just ‘his thing’.

“Nope – business. I’ll give you a call next week and we can go over a menu. I’m thinking Dungeness crab, fresh bass, lots of vegetables and a couple ducks.”

“Big party?” He sounded rather excited.

“Yes: I have some employees that I have to thank.”

“You’re funny Mr Allen. Valentine’s Day is for lovers, not employees. No one will show up” He laughed while he turned and started to walk to our patio gate. “If everyone shows up, I’ll give you 10 lobsters!”

With that, he was gone. No more than two minutes since showing up at the door.

“Got everything?” Amy yelled from the kitchen.

“No clue pendik escort bayan – what did you order?” I responded while holding up the bags. “Speaking of which. two bags? Just what the hell did you order? It’s only you and I.”

We sat at the bar sampling prawns, two veggie dishes, rice, spring rolls, and dumplings. All the while we drank champagne, chatted about the next month of scheduled events that we might have to reschedule or cancel outright. Priority goes to any kids events, then family, and finally our closest friends. Anything else was going off the list.

During our chat, I casually observed that Amy’s robe slowly crept open as she tends to talk with her hands. The more champagne she had, the more animated she became. I wasn’t going to point it out, nope, no way. Great news at work, tits over dinner, and an awesome shower. Life is certainly good.

I took on cleaning up and making the final preparations for the trip to Tahoe in the morning. Amy grabbed her phone and settled on the couch in front of the fireplace.

Within the hour I was done. My bag ready to go next to Amy’s at the front door, timers set, call to the neighbors to keep an eye on the place and take in the mail. All set, plenty of time to lounge around before hitting the pillows.

Returning to the living room Annie was curled up, sleeping on the couch, her robe open with her left hand holding her own breast. She was sleeping, but also gently massaging her breast, occasionally pulling and twisting her nipple as I know she loves. Must be a good dream going on there.

I gently gathered her up in my arms and carried her to bed. Not quite completely passed out, but definitely not in complete control, she was easy to plop into bed, remove her robe, and cuddle up to my very nude bride. Sleep came quickly and deeply.

Some time before dawn the sound of running water entered my brain and I briefly thought there might have been a waterline break. Turning over to my back the covers moved as Amy, still nude, climbed back in bed and on top of me.

“Is she pretty?”


“Your wet puppy, dummy”

“Yes, very”

“Really!?” She went on while rubbing her bare pussy on my hardening cock. “Do I have to worry about you two working long hours, getting all stressed out, needing a release?”

Figuring I’d play along a bit, I held her ass still and slid between her lips, sinking my cock deep in her pussy. “Oh yes, you’ll have to suck me every morning and come by for quickies at lunch. Oh, and every night you have to be ass up, ready for me to do as I wish.” On that last line I slid two fingers into her ass, giving her the double penetration that pretty much causes her to spontaneously orgasm.

“That wasn’t fair!” she spat out, trying catch her breath.

“Well, how’s this?” With my fingers still deep in her ass and hard cock up her pussy, I rolled her over and began rhythmically fucking her somewhere between gentle loving and unbridled passion. A couple orgasms later Amy was winding up for her final explosion of the night. Leaning down I captured the nipple she had mauled earlier and sucked it hard, occasionally biting and pulling on it, stretching her breast out taught. Pussy, breast, ass… Boom! Game over, I win. Her ass and pussy clenching my digits and cock, head thrown back, neck tight, stomach rippling. Damn that is one sexy sight. Not far behind, I deposited my load in her clenching pussy.

I don’t know who fell asleep first, probably Amy. There is just a sixth sense I think couples have when they have been together a long time. Spooned behind her, our breathing kind of synchronizes and her body just melds into me. At that moment the earth could be hit by a comet and I wouldn’t give a crap. This is the best.

We slept through much of the morning, finally waking when the need to pee overtook the need to sleep. After a well needed shower and a light brunch, we were flying low on the road to Tahoe way later than expected. Barring any traffic or unexpected stops we can be in the cabin in just over three hours. I absolutely love driving. 200 miles with lots of twisties and the love of my life sitting next to me is a good time.

Amy had decided to play a bit, wearing just sweats for the drive. A heavy grey zip up hoodie and drawstring bottoms. Not five minutes on the freeway and she was already lowering her zipper and flashing me the tops of her bare breasts. Chatting the entire way about the acquisition prospects, the latest about her parents, my family and her girlfriends. My family being rather large, and hers being just herself and her parents. She gets along swimmingly with just about everyone, so the update lasted about an hour.

By the time we had passed Davis, Amy seemed to be all talked out, and was gazing out the window. Her top still a bit lower that most women would wear in public. Reaching over, I pulled the zipper down a few more inches and caressed her left breast.

“Don’t get me wound up again” she moaned.

“Too late – you’ve been teasing me for the past hour. My turn” I upped the ante a bit, adding more pressure, twisting and pulling on her nipple.”

Amy reclined her seat, putting herself below the window completely.

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