Mar 26

Taking advantage of GF

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Taking advantage of GFI would get you full naked.Blindfolding you from the start, throwing you down on the bed and tieing you up. Legs and arms spread to each corner that way you won’t feel akward, just helpless to my desires.I would massage you with strawberry oil, caressing your breasts, neck but and legs slowly working my way in to your wet pussy, I would then massage your pussy till its dripping wet listening to you moan. Slowly I would start licking that strawberry oil off your smooth bare wet pussy. Fully enjoying myself to your helpless naked gift of your sexy body. I wouldn’t stop fingering and licking until you climax. Listening for your screams and moans. Feeling your hips buck Into my face but stopped by the ropes holding you in place for me. I would make you cum soo hard! But you would still be mine çayyolu escort to enjoy, I would kiss you real good on the lips then fill your mouth with my cock now throbbing for attention. I would let you work your magic still bound by the ropes but determined to get me off, you would have me moaning in seconds. I would try my hardest not to cum but you will know exactly how to get me off like always. Forcing me to cum in your mouth, but it’ll be too much for you and it will overflow down your cheek and chin. You will swallow what you can and gasp for air as I pull my hard sticky cock away. Now it will be your turn again!I will grab the oil and a toy and immediately begin working it inside you. Vibrating and pulsating. Harder and harder faster and faster until I hear you moan cebeci escort when its at the perfect setting. I will do everything I can to make you cum again. Massaging your breasts while it vibrates inside of you, kissing and licking your body making you feel sexy on every inch of your skin. I won’t stop until you cum to climax again this time lightly biting those big wonderful breast of yours while you do. As you lay tied and blind folded, cum dripping from your mouth and cheek, oil glistening across your sexy naked body and your cum flowing from your pussy you will be exhausted, ready to pass out. But I will push my rock hard cock inside of you making you gasp for air and sending a rush of pleasure through you!I will fuck you as hard and fast as I can and you will be helpless demetevler escort to take take it. Pounding my cock inside you deep and hard you will love it screaming, “yes, yes, harder” In between breaths. As we both enter our climax we both yell, “oh god” as we cum together hips bucking and pushing simultaneously. Filling your sexy cute pussy full of cum. I then kiss you on the lips. We make out hard for a couple minutes expressing our love without words. Then as we slow down to catch a breath I will get up letting you lay in peace for a few seconds for you to recover.I will grab my camera and take the best picture of my life. Tied to the bed naked, cum running Down your mouth and cheek wet from oil and cum with my cream pie dripping from her soft pussy. You then tell me for your eyes only smiling and say for when I’m not around knowing full well the picture will make me hard and cum every time I see it.I will then untie you and we will cuddle to sleep as the candles cast a dim light across the room. ;)If you ladies ever need to talk message me 😉 im sure I can work you up and get you off some how!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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